How to Save SMS to Gmail on Android

How to Save SMS to Gmail on Android and Keep Them Forever

Here is a confession, I go back to old conversations and really enjoy reading them. Looking at the plethora of SMS would make me really sad. Thankfully I know how to save SMS on Gmail, which takes a ton of pressure off my head. I know you also cherish some text conversations with your friends, family and even a significant other. So don’t be stupid like my friend who lost his phone and cried, be awesome like me and backup your SMS on Gmail today!

I always recommend that you use a backup app for your Android device. Or use an iCloud like cloud storage space to keep your memories safe. But reading SMS is kind of a pain on almost every other backup solution. This is why we have found a way to save SMS on Gmail and make them easily accessible. That’s right; you can read all your messages like you read emails on the Gmail app. So let’s start from the beginning, shall we.

Method 1: Getting SMS Backup+

There is a great app which directly backs up your messages with ease. The best part is that you get to look at them in your Gmail inbox just like regular mail.

Step 1:

Go to the SMS Backup+ page and download the app on your Android device. This is the usual method that you follow to install apps on your smartphone.


Step 2:

On your PC go to and login your account. It will look something like this; of course you will see your own mails.


Step 3:

Once there click on the gear shaped icon on the top right corner of the screen. It will drop down a menu. Now you need to select the settings.


Step 4:

You will see the settings screen, simply click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab on the top.

How to Save SMS on Gmail and Keep Them Forever

Step 5:

Now you simply have to enable the IMAP and save the settings. Don’t worry this is will not compromise the security of your smartphone or your Emails.


Step 6:

Now back on your smartphone, open the app we just downloaded. It has a very simple and straightforward interface.


Step 7:

Click on the “Login” check-box to login to your Google account. The app will ask you something like this:


Step 8:

After that the app will simply ask if you want to back up the existing SMS on the device. It is always wise to backup them. If you select yes, the app will start the backup process.


Step 9:

You can change some settings while the backup is being done. For example I changed the backup schedule.


Step 10:

While the SMS are being backed up, you can go to your PC or even the Gmail app. From there you can easily see the SMS label automatically made.


Step 11:

You can start browsing the SMS as they upload, the page will automatically refresh after a while, adding in new SMS dynamically.

Method 2: SMS Backup & Restore

Alternatively you can use another app called SMS Backup & Restore. It has a simple to use interface which makes it easy to back up your SMS to Gmail.

Step 1:

Get the app from the Google Play Store.


Step 2:

Launch the app. You will see a screen like this. From there, tap on the backup button to proceed.


Step 3:

Select a local folder for storage. Don’t worry you will get to upload the SMS on the next step. It’s always good to have a local backup anyways.


Step 4:

Once you press OK you will be taken to another option screen. Select the Upload to Email option.


Step 5:

The app will tell you that a plugin in needed for this function to work. Get the plugin from the Google Play Store, the app will take you to it directly.


Step 6:

After you have downloaded the plugin you can select the email service you want to utilize.


Step 7:

Now simply login to your account and start backing up SMS to Gmail with ease.


These two methods are relatively painless and are very reliable. I highly recommend the first method as it is very user friendly and the app takes very little resources. But if you want more options, the second app can provide ton of them. In the end the choice ultimately lies with you of course. I recommend a good keyboard app for texting with ease, you have to rest those pretty thumbs of yours right? If you have a question or facing a problem, feel free to talk to me in the comments below.

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    1. Simply go into Gmail and delete the messages like you would emails. To delete them permanently, remember to delete them from your trash folder as well, not just from whatever folder they were stored in before.

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