Samsung Galaxy J7 Problems with Quick Solutions

6 Samsung Galaxy J7 Problems with Quick Solutions

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is, for the most part, a problem free phone. Any problems that Galaxy J7 users have are either quickly resolved, or too small to bother mentioning. If anything, the only faults with the phone lie with the design and some of the hardware. There are some pieces of the phone that could stand to be improved.

Hardware aside, if you own this phone, the issues below will be the only J7 specific problems you’ll encounter. Thankfully, no matter how the small problem, there’s always a solution. Before I get to the few problems the J7 has, take a look at how to fix most software hiccups with the phone.

With most Galaxy J7 software problems you can fix them by:

  • Turning the device on and off
  • Performing a soft reset
  • Wiping the cache partition
  • Booting the device into safe mode and doing testing
  • Installing any OTA updates
  • Performing a hard rest, this will wipe all user data

Hopefully, all you’ll need to do is quickly turn your J7 on and off to get it working properly again. If that doesn’t work, you can go down the list until you get to the final option.

Soft Resetting the Galaxy J7

A soft reset is one of the first things you should try if turning your phone on and off doesn’t work. To soft reset the Galaxy J7:

  • Press and hold the Power button
  • Keep this held down for ten seconds.

Additionally, you can:

  • Remove the battery and then wait a few minute before putting it back in, and turning the phone on.

This is a process that’s recommended every few days, not just when you have an issue.

Wiping the Galaxy J7’s Cache Partition

If you’re still having issues, the next troubleshooting step is wiping the cache partition. This won’t take much time, and will help clear your phone of more software bugs than you first realize.

Booting the Galaxy J7 into Safe Mode, and What to Test For

Booting your phone into safe mode is an easy way to determine if a software issue is causing you a problem.

j7 Safe Mode

More often than not, if you have a software bug, it won’t show up while in safe mode. There are two easy ways to boot your phone into safe mode, just remember to turn it off when you’re done.

Hard Resetting the Galaxy J7

A hard reset is your absolute last resort, and should only be attempted when you’ve run out of options. A hard reset will wipe all of your user data. There are multiple ways to hard reset an Android phone. Before performing a hard reset, otherwise known as a Factory Reset, please backup all of your data.

A hard reset should never be your first option, but is a surefire way to fix any software issues.

1. Alphabet Scroll Wheel Missing

One helpful feature in Lollipop is the addition of the alphabet scroll wheel in your app drawer. With it, you can easily access apps without needing to swipe through page after page, when it works. Unfortunately, the scroll wheel on the J7 can disappear without notice. Fortunately, you can reverse its disappearing act, but not without a little effort.


Step 1: First and foremost:

Perform all of the steps above, except the hard reset, Safe Mode, and updating, to see if the problem is resolved.

Step 2: If the problem still persists:

Boot your phone into Safe Mode, and then check your app drawer to see if the scroll wheel has returned. If it hasn’t, try updating your phone to the most recent firmware.

Step 3: If the problem only appears with your stock launcher:

Install a new launcher, like Nova Launcher Prime, and see if you can now browse through your apps efficiently. Even if the scroll wheel doesn’t’ reappear, you can find a better replacement.

Nova j7

Step 4: If none of these options clear up the problem…

Try updating to the most recent firmware. While I shudder to think of it, if none of these options work, your only option left is a factory reset.


This should be your final option; it will erase all user data completely from all connected storage.

2. WiFi not Connecting

It’s not a stretch to say any mobile device can have WiFi problems, but I’ve noticed this is extremely common with Samsung devices. The problem consists of your network claiming you don’t have access, or it constantly drops you from your connection. There are a few steps you can take to fix this.


Step 1: Before attempting any other fixes, please:

Perform all of the steps mentioned at the start of the article, except for the hard reset.

Step 2: If the problem continues:

When connecting to your WiFi, make sure your phone is no more than a few paces away from the router. You should be able to establish a connection from this distance.

Step 3: If distance isn’t the problem, try resetting your router.

Router j7
  • Power the router off, then unplug it. Or use the router’s reset button.
  • Wait at least fifteen minutes after the router has been unplugged.
  • Plug the router back in and turn it on.

Now try to connect to your network again.

Step 4: Clear Wi-Fi connections:

Clear your phone of all existing Wi-Fi connections, and then try to connect to your Wi-Fi again. If this doesn’t work, create a new password and Wi-Fi name. You can choose any name you want, just as long as you aren’t embarrassed by it.

Step 5: Disable Wi-Fi Power Saver Mode:

This next one is a little long, but stay with me. If your connection is constantly dropping, disable Wi-Fi Power Saver Mode.

To disable the mode:

  • Head to your dialer and get ready to enter a number.
  • Enter *#0011#

This will put your phone into Service Mode. When in this mode, tap the three dots in upper right corner and select: Wi-Fi.

  • On the new menu, go down to the bottom.
  • Where you see: Wi-Fi Power Save Mode, switch it to OFF.

3. Low Camera Quality

The Galaxy J7 is equipped with a 13MP rear camera, so taken pictures should look better than a Gameboy camera. However, some users have reported blurry, and grainy photos that look like the camera quality was cut in half. There’s a mixture of potential software, or environmental circumstances that cause this.


Step 1:

As with all of the other J7 problems, please attempt all of the options aside from a hard reset before you go forward with any other steps.

Step 2:

Examine the lens on the back of your phone, and on the front of your phone. If you have any covering (a plastic protector for example) obscuring them, please remove them and try taking a picture again.

Plastic Peel j7

Step 3:

If you haven’t done it already, reexamine your camera settings, and try toggling different features and settings before checking for different results.

Step 4:

Lastly, make sure to observe the lighting in your surroundings. Even with a flash, low light areas can make for grainy pictures, even with the best Android camera.

4. Not Receiving Updates

Keeping the Galaxy J7 up to date is one way to combat against any software hiccups. However, some users haven’t been able to run any updates through their phone normally. Being barred from new updates is a good way to limit your options, so this is something that requires an immediate fix.

If you’re currently rooted, please return to stock and see if you can update before attempting any of these options.


Step 1:

Not all of the recommended steps above can help with this problem, but what you can do is:

  • Turn the phone off and then back on.
  • Perform a soft reset.
  • Boot the phone into Safe Mode and see if anything is available.
  • Wipe the cache partition.

If you still can’t receive updates, there’s still one more option you can try.

Step 2:

If your phone won’t tell you that you have updates available, you’ll need to seek them out yourself and flash them. Flashing new, or old, firmware thankfully isn’t complicated. All you need is the latest version of Odin, and some patience.

5. Phone Automatically Rebooting

Out of the problems on this list, this one is the most annoying. If you’ve ever had your Galaxy J7 (or any device for that matter) randomly reboot in the middle of any task, you’ll agree with me. Thankfully, there’s a way to put a stop to this.


Step 1:

As with the other J7 problems, attempt every basic troubleshooting option mentioned at the beginning, except for the hard reset.

Step 2:

Now let’s start fiddling with your settings a little. The first option on the table is in your Backup and Reset menu.

  • Go to your Settings
  • Navigate to Backup and Reset
  • Scroll to your Auto Reset option, and turn it OFF if it’s currently ON

Step 3:

There’s one more stop to make in your Settings.

In your Settings go to Developer Options

Developer Options j7

If you aren’t already a developer, go to About Device or About Phone, scroll to your build number, and then tap it seven times.

  • In Developer Options, long-press Set Limit Background Processes
  • Next, select the number of processes you’d like with At Most _ Processes for your option

Step 4:

Next reboot your phone (on your own terms this time) to apply your changes.

6. Overheating and Quick Battery Drain

These two problems go hand in hand, and both are almost equally annoying. Overheating will cause long term damage, and a rapidly draining battery will shorten both long term battery life, and short term. It’s imperative that you get both fixed as quickly as possible.


Step 1:

Besides checking for the usual software bugs, the first step to any battery issue is locating the root. To do this, you’ll need better battery usage detecting apps than your stock provides. Throughout a day of phone usage, regularly check what’s using how much of your battery, and when.

Battery Greenify j7

There are plenty of apps that drain more of your battery than you realize, so be on the lookout.

Step 2:

Is your background bright and vibrant? If you don’t mind losing some color, a black wallpaper can save you some of your battery. It’s not a myth, there’s actual science behind it that proves it works.

