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9 Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories: Be Inspector Gadget

From telephoto lenses to remote-controlled helicopters, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has some pretty cool accessories to make your life easier and more exciting. Batteries and screen protectors are great to have, but you’ll probably purchase those when you go in to buy a phone. We want to explore the depths of the internet to help you locate Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories that blow your mind.

As a tech nut I’m always looking for the unique accessories that no one has ever seen before. When I noticed a person driving a remote-controlled boat in a lake the other day it made me wonder if there’s an app to control that thing. Well it turns out there are plenty of apps and accessories that go along with your Galaxy S3 to give you all the fun in the world.

Let’s take a look at some Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories that help you capture professional style movies, decrease finger prints on your phone and even crack a beer.

1. Telephoto Zoom Lens: $19.99

telephoto-lens for samsung galaxy s3

Shoot for the stars

This telephoto zoom lens by FDL Technology adds style and power to the camera zoom accessory category. It’s pretty simple in that you click the lens onto your phone and you can see far away for sporting events and even if you just want to look up at the stars. It comes with a case, tripod and the sleek lens of course.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Turns your phone into a telescope
  2. Shoot photos from afar – great for sporting events
  3. Durable as heck
  4. You basically get a professional camera with your phone
  5. The zoom function allows you to still take photos up close, but when you zoom in it’s like looking through binoculars.


2. Samsung Galaxy S3 C Pen: $29.99

c pen

A finger touch without the finger

It grosses me out when I see a bunch of fingerprints and grease on my phone screen. With the S3 C Pen you don’t have to look at those streaks anymore. This is one of those Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories that seems like common sense, and you might be wondering why it’s so unique, but you don’t really understand how clean your phone stays until you get it. It performs all standard functions, just like using your finger.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Complete all standard touch commands
  2. Write and draw on your phone
  3. Make pretty flawless writings, instead of jagged lines
  4. The titanium silver is quite durable
  5. Fits in your pocket and looks stylish
  6. The best thing about the C Pen is that it doesn’t leave any nasty finger prints behind. I always get annoyed when my screen looks like a greasy mess.


3. Spare Battery Charging System: $39.39

samsung galaxy s3 spare battery charger

May the charge be with you

Let’s face it. Charging your phone sucks. It’s not even that good for your battery when you plug in the phone every night before you go to bed. I get annoyed when I’m travelling around and then I realize that my battery is almost dead. With the spare battery charging system from Samsung you can carry an additional battery that is always charging. Once one battery dies just swap it out for the fresh one.

Why should you buy it?

  1. It helps extend the lifespan of your batteries
  2. It has a protective case so you can store and protect your batteries
  3. It also comes with a stand so you can prop your phone up and watch movies
  4. The batteries slide in and out of the charger nicely
  5. You always have a fully charged battery to keep your phone on!


4. Phone Controlled Assault Helicopter: $30

samsung galaxy s3 phone helicopter

Rule the skies with your phone

I can’t get enough of remote-controlled vehicles. I actually still have an old Mazda car that I drive around on the ground every once in a while. I see booths that have flying helicopters in the mall sometimes, but I never assumed you could control some of them with your phone. This helicopter links up to your S3, so you can fly around the house and annoy your family.

Why should you buy it?

  1. You get to fly a helicopter around with your phone!
  2. It also works with other phones
  3. A joystick shows up on your screen
  4. The helicopter has bright lights for night flying
  5. The helicopter actually fires missiles
  6. Remember your flights by recording flight plans. The helicopter saves up to three videos.


5. GameKlip Controller Mount: $19.43

gameklip for samsung galaxy s3

Take control of your games

I’m not a huge gamer, but when I do play games on my phone it’s somewhat hard to control. The screen doesn’t always register and you have to keep a finger on the screen at all times. This is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories for gamers because you simply hook up a controller to your phone and you get all the buttons and joysticks you would find on a Playstation.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Control your Android games with a joystick and buttons
  2. The cable is small so you can connect quickly and travel with it
  3. The cable is small so you can travel with it
  4. The controller is durable so you shouldn’t worry if you drop it
  5. If you download the SixAxis Controller app you can connect wirelessly.


6. Flip Case Cover: $16.48

keyboard flip case cover for samsung galaxy s3

Forget those tedious touch screen buttons

The one thing I miss about old Blackberry phones is the physical keyboard. Everything else pretty much sucked, but that glorious keyboard sent my fingers flying. You can now get a physical keyboard for your Galaxy S3 with the Flip Case cover from Best Match. You get two things in one: A nice keyboard and a stylish leather case to protect your phone.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Type on your phone without getting problems from your touch screen
  2. It’s wireless
  3. It comes with a leather case that closes shut for protection
  4. The keyboard holds a charge for up to five hours
  5. The keys are really soft, making it easy for you to fly through texts or emails.


7. Bolkin Bottle Opener Case: $9.99

bolkin bottle opener case

Crack a brew and chat away

Beer is awesome, but I never have a bottle opener on me. So why not put a bottle opener on something that you carry around all the time? The Bolkin bottle opener case is one of my favorite Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories, since they make the case look awesome and you receive a little kickstand and you can crack open a bottle. Just flip on a movie and sit back with a cold beverage.

Why should you buy it?

  1. It includes a detachable stand so you can watch movies and TV
  2. PC and silicone materials make it durable and comfortable
  3. The case actually has an inner and outer case
  4. The color options are quite stylish
  5. The primary reason you want to buy this case is for the bottle opener. It’s sturdy and allows you to always crack open a beverage where ever you are.


8. CyberTech Bike Mount Phone Holder: $24.99

bike mount holder for samsung galaxy s3

Cruise with tunes or maps

I live in Chicago, so I have plenty of lakefront to ride my bike and look at the waves. The only problem is that I tend to get lost. Ever since I got the CyberTech bike mount I can stay on track and even listen to music while riding. It’s a simple concept where you latch the phone on your bike so you only have to look down briefly to click or view.

Why should you buy it?

  1. It includes a waterproof cover for those rainy days
  2. You get a latch to hook it on your bike
  3. The polycarbonate shell is great in case you drop the phone
  4. You have access to all ports, buttons and the camera
  5. You also receive a one year warranty with the mount
  6. The mount doesn’t require any tools. You simply use the hinge provided to snap it on your bike.


9. Wilson Signal Booster: $245.95

wilson signal booster for samsung galaxy s3

Pricey, but effective

I know, I know, all the other Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories aren’t nearly as pricey as this one, but the Wilson signal booster is pretty darn effective. If you run an office and you constantly have dropped calls or poor data signals then this signal booster is perfect.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Gets rid of your dropped calls and signal problems
  2. It makes your battery last longer
  3. The setup is really quick and easy
  4. It comes with an antenna so you can mount it outside
  5. Includes mounting hardware so the system doesn’t move around or fall
  6. This doesn’t require any connection to your phone, so you can walk around in your home or office with perfect signal.



I’m a huge biker so the bike mount works great for cruising around and listening to music. I also almost dropped my beer when I saw that bottle opener case. These Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories are the crazy kind of wonderful that I like to see once I start getting used to my phones. The S3 is a really nice phone, but once I install all of my apps and get the screen protectors on there I thirst for a little something extra.

Hopefully with these Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories you can get some adventure in your life and turn up the cool meter on your phone. If you are looking for even more fun things to do with your Samsung Galaxy S3 then checkout cool ROMs for your Samsung Galaxy S3 or how to unlock your S3.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and let us know if you stumble upon any awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories that need to be shared. If you try any of the accessories above let us know what you think.

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