Sell Cell Phones Online for a Good Price

Where to Sell Cell Phones Online for a Good Price in 2022?

Do you still keep your old phones with you? Instead of just letting them stay in the drawer, you can actually sell them online for some good cash. Or you may have just bought a brand new phone and have no use for your other phone anymore which is still in good condition. You can keep it as an extra. But if you want to earn money on the side, you can sell cell phones online for a good price.

Companies just keep on releasing new models that sometimes we get tempted to purchase a new phone even if the one we’re using is still fairly new. There’s nothing wrong with owning or using 2 to 3 phones at a time. But if your old phone is just left lying around unused, selling it is worth considering. You can also sell your other old stuff using these Android apps.

The price of your phone would generally depend on its condition, the model, and how long you’ve used it. Just search online and you can find so many stores that will buy used phones. However, not all of them will give you your phone’s worth. With this, we’ve prepared a list of stores and sites where you can sell cell phones online for a good price.


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Why Should You Sell or Recycle Old Phones?

Besides the obvious fact that you’ll earn extra cash when you sell or recycle your phone, there are also other reasons why you should do so.

1. It Declutters the House

Unused phones will just gather dust if you just keep them inside boxes and drawers. Well, you may have reasons for keeping them. Like someone special gave it to you and doesn’t want to let go of it. But if there are plenty of these unused phones around the house or apartment, the better and safer way is to just sell or recycle them. If not, donate them if they’re still usable.

2. It’s Good for the Environment

You might ask, “how so?” Unused phones that are not recycled or sold will eventually end up in the trash. Phones contain materials that are unsafe to the environment, especially when not properly disposed of.

The better way is to just sell your phone to buyers or recycling companies. These companies will refurbish your phone and resell it. You will not only get paid, but you’ll also let other people get a new phone at a low price and do your bit to help the environment.

Things to Do When Selling Your Phone

There are a few things to do first before you sell your phone online. These are important for your own protection and to make sure that you’ll get the best deal possible.

1. Protect Your Identity

Sell Cell Phones Online
Security First-Sell Cell Phones Online

While some companies claim that they will wipe everything out once they receive your phone before they hand it over to the buyer. But, as they say, you can never be so sure. To protect your identity, it’s better if you do it yourself. Wipe all personal data from your phone before you sell it. Check this out if you need complete instruction on how to delete everything from your phone.

2. Unlock Your Phone

Sell Cell Phones Online
Sell Cell Phones Online

Unlock your old phone’s full potential. In most cases, people would prefer an unlocked phone over a locked phone. Free your phone from being tied to a single cell carrier. Unlocking your phone will attract more buyers, which means that you’ll get more comparison.

3. Be Honest About Your Phone

Sell Cell Phones Online
Be fair and honest-Sell Cell Phones Online

Resellers and buyers will price your phone based on the following: the demand, condition, capacity and specs, and how new or old it is.

Because of this, some sellers will be tempted to lie about their phone’s condition and specs. This is a big no-no. Be honest about your phone. Tell them everything as honestly as you can. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. And also because the company will just cancel the transaction or reduce the offer once they’ve received your phone and they discover that you are not true to your word.

Instead of lying about your phone, why not just improve your phone’s value? You can do this by selling your phone as soon as possible. This is because your phone’s value will generally depreciate over time. More importantly, take care of your phone if you’re planning to sell it. Make sure it doesn’t get scratched. Keep it in good condition.

Where You Can Sell Cell Phones Online

Cell Phone Selling Websites Comparison

Sell Cell Phones Online
Fast and easy online transaction-Sell Cell Phones Online
Cell phone selling websiteFeatures
GazelleNo hidden fees, get paid via PayPal, check, Amazon gift card, fast and easy transactions, personal information not stored
sellcellCompare deals on refurbished & pre-owned phones, sell used business phones in bulk, sell broken phones
SellMyCellPhonesTrusted buyers, payment via PayPal or check, fast and easy transaction
DecluttrFree shipping, fast next day payments, sell all tech gadgets, Decluttr certified refurbished tech
ebayAuction phones, no price comparison, more than 150 million prospective buyers, can’t sell broken phones
AmazonNo cash payment, Amazon gift card worth the phone value, status updates in trade-in account

These are the best cell phone selling website to sell phones online.

Before you sell your old phone online, make sure you transfer your contacts to your new phone first. You can also transfer files, photos, videos and apps faster from 1 device to another using Android cloud backup.

Now get your phone ready and check out these sites where you can sell cell phones online:

1. Gazelle

Sell Cell Phones Online
Sell Cell Phones Online

Give your used phone a chance at a new life by selling it to Gazelle. They buy pre-owned Samsung phones, Android phones and iPhones. They don’t just buy used phones, they accept other used gadgets as well. The best part is that Gazelle responsibly recycles used cell phones by keeping the chemicals out of the environment.

Gazelle does not accept products that are reported stolen or lost. This is an advantage especially for those who are also planning to buy used phones on the website.