Step 3:

While the J7 has an overheating problem, it isn’t the only Android phone that gets hot with use. To help minimize the damage, learn what you need to do when your phone turns up the heat. There’s more than one way to help keep your phone cool, so be sure to arm yourself with everything you can.


Thankfully, the Galaxy J7 doesn’t have very many internal problems. Users can find faults with the design, or hardware choices, but the J7 runs beautifully for a phone of its price. If you’re in the market for a new phone, you can do a lot worse than the Samsung Galaxy J7.

Have you had any problems with J7 that aren’t mentioned here? If you leave your question in the comments below, we can help you as soon as possible!

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  1. I plug in my Galaxy j7 to charge at night before I sleep. It seems to turn itself off at compleetion of charge. This is not convenient as I use my phone as my alarm clock. How do I prevent it from turning off at compleetion of charge?

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I also have a J7 and it shouldn´t turn off when it´s done charging. It could be a recently installed app or an update for an app that is causing your problem. You can try using your phone in safe mode next time you have to charge it and see if it happens again. If not then it´s time to get rid of some apps or uninstall updates. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. I am also having this issue. It has happened twice (randomly). I strongly believe this is not an application. I have been an Android user since the beginning and have used the same applications for years and am very familiar with the operation of this OS. I have grown frustrated with this as I can no longer trust my phone as an alarm I am considering exchanging the phone. If you have a better solution than a quick guess please help thank you.

        1. Hi Michael,
          Have you tried a factory reset? If you do decide to do one, please remember to backup your files first. =-)

          1. After latest update, battery percentage shows no higher that 88%. I have rebooted the phone and r/r the battery to no avail.

        2. My recently used apps won’t appear anymore when I press the 2 boxes on the bottom left of the phone. It constantly says “no recently used apps”. How do I fix this?

      2. Hey
        I have a problem with internet speed actually i have to do alot of emails and from this j7 2016 its hard because this fone delevered email very late
        And alsso have very slow captching power of net
        Will u resolve

        1. is it only on your house network? are there apps that are using too many resources on your phone? Are you using all of your storage space on your phone? Is your email app set to push notification or a set interval? Do your emails come promptly to your account if you access it on a computer or other device?

      3. Hai there maam i have an j7 2015 and the brightness of my phone will always high even if i put it into a low can you help me to solve this ? i really need your advice !

        1. Hey, Fischer. A simple solution is to use a blue light filter app with adjustable color and brightness. Just set the color to neutral and use the brightness settings to further dim your phone. We have several filters listed here that would be great options for you. Let me know how this works for you.

    2. I have worked in the mobile phone market for a number of years, I never recommend leaving a phone on charge over night. a lot of your nice phones will monitor battery temperature and voltage drops which occur from over charging, and then they will turn off the phone when this problem happens to safe guard phone. If you must charge over night buy a charger that conditions a battery with a trickle charger when getting close to full charge, usually 20$ – 30$

  2. I’m using a j7 as well. My biggest problem is that i can’t download apps from either google play or play store. It says back ground data disabled and sometimes it says unable to download

  3. I had an unusual experience with mine last night. The screen lit up, I heard the click like it took a picture, saw a bright light like flash go off at the same time. Then the screen went black again. I only have a couple apps that I downloaded, like pinterest, Hobby Lobby. I do not have app for facebook or anything like that. Is this a defect on my phone, or is someone hacking into my phone?

    1. facing screen blinking issue on J7.On low brightness it starts blinking. And when light of phone turn off half screen blinks and turns white..
      Kindly help in this regard how to resolve this issue.

      1. Hi Pakiza,
        Have you tried a factory reset to see if the issue goes away? or you can also try a screen filter app. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting. =-)

        1. Reset doesn’t work.. but screen filter really oes ! Thanks 🙂
          But is this issue can’t be resolved permanently ?

          1. Hi Pakiza,
            It’s hard to tell, have you considered having someone take a look at it to make sure it’s not a hardware issue? =-)

          2. this is a known and common issue with this phone. Most of the time Samsung replaces the screen if it’s under warranty. Many people are claiming it is a software upgrade issue or a voltage issue.

            If your phone is 5 months old, look to see if it is under warranty still.

  4. My J7 will not recognize my headset (buds w/mic) nor the media card I inserted for extra storage. All help appreciated!

    1. Hi Vickie,
      Your phone may not recognise your headset because maybe a non-Samsung OEM or third-party accessories are being used, a physical or liquid damage is triggering the device or headset not to work properly or the headset is not properly attached or connected to the device. The media card could be damaged, have you tried with a different one? Hope this helps and please let me know how this works out for you. =-)

    2. When I plug my phone in to charge, the flashlight comes on and will not turn off. When the phone is completely turned off and I plug it in to charge, the flashlight comes on. The flashlight function only works properly when the phone is in use and not plugged in……..advice??

  5. Charging problem when i plug charger it shows charger connected but the percentage of the btrry power dsnt increse it remains sane and falsh light is not working

    1. Hello Mibrar, If you haven’t installed any third party keyboard then it should be a hardware problem.So it is recommended to take your phone to Samsung service center. Hope this information would be helpful!.

  6. My j7 suddenly stops dose not get switched on untill I plug in my charger even though charging is full

    1. Hello Bharathi, your phone might switch off automatically and this might be caused by the some of your recently installed applications. please try to install the lastly installed application from your mobile and check again if you still face the same issue. Do not forget to back your important data’s before uninstalling the lastly installed application. Let me know if that solves your problem.

  7. Hi There,
    Have you checked to see if your phone’ s battery is OK? Did this happen after you installed an app? If so, then try uninstalling the latest app you added and maybe even do it with a few more to see if the problem goes away. If you feel that you have tried everything, you can always go for a backup and reset. If you do go for a reset, remember to backup all your information. Hope this helps. =-)

    1. Hi Pankaj,
      Depending on the country you live in, will naturally depend on when it will be available to you, but the rumors say that it will be available either this or next month. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  8. I have a J7 and my problem is that all of a sudden it cannot read or detect my sim 2 (data sim). Morning I inserted it and I have internet connection up to around 3 hours. Then it suddenly stopped receiving signals although my other sim can be used. I tried everything including reset and I even cleaned the sim contacts but still nothing.

    1. Hi Rex,
      Have you tried checking for an update on your phone? Hopefully, there is one and will fix this issue. Please go to Settings>About device>Software updates. Hope this helps and let me know how this works out for you. =-)

  9. I installed a flashlight app inmy samsung j7, after that phone is not working properly. I have uninstalled that app also but still it is switching off automatically and is not turning on until we plug it on charge, even the battry is about 50% Still I need to charge to to turn it on. please help.

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Have you tried clearing the cache for your phone? Sometimes installed apps can leave unwanted junk behind. Hope this helps. =-)

  10. Please help me. Today my J7 got updated to its newest version. After that I found sms will be sent through one SIM. Even sms are received through one SIM. Earlier there was an option to send through both Sims but now only one SIM. How can I get this fixed.

    1. Hi There,
      Have you tried going to Settings- navigate to Settings>>Wireless & Networks>>SIM Management>>Default Settings>>Messages>> and select ‘Always Ask”. Hope this helps. =-)

  11. HI I am facing same problem in my phone this is off automatically but my Battery is full , so please help me out.

    I saw the same problem all of you guys i think j7 is not okay. i thought i was big mistake to buy this

  12. Hi. I also own a j7 and everytime i try to use my hotspot feature on my phone or use my wifi, It shuts itself off quickly or i get the “unable to establish a wireless data connection “EHRPD 9” is there anyway i can fix this?

    1. Hi Dante,
      Does this also happen when you try to connect to other WiFi networks or just the one you have at home? =-)

    2. Hello Dante, It might be caused by the recently installed third-party application that automatically shuts your device due to some minor firmware issue. Try to boot your phone into Safe Mode, follow the steps to reboot your device in safe mode -> Turn Off your device ->Press and hold the Power key + volume down buttons -> When ‘SAMSUNG’ appears on the screen-> release the Power key Immediately-> press and hold the Volume down key-> Safe mode will display in the bottom left corner of the screen-> Release the Volume down key when you see ‘Safe Mode’. Now try to uninstall some recently installed applications-> reboot and try to connect with via WIFI. Let me know if that solves your problem!

