Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: What We Know And What We Want

Yes, we are mostly going to witness the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 soon.The summer of Samsung is slowly approaching. And the invitation for Samsung’s Unpacked event has been leaked by trusted leaker Evan Blass. And as we get closer and closer to the 10th of  August, isn’t it natural for all of us to be curious as to what devices we will be witnessing?

Samsung 2022 Unpacked Event Dates Leaked © Twitter / Evan Blass

A few of the devices that will be showcased during the Unpacked event have already been leaked. We will most probably see the next-gen Samsung smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 5 series, and Samsung’s next-gen foldables- the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. 

But do you know which device everyone is looking forward to this Unpacked EVent, 2022? It is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Why? Because Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 is among the most fascinating devices the Korean giant sells today. So, who wouldn’t want to see the revised, elevated version of the device?

While Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 doesn’t have the horsepower of Samsung’s current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, or the wow facet of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it still offers a convenient foldable adventure for a price that’s not entirely uncommon for a high-end smartphone. Priced at $999, it is a device that gives you a worthy smartphone experience! 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3  was released last summer. With this compact foldable phone’s first birthday coming soon, is it wrong for us, the people, to expect an upgrade? After gathering all the leaks of this foldable rounding the internet, we give you everything we know about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 © Website / Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – Features

Will The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Have An S Pen?

The first details about the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 started bubbling early this year. It was on February when we heard that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 might feature a built-in S Pen like the Galaxy S22 Ultra (and Samsung Note phones from the past).

But it doesn’t seem like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will feature an S Pen. This speculation was made because the current Z Flip 3 doesn’t support Samsung’s add-on S Pen Pro. So if you are a stylus enthusiast (an S Pen enthusiast, at that), the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 isn’t the best option. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – Hardware

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip © Daniel Romero / Unsplash

Through various leaks, it has been determined that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4’s internal display will be the same 6.7-inch size as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3’s. But fret not because its external display will be slightly bigger. The external display of the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 will increase to 1.9 inches diagonally, whereas the external display of the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 was 1.83. A later leak claims an even larger increase to 2.1 inches.

In May, the Dutch publication Galaxy Club discovered that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 might come with a bigger battery than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. If I had to pick one significant drawback when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Flip 3, it was that it had poor battery life when compared to other flagship phones.

I mean, I understand. If a phone has moving parts, it obviously means that it will have less internal space, which in turn means there will be less room for beefy batteries. To mitigate this problem, batteries in foldable phones are split into two cells, one in each half. Still, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3’s measly 3,300mAh capacity means it has an uncommonly short battery life for a modern flagship smartphone.

We’ve been hearing conflicting reports about how much higher the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4’s battery capacity will be. While Galaxy Club claims that the phone will have a 100mAh increase, the leaker Ice universe has predicted a 400mAh increase. Neither increase would likely make much real-world difference, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that, if anything, it’s going up.

© Website / 91Mobiles 

While the renders show the phone modeling a new, light blue shade not available on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (Despite Samsung having the Bespoke Edition customization tool), the design practically looks the same.

© Website / 91Mobiles

There seems to be an external display that is marginally larger than the previous model. As for the other features, well, there’s not much to talk about. The button and port placement, camera module layout, and overall proportions all look the same.

© Website / 91Mobiles

In June, TechTalkTV published (in a now deleted video), in the flesh photos of the device:

© YouTube / TechTalkTV
© YouTube / TechTalkTV

While the photos are low-quality and don’t really give us anything to sit and talk about, one of the photos shows the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 unfolded. The unfolded image shows a smoother interior display with a less pronounced crease.

If you didn’t know already, a few people (including me) were annoyed by the evident crease and bump on the previous generations of the Samsung Flip phones. But the solid color on the leaked image’s display and the angle from which the photo was taken make it hard to tell if the crease is not as evident

Leaker Jon Prosser has shared that, in addition to blue color, he believes the phone will also be available in “Graphite” (probably the color of the phone in the leaked photos above), “Bora Purple” (one for the K-pop community), and “Pink Gold” shades.

