Samsung Bids Farewell to Fan Edition Phones

Samsung Bids Farewell to Fan Edition Phones

Samsung Galaxy S22 FE or Fan Edition phones could be ending soon. 

Fan edition phones Image credit:
Fan edition phones Image credit:

The Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone was a huge success and after rising to fame, now it has announced that there will be no more fan edition phones. Samsung launched its latest S22 Flagship series earlier this year. The S22 got its spectacle as the Samsung Galaxy S phone of the year. There are also rumors that spoke about releasing the Samsung Galaxy S22 fan edition phones later in the year, somewhere around October, 2022.

But some reports spoke about Samsung not launching fan editions anymore. Now if reports are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE or fan editions will never be launched again. But there are possibilities that Samsung could have a new and an affordable version of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan edition that could be produced and shipped with a downgraded processor.

Why kill the Fan Edition line?

Samsung had planned to develop more fan edition phones of its flagship phones. However Samsung has made a lot of efforts to find a place for fan edition labeled devices. Lately the Samsung Galaxy S22 series have launched and that the S21 fan edition is just concealing the Galaxy S22 smartphone,

The reason why Samsung announced to stop with fan edition phones could also be for a good reason. This announcement makes sense because fan edition phones are not that great. They are quite expensive as well. The Samsung Galaxy A series phone models have increased, overpowering and making  the fan edition phones of Samsung Galaxy S series phones an irrelevant one.

Will there be any new fan edition phones launch this year?

New leaks suggest that unfortunately Samsung may not be launching any more fan editions again! Korean leaker Lanzuk has posted about this news on his social media site saying “domestic source…the Galaxy S22 FE model will not be released this year” (machine translated from Korean). He also says that there is no sign of development firmware for this model. 

How much will the S22- FE cost if it launched?

There is no official announcement from SamMobile about the S22- FE pricing. But with previously sold fan edition models, like S20- FE and S21- FE, there are great possibilities that the Samsung Galaxy S22- Fan edition might cost upto £699/$699/€749 for the entry-level configuration. But there are no chances of Samsung launching or releasing the Samsung Galaxy S22 Fan edition 

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