  13. After i updated my phone j7 to 6.0.1 version the back button and the button on left side of main button stopped working..n also all the four sides of my phone has black line like a to fix the problem asap

    1. Hi Sharayu,
      Have you tried a factory reset? With updates, sometimes there can be conflicting data. If you do go for a reset, remember to backup all your information first. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  14. Ive tried turning it off and on again , reseting it, taking the battery off for a few minutes the put it back and turn back on, but it keeps on saing ” Camera Failed ” even for Snapchat, what else do you suggest?

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Have you tried going to the application manager>Locate camera>Touch clear data and force stop>connect your device through WiFi>go to application>settings>about device>software update. Hope this helps. =-)

  15. My samsung J7 has 32gb internal storage but i can only put like 1.65gb in it and its says it almost full like storage is 96% full i think i got full of room in it but i cant use it fully i cant even install large memory using apps please help me…

    Hopefully you can help me cause i cant install more apps at my phone Thanks!

    1. Hi There,
      Have you confirmed that Media background data is not turned off? Download Manager is a component of Media. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. i can only put like 2gb memory in it and i c ant move apps to sd card its say’s unable to move apps to sd card

        1. Hi There,
          If you can´t see the Mode to SD card option for apps it´s because the App developer has to enable the ability to move an app to your SD card, Google no longer supports it, so few do it anymore.=-(

  16. Yes I have reset the factory but it’s not working please fix the problem soon as it’s causing problem..thank u

  17. Hi, I’m from PAK.
    I have j7 2016 (from Saudi) facing lot of issues but major is that some times its displaying black screen and there is showing “SAMSUNG” in white color. then I don’t have any thing but removed the battery and put it again. factory reset but not fixed.

  18. Hello. There is no option to register an email as spam in my ‘MORE’ drop down menu, even though it says there is in my settings. I can’t even add an address manually. I have just had a big update and it changed the background colour of my email app (just in case that helps).

    1. Hi Graham,
      Are you using Gmail? If so, to report a Gmail message as spam either open it or tap and hold it in the conversation list pane to select it, then tap the three vertical dots icon at the top of Gmail and choose ‘Report as spam’. Hope that helps. =-)

  19. I recently bought my j7 and it has started randomly turning off. Will not turn back on until I connect the charger. Then magically my battery percentage goes up within seconds. I unplug it and it works perfectly until it does it again. Sometimes days before it crashes sometimes a matter of minutes. Do you think this is a battery problem?

    1. Hi Mark,
      I also have a J7. If changing your battery is something you can do, I would too but have you tried booting in safe mode to see if this continues? That way we rule out the basic stuff that is usually responsible for this type of behavior. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  20. HI! I have J7 2016..My issue with set is that i am not being able to send message to any of service center number i.e for activating sms packages… I have also check the message center number it is all fine…

    1. Hi Zima,
      Have you checked with your carrier to see if they(for some reason) have it blocked and that it why you can´t send them? Thanks for commenting. =-)

  21. Manoj

    Hi I have J7 today i put my phone down by mistake it is turning on when my battery is removed and fixed then after that when the screen lock is on it is turned off

    1. Hello Manoj, System crash causes the device to freeze leaving it with an unresponsive black screen. Verify it’s not just a system crash issue, the good thing about J7 is that it has a removable battery. Open the back cover->Pull the battery out->While the battery is out->press and hold the Power key for a few minutes->Replace the battery and put back the back cover->Turn the phone on-> If the phone turns on then the problem was caused by a simple firmware issue. if the problem is not fixed then it’s time you sought assistance from a technician or from your service provider.Let me know if that solves your problem!

  22. Hi I’m getting issue below issue in my smsng J7 :

    1. “unable to charge your device. Make sure that you are using a Samsung-compatible batter and charger”
    every time even I’m using original charger and battery both.

    I’ve done everything from my side.
    At tbe end I’ve done hard boot from boot menu after factory reset.

    2. can’t use flash on low temperature

    Help m out any one

    1. Hi Kamram,
      The users that have also had this same problem tried using a different outlet and that seemed to fix the issue. I hope that fix is as simple for you too. Let me know how this works out for you. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Hi There,
      From any Home screen, tap Apps.
      Tap Settings.
      Scroll to ‘APPLICATIONS,’ then tap Application manager.
      Swipe right to the ALL screen.
      Scroll to and tap Camera.
      Tap Clear cache.
      Tap Clear data button, then OK. Please let me know how this works out for you.

  23. Thanks Judy

    But I’m Getting same issue in every outlet even I’ve tried this earlier also.

    And what abt flash issue.
    Plz help m out for this

  24. I am getting same issue and there is no update available.

    Still I am getting the same issue.
    Can u just tell me this issue related to hardware or OS.

    I think this not a hardware issue because i have also try to new charging socket.

    1. This could be caused by a faulty phone hardware component. Please check the charging port for any signs of dirt or debris. You could try using compressed air or cotton bud dipped in alcohol. If the problem continues try using a different battery on your phone. If the above steps fail then I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

  25. I have done my phone hard reset and than its not opening it shows samsung galaxy j7 powered by android and then again shuts down……plzzz help me as fast as possible

    1. Have you been rooting your phone? If not, you can try taking out the battery for a while letting it drain out completely and then putting it back in and booting your phone. If that doesn´t work try replacing the battery.

  26. Hi i hv a problem on Samsung galaxy j7 2016. There is notification software update (latest firmware). How can i stop it? I wait ur response.

    1. Hey Abay,
      You don’t want to update to the latest firmware? It is always recommended to update for security and stability purposes.

  27. Honestly, I regret getting this J7.. Try to watch a TV show, the sound is too low, and I’ve tried several sound boosters, to no avail.

    Bought a 70 inch Philips Smart TV.. The J7 doesn’t mirror screen, except for Youtube. What a waste..

    No multi task screen or automatic lighting.

    Would purchasing Chromecast and downloading a compatable mirror app help with mirroring? Is there a way to up the volume safely?

    My keyboard is always sticking. The screen freezes. Changed to SwiftKey. Didn’t help…

    Any help is appreciated. I am really frustrated.

    1. Purchasing Chromecast and downloading a compatible app is a method many have turned to mirror their J7´s display. To fix the other problems, try a factory reset to get rid of any corrupt files, but remember to back-up your files first.

  28. Hi after updating to android 6.0.1 it seems that my j7 battery draining fast how can I resolve this issue … thanks in advance

    1. Hi Saleem,
      The quickest solution to fix battery drain following an Android update is to update your apps (so that they are compatible with the new Android version) and then wipe the app and system caches to clear out old data.Please let me know how this works out for you.

  29. I have a samsung j7 and it recently just started to restart every 5 seconds. It just happened out of no where. i need help

    1. Go to Settings>Backup and reset. Make sure that AutoRestart is off, Go to Applications>Applications Manager>Swipe to disabled Tab>Enable any disabled apps and don’t disable any app>Goto about device>Tap on the build number 7 times to access developer options>Enter developer options>Set limit background processes at most 4 processes>Now restart your phone. If this doesn’t work you can try a factory reset, but remember to backup your data.

  30. Hi please help, my samsung galaxy j7 keeps going to mute at random. Mostly at night. Is there anything I can do to make it stop doing that?

    1. Please try using your phone in safe mode to see if this keeps happening. If it stops then a third-party app is responsible and in that case, try uninstalling the apps you installed right before this started happening. Try uninstalling any CM app you may have. You can also try turning off your phone, taking out the battery for a few minutes and put everything back in and reboot. Hope this helps.

  31. My samsung galaxy j7 phones Back flash light does not working since last 15 days. Anyone have any idea about this issue.

    1. Try booting into Safe Mode, which temporarily disables all 3rd party apps. On most Android devices, while powered on, press and hold Power until the Power Off menu appears. Press and hold the Power Off selection until the Safe Mode prompt appears. Tap OK.

      If the problem disappears in Safe Mode, then something you installed is causing the problem. You may have to uninstall apps one by one until the problem disappears. If the problem persists in Safe Mode, then it’s more likely to be a hardware or firmware problem.

  32. My samsung j7 giving overheating device error
    .and drain whole bettery and been very hot…now it is not being charged ..ehat i do please give me solution..waiting reply

    1. Check to see if your battery is bloated, if so replacing it could fix the issue. Even if it´s not a new battery won´t hurt your phone.

