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How to Use Shazam: One of the Best Apps to Recognize Songs

If you come across songs and you don’t know the titles, you’ll find apps to recognize songs to be useful.

The repetitive songs on your playlist can sometimes get boring. That’s why I love using FM radios on my smartphone. And when I listen to my favorite stations, I often fall in love with new songs I hear from the radio stations.

But there’s one problem.

Radio stations often play songs continuously without telling you the title! It’s such a hassle to pull up a browser and type the lyrics you barely remember.

Then, I discovered Shazam! It’s a music recognition app that can help you identify songs you play on your phone.

If you’re new to this app, let me give you a quick tutorial on how to use it.

Not satisfied with Shazam? Try out other apps to recognize songs.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Shazam

Step 1: Download and install Shazam on your Android phone

How to Use Shazam - Best Apps to Recognize Songs
Tap on “Install”.

Make sure that you have a strong Internet connection to avoid the app from being corrupted.

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Step 2: Launch Shazam

Make sure to launch Shazam first before your music player app. If you run the music app first, Shazam may not work properly.

How to Use Shazam - Best Apps to Recognize Songs
Launch Shazam

Step 3: Run the Music Player

Next, run any music player app you prefer to use. When I tested Shazam, I used Simple Radio, an FM radio app, that can play in the background when I switch back to Shazam.

How to Use Shazam - Best Apps to Recognize Songs
Simple Radio
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Step 4: Switch Back to Shazam

Then, go back to the Shazam app. Make sure that your music player is playing in the background.

How to Use Shazam - Best Apps to Recognize Songs
Switch back to Shazam using the Recent Apps.

Step 5: It’s Time to Shazam!

Tap the button in the middle to begin the music recognition.

How to Use Shazam - Best Apps to Recognize Songs
Be patient and give it a few seconds.

Give the app a few seconds to recognize the music you’re playing.

Step 6: Music Recognition Complete

Shazam will show you the title and the artist of the song it recognized. Above, you’ll find different tabs that will help you learn more about the song.

How to Use Shazam - Best Apps to Recognize Songs
Sing-along with the lyrics!

Step 7: Access the Library

Once it’s identified, the song will go to Shazam’s Library. From there, you can play the whole song as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

How to Use Shazam - Best Apps to Recognize Songs
View everything you “Shazamed” in the library

If you’ve been trying to use Shazam on many songs continuously, you can look at all the recognized songs in the library.

Tips on Using Shazam

1. It’s best to start capturing a song at parts where there are lyrics. I tried capturing songs at the intro or instrumental parts and sometimes it would give me an incorrect recognition.

2. Make sure to run the Shazam app before running your music player app. Also, the music player should run in the background while you transfer to the Shazam app.

3. If you want to identify an MP3 file with multiple songs or using a radio app, you can capture them each time a new song plays.

4. If you only have small storage space and don’t have access to high-speed Internet, you can use Shazam Lite.

How to Use Shazam - Best Apps to Recognize Songs
Shazam Light
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5. You can put your phone’s microphone near speakers to recognize songs.

Cowin E7 Pro Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When you’re in public, listening on speaker mode using your Android phone is a big no-no.

How to Use Shazam - Best Apps to Recognize Songs
Cowin E7 Pro in Blue

Try using noise-canceling headphones to keep your music to yourself in public. You can also use Shazam while using earphones or headphones, so this is a great item you could consider buying.



Is Shazam a free music recognition app?

Yes, it’s free to download and install.

Can Shazam recognize singing or humming from a microphone?

No, it won’t recognize the song when you sing or hum on your microphone.

Will Shazam work offline?

Shazam will store the audio you want it to recognize offline. You’ll only get results once you connect your phone to the Internet.


In my opinion, Shazam is one of the best apps to recognize songs.

You’ll never need to experience Last Song Syndrome without knowing the title of the song. It’s an app that all music-lovers should have.

Have you tried using Shazam using the steps above?

What song did you recognize using Shazam?

Share with us in the comment section below!

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