The Samsung Flip Phone © Zana Latif / Unsplash

SamMobile has also reported that, like the Samsung Galaxy z Flip 3, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be customizable via Bespoke Edition. If you are unaware of what the Bespoke edition is, fret not. The Bespoke Edition will let users mix and match colors. It has also been speculated that customers from other countries will have access to the Bespoke Edition this time. There will also be more colors to choose from.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition

In June, leaker Yogesh Brar gave us a pretty comprehensive picture of what he believes the phone’s specs will be. Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 have a lot of surprises? Well, not really. Here is a short list of what Yogesh Brar has predicted.

ChipsetSnapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset backed by 8GB of RAM, 128GB or 256GB of storage
CameraA 12-megapixel primary and ultrawide, plus a 10-megapixel internal camera
Wired Charging A 25-watt wired charging (which honestly, is quite interesting! The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 tops out at 15 watts)
Wireless ChargingWireless charging at 10 watts

SamMobile has reported that there will also be a configuration with 512 GB of storage space. This is a first for the Samsung Flip series because prior models peaked at 256GB.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – Availability and Pricing

Do we know when the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be up for sale? Not really. But now that we know when the Samsung Unpacked Event will be taking place because the date has been leaked, we have a small clue as to when we might be able to order it.

Apart from that, tech analyst Jon Prosser also got ideas. His claims that both the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be announced (and become available for pre-order) on August 10 is kind of true because that is exactly when the Unpacked event is taking place. He also claims that full retail availability for these devices will start on the 26th of August.

As for the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, tipster Yogesh Brar has claimed that Samsung isn’t planning to jack up the price of the Samsung Z Fold 4 or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, despite the upgrades they will be making.

If that is the case, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be priced similarly to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, which starts at $999.99 for the 128 GB version and $1,049.99 for the 256GB version.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – A Wishlist of the People

Its safe to assume that the Samsung Galxy Z Flip 4 is going to be the upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. Even though we might (for now) know a lot about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 through various leaks, none of us are sure if all that information is accurate. Plus, there might be some features you wish the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will have.

The Samsung Galaxy Flip Phone © Zana Latif / Unsplash

Below is a wishlist of features and improvements that I, with the general audience, hope to see in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. 

Bid Adieu To The Crease

Whenever people see the Samsung Galaxy Flip devices, they first notice the crease. And usually, people tend not to buy it because of the crease. From a reader’s perspective, you might find this complaint vainly but trust me. The crease is very much present in every shape and form. If you see the crease, it is fine, but you can very much feel it when using the foldable. While scrolling, you will most certainly feel the bump, which might dampen your smartphone experience. 

I know we can’t expect the crease to vanish in thin air. That can only happen by performing some sort of alchemy and defying the laws of physics. But until mankind can find a way to do that, we must accept that any, when folded, will have a crease. 

What we, the consumers, want isn’t magic. We only wish for Samsung to find a way to lessen the evidence of the crease. You might wonder, ‘is the crease that big a bother?’ The answer is no. You and your eys will get used to it pretty fast. But think about it, is having a crease ideal? Wouldn’t you rather use a flagship phone that doesn’t make you feel the bump? That doesn’t show everyone that your phone has a crease in the center? 

© Website / Motorola

We know it’s possible to create a creaseless foldable because phones like the Moto RAZR 5G have already proven it can be done. Even larger foldable phones, like the OPPO Find N, have also begun shipping with no noticeable crease when folded open. So isn’t it about damn time Samsung does a little display hinge redesign and gets on board? Is that too much to ask?

Finer Cameras 

Okay. This might be a big request. I know larger camera sensors take up more room and that a tiny foldable phone body doesn’t have that sort of room. Despite that being the case, I sincerely wish the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 gets better cameras.