    1. Did you drop your phone or get water on it? Did you get an update right before the screen started to flicker? The more details the better. Thanks.

      1. You will need to go have your developer options on for this.

        Go to Settings–> System–>Developer Options

        In Developer options, you will see a section title called Drawing or possibly Rendering

        Look for –> Turn off hardware overlays or possibly disable hardware overlays.

        This will make your phone use GPU for screen adjustments all of the time and eliminate the flickering.

        Another possible fix is to turn off the adaptive brightness. This setting can affect the screen too.

  33. Hi, my new J7 will not work properly with FB messenger, I can call and receive calls but no connection once pressing the green answer button. I have checked App permissions and Messenger has mic and camera both on. Any help/advice appreciated.

    1. Hi Trevor,
      Try uninstalling and then reinstalling Facebook messenger or clearing out the cache from the app. Also, Make sure the one you’re trying to call is using the Facebook messenger app and is on your friend’s list. Did you recently get an update for Android?

  34. Hi JOA,

    I have a weird issue with my J7 but I want to make sure it’s not something I could repair myself before I take it to Samsung. Sometimes the clock just stops. For instance, it hits 2:30 AM and it doesn’t change even a few hours later so it affects my alarm clock too (it doesn’t go off). Sometimes the clock on the upper right side even stays wrong after the main clock display has righted itself, which only happens after I’ve fiddled with my phone for a few seconds). The upper right clock only repairs itself if I turn the phone off and back on.

    1. Hi Jillian,
      Please try booting your phone into safe mode, just to discard that it´s not a third party app that has some type of conflict with another app on your phone.Sometimes, restarting your phone helps, worth a shot. Please tell me how this works out for you.

      1. Hi Judy,

        Rebooted on safe mode as you suggested. It’s been almost a month now and no issues with the time so far. Hopefully this stays permanent. Thanks for the tip!

        1. Hi Jillian,
          That´s great news! I´m glad that you´re problem free and your very welcome. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

          1. Hi Judy,

            I guess I spoke too soon. The clock had frozen at 9:00pm. Noticed it when I woke up late this morning because alarm didn’t go off again. Any suggestions?

    2. Hi,
      I have the same problem. Although it seems like a small problem, I can not rely on the basic phone function. When it happens that clock frozen, the alarm will not ring.
      Jillian do you find a sollution?

  35. Hi , i just got my J7 and i realise that it does not have Mobile Networks at all , i am no receiving an error message it just seems like the phone did not come with an option that says ” Mobile networks” …. how can i resolve this ? can anyone help please ?

  36. Hi,

    For the past few weeks (maybe a month or more) my J7 has been having some terrible flickering on the bottom 2/3rds of the phone whenever the screen brightness is minimised (either due to manually reducing the brightness or low battery).

    I’ve applied a screen filter and while that helps my eyes, even now the phone flickers through the filter at low brightness, when locking the screen, and when there’s low battery.

    Any idea if this has an easy fix?


  37. Hello! Pls I also use samsung J7 but I charged it over night when I on it in d morning it refused to boot in to menu it placed samsung logo on screen. Pls help me out. What can I do?

    1. Did you make sure the phone was actually charging? When I plug in my phone, I always make sure it´s actually charging before I leave it alone. You never know when the cable is faulty. You could also check to see if the battery is bloated, if it is, then you need to replace it. Trying another power source is something else you could try. Hope this helps.

  38. Hello, My recently purchased J7 cannot connect to the internet. I am unable to use apps such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Pandora, etc, It says “Please check your network connection”. I am still able to make phone calls and send text messages. Please help.

    1. Hi Luis,
      Did you check your Internet connection? Please make sure that you are connecting to the right network and entering the correct password. If you have done all of this, I would recommend calling your Internet provider just to make sure it´s not them.

  39. Hi plz help
    My j7 has very low sound
    I can’t able to hear anything in marketplace or in crowd
    Music volume is very low
    Is this my only prblm or every user has same prblm

    1. Hi Ravi,
      Have you checked to see if the volume is all the way up? I know it may seem silly but it’s happened to me when I have sworn it was all the way up but didn’t remember I turned it down for a reason I can’t remember. If the volume setting is fine, try rebooting your phone, uninstalling any apps that have control over the volume of your phone. I also have a J7 and I haven’t had this issue yet.

  40. My Samsung J7 recently started displaying a “Invalid SIM Card” message after it’s been on for approximately 5 minutes. If I restart the phone it reconnects and the SIM card has no problems for about 5 minutes, then the network connection goes to no connection, a message pops up saying “The SIM Card has Locked” and then it displays the “Invalid SIM Card” message again. I’ve had this phone for about 4 months, I’ve never taken the SIM card out, it’s exactly where it was when I bought the phone.

    I’ve done PRL update, Profile update, reset the network connection with the manufacturers code, nothing makes it stay connected to the network.

    What can I do to resolve this problem?

    1. Try adjusting your SIM card, maybe it was moved somehow and only needs some adjustment, try taking it out and reinserting. If that doesn’t work, try taking out the SIM card and trying it out on another phone that is problem free and see if it works. If the other phone gives you the same issues, then you might have a corrupt SIM card and try getting another one from your carrier.

  41. I want to set Favorite contacts on my J7, but there is no visible star to establish this setting for any of my contacts. Any suggestions?

    1. I also have a J7 and to set a contact as favorite, go to the contact you want to set as favorite and the star for favorite should be right to the right of the name of the contact.

      1. Hi, i have a J7 but in my contacts i can’t find any star, i already had a S3 and the star is always there. When i go to favorites and try to add they don’t let me do that too. Please help. Thank you

        1. are you using Google contacts or Samsung? are you trying to make a group or just keep your favorite contacts accessible in your list? Do you need to access them on the web too via gmail?

  42. i won a j7, and recently after update my back and recent buttons are not working… i tried safe mode and it doesnt work there too.. what should i do? 🙁

    1. Since it’s after an update, some files that were left from the previous version could be corrupt and are interfering with the files of the new version.Try a factory reset, but remember to backup your data first.

        1. Do you have a case on your phone? If so try taking it off to see if things go back to normal. Sometimes on phone or tablets, the case puts too much stress on the tablet, and this inhibited the home and other keys.

  43. my j7 battery died i plugged it in when i went to bed woke up it fully charged but it will not power on? like my power button no longer works?

    1. If by pressing the power button you don’t see any activity on your display, I suggest you take it in for service since that indicates that the power button is not working. If it’s a hardware issue, no advice will help fix it.

  44. I had problem in my Samsung s4 as it fell in water for at least 4 seconds but as soon as I dried it up it started working but the wify stopped working due to some hardware problem but the company didnt resolve that problem . I was sick of this problem but still I loved the easy features provided by Samsung So I did not opt for Apple and I still bought a new j7 prime hope I will not receive any problem regarding battery now .. but I will be really thankful to you if I can help me out for Samsung s4 as I love it’s features and I still use it

    1. Since you dropped in water, maybe when you turned it on something ” snapped” and the only solution would be to take it for service to see if there is anything they can do.

      1. They didn’t do anything and said I will loose evverythongvin it and we e not sure that it will work properly again and I left it Ludhiana service center and I bought a new j7 prime without insurance if battery doesn’t explode ..even I m worried about that listening to j7 edge and note 3 problems

        1. Don’t worry about the battery exploding; that’s a problem the Note 7 is having, not the Galaxy J7. I have a J7, and so far the battery hasn’t exploded or have I read anywhere of other experiencing the issue.

  45. Samsung problem of s4 for not resolved by Samsung in wifi hope Samsung j7 prime works good in battery.. I just blame for Samsung s4 till now as my problem was not resolved. My name is Grewal ajaypal and if company person even want to contact for resolution can contact.. but I never have hope for it as I been to ur service centre and they just not listened to me once

  46. I have a Galaxy J7, (obviously) and it’s got a serious issue- it rarely, if at all notifies me of calls. I’ve gone through the settings, tried it at vibrate, silent, with sound on. When in use with anything producing audio, I’m never notified of calls. When my phone’s not being used, it seems to notify me at random, skipping some calls but ringing for others.
    It would be greatly appreciated if I could get help, thanks!

