Samsung Trade In – Everything You Need to Know

Just bought a new Samsung smartphone? Wondering what to do with your old device? How about getting your money back? If that sounds tempting, then you should hear all about the Samsung Trade-In program! You can get your cash-back by trading in your old smartphone when you buy a new Samsung phone – only with a few steps to follow!

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How Samsung Trade-In Works

It’s really simple to use the trade-in program from Samsung. When you decide to buy a new Samsung smartphone, all you have to do is have a functioning device that you’re willing to send back, in order to get some of the money back. But let’s go over the steps together!

1. Choose Your New Device

Select the new device that you want to buy from Samsung on their official website. Then, select the device you want to send back and you will see its trade-in value. Afterward, you should complete your purchase.

2. Prepare Your Old Device

You should check if the device you decided to trade-in meets Samsung’s requirements. For example, it has to power on and be able to hold a charge. For more information, click here for Samsung’s requirements. If your device is good to go, you should do a factory reset and disable your anti-theft protection.

3. Ship Your Old Device

After the new smartphone that you ordered arrives, reuse your box and send the old device back to Samsung. Should your trade-in be rejected, it will be sent back, free of charge, if you request it.

4. Get Your Money Back

As soon as your trade-in is accepted, you will receive trade-in credit toward the purchase of a new Galaxy device that is qualified for the program. Good luck!

What Other People Ask

How many phones can you send through Samsung Trade-In?

You can only trade-in one phone per newly purchased device.

Can damaged phones be sent through Samsung Trade-In?

Your phoned needs to be able to power up, hold a charge and have a functional display. The damage on your phone shouldn’t be more than normal wear and tear.

Can you trade in a leased device?

No. you need to be the full owner of the phone at the moment of the trade-in.

Samsung Trade-In – Get Your Money Back!

We hope our article has helped you understand how Samsung trade-in works. This program is really beneficial – not only you’re able to buy a new Galaxy device for less, but you also help nature by recycling your old smartphones. Also, no more clutter in your house! Even though we say we’re going to use our old devices, most of us never do. So, if you plan on purchasing a new Samsung device, don’t hesitate and give the Trade-In a go!

Did you try the Samsung Trade-In? What was your experience? Is it worth it? Let us know in the comments down below!

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