Samsung Galaxy watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: A Detailed Map Of What We Know

Are we going to witness the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 soon? If we have learned anything from history, it is that history tends to repeat itself. And if we apply the same logic to the Korean tech giant Samsung, then we know that we are only months away from the company holding the next Unpacked event. And like always, we, the people, and the countless other Samsung fans are looking forward to the several new products the company will be launching this August. During the wait, we also looked for sneak peeks, clues, or hints to what we will see during the unpacked event. 

While we do know that the company will be unveiling its next-gen foldable, the newer versions of the Galaxy Z Fold, and the Galaxy Z Flip, there have been some juicy rumors that the company will also launch its next-gen smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5. The launch of their Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, marked history by making them the first tech company to manufacture smartwatches with Wear OS. And the possibility of getting an upgraded version of the same is pretty exciting news. 

Let’s plunge into everything that we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. 

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Design:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – The Galaxy Watch 4 and The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

When you compare Samsung’s latest smartwatch launches, the Galaxy Watch 4, and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, you can notice that there are quite a few unique differences. Despite these differences (including the price), it appears that the company might be getting rid of the Classic version this year. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – Latest Beta of Samsung Health App © Website / 9to5Google

This speculation was only made after coming across the latest beta of the Samsung Health App. First spotted by 9to5Google, the only new names dropped within the app are the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro models while there is no mention of a Classic model for the next generation. 

So, it can be assumed that we will only be getting the sportier version of the next-gen smartwatch. Various sources have also claimed that the Galaxy Watch 5 will be coming in two size options. Though this does not apply to the pricier model, the Galaxy Watch 5 pro, which will only come in one size. It is unclear whether the sizes of the latest launch will remain the same as its predecessors.  

© Twitter / Evan Blass
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 © Twitter / Evan Blass

Coming to the colors, according to files sourced by ethical leaker Evan Blass, the Galaxy Watch 5 will be coming in 3 colors; Silver, Pink Gold, and Graphite. The Pro Galaxy Watch 5, on the other hand, will be coming in 2 colors; Black Titanium and Gray Titanium. While one would argue that the color assortment isn’t the most creative, isn’t it better than nothing?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 – Evolution Of The Samsung Smartwatch 

What Features Will The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series Have? 

A huge amount of speculation about what one can expect from the Galaxy Watch 5 has already been made and there is no doubt that more leaks and rumors are on their way. But let’s take a look at all the information we know and have so far, shall we?

Will The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Have Any Health Features?

The Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 pro will likely come armed with health features such as a heart rate monitor, body composition sensor, and electrocardiogram (ECG). The Galaxy Watch 5 is also expected to offer nifty maneuvers like blood pressure monitoring. Rumor has it that we can expect to see Oxygen saturation measurement and fall detection as well.

Fascinatingly, a Reddit user has spotted the mention of a feature saying that the Galaxy Watch 5 can measure your skin temperature. In this feature, a system of lasers is apparently fitted beneath the smartwatch. These lasers flash on the skin and can seemingly measure your temperature. It has been noted by leakers that this feature is “used to forecast your cycle more accurately.” This suggests that maybe the feature is used for period tracking.

None of the Samsung smartwatch predecessors have a temperature sensing attribute. Thus, it can be speculated that the company will be offering the aforementioned facility in the Galaxy Watch 5 Series. Interestingly, Apple has also been rumored to have been experimenting with a body temperature measurement feature for its next-gen smartwatches.

Will The Galaxy Watch 5 Have An Interactive Bezel?

There is no shortage of spheroidal smartwatches out there. Even though that is the case, what do you think made Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series stand out the most? It was its interactive bezel control system. A prime example would be the popularity of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. It was the physical rotating bezel of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic that truly made the device unique. And what topped it off was the addition of captivative controls alongside the rotating bezel. 

Unfortunately, this unique feature might not be present for the Galaxy Watch 5 series. According to reliable leaker Ice Universe, the rotating bezel is going away this year. 

© Twitter / Ice Universe
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 © Twitter / Ice Universe

The ethical leaker has stated that neither the Galaxy Watch 5 nor the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will have the rotating bezel trait. This might be a huge letdown for a lot of the buyers because it had become a hot favorite. 

© Twitter / Ice Universe
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 © Twitter / Ice Universe

But let’s look at the bright side, Samsung could switch to using premium materials like sapphire glass and titanium metal for the casing. I mean, if that isn’t cool I don’t know what is? 

Will The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Have A Camera?