    1. Try booting your phone into safe mode just to rule out that it´s not an app that is causing you this problem. Try using your phone in safe mode for a few hours and see if your calls are coming through. Please keep me posted.

  47. When attempting to root myJ7 (J700P) my internet crashed and I think I may have accidentally wiped BRICKED my Internal Storage and OS on my phone and now its stuck in some weird black screen voice assist boot loop!!! And for some reason when pressing the power button the device vibrates and a voice assistant or something verbally says things but I have not been able to figure out how to get my device to do anything let alone being able to get into safe mode… Please advise me on a solution or an apk that I may use to flash or download to unbrick this voice assist boot loop??? Im so upset… 🙁

      1. Sorry for the late reply, Can the battery be pulled? If not, force a reboot by pressing the power button for about 20-30 seconds. You can try flashing the stock firmware from, flash it, then start the root process again.

  48. hi olease need help like e7 a7 m not able to use beatuty face camera sttings in videi call its showing original setting but in other ph it shows same setting as we click pictures how to use those feature in video call

    1. Just to make sure I understood your question, you need to use beauty face camera settings while on a video call. Right? A video call through another app or stock?

  49. Excuse me, I have a little problem with my Samsung galaxy J7. Every time I download something from the internet, for example from . I wanted to download the latest episode of Detective Conan and I downloaded it. But every time I turn off my phone, the download disappeared when I came to check on it. When I bought the phone for the first time, it works like a charm and I downloaded 60 to 70 episodes even when it’s turned off. But one day, I downloaded an episode like before, but it’s gone and was canceled or unsuccesful when I turn off the phone. I tried downloading it while it’s on but it turned out to be the same way. I did everything I could think of to fix it but none of them worked! Tell me please, how can I fix this so that my brothers would stop pastering me about giving up my phone!

    1. You can try checking your download history by opening My Files > Download history. You can also download ES File Explorer, a great app that helps you keep track of all your new and old files. I have been using for a while, and it´s still on my phone. Hope this helps.

  50. I just did Factory Reset in my mobile samsung galaxy J 7..
    after resetting to factory.
    when mobile turned on after Language selection, wifi selection it is stuck in “CHECKING THE CONNECTION”
    I have also wiped out cashe
    again reset to factory but still the same problem is there..
    I just want my phone back in normal position..
    I am also not getting the option to SKIP…

  51. hello I have a problem with my j7, it started yesterday when I was chatting on whatsapp my phone just blanked out and the screen turned all white. this has been happening since yesterday and I also discovered that all my downloaded apps eg facebook messenger, and my browser even play stores closes on there own as if I closed it myself. please help me cos its frustrating and very annoying when am being logged off by my task manager

    1. Hi Stan,
      You can try booting your phone into safe mode to see if the problems continue if it goes away then it was a third-party app that was causing the problem. You could also try flashing the stock ROM, but create a backup of everything just in case. You can find your stock ROM at SamMobile.

    1. Try booting your phone into safe mode to see if the problems continue, If it stops then a third party app is responsible. If you have any apps that control your screen brightness or any CM apps, try uninstalling those.

  52. Hello, good day to whom concern. I have been having an issue with my galaxy j7 also even after my phone updated from lollipop 5.0 to marshmallow 6.0; my battery, wifi and some features been going bonkers since the update. Although i notice the phone fixed itself where the wifi and battery is concern, but I have a sound in the back ground of my phone that goes off every 10 seconds or more so often. It been so annoying that i had to quiet it by putting the device on vibrate but even to that its annoying. How can this issue be fixed please assist me. Thank you

    1. Hi Audley,
      It´s common for several updates to occur after an update. Try a factory reset to clear anything that has become corrupt because of the update. Remember to backup all your information before you do the reset.

    1. Try restarting your phone, turn off your phone and take everything out including memory card and SIM card, remove the case and restart your phone, or you can perform a factory reset from recovery but this will wipe your phone clean.

  53. Just a silly problem really. The phone sometimes notifies me of “new” email messages which are actually weeks old. Normally the feature works and the emails are new but just occasionally they are not. A veey wierd fault which I can’t imagine could be due to my settinga. Otherwise I think this is the best value for money of a very capable phone out on the market currently especially as it allows me to yse the 128GB sdcard for all my photos and music

    1. Try Turning off Ultra power saving mode. If you have this option on your device, make sure it is off as it disables the internet network when the device is in sleep mode and because of the same reason you might not get notifications on time.

  54. Hi.. i have a Samsung galaxy J7. For about a year now. I just started having this issue yesterday. I’m not receiving ANY incoming texts. I’m able to make and receive calls just fine. Discovered the issue only because my boyfriend had been texting me to pick him upfrom work for over an hour last night and I never received a single text. He eventually got a ride home … not very happy…lol. He tried texting me again from his company phone, standing right in from of me… and nothing. Please advice.. thanks
    – Lisette

    1. try going to settings > apps > all > messaging and force stop and clear data/cache.
      then shut down and restart and see if clearing cache helps.

  55. Hi. My mom’s J7 won’t connect to any wifi connections. I already tried soft reset, rebooting and other options I’ve seen online, including turning off Wifi Power Saver but none of them worked. Could there be any other way I can configure her phone’s wifi connection? Thank you!

    1. are you using an app in your attempts to connect to the Wi-Fi, like Wi-Fi direct? or are you using the built-in Wi-Fi connection in the phone?

    2. Hello Louisse, It is surprising that even after factory reset you are facing the same issue! try the following steps to check your wifi saver mode settings, Go to the Dialer -> Type in *#0011# -> Secret Service menu will open -> Go to three dots overflow -> click on WiFi -> You’ll be greeted by WiFi Stats with WiFi Power Saver Mode -> Turn WiFi power saver mode OFF -> From now, you won’t experience any WiFi issues. Let me know if that solves your problem!

    1. is it asking you to sign in to a google account and you don’t have one or is it asking you to sign into a Google account that’s not yours? if you “found” it and are trying to unlock it and use it after a master reset, it could have been secured in a way that requires a password before it starts the OS. If this is the case, there isn’t a lot you can do.

  56. I’ve had J7 for 8 wks and very happy with it, however for some reason the camera’s video button is just not there anymore. It definitely used to be there, cause I have taken videos on it (not tons). I was asked by my police to video record the yappy neighbor dog and today discovered the video function is completely missing. I really need the video function back! Anybody else have this problem and how do I get video function restored?

  57. Hello I’m soniya. I hv galaxy j7. Yesterday while chatting on whatsapp I kept my phone on my bed and got by books from the other room to find my phone is off. I thought my screen might have locked automatically but no, my screen was black. I called up samsung customer care, on their advice I removed battery and inserted back, still my phone screen is black. Holding power button and volume down key together also didn’t help. I called on my j7 number from the other phone and my j7 was ringing, I also recovered call with menu button and could hear everything on call, but the screen is full black. What do I do? Plz revert asap.
    Also since my screen is black I can’t backup my files, plz suggest. Also plz tell me- pressing power button and volume down button does what-? Does it clears all data from phone? Please suggest about my screen too.

    1. the power and volume down will take a screen shot when the phone is on. If it is off, it will get you into a menu that can help you clear the system cache which store temporary files that can do odd things or cause glitches.

      here is a simple thing to try (I’ve seen it before) try to turn the screen brightness up. With the phone powered on, drag your finger down the screen, then toward the top swipe it left to right. some Samsung phones can go all black and make it impossible to see the settings or anything.

  58. My phone j7 is having now a black screen and it shows only samsung cant open anymore,i just only update some appear on my screen software update and after loading the update it turns shutdown and now black screen remain and inly word ssmsung appear..Help me please,thanks

    1. Is the phone rooted or did it lose power during the update? These can both affect the update process. Was it an Over The Air update that Samsung or your carrier pushed to you or was it something you downloaded and tried to update? Which version of Android did you have and which did you try to update to?

    1. Did you limit the permissions so it can’t access the camera or microphone? Which video calling app are you using?

  59. hi,
    i am using Samsung j7, but video calling is not working….massage error is ” out of 3g coverage try voice call?”

  60. I am having a problem with my Video Calling also, it will tell me video call is not available. I am able to use it some of the time but others I am not , I have tried it on Wi-Fi.

