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How to Send or Share Android Contacts to Others

Remember the old days when you had to write a number down to share it with others? Well those days are long gone and you can send Android contacts to others with ease. I know this is a fairly basic feature of Android that almost everyone knows about. But some of our readers are just beginning to explore Android, this guide is for them.

I wanted to write this article because couple of days ago I taught my uncle how to send Android contacts to others. In the process I found a very simple  for sending contacts from Android too.

Note: The contents of this guide can be applied to almost every Android device there is. While the looks and interface might vary device to device, the basic premise remains essentially the same. I have used the first method since the day I got my first Android smartphone, it works really well for sending a few contacts to others.

Method 1: Default Method

Your Android device will always come with a stock contact book. No matter which manufacturer made your phone and no matter which iteration of Android OS is on it, there will always be a contact book on it. Some may call it simply contacts, others may name it contact book. But it will be there. I recommend that you use the excellent search function to locate your own contact book app if it is nowhere to be seen.

Step 1:

Locate your contact book app or install one of the best contact books out there. Here is mine sitting snugly on the home screen dock.


Step 2:

You will see all your contacts being displayed on the screen. Long press the one you want to send. Another menu will pop up.


If it doesn’t you can tap on the contact and then press the menu button to access the same options.


Step 3:

If you only want to send the phone number of a contact, you can select the share contact information. But if you need to send home addresses, email address or multiple numbers, I suggest the send contact card information. Here is me sending a phone number of a friend via SMS.

How to Send Android Contacts to Others

Step 4:

Thankfully there are a lot of options to send the information. The newer versions of Android allow you to use almost any means of sending contact information. The below screenshot elaborates on this point further.

How to Send Android Contacts to Others

Step 5:

Now simply select the method and you are done. This was one of the simplest methods ever and is readily available on every Android device.

Method 2: Use Share Contact App

You can also use a dedicated app to achieve the same results. As you are using an Android device, it is always great to have multiple options at your disposal. The app I will be recommending is not the fanciest nor the best looking one. But it gets the job done in a fairly easy manner and that’s what we require.

Step 1:

Download the app from the given link below. It’s a regular download process which is handled by Google Play Store.


Step 2:

After the app is downloaded, simply launch it and you will see an almost blank screen. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with the app, it is supposed to look like that.


Step 3:

From the main screen click on the add button to add as many contacts as you wish to send. I added around 10 contacts during my testing and the app handled them well.

How to Send Android Contacts to Others

Step 4:

After you have added the contacts, tap on the send button to select the method of transmission. There will be a lot to choose from thanks to the open nature of Android. Choose the suitable way to share your android contacts.

How to Send Android Contacts to Others


These were some of the easiest ways to share contacts to others. Combine this with a dialer app and you have something great. I know there are many other apps which can essentially achieve the same results, but these methods require little or no input from you. If you have any questions or of course suggestions, talk to me in the comments below.

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