Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems And Troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems And Troubleshooting

I’ve been a fan of the Android operating system since the beginning, and I wouldn’t trade the Android OS for any other mobile platform. I’ve been using Android smartphones for the past couple of years and even though I’ve had problems with those phones, I was able to overcome those issues easily. That being said, if you’re new to Android and have been facing problems, then you might get easily disappointed. While some issues are fixed through software updates, certain issues require a little manual work.

The Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s latest Android smartphone and even though it’s the fifth phone in the Galaxy S line, the phone comes with several issues. If these issues didn’t go away after a couple of software updates, then continue reading to find out how you can resolve some of the most common problems on the Galaxy S5. After thorough research, I’ve come up with a Samsung Galaxy S5 problems and troubleshooting guide that helps all users. It might also be helpful to download the Galaxy S5 manual if you’re new to the Galaxy S5.

1. Camera Failure

This is one of the most common problems that a lot of Galaxy S5 users are facing and this might be a deal breaker for a lot of users, as the camera is one of the essential features of a premium Android smartphone. If you receive a Warning Camera failed popup message whenever you try to launch the camera app, then you’re not alone. Before calling Samsung and claiming warranty, you might want to try these solutions.

Solution 1

A simple restart might solve this issue. Hold the power button and tap on the Restart option. Launch the camera app after your phone boots up and it might start working.

Solution 2

Clearing data from the Camera app can also solve this issue. Go to Application manager in the Settings app and select Camera. Tap on Force close, Clear data and Clear cache.

Solution 3

If the camera was working fine previously and stopped working recently, then uninstall any third-party apps that you installed from the Google Play Store. A third-party app might be interfering with the camera app.

Solution 4

If none of the above solutions worked, then a factory reset might solve the issue. Go to Backup and reset in the Settings app and tap on Factory data reset. Make sure that you backup all your important files either through your phone’s default backup feature or using an app from the Google Play  Store.

factory reset

2. Really Slow Camera

This is another common problem that a lot of Galaxy S5 users are facing and this is again related to the Camera app. If your phone is taking a really long time to snap photos, then you might have this issue. Obviously, the camera takes a couple of seconds to focus and take pictures, but if it’s taking more than that, then the solution below might fix this issue.


Launch the camera app and tap on the Settings icon in the lower left. Turn off Picture stabilization. This option improves pictures in low light, which is why the camera takes a greater time to snap pictures. If lighting is fine when you’re taking pictures, then you won’t see much of a difference with Picture stabilisation turned off.

picture stabilisation

3. Water Damage

The Galaxy S5 is only water-resistant and not waterproof. This means that your phone will be safe if you accidentally drop it in water or if you’re using it in the rain. It does not mean that you should take it with you when going for a swim. The same issue was with the Sony Xperia Z when it came out as it was only water-resistant as well. If your phone is damaged by water, then the solutions below might resolve the issue.

Solution 1

Do not switch on your phone. Remove the back cover, take out the battery and dry your phone with a towel. With the battery removed, place the phone in a rice container and let it sit there overnight. You can then try to switch on the phone.

Solution 2

If the first solution didn’t work with your phone, then you can get it fixed from your local mobile repair shop. These shops can easily fix the problem if the water damage isn’t severe.

4. Missing Menu Key

If you’ve used other Samsung Galaxy phones, then you might be wondering where the Menu key is on the Galaxy S5 and how you can access the Menu option in various apps. The Menu key has been turned into the Multitasking key on the Galaxy S5. However, the Menu key is also available, but it’s hidden.


When inside an app, press and hold the Multitasking key and it will bring up the menu. That’s it! The multitasking key will also serve as the menu key when you’re inside an app.

5. Missing Download Booster

In my post on tips for the Galaxy S5, I mentioned a unique Download Booster feature that combines mobile data and Wi-Fi in order to boost the download speed. Unfortunately, this feature is hidden on the AT&T and Verizon versions of the Galaxy S5. You might be able to enable this feature using a simple trick.


Download a third-party launcher, such as Nova Launcher, from the Google Play Store. Create a shortcut on the homescreen and select Download Booster from Settings as the shortcut.

download booster

6. Lag

While the latest Android phones come with premium hardware features, you might find your phone lagging every once in a while. This might be normal if you’re playing HD games and doing other stuff at the same time, but if your phone is lagging all the time, then there is definitely a problem with it.