    1. Hello Vishal, It might sound silly! but check whether you have forgotten to take off the protective plastic casing that covers your camera lens. If removing the plastic wrap from the camera and you are still your camera takes blur photos then follow the steps further, Open the Camera app -> Go to Settings which can be seen in the lower left side of the screen -> then look for the “Picture Stabilization” option and -> disable it. Hope this would fix your issue!

  61. Sir my j7 flickring problem plzz solve any salutation britgtness high and minimzie and low filckring problm why salutation

    1. it’s a known problem with the phone, especially after upgrading the OS. Right now there is not a permanent fix other than replacing the screen or turning up the brightness.

    1. download status for what? Are you downloading an app, an update, a file, image, video?

      Where are you looking?

      Did it ever display a download status and disappeared after an event like an OS update?

    2. Hello Sandip, In settings under the apps section -> select the Download manager ->tap three dot menu and -> choose show system apps -> You will start seeing the download status. Hope this would fix your problem.

    1. It is a known factory default. It can happen with an OS upgrade (Lollipop to Marshmallow). It can also be a factory screen defect. You can take it to a service center if it is under warranty to see if they will fix it. Another option is to roll back to Android 5 and deal with the poor battery and other issues. Yet a 3rd option is to turn up the brightness on your screen higher than 0.

    1. could you please give more detail about your problem. what have you tried, does it work over your cellular data connection? did Facebook ever connect over this Wi-Fi network on this phone?

  62. Hello
    I am using J7 Prime model of Samsung. After installing the update last week many of the application contents (Email, PDF documents, Mp3,Mp4 Files) not opening. how to solve this ?

  63. I have a J7 prime

    When i make a call, or someone calls, communication is ok for about 10 seconds, and then the other party could no longer hear me. after that the call gets dropped. somerimes it doesn’t happen. but it happens often. very annoying

    1. through the preinstalled phone app or something like Whatsapp or Skype?

      Have there been any changes to the phone like a new case or was it jarred to where the antenna may have been displaced?

  64. I drive for a living so i am constantly using Maps for directions. I’ve been noticing lately that when the voice is giving me directions she will tell me to go one way then tell me to go back and then tell me to go the original way again. why would this be happening?
    thank you,

    1. it could be something with the GPS not working as it should when it’s trying to figure out your position quick enough. is it on more than one device or just one?

  65. Hi I’m using a Samsung J7 Prime. I noticed that even without me trying to unlock my screen, it seems like it senses that someone is attempting to unlock him and will received a prompt to try again for several minutes or worse 30 minutes. I don’t know whats causing it, any help, suggestion will be much appreciated.

  66. my Samsung J7 have water contact and after putting it in rice for more than 24 hours, tte phone continuosly vibrates but the screen appeared good and then sort of black out, i am scared to turn it back on.

    do I need to put it in the rice for more hours or is there any other options to get away from this annoying vibration?

    1. You can put it in rice for a while longer. It really is dependant on what was damaged when it got wet whether or not the vibration will go away. Some repair centers can replace the parts damaged by water.

  67. I have a J7, which I bought from new in December. I have been trying to download an app that is needed for work purposes. The app downloads into the download file, but then I can’t do anything with it, i.e. open it. I have opened the permission for unknown source and I am still unable to open the app. When trying to download the apk again, I get ‘this file already exists, do you want to replace it?’ However, I have searched in application manager and the file is not there. Any suggestions, as I do not have any problems downloading other apps.

    1. which app is it?

      If you are downloading the APK FILE and it’s not working, it might not be compatible with your device.

  68. Hi, I was gifted a J7 for Christmas and it does not have wifi calling as a feature but from what I have researched it should. I have searched high and low and it seems as if I am the only one with this problem. Wifi calling is essential to me and I really hope you can help. It is a j700m if that helps.

    1. are you talking about a feature through your carrier or built into the phone from Samsung? This feature can vary. Is there a specific app you would like to use or are you looking for it to be person to person on the same carrier?

      Apps like whatsapp, google duo, google hangout, skype, oovoo, and a bunch of others will let you do video and audio calls over Wi-Fi.

  69. My hubby’s fon Samsung j7 just switched off, he tried to put on but no luck even charging it’s not responding, pliz what is the problem

    1. what were the circumstances where it shut off? Dropped, moisture, battery totally drained and wouldn’t charge, tried to root it and failed?

  70. Hi. I have a j7 prime. My screen timeout is set to 1 min after inactivity, and screen Lock set to 30 min after screen timeout. I have a pin and fingerprint set to unlock. The screen locks almost immediately after timing out. I’m unable to use my fingerprint to unlock and have to press rhe vol down button and the power button simultaneously to get the device started… it’s so annoying. And I’m also concerned about the lifespan of those buttons that I have to press so often.
    I hope you can help me solve my problem. ?

    1. have you tried different lengths of inactivity timeouts to see if the problem persists? It might be a glitch. Also, you can look through other settings to see if there is an app causing the lock issue. Other than that, you can put it in safe mode to try it or reset all if the options to factory and try it.

      1. I’ve tried the factory rest, still no joy. I even checked the sensor, via *#0*#, seems to be ok. I also cleared the cache and data of the fingerprint app. Still no joy. Sadly.

  71. Sir my j7 showing emergency call only in both sim I has reset it also bcoz of this pro but this pro not yet has solved tell me sir that wt have to do for solve this problem


    1. sometimes the sim can do that. You can try to set it to GSM only in the network settings. That can cure the problem. You can also try to set the carrier. look in More networks , then Mobile networks, then Network operators and then if you see it Search networks.

  72. I updated my j7 from lollipop to marshmallow,after update my phone is not rebooting and only displaying Samsung logo

  73. I have a galaxy j7 2016 edition..
    after upgrading it to latest android version my back and recent keys stoped working! I tried resetting the device which solved my problem for a few hours but then again the keys wont respond… it has been 3 months since i have been having this issue and have to rely on an external app for the keys… please suggest me something….

  74. I bought a J7 3 days back. Was charging it while at 20% battery. After about 20 mins found no display. Tried calling my phone from another phone – it was ringing but still no display whatsoever. Forced to switch to an alternate phone with the SIM while waiting to head back to my city from the remote village that I am stuck at, right now

    1. You’re saying the display went black and isn’t working or it isn’t charging? if the display is not working, I have seen people accidently turn the brightness all the way down making the screen black but the buttons and other things work fine. try to turn the brightness up to see if that’s the problem.

      If it isn’t charging, as long as it isn’t getting hot, try to keep it on the charger for a while. I’d also try a different charger and cable. most of the new Samsung phones need a more powerful charger.

  75. I am unable to reply to texts from 5-digit numbers. The alert msg says “sending failed”. I assume this is some kind of setting, but I can’t figure it out.

    1. are you having conversations with automated services?

      There are usually set commands you can send to them. Do any of them work… commands like “cancel” or “stop” ?

  76. Hi,
    My phone is Galaxy J700H.
    I can turn on the power but screen is totally black and touch is working.i can hear the touch sound. Please help me.

    1. Is the screen brightness down all the way? Give some more information about what happened before the screen went black. I’m not here to blame you for something so the whole story is necessary. Did you drop it, is it moisture damaged from taking it in the bathroom with you when you shower, did you root it and something went wrong? If the screen just goes black there is either a mechanical failure and it needs to be serviced, or some action created the problem. Until there is more information, no one can help.

  77. Hi There,

    Just got a new J7 prime. Very often the left (multiple windows)and right(Return)buttons don’t work. It’s just a brand new phone and it’s already doing this ?. I wonder if I accidentally set up something that does it.
    Has anyone experienced anything similar?

    1. how often are you powering down and turning the phone on? If it’s been weeks, you should restart it. Ideally, do this every couple days and it will help with any little glitches.

  78. I have a galaxy j7. Recently, I’ve been noticing that the screen will randomly unlock in sleep mode. I’ll hear the same click sound it makes when normally unlocked, but the screen remains black. Then if I press the power button, it goes directly to the last screen I was on, without an unlock prompt. It does this even if I’m not even touching it.

    1. Hello Josiah, the issue is the phone thinks that the screen have a view cover on it. When there is a change in light setting it thinks the view cover is opened and the screen unlock the phone. To disable this feature you need to go to Settings -> Accessory -> unchecked Automatic unlock. Let me know if that solves your problem!

