How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Note 3: (5 Methods)

Taking screenshots on Android is probably one of the easiest things to do and even if you don’t want to install Android screenshot apps, you can easily use the default method of taking screenshots on the OS, which is available on almost every Android device. Whether you are a developer and want to capture your phone’s screen for showing off your new app or you want to share a message on your device with your friends online, you should know how to take screenshots on your device. This article is designed to help you understand how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is Samsung’s latest offering in its phablet series and it features a beautiful HD screen. The beautiful screen is easily one of the best reasons for taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Capturing your Note 3’s screen is really easy and there are several methods that you can use to take screenshots of your device regularly. Here are the easiest and most reliable methods to capture a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Method 1: Hand Gesture

This is Samsung’s signature method of taking screenshots on the latest line of Galaxy devices. The method is different from Android’s default way of taking screenshots and might feel a bit strange at first. However, this is probably the most fun method of taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Step 1

Open your app drawer and go to the Settings app on your Galaxy Note 3.

Step 2

Next, go to the Controls tab while in settings. Now, you will need to enable the Palm motion option.You can simply do this by flicking the button to the right and it should turn green as in the image below.

Note 3 controls tab

Note 3 palm motion

Step 3

After enabling Palm Motion, click on Palm Motion and enable the Capture screen option. You can do it simply by flicking the button to the right.

capture screen on Note 3

Step 4

Now, go to the screen that you want to capture on your Note 3.

Step 5

Keep your hand vertically on the right side of the screen on your device and swipe your hand to the left. That’s it! Your screen is now captured. You will also hear a camera shutter sound right after your screen is captured. You can view the screenshot through your notifications bar or from the Gallery app.

Note 3 hand gesture

Method 2: Basic Button Combination

This is possibly the easiest and fastest method to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This is Android’s default method of taking screenshots on most devices. While this is the easiest method, it isn’t much fun and is relatively straight forward compared to the other methods.

Step 1

Go to the screen that you want to capture on your device.

Step 2

Simply, press and hold the Home button and Power button simultaneously on your Note 3. This will capture your screen after approximately two to four seconds and you will hear a shutter sound and will get a notification of the screenshot being captured. You can now access the screenshot from the Gallery app in your device.

Note 3 button combination

Method 3: S-Pen Type A

This method is limited to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and you won’t find such a method on any other Android device including Samsung’s Galaxy S4 device. The method uses the S-Pen to take screenshots and not only does this method look cool for taking screenshots, is is also extremely easy.

Step 1

Remove and take out the S-Pen from your Galaxy Note 3.

Step 2

Go to the screen that you want to capture on your device.

Step 3

Hold the button on the S-Pen for about two to three seconds and then place the S-Pen on the screen of your Galaxy Note 3 while pressing the button. The screenshot has now been captured and you will get an option to further edit the screenshot right away.

Note 3 s-pen button

Method 4: S-Pen Type B

This method is also limited to the Galaxy Note 3 and you won’t find a similar method on any other Android device. Like Method 3, this method also  uses the S-Pen to take screenshots but uses a slightly different route.

Step 1

Remove the S-Pen from your Galaxy Note 3 as we will use the pen to take screenshots.

Step 2

Go to the screen that  you want to capture.

Step 3

While on the screen that you want to capture, simply hold the S-Pen over the screen without actually making any contact with the screen.

Step 4

Next, press and hold the button on the S-Pen and this should bring up the Air Command menu.

Step 5

Now, simply click on the Screen write icon and this should capture the screen instantly. After capturing, you will get an option to edit the image further. You will be able to view the screenshot in the Gallery app.

Note 3 air command

Method 5: Screenshot Ultimate

This method features another third-party app available on the Google Play Store, which has become quite popular over the past couple of years, receiving over 5,000,000 downloads. The app is perfect if you want various features while taking screenshots on your Galaxy Note 3, without the need for rooting your device. While this app is almost the perfect all-in-one screenshot taking method, the screenshot trigger methods including the shake trigger are known to be quite sensitive on some Android devices. The app lets you edit various settings including the type of file, the location and also features a built-in image editor.

Step 1

Firstly, download and install the Screenshot Ultimate app on your Galaxy Note 3. You can download it using the Google Play button below.


Step 2

Once downloaded, open the app through your app drawer. You will be taken to the trigger methods screen when you start the app.

Step 3

Now, choose your desired trigger methods. The methods available include shaking, clicking on the service icon, using the audio jack, plugging in or removing the charger from the device, timer, custom shortcut, widget and many more.

Screenshot ultimate trigger methods

Step 4

After selecting your trigger methods, you can edit the settings including the location where you want to save the screenshots and the name of the file.

screenshot folder location

Step 5

Next, go to the screen that you want to capture and use one of the trigger methods that you selected earlier. This should capture a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 immediately.

Step 6

Now, you can either view the screenshot or you can edit the image using the built-in editor of Screenshot Ultimate. The app also gives you the option  to compress the screenshots in a zip file and compose an email directly, with the screenshot files attached.


Taking screenshots and recording screen on Android are essential for most Android users and all users should be able to take screenshots on their Android device. The Galaxy Note 3 does feature 4 different and effective screenshot taking methods which you can use to quickly take screenshots without the need for rooting your device or installing any third-party applications. However, if you’re looking for something more than just taking basic screenshots, then you should consider using Method 5 or Method 6 explained above. Whichever method you choose, follow the instructions properly and feel free to shoot any questions about taking a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 below!

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  1. Nope. Absolutely none of this works. My stylus has dropped where i can’t get it, and ZERO of these tricks work (i am NOT going to root!). Note 3, Android 4.0

    1. Keith,

      I have the very same smartphone and have been taking screenshots with the button combination for every article I wrote. I usually take somewhere between 100-200 each week. Are you sure you are pressing the power and home button at once?

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