Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Problems and Solutions

Owning a Samsung Galaxy J2 Core? 5 Problems and Solutions

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy J2 Core that’s acting up? Continue reading to find solutions to common issues with this smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy J2 Core, released in 2018, came out as the first Samsung phone that ran on Android Go.

The Galaxy J2 Core only has 2 GB RAM, that’s why the basic Android version is an essential part of making the phone work properly.

And since this phone’s hardware has its limitations, problems that pop out aren’t that surprising. Even more powerful smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 develop issues over time.

My Galaxy J2 Core Always Has a Problem! What Should I Do?

You need to consider the fact that the Galaxy J2 Core is a budget phone. It means that it won’t perform as well as more advanced, high-end smartphones. This also means that problems would occur more often with this smartphone.

Here’s an example.

Many battle royale games on Android only run on phones that have high RAM capacity. So if you’re trying to run a game on your Galaxy J2 Core and it fails, it could only mean that your phone doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements of the game.

And if it does meet the requirements, you should also keep in mind that your phone runs background apps necessary for it to work. These applications will get a portion of RAM meaning that there won’t be enough left for your game.

Here’s another thing to wrap your mind around.

Another thing, if you think that photos you take using your phone aren’t great, you may have forgotten that Galaxy J2 Core only features a 5-megapixel front camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera.

With a lot of smartphones today with 48 to even 108-megapixel shooters, comparing the Galaxy J2 Core with them is just unfair. Don’t you think?


If you already have a J2 Core and it’s malfunctioning for some reason, continue to reading below. We’ve listed its common problems and how to troubleshoot them easily.

5 Problems and Solutions of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core

1. WiFi Connection Problem

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Problems - WiFi Connection Problems
WiFi Connection Issues

An Internet connectivity issue is a problem any Android phone user could experience. As for the Galaxy J2 Core, it’s a common scenario.

SOLUTION 1: Check RAM Usage

Since the Galaxy J2 Core has limited RAM, there’s a higher chance that you won’t be able to connect to the WiFi most of the time.

First, check how much usable RAM is left on your phone.

  1. On your Home Screen, tap on Apps.
  2. Next, open the Smart Manager and tap on RAM.
  3. From here, you’ll see how much RAM is still available.

If you have less than 45MB RAM available, you won’t be able to connect to the WiFi.

When this is the case, it’s best to close running apps before connecting to the WiFi.

Also, background apps use much of your phone’s RAM.

Disabling unnecessary background apps allows you to have more available RAM. To do this, follow the steps above. Then, tap on END ALL.

Once you’ve freed enough RAM, try connecting to the WiFi again.

SOLUTION 2: Enabled Airplane Mode or Power Saving Mode

Another reason for your Galaxy J2 Core to not connect to the WiFi would be the Airplane and Power Saving Modes.

Turn off these features and reconnect your phone to the WiFi.

SOLUTION 3: Check Your WiFi Router

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the phone. Check your WiFi router to see if it’s turned on.

Then, check the number of devices connected to the router. Some routers have a default device limit set.

If this is the case, try to change the router settings. You can find instructions on its manual.

You may also disconnect all devices connected via WiFi. Reset the router and connecting your smartphone first.

SOLUTION 4: Clear the System Cache

If your Galaxy J2 Core has an overload of junk data, it will affect the WiFi connectivity as well.

You can use android cache cleaners to clean unnecessary files choking your phone’s system.

Another way is to enter recovery mode and delete the cache partition from there. It’s quite tedious when it’s your first time doing it.

Here’s an article that clearly explains how you can do it: How to Clear Android Cache in Under 60 Seconds

2. Unable to Update System Software

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Problems - Can't Update System Software
Always update your system software.

System updates are important to any smartphone. This is how the developers fix bugs and optimize phones to function better with more advanced apps released almost every day.

If you’re unable to update your phone’s system software, it’ll malfunction or perform poorly.

You’ll need an Internet connection to update your Galaxy J2 Core. If you’re can’t perform a system update, you might not be connected to the Internet, so check this first.

When you still can’t update despite being connected to the Internet, try to use Samsung Smart Switch.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Problems - Samsung Smart Switch
Samsung Smart Switch

Updating using the Smart Switch is quick and simple. Download and install the software from the website onto a computer or laptop. They have available software downloads both for Windows and Mac.

website button

Then, open Smart Switch and connect your Galaxy J2 Core using a USB cable.

Smart Switch will scan and identify your phone. It will notify you if there’s an available update for your phone. Once a notification appears on your computer, click on Update.

Smart Switch will download the update files onto your computer and it will load the updates to your Galaxy J2 Core.