Solution 1

Home screen transitions might be causing the lag and you can disable them by pressing on the home screen and selecting None in the Transition effect option.

Solution 2

If you’re facing a lag only when using the Home key, S Voice might be the culprit. Press the Home key twice to launch S Voice, go to Settings from the Menu button and disable the Open via the home key option.

s voice

Solution 3

If the lag is still present, then an app might be causing the problem. The Galaxy S5 has a lot of bloatware and you can disable some of the apps to speed up your phone. Go to Application Manager in the Settings app, tap on the app that you feel might be causing the lag and press Disable. The app will be disabled now and won’t take any of your phone’s RAM.

7. Screen Not Waking Up

This is another common problem with the Galaxy S5 and the screen can sometimes stay black when you turn it on. The capacitive buttons might light up fine, but the screen might not be waking up. This can happen a couple of times during the day and the following solutions might help you resolve this issue.

Solution 1

Try disabling the Smart remote and S Health apps from Application manager in the Settings app.

Solution 2

Open the Settings app, go to Accessibility, tap on Vision and turn off the Dark screen option.

dark screen

Solution 3

Remove the micro SD card and check whether the problem remains.

Solution 4

Remove the back cover and battery from your phone. After about 10 seconds, put the battery and back cover back on and turn on the phone.

Solution 5

Go to the Settings app, select Backup and reset and tap on Factory data reset. Make sure that you backup all your important files before resetting the phone.

factory reset

8. Call Audio

The last problem is related to audio while on a call. There can be two issues here. Either you can’t hear the other person or they can’t hear you on the call.

Solution 1

Blow on the microphone hole at the bottom of the phone in order to resolve any microphone issues.

Solution 2

The problem might also be related to Bluetooth. Turn off your Bluetooth and check whether the problem remains.

bluetooth s5


If you’ve used Android phones before, then I’m sure you have faced several problems and no phone is completely problem free right out of the box. Usually, software glitches and other problems are fixed through software updates. That being said, there are some problems that even software updates don’t fix. The Galaxy S5 is a fantastic Android phone and even if you’ve updated your phone several times and are still facing issues on your phone, then you might want to try the solutions mentioned above.

There might be other issues on the Galaxy S5 as well, but I’ve listed the most common problems that a lot of users are currently facing. The solutions mentioned above should work with most Galaxy S5 models. Let me know if you have any questions about this Samsung Galaxy S5 problems and troubleshooting guide in the comments below. If you are facing a lot of issues that can’t be fixed, then you should consider installing a custom ROM on your phone after rooting it. You can read about the 10 best custom ROMs for the Galaxy S5.

What’s next? Checkout the best cases and the best apps to amp up your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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  1. White noise when recording video even in dead quiet rooms it’s so loud you can barely hear any voice

  2. I keep hearing two short beeps about every 30 to 60 seconds during calls on my S5. I have gone into the call alert setting and unchecked the Notify during calls box, but I’m still hearing it. How do I make it stop?

    1. Hi Tracie,
      What what you are telling me, its sound like Call Minute Minder. To deactivate it please try the following, go to Settings>Device>Call Alerts>uncheck Minute Minder. Please let me know if this works for you.

  3. Re: S5 Camera failed issue -:

    Personally I found restarting ect rarely work to fix issue.

    Quick fix – work immediately – simply turn your phones flashlight/torch on & off again (works everytime)

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for sharing your quick fix tip with us. I am sure that it is going to benefit others too. Thanks for commenting! =-)

    1. Hi Pat,
      Have you tried a soft reset yet? If not please follow the following steps.

      1. Remove the battery with the phone still On.

      2. Wait for 30 seconds and re-insert or replace the battery.

      3. Turn the phone back on.

      4. Allow your phone to re-establish network connection for a few seconds.

      5. Now check if there are any improvements.

      Please check if for some reason Airplane mode in on. Sometimes we accidentally press things without realizing it. It has happened to me many times. =-)

  4. Hi JoA!

    I have an issue with my S5 which seems to be hardware related: neither the Rotate Screen function OR the StepCounter works. I have tried a Factory Reset. Actually, I had the exact same issue with a previous S5 that my provider tried to repair three times, until I finally had it replaced under warranty. I haven’t heard of anyone else with this problem but I find it peculiar, that I have the same, apparently rare, issue hit me twice!

    Any suggestions?


    1. the gyro in it seems bad. which apps are you using for step counting? Also, does it go to landscape mode when you watch YouTube videos in full screen mode?

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