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5 quick & easy steps to schedule posts in Hootsuite app

Admit it. Do you hate it when you have to go from one social media app to another just to upload a single post?

Or perhaps you are a social manager who handles numerous social media accounts for different clients?

Well, whether you’re a digital marketer or simply someone who loves to keep your friends and followers updated online, one thing’s for sure: handling many social media accounts can be tiring and even confusing at times.

Hootsuite App Social Media Sites
Link all of your social media profiles for easier access

So how exactly do you make such a taxing task easier?

Well, with the help of some social media management apps, it is indeed possible! So keep reading, and I’ll teach you how.


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What is the Hootsuite App?

In essence, social media management platforms link your different social profiles to one place. Astonishing, isn’t it?

What that means is you could create, edit, and publish content with just one app alone. And guess what? One of the most popular social media management platforms is the Hootsuite app!

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Hootsuite App

In the Hootsuite app, you can directly access the messages, comments, and conversations that are pertinent to your brands.

You can also publish your posts simultaneously across different social media sites all in one go! How cool is that?

And if you’ve got some social media plans for the rest of the month, then upload them all in one sitting.

Schedule them ahead, so you won’t have to stress over them every day!

How to schedule posts in the Hootsuite app?

Now that you’re already familiar with the fascinating things you could accomplish in the Hootsuite app, I know you can’t help but try it out yourself.

But wait, do you want to learn how you could specifically publish your posts in the Hootsuite app? If so, then don’t worry because I’ll walk you through the steps to get it done.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Log in to your Hootsuite App account

To get started, you need to create your account in the Hootsuite app. Or, if you already have an account, log in.

When you open the Hootsuite app, those two options will be available for you. So choose which of them applies to you.

2. Compose your message

When you successfully log in to your account, the Hootsuite app will immediately redirect you to the dashboard.

At the bottom, you will see three options. Click on “Compose” to start crafting your message.

3. Add your social network

Now is the time to add the social media sites where you want your content to appear. Click on the cross sign at the top right to start linking them.

Afterward, go back to the compose window by selecting the leftward arrow at the top left.

4. Insert media

Of course, pictures and videos could boost your content, so don’t forget to include them in your post.

You can insert your desired media through the options located at the bottom left.

You may also add the caption by clicking on the blank space above the media.

5. Publish your post

We have now come to the last step: publishing your post!

To do this, select “Next.” A menu will then pop up asking you whether you want to publish the post immediately or you want to schedule it for a later date.

If you choose the latter, then indicate the date and time when you want the post to be published. Furthermore, you may also save the post as a draft, so you could go back to it some other time.

And there you have it!

Download the Hootsuite App!

Congratulations on making your first post with the Hootsuite app, and cheers to more social media content ahead. You are now ready to try the wonders of the Hootsuite app yourself!

So stop stressing over managing multiple social media sites, and let the Hootsuite app do the work for you. Indeed, engaging with your audience has never been this easy –– thanks to the Hootsuite app!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Hootsuite app?

The Hootsuite app is a social media management platform, which allows users to manage multiple social media accounts in one place. You could publish posts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, among others, without having to leave the app. You may also schedule posts ahead of time, so you don’t have to check your social media account every day.

Is the Hootsuite app free?

A free version of the Hootsuite App is available, although it only contains limited features. The unpaid plan can add only up to three social profiles, thirty scheduled messages, and one user. Hence, you need to purchase a premium plan to maximize the capacity of your account. These plans include the following: Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise.

How much is the Hootsuite app?

The Hootsuite app comes in both free and paid versions. The prices of the plans may vary. Thus, it would be worthwhile to check out their site. You may spend around $19, $99, and $599 for the Professional, Team, and Business plans, respectively.

How to add Hootsuite app to Facebook Page?

The method is pretty straightforward. When you log in to your account for the first time, the Hootsuite App will ask you which social channels you want to add. So make sure to select Facebook and input your login credentials. Alternatively, from the dashboard, go to your account by clicking on your profile icon. Then, choose “Social Networks.” Subsequently, select the “Add” icon found at the top-right part of the screen.

What social media sites can you add to the Hootsuite App?

Hootsuite works with different social media apps. These include Tumblr, YouTube, MySpace and Mixi, WordPress, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, what are your thoughts on the Hootsuite app? Are you excited to try using it on your social media profiles? Tell us more in the comments below!

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