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How to Save Battery Power While Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO, while not perfect, is most talked about mobile game on the market today. The little app filled with pocket monsters all over the world has impacted people in some of the best ways possible. Unfortunately, it’s impacted batteries just as much, if not more. If you play Pokémon GO for more than an hour a day; you can see the result already.

This app has been on a battery killing spree since it released, so what can we do about its energy rampage? Before you go out and buy thirty spare batteries, so your phone doesn’t die in a gym battle, there are a few more steps you can take.

Method 1: Download Google Maps Data for Later Use

If you already know about Google Maps offline features; you know exactly what I’m talking about right now. If you’ve never touched Google Maps’ offline tab before, I’m going to go through how to use it step by step.

This will help trainers that frequent certain areas for Pokémon, stops, and gyms, but will require upwards of 100MB of free space for map data. If you’re on a very limited data plan, I recommend you do this over Wi-Fi.

Step 1:

First, launch Google Maps. Depending on your version of Android, and where you last put the Maps icon; this won’t take long.

map-icon - battery life pokemon go

Step 2:

I’ve mentioned it previously, but if you have a limited data plan, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi. In Google Maps, tap the three horizontal bars in the top left corner. This opens up a new pane.

pane - battery life pokemon go

Step 3:

On the newly opened pane, tap Offline Areas.

Step 4:

I don’t use this feature very often (that’s why I only have one offline area), but if you visit a lot of areas for Pokémon frequently; I’m sure you’ll start to.

maps-pgo-bat - battery life pokemon go

Tap the large plus at the bottom of the screen to start a download for an offline area. This essentially downloads all of the map data for everything close to your current location. Now when you load up this area in Pokémon GO, you’ll load it from memory instead of downloading it.

While this saves a little bit of bandwidth, it, more importantly, saves your battery from more unneeded stress.

Method 2: Dim Your Screen as Much as You Can

This doesn’t require any offline downloads or extra purchases, but just swiping down from the top of your screen, or some fiddling with your settings. Sometimes, your auto-brightness settings don’t cut it, so it’s time to take the issue into your own hands.

Step 1:

If you’re on Lollipop with most Android devices, swipe down from the top of your screen to automatically have access to your brightness options. It can take a few more seconds out of your day to manually adjust it depending on the light level outside, but it’s worth it.

brightness - battery life pokemon go

Step 2:

For phones running Android below Lollipop, a swipe down still gets you access to your Settings, which gets you closer to your display settings. This is a little more frustrating to adjust constantly throughout the day, but I feel the payoff is worth it.

The only real tradeoff here is that if you leave Pokémon GO, it may close after time spent away from it.

Method 3: Turn on Pokémon GO’s Battery Saver

There are still trainers out there that don’t know about this feature, and some that don’t know how it works, even if they found the button. I’m here so you don’t stay in the dark any longer, even if the saver makes sure your screen does.

Step 1:

In Pokémon GO, the second you tap the Pokeball symbol in the center of the screen, you bring up a list of options. If you look over to the top right, there’s a Settings menu and a Tips screen.

Tap the gear icon for Settings.

Step 2:

After you tap the gear icon, you’ll see something like this.

settings - battery life pokemon go

Under Vibration is the Battery Saver. I have it checked right now since I usually have it one while walking. Check the icon to enable the saver at any point in time, and select it again to turn it off.

Step 3:

The Battery Saver only “activates” when your phone is upside down. This means the saver activates automatically when your phone is in a relaxed position at your side. Your phone will still vibrate when Pokémon are nearby, or an egg is hatching, but your screen will go dark as long as the phone is held this way.

save - battery life pokemon go

To get the black screen to go away, just hold your phone upright again.

Warning: The Battery Saver, unfortunately, isn’t all roses. If you switch between saving mode and playing rapidly; your touches will stop registering. The Battery Saver also delays refresh time, which can make Pokémon show up a few seconds slower than normal.

Even with these issues, I still think the Battery Saver is helpful to have turned on.

Method 4: Buy an Additional Battery

Note: Buying an additional battery to swap your existing one for will only work if your battery is removable. If your battery is easily removable, I highly recommend you purchase a spare one. It’s handy for catching more Pokémon, and your phone’s health in general.

The cost for this is going to change from phone to phone, and some phones can’t take advantage of this. However, if your phone’s battery can be easily popped out, having a spare battery with you will double your phone’s battery life.

remove-pgo - battery life pokemon go

This isn’t the most seamless way of increasing your battery life, but it’s effective, and that’s what counts here. Skip this tip for another one if your battery isn’t designed to be removable.

Step 1:

To get an additional battery, you can either search through a digital storefront like Amazon or eBay or through your carrier directly if they supply them. However, only do this if your phone battery is easily removable without voiding your warranty.

Step 2:

Once you have your new battery, have it charged, and are ready to swap them, please turn your phone off completely before attempting this. While yanking the battery out of your phone shouldn’t make it explode, it’s not advised in this case.

Step 3:

Now you can enjoy catching Pokémon with a new, full battery!

Method 5: Buy a Portable Battery Pack

Unlike just buying a second battery, a battery pack can charge your existing battery, even while you’re actively catching Pokémon. The only downside to a battery pack instead of an extra battery is the speed of the charge, and the potential to overheat your battery.

While you can play Pokémon GO while charging, I don’t recommend it. If your phone starts to get too hot to handle, please take a break. The battery pack that’s right for you will differ, but I’ll give my own recommendations and explanations.

Step 1:

You can buy battery packs from digital storefronts like Amazon or eBay, or from brick and mortar stores where they’re available. There are plenty of portable battery packs that are around $9.99, but be warned that the cheaper the pack, the cheaper the charge.

portable - battery life pokemon go

Step 2:

Portable phone chargers come in varying sizes, and levels of power available. If you end up buying a charger too weak, gaining battery while playing could be impossible. At most, you’ll delay your battery loss, which is still beneficial.

Keep this in mind when buying a charger, the higher the number of mAh, the better.

Step 3:

For the price, size, and the power, I recommend this little guy. He’s on sale at the time of writing this, and he supplies a good amount of power for any phone. He’s just barely above lipstick size, so it’s a very portable charger that packs a much-needed punch.

Step 4:

When you first get your portable charger, you’ll need to hook it up to a power source to fill its power bank. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be good to go to connect your phone to it via a micro USB cable to charge your phone whenever possible.

Method 6: Invest in a New Charging Method Like Fast Charging

Step 1:

This isn’t possible for every phone, but some models have fast charging capabilities that will put you back outside catching Pokémon before you know it. This can work in conjunction with using a portable charger, so look up your phone’s model to see if it has fast charging capabilities, and what you need to do to access them.

This doesn’t always take an additional purchase, so it could be a free alternative to buying another option.


Pokémon GO is an energy vampire, but it still promotes social growth in a lot of people that aren’t normally outgoing. If your battery can take it, and the sun isn’t making the day too hot to handle; I highly encourage you still brave the world and catch some Pokémon with your fellow trainers.

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