  79. My galaxy j7 touch screen work I can push buttons all day long but it will just won’t type anything I’ve tried resetting it turning it on and off I even thought I had water damage but I can’t seem to find a solution

    1. so the touchscreen works, but the keyboard doesn’t? or the screen works and the home and volume buttons don’t?

      you could try to calibrate the screen to see if that helps.

  80. My toddler hit my J7 with a toy car. The screen isn’t scratched or cracked, but the LCD screen is mostly black with lines on 3/4 of the bottom portion. The phone works, I can receive calls, answer them, and scroll. Is that an expensive repair, or is my phone completely broken? What exactly happened?

    1. well, the good news is, it is still partially working. there are a lot of places online like that go over repairs if you are looking to do it yourself. Otherwise, fixing a screen is pretty common and most repair centers should be able to fix it. I would highly recommend backing up everything on your phone.Contacts, images, and anything else you need.

  81. I have a samsung galaxy j7. When i first got it fast charging was enabled and then i disabled it by accident. Now i cant for the life of me find how to turn it on again.

    1. It should be in your settings menu, the battery tab and then there should be options to turn fast charging off.

  82. Ii promise l will never buy a samsung again….j7 overheats n now has cooked my phone..extremely slow phone..withing 2 weeks l had to replace the charge port $100.oo now this… to get it fixed lneed to get another phone…piece of garbage (samsung) shame on you samsuck…. to expensive…samsun will not exist in 5 years………

  83. Hello, My new Galaxy J7 dual-SIM cannot make a data hotspot connection with my computer. Internet surfing on the phone is ok, but my computer shows “No Internet Access” after connecting to the phone. Hotspot data works on an old Samsung with the same SIM (and same APN settings). Tried safe mode and hard reset. Weird: if I use a roaming SIM, then the hotspot works (but very expensive obviously). Tried interchanging SIM cards/slots, same situation. Any ideas? Thank you for this website!

  84. Hi there. I have a J7 phone but i almost can’t recieve or make calls. When i call most of the time it takes too long and decline it. And when calls are made to my J7 it says ‘the subscriber is out of reach’. What ever SIM card i insert in it the problem persists. But at the same place as the J7 other phones work properly(i.e the network wasn’t limited). And when I get in to settings>mobile networks>network operators it took 3-4 mins to scan and get the available network. It only works(outside) at places with the best network signals. Please help.

    1. This sounds like something you’d need to talk to your carrier about. I’d try going to the place where you got the SIM you’re trying to use and ask them, as they’re going to have the most relevant information for your specific situation.

  85. My wife and I have matching J7’s. Mine never drops a call; while hers does whenever she puts the caller on speakerphone. This puzzled us for quite a while until we noticed that her folio case inadvertently had covered up one of the two microphone holes (the top one). I drilled a little hole in the case and voila – no more dropped calls! So double checking any case for irregularities should maybe go on the list!

  86. I got my Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. I turned off my phone and when the charger plugged in, it automatically turning on. and it says “no photos selected”. It also wont charge. And the speaker also doesn’t work. The screen rotation is locked but it keeps rotating.

  87. Hello, I have the Samsung J7 and just randomly my bottom menu buttons wont work. I cant back up and the middle button doesn’t work either. Ive tried removing the battery and it still isn’t working

  88. I am using samsung galaxy j7 for more than a year. I m facing an issue like phone often will be dead even when network tower is good at signal. I have put two sim cards in my phone. At times When I try to call someone nothing I will hear while making a call and also will not receive any calls. After i restart only I can make or receive Phone call in my phone. This issue happens often in my phone.
    When i checked with my friends they told it is phone problem not network issue.

    Please clarify why is it happening so and what is the solution for this.

    1. Hello, Priya! So you’re having these problems with both sims, even when others on the same carrier aren’t having connectivity issues? Try resetting your network settings, and if that doesn’t work a hard reset. If the problem still persists, try a factory reset. If you still have the problem even after all that, it’s a hardware problem and you’ll need to have your phone serviced.

  89. ı have a samsung galaxy j7 prime and still new i use it for 4 months yesterday charge finish i was outside i could not put it for charge after phone directly closed 2 hours after i put ıt on charge the phone no take charge and no turning on i change the cable i try with computer but no solution i let the phone all the night on the charge in the morning i find it still close and no take charge at all pls what can i do

    1. Hi, Naoual. If you’ve tried with multiple power sources and multiple connectors, then the problem is the phone. You’ll need to have the battery replaced.

  90. Hi ,
    My j7 prime has some issue with its clock. The clock gets stuck at sometime and then the alarm doesn’t work as well. I have missed my classes since the clock was stuck at 6 n thus the alarm didn’t ring at 6.30.

  91. My front facing camera takes selfies upside down, ive tried everything and still have that same problem.

    1. Could you give me some more information? Are the controls upside down, too, or just the display from the camera? Do you have the same problem using other camera apps?

  92. I am unable to play any games of messenger as it shows connect to wi fi in samsung j7 prime mobile connected with airtel 4g network where as no such thing is seen on gionee m5 plus mobile.please advise

  93. Hi,
    Am having a problem with my J7 phone, i bought it last year February. when i try to set a ringtone from settings, like i usually do. I dont have access to my music file, to choose the song that i want; it takes me to documents.Please help me.

  94. Front camera is working but back camera is not work properly always on blurry when take a photo is do hard reset one time but not working please suggest..

    1. Hey Tom, most probably back camera is blurry because of dust settlement. Have you removed your case and wiped your back camera with a soft tissue or cloth? Perhaps it is as simple as this. Give it a try and let us know.

        1. Hello Thms, follow the steps further to check whether its a picture stabilization issue, Open the Camera app -> Go to Settings which can be seen in the lower left side of the screen -> then look for the “Picture Stabilization” option and -> disable it. Hope this would fix your issue!

      1. Auto focus is not working… i try wiping but still blur i really don’t know what to do.. auto focus is also not working… i want to know is this hardware or software issue

        1. Double check that you’ve removed the protective film over the camera. Other than that, there are a few things you can do to determine whether it’s a hardware or software issue, and potentially solve the problem along the way.

          First, clear your camera’s cache and data by going to Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager, then swiping to the ALL tab. Scroll until you find Camera, then go to Storage and select Clear Cache and Clear Data, then delete.

          If that doesn’t solve your problem, boot your phone in safe mode following the instructions here to see if the problem is caused by a third party app.

          If you’re still having autofocus problems, then you should back up your data, turn of your lock screen settings, and try a factory reset.

          If after all three of these methods you’re still having problems, it’s almost certainly a hardware issue and you should have your phone serviced by a professional.

          Good luck!

  95. I try to email photos but the email never gets there. I keep getting “Error sending your message.”

    1. Hey, Rebecca! You can try to email them with a different email management app, or try saving the photos to a backup program like Google Drive or Dropbox, then access that program to send the photos via a computer.

    2. Hello Rebecca White, some time you might face some problems with the built in email app, so try using some other emailing application.Let me know if that solves your problem!

  96. I have a problem with my cheek hitting buttons when I’m trying to talk on the phone. Is there a setting that I can adjust the screen to not be active while I’m holding it to my face?

    1. Hey, Karen! Lots of people, including myself, have had this problem. On previous Galaxy phones you could adjust screen sensitivity, but that’s not an option on the J7. Fortunately, all you have to do is remember to lock your phone after you answer or place the call, and before you put the phone to your face.

  97. Hi I am having problem with phone call quality It’s hard to hear and it brakes allot, conversation is very choppy.

  98. The phone, or “calling” feature has stopped working. When I try to open the green phone button to make a call it immediately closes and I get an error message that reads, “Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped. The thing is the orange contacts button works fine. When I click on it my “contacts” come up and stays open. This has become very convenient, because while I might like to text everyone, there are some phone numbers that I cannot, like my doctor’s office and my pharmacy. At this point my phone, doesn’t even function as a phone for me to make calls.

    1. Hi, Tammy! This is a common problem for phones after they’ve updated to Lollipop. If that’s the case here, all you need to do is update your phone to the newest OS version available.