Yes, the Galaxy Watch 5 might have a camera and an extendable screen. LetsGoDigital has come across a Samsung patent for a smartwatch with an extendable screen. The size of the screen will increase by 40% when a pinch gesture is used. The same patent also shows a camera in the watch.

© Website / LetsGoDigital
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 © Website / LetsGoDigital

You can see how this might look in the image above. Please note that patents don’t always get used. This means that even if this design does one day make it into a Samsung smartwatch, we cannot be sure that it will be ready in time for the Galaxy Watch 5.

What Will The Battery Life For The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Be Like? 

Now, for the important stuff. What about the battery life? As of now, rumors point to Samsung attempting to push the next Galaxy Watch past the one-day battery life barrier. But the exact limit the company is trying to hit is still unknown.

Regulatory filings spotted by SamMobile suggest that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will most probably have a 572mAh battery. If this is true then it is quite a massive upgrade over the 361mAh unit fitted inside the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Here’s hoping that the next iteration of Google’s Wear OS bags the battery optimization part and allows a smartwatch to last more than a day.

Even if you don’t find the endurance that impressive, FCC filings spotted by 9to5Google show that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will likely have 10W fast charging to get you up and running. This is also a huge upgrade because its predecessors, the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic only support 5W charging. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 7 can be charged up to 80 percent in about 45 minutes when connected with a compatible 18W or higher charger. This could make the Galaxy Watch 5 more competitive with its rival, Apple, in terms of charging speeds, which in turn means that we can predict the Galaxy Watch 5 to have a bigger battery.

When Will The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Be Released And What Would Be Its Price? 

So far, no news regarding the launch of a next-gen smartwatch has been officially given by Samsung. But going by the history of Samsung’s previous launches, the Galaxy Watch 5 series might make an official debut around August. There is a high probability that the company might reveal the Galaxy Watch 5 series alongside its upcoming foldable — Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 — at their next Unpacked event.

As for the price of these watches, a report from WinFuture’s Roland Quandt says that the Galaxy Watch 5 would be priced somewhere between 300 to 400 Euros ($320 to $420), while the Watch 5 Pro would range somewhere between 490 Euros to 540 Euros ($520 to $570). These will vary according to taxes of course, and what we have performed here is a straight conversion and is most likely not that accurate. Nevertheless, expect the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro to be within that ballpark.

© Twitter / Ronald Quandt
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 © Twitter / Ronald Quandt

Comparatively, the Galaxy Watch 4 starts at $250, while the Classic model for the same goes for a $100 premium. While some believe that Samsung, in order to maintain a competitive pricing strategy against Apple, would prefer to keep the price for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 below the $300 mark, the pricing reports we have gotten so far prove to be the opposite.

What Do People Want?

It is about to be a year since the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch 4 classic, and everyone is hoping that the upgraded version, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, will have a few of the following specific features.

  • Much better battery life – The rumors have pointed out that the upgrade will most probably have much better battery life and the fans’ only wish now is that the rumors prove to be true.
  • Full Compatibility with all phones – The Galaxy watch 4 was far from compatible with iPhones. But the misfortune doesn’t stop there. Even if you have an Android phone, if it’s not Samsung then you’ll be locked out of some features. Yes, features like the ECG and blood pressure measurements don’t work when connected with non-Samsung Android devices. 
  • Improved workout controls – The workout controls for the Galaxy Watch 4 were a bit too fiddly, to say the least. A prime example of this would be the act of pausing workouts. We can only hope Samsung fixes the issue before launching the Galaxy Watch 5.
  • A slim device – There were quite a few people who felt that the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic was a little thicker. Even though the Galaxy Watch 5 series won’t have a Classic, the fans hope they also abandon the thick design alongside.
  • Improved strap selection – We were only getting limited strap selection when buying the Galaxy Watch 4 via the Samsung website, but when buying from external suppliers the limits decreased even more. Thus, with the lunch of the Galaxy Watch 5, we hope we get a wider strap selection. 


While many seem to be underwhelmed and believe that Samsung’s apparent Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series might be a letdown, because they are not bringing in the rotating bezel, let’s not forget the new features that the smartwatch might be providing. A smartwatch with an extendable screen, a camera, and a system that can measure your body temperature? That is radically different and novel. 

Yes, all of this could just be rumors and we might be getting an entirely new watch altogether or no watch at all. But where’s the fun in just sitting and waiting, right? Maybe the company itself would read all these articles on the internet and incorporate what the people need in their next watch. So, here’s hoping that the apparent Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series outshines our expectations!

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