ALSO READ: How to Use Samsung Smart Switch with Windows PC or Mac

3. Random Ads Popping Up

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Problems - Random Ads Popping Up
Ads popping up on your lock screen and home page are annoying.

No one really likes ads especially when you’re streaming videos or using apps.

How would you feel if the ads randomly just pop out while you’re on your Home Screen?

I know. I’d feel the same way, too.

Now understand this:

These ads aren’t from Samsung. Third-party apps are often the culprit behind these invasive adverts.

Here are two things you can do to stop them from popping up.

SOLUTION 1: Remove Recently Installed Apps

It’ll be easy to backtrack the app that’s responsible for them if the ads only appeared recently,

Simple uninstall this app (or apps) and observe if the problem persists.

SOLUTION 2: Block the Ads

If the problem has been there for a while, it could be difficult to trace which app caused it.

You can try to delete every third-party app you installed, but it could be troublesome for you.

Instead, use Chrome to block these ads.

  1. Open Chrome on your phone and enter Settings. (You’ll find the settings by tapping on the three dots on the upper left of the app.)
  2. Scroll down and enter Site settings and tap on Pop-ups and redirects.
  3. Turn off the Pop-ups and redirect and go back to Site settings.
  4. Look for Ads and turn this off as well.

Test your phone again to see if the ads continue to appear.

4. Mobile Network Issues

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Problems - Mobile Network Issues
Can’t use a phone in your country?

There are issues with the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core and with networks.

You can try doing a factory reset on your phone or other usual methods. However, if you bought your phone from another country, there’s a big chance that you’ll have mobile network issues.

It also goes the same when you try to use your Galaxy J2 Core in another country.

One solution would be using your smartphone to make a phone call before bringing it back to your country. Make sure to use a mobile network supported in that country.

Another fix would be unlocking the phone. In the past, unlocking phones are illegal in the US.

Fortunately, unlocking phones became legal when President Barack Obama signed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act.

You can hire services to unlock your Galaxy J2 Core or simply do it yourself.

If you’re only buying a Galaxy J2 Core now, you may opt for international unlocked models. This will save you the trouble of having mobile network issues.

5. Can’t Make Video Calls

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Problems - Can't Make Video Calls
Video calling has become a necessity nowadays.

If you can’t use your Galaxy J2 Core to make video calls, it could be another RAM issue.

Social communication apps take up a lot of RAM capacity. Now, making video calls would add more to that.

Here’s a reminder:

The Galaxy J2 Core only has 2GB RAM. If you can’t make video calls, it means that you don’t have enough left for it.

A quick fix would be removing background apps to make way for video calling. (Read the solutions in “WiFi Connection Problem” on how to do this.)

You should also use lite versions of these apps. These require fewer data and RAM, so you’d have higher chances to make video calls.

Messenger Lite and Skype Lite are some examples of lighter messaging app versions.

Reminders for Galaxy J2 Core Users

Remember that the Galaxy J2 Core has limitations. It doesn’t have much RAM or internal storage. Also, the screen isn’t as big as newer phone models.

If you’re experiencing problems with your phone, always try these fixes:

  1. Clear cache and junk files. You can use cleaner apps for Android to clear more storage space. Just make sure that you get an app that will take up a small space in your storage.
  2. Avoid multitasking or opening too many apps at the same time. Multitasking requires RAM and your Galaxy J2 Core won’t be able to handle it for sure.
  3. Uninstall useless or rarely used apps. Do this especially when you observe a problem after installing an app.

You can buy an unlocked or international version of the Galaxy J2 Core. This will save you from dealing with mobile network problems.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Core
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core 2018


Who can use the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core?

Anyone can use the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core. It’s a great phone for beginners, children, and elderly people because of its simplicity.

Can I play games with my Samsung Galaxy J2 Core?

You can play games as long as it doesn’t need much RAM. The Galaxy J2 Core only has 2GB RAM, so there’s a limit to the games you can play.

Does the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core have a great camera?

The Galaxy J2 Core has an auto-focus feature. However, it only has an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera.

Is the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core Still Worth It?

Here’s the truth.

You can buy a lot of great smartphones today with better specs at affordable prices. But some people prefer phones that are simpler compared to newer models.

If you’re one of them, no one’s stopping you from buying a Galaxy J2 Core. You can also get one for yourself or a loved one since it still has redeeming qualities as a basic smartphone.


If your smartphone problems continue to bother you, seek the help of service repair centers. Who knows? The issues may not be with the phone’s software or apps, but the hardware could already have damage.

Are there some issues with your Galaxy J2 Core that wasn’t addressed in this article? Don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.

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