  99. I have been using Samsung galaxy j7 for 6 months nnow. I used to boast about my phone’s battery life which could easily sustain 24 h video playback at the cost of 10% charge . Now even after i charge 100% it drains without any app running . Infact i turn of everything like mobile data wifi and everything still this 100% charge vanishes like nothing. Nd moreover it takes 1 day to charge it full with the original charger. Before i had to wiat for only 2 hours . Please help . I don’t want to change it.

    1. First, are you sure nothing is running in the background? You’ll also want to try clearing your device’s memory. If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to get a new battery. You may have gotten a bad one when you first purchased your phone. You should also double check your usage habits to make sure you aren’t inadvertently harming your device’s battery.

  100. Hi

    Sometimes,whilst on a call,I hear a crackling sound for a few seconds and my call cuts.My alarm also does not function correctly.At times it comes on and sometines it does not.Is there a fix for both of thses problems.

    1. Hi, Ricky! This post has a number of strategies to help fix problems like this. If they don’t help you, reply here and I can help you troubleshoot further.

  101. Today my phone has vibrated sometimes with no reason, it is the first time it happens. I tried to figure out what could have caused this, and the only answer I can find is that today I installed an app, and when using it, an ad appeared to offer me a free product, and I mistakenly pressed to accept it: then, I closed the ad because I don’t usually accept this kind of offers, and continued using my application.
    After this, the vibration appeared on my phone. Could have this been the cause?

  102. Hii!!!
    I have three problems with my Samsung Galaxy J7 prime which I bought like 6 months back. Firstly, it takes around 1 minute for the phone to wake after I press the home button or power button. Sometimes it wakes right away, but mostly it takes longer. Secondly, the battery gets drained up to 20% at the end of the day even if it has 100% charge in the morning. And finally, the SD card is not displayed even though it has been inserted. The phone was quite alright until a week ago. It has just started acting weird. I tried factory data reset after backing up my files. Even then the condition is still the same and please help me fix this. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Amrutha. This sounds like a hardware problem. Was there any event that could have caused damage to the phone?

  103. Hi
    I have j7 prime phone
    3G net work was work on the phone until it stop suddenly
    The sim card of 3g is working on another diveces
    I have restored the phone to factory settings and it useless
    When I turn the settings on 3G only the coverage of network disappeare.
    Just 2G works.
    I hope you can help me because support center is too far of my home. Thank you

    I tired the code *#301279# but it doesn’t work on the phone

    1. Hi, Nabil. Try calling your network provider’s customer service to see if there’s an issue with your coverage.

  104. Hi,
    I have a new Galaxy J7 V and I am finding it frustrating due to several issues. First, charging is painfully slow. I had mine plugged in for 4-5 hours and went from 15% to 66% charge. Drainage is quick but I am trying Greenify to resolve that. Second, It is slow to respond screen touches. Opening apps and response to button touches are often as slow as 5 seconds, leaving me wondering if i ever hit the button to begin with. There is also a delay of 1-3 seconds when waking the phone by tapping the power button. The phone has not been dropped, but apparently a drop or 2 (literally) of water got into the battery case, I can only assume while the phone was in my pocket, running from my car to the door in a heavy downpour. I don’t recall if problems began then or before, but when i opened the back to insert a micro SD card, I took the battery out and noted a drop of reddish water. I checked the indicator on the top of the battery and sure enough it was red. I was not happy because there was no mistreatment of the phone but in less than 72 hours, somehow I voided the warranty. I am hoping the water was just enough to trigger the indicator. I was really surprised to hear how trouble free this phone is supposed to be.

    1. What a frustrating situation. Unfortunately, your problems are most likely due to the water. If you have insurance on the device, you may be able to get a replacement that way.

  105. my samsung galaxy J7 is not turning on, after the booting process, it only shows the charging screen whie switched off! I did my factory reset setting before also it was not turning on until my charger was plugged in before I did my factory reset setting, please tell me what’s the issue and how to remove it?

  106. Hie.I am using j7 prime… and I’m facing problems since last 10 days… my phone is switchng off automatically and it can’t switched on fr 5 min… aftr 5 min it is working asusual… can u plz help with the switchng off prob?

    1. Hi, Deekshith. Are there any other symptoms, such as your phone running slower than normal? There are several things that can cause this problem.

  107. My Galaxy J7, purchased in the last week, does not hold the screen image for more than a couple of seconds, sometimes less than a second. Example, I open an email and it disappears before I can read it. Sometimes it returns me to the list of emails received but other times it goes to my ‘base page.’ [My term for the screen page that appears whe I open the phone.]
    So what do I do about not beeing able to read the disappearing emails? The fwellow in the T-Mobile store could not help.

    1. Hi, Michael. Is this only a problem with your email, or does it happen with other apps as well? This may be a sticky back button, which will need to be serviced by your phone’s dealer.

  108. I have a SM-J700M and something is driving me batty.

    Everywhere I read that this phone supports dual SIM cards. One slot is highly visible, allowing for a microSD to be installed atop it. Next to that is a similarly shaped slot, but it has a plastic cover with an oval depression, sized just about right for a fingertip.

    I can’t remove that cover.

    Additionally, there is no SIM management option (to switch between them) but my system files have a Dual SIM toolkit.

    So, color me confuzzled.

    What’s the chances that I actually have hardware capable of using two SIM cards, and that I only need to obtain a SIM card manager?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Jen! You can access both SIM card slots, the second one is just a little tricky and needs to be pried open.

      As for managing your cards, you actually don’t even need to obtain a SIM card manager. Once you’ve inserted both SIM cards, just go to Settings -> Connections -> Sim Card Manager, and tap each SIM card option and make sure the On option is switched on. Then you can receive calls and texts via both SIM cards at the same time.

      Please let me know if you need more assistance!

  109. So I dropped my j7 and it vibrates as if it will turn on but the screen stays black. Is there any way to fix in or at least save everything on it with out having any access to the accounts on the phone?

    1. Hi, Kat. This sounds like a dead screen. You’ll need to replace the screen or the phone. If you have insurance on the device, this will help you cover the cost.

      As for recovering your info, we have a guide on exactly that. Check it out, and if you have any trouble please comment so I can help you out!

  110. My J7 has stopped sending emails when a picture is attached. They stay in outbox until “failed” Txting pics still works. email works. I did soft start and wiped the cache.

  111. By dear
    My phone vibrant mode does not working properly.
    Please help me to solve it.
    M so worried about it

  112. If I call my son’s ph[be, it rings once and goes to voicemail. If I call a second time, it goes through. We have the same carrier, but he has an iPhone. This is the only number that does this.

    1. Hi, Lisa! Check his Do Not Disturb settings. He most likely has calls set to go directly to voicemail with an exemption for calls within a certain time period. He could have also accidentally set it so that your number is the only one that does this.

  113. As soon as my 2017 Samsung J7 is turned on, it prompts me to enter my SIM card code. Then it asks me the phone PIN code. But the screen lasts just 1 second then it turns off the display with the right and left sides of the screen turning black toward the central vertical line. No time to enter the code. It is very annoying because my old dad has not enough time to type it on the small keyboard.

  114. I have an issue where I can’t get my j7 to sleep. This is an issue that started occurring yesterday. I have deleted all unnecessary apps but haven’t downloaded anything new in weeks! And all previous suggestions, aren’t working. Trying to avoid a reset.

  115. I have turned off app permissions for most of my installed apps but a few days later, some of them have turned back on. I haven’t used the apps so I don’t understand why the permissions dont stay off. It happens over and over, sometimes with the same apps, sometimes with new ones. I don’t want the apps running my camera or microphone! Any help would be great.

  116. Whole screen turns red, can’t call out or receive phone calls, can only text, had to reboot twice now to reset. Very frustrating! Phone isn’t even a month old yet, has never been dropped!

  117. I have a Samsung Galaxy j7 refine and it’s been great till a few days ago now the power button and home screen button won’t work and I have to plug it up to get the screen to come back on

  118. Purchased Samsung Galaxy J7 & was shocked to see there is no icon for attaching photos. Never had a phone w/o a paperclip in text bar. Also unable to send MMS. Always shows in process of uploading but never completes. Have spoken w/Samsung support about MMS issue and was referred to carrier. Rep. walked my through connection settings & she said it was working but in a few minutes showed orange exclamation mark & photo did not load. About to return phone.

  119. I have a galaxy j7 crown. My power button stopped working and I don’t have the palm swipe feature on my phone. How can I do a screenshot without these things?

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