I am not someone who likes camera humps. I know most premium phones utilize the extra space to add bigger and better camera sensors. And if that’s what it takes to get better cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, so be it.

Now, I am not trying to imply that the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 are bad. It can be seen that Samsung thoroughly overhauled its AI-based scene detection algorithm with its 2021 smartphone releases. Thus, we got significantly better photos.

This can be evidently seen when movement is involved. You can clearly see that Samsung’s camera software now is pretty similar to that of Google’s. It takes pictures continuously before and after you’ve pressed the shutter button. Want to hear the cool part? Samsung’s back-end processing algorithm will then analyze all the photos that were taken, choose the ones with the least amount of blur, combine them all together, and make one super fabulous photo.

Now that Samsung’s camera software has got better processing, it’s time we see a big hardware upgrade to the camera hardware on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. 

A Bigger Outer Screen

Okay, this is a another feature I would like for Samsung to borrow from Motorola.

© Website / Motorola

While the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has a bigger screen size when compared to its predecessors,  if the screen was actually useful for immediate tasks like notifications, setting alarms, etc., having a full-sized screen on the front would be a lot more convenient.

Unlike Samsung’s smaller Flip 3 display, which only displays very specific information, the Moto RAZR 5G’s outer display is actually a normal display, complete with a home screen.

But here’s the good news.  Samsung is apparently already making headway in transforming that smaller screen into something bigger and more useful. A recent Good Lock update shows that Samsung might be expanding the display size with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. If you haven’t gotten the update yet, be sure to check the Galaxy Apps store on your Samsung Galaxy phone

The negative to having a larger outer screen would be that it increases the probability of possible damage loaded from a fall. This, in turn, would make it all the more important to wrap a case around the phone.

Flipping a phone open is great fun, but while using the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, you would understand that sometimes a quick tap on the smaller screen will make your job much easier. 

More Power

Okay. I know I mentioned this earlier, but I will mention it again. Samsung’s Flip series has poor battery life and are definitely not flagship level. You will find your Flip phone dying faster than you would expect. Yes, the leaks seem to show that we might get a 3,700 mAh battery. But is that good? Considering that the phone is a flagship phone, it most definitely isn’t.

What we want here is a bigger battery. Like the camera request, this one is presumably a difficult task given that extra room has to be made inside the phone for all the folding components and the hinge.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3’s battery life isn’t the best. But you know what Samsung can do? Add a larger outer screen. We have requested the same as politely as possible, but I will request the same again. A bigger screen would ensure that users will open the phone less during the day, which means that the battery will last a little longer. A very big-brain idea. I know. But you have got to agree that it’s common sense nonetheless.

I will love it if Samsung finds a way to fix this problem! 

All For One Style

No. I am not talking about the anime My Hero Academia (hello, fellow anime fans!). I am talking about wanting Samsung to have all sorts of customization tools if they are going to give us a customization option. Confused? Let me explain.

A few months after the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 launched, Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition. As mentioned earlier, the Bespoke Edition is a special edition that enables you to customize your device and order it directly from Samsung. The customers could choose from 49 color combinations to make their Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 look just like they want it to.

But there is a downside. While the Bespoke edition is pretty cool, it is pretty limiting. Did you notice that there are only a handful of colors to choose from? You can only choose from the given 49 colors.

Until we get more customization options, buying a regular Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 is a much better option than paying extra and buying the Bespoke Edition. 

Will the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 make us Flip?

I hope the only type of flip we experience when the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the ‘flipping with excitement‘ kind of flip. I most definitely do not want the, ‘I want to flip a table because I am seething with rage,’ kind of flip.

Jokes aside, Samsung’s Flip series is a fascinating device and my favorite Samsung smartphone so far. You can do so much more with this amazing device makes it much better. So here’s hoping the company considers what the public wants and gives us a satisfactory upgrade.

Until then, here’s me signing off!

What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4? What would you like to see in the upgraded version? tell us in the comments below!

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