Reasons for choosing Gazelle:

  • There are no hidden fees.
  • They pay cash-in-hand, not store credit. You can choose to get paid via a check, PayPal or Amazon gift card.
  • Their free shipping boxes are designed to keep your device safe and secure.
  • Fast and easy transaction.
  • The price is based on the phone’s condition.
  • All personal information is removed.

If you have decided to sell your phone on Gazelle, head on straight to their website.


Sell Cell Phones Online
Sell Cell Phones Online

sellcell is a great option for those who want an immediate offer. The company shows you which buyer is paying the most for a particular phone model and make. They compare prices from various phone recycling companies to make sure that you get the best deal.

However, sellcell does not check prices on Amazon. So it’s better if you compare prices there yourself.

By using sellcell, you can easily sell your phone online. Here’s how it works:

  • Using the search box, enter your phone’s make and model.
  • The site will automatically give a list of buyers. On such a list, you will see which buyer is currently offering the highest price. Choose a buyer and click “sell now.”
  • Fill in some details and follow simple instructions.
  • When the buyer receives your phone, you’ll then get paid.

Check out their website if you are considering selling your phone on sellcell.


Sell Cell Phones Online

If you want to get multiple offers at once for the phone you’re selling, check out SellMyCellPhones. No need to check each buyer individually. The company will automatically check offers from 9 buyers. The more the buyers, the more the comparison, which means that you’ll get the best price for your phone.

Why use SellMyCellPhones:

  • Fast payment (check or via PayPal)
  • Trusted and reputable buyers
  • Prices checked daily
  • Fast and easy transaction

Check out this website if you’re interested to know more about SellMyCellPhones.

4. Decluttr

Sell Cell Phones Online
Sell Cell Phones Online

Decluttr is true to its name. It helps people declutter unused items and make extra cash on the side. This includes used phones. They buy a wide range of phones like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nokia, Sony, LG, and iPhone, among others.

Using their website or mobile app, you’ll get an instant valuation for your phone based on its make, model and condition. This ensures that you’ll get paid for how much is your phone actually worth.

Another great thing about Decluttr is that they accept water-damaged, scratched, and cracked phones. Naturally, you’ll get a lesser price for broken phones. But this is much better than just leaving them unused, gathering dust.

Why you should use decluttr?

  • Free shipping
  • Fast next day payments
  • Sell all tech gadgets
  • Decluttr certified refurbished tech

Now have your phone evaluated by visiting this website . You can also check out Decluttr’s mobile app and download it below.

Sell Cell Phones Online
Sell Cell Phones Online

5. eBay

Sell Cell Phones Online
Sell Cell Phones Online

eBay is the place to go if your phone is still quite new or if there’s something special about it like it’s a limited edition or something. Needless to say, you can’t sell broken phones here. Since you will auction your phone, there’s a possibility that your phone will get a greater price than it actually deserves.

There’s no price comparison or valuation. Just people bidding. This means that you will have to put in extra effort in making your listing appealing. Figure out how auctions work and make your phone stand out. It’s all on you. So if you want a faster and easier way, we recommend the previously mentioned websites.

However, if you’re ready to auction your phone, visit this page.

6. Amazon

Sell Cell Phones Online

Amazon Trade-In is another place where you can sell cell phones online. They offer the best deals too, depending on the condition and specs of your phone. Just go to their Trade-In Store page and enter your phone’s model, make and specs. You will then get the price that they’re willing to pay for your phone.

The downside of using Amazon Trade-In is that you won’t get paid in cash. Instead, you’ll get an Amazon gift card (the worth of which is equivalent to your phone’s valuation). So if you want to get paid via PayPal or check, then we suggest you try the other companies on the list.

Want to learn more about Amazon Cell Phone Trade-In? Visit this page.

Frequently Asked Questions-Sell Cell Phones Online

Which is the best website to sell cell phones online? is the best cell phone selling website. They provide best price guarantee which no other cell phone selling website does. Their price comparison search engine compares prices from other top cell phone selling sites and provides the best price in no time. You can sell Android phones, iPhones, other tech products like smartwatches, gaming consoles, and electronics.

Which is the best website to sell Android phones?

Decluttr is the best website to sell Android phone. All the major smartphone brands running Android OS, such as, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Sony, Google Pixel, Nokia, OnePlus, Motorola, etc., can be sold on Decluttr. They provide free shipping and fast and easy payments.

Can I buy used cell phones on Gazelle?

Yes, you can buy as well as sell used cell phones on Gazelle. They accept used or pre-owned cell phones alongside other used gadgets.

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Sell Cell Phones Online: Declutter and Earn

Sell cell phones online helps you declutter and earn extra money at the same time. Instead of just letting your old phone to gather dust, it’s better if you just sell them to a buyer, reseller or recycler. That way, other people will get to use your phone. Or if it’s broken, some parts of it will still be useful. So it’s worth selling as well.

Because there are so many ways to sell cell phones online, finding the company which will get you the best deal is pretty exhausting. This prompted us to make our own list to guide you which companies are trustworthy when it comes to selling pre-owned phones. Rest assured that you’ll be able to sell your phone on these websites for a good price. Just make sure to do your bit too.

Did you find the Sell Cell Phones Online article helpful? Let us know what you think and leave us a comment below.

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