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Top 5 Smart Coffee Machines To Buy (Personalized Espresso At Home)

Nothing beats a full cup of coffee in the morning. However, instead of spending daily money for a cup of coffee at a local shop, the better move is to invest in smart coffee machines. It saves time, money, and brings refreshing aromas around your home. 

Imagine waking up and having a fresh brewed coffee brewing on the side and drinking it hot or iced in the comfort of your home.

This article focuses on making that dream into a reality by outlining the best five smart coffee machines available. It’s also important to note that every machine on this list is equal in quality with the other, but they offer differences that might suit your needs.

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Best Smart Coffee Machines

  1. Philips 3200 \ 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine 
  2. Breville Barista Pro Coffee Machine
  3. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976 Trio
  4. Jura 15070 Automatic Coffee Center
  5. Gevi 4 In 1 Smart Coffee Machine

1. Philips 3200 \ 4300 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine  

smart coffee machines
Philips 3200-Best Smart Coffee Machines

The Philips 4300 has a built-in coffee grinder and latte go streamer. This is the best bean to cup coffee machine available, with this we can pull single and double shots of espresso. The Philips 4300 naturally removes Calcium, thanks to its iron exchange technology. You may customize and auto measure all drinks with this incredible machine to get a perfect cup every time.


Special Feature Water Filter
Coffee Maker TypeEspresso Machine
StreamerIn – Build latte \ Cappuccino Go
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2. Breville Barista Pro Coffee Machine

Breville Barista Pro Coffee Machine
Breville Barista-Best Smart Coffee Machines

The Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine is best for third wave specialty coffee at home. With the in-built power streamer that allows you to control the level of froth and the freshness from coffee bean to cup experience, and gives you the perfect full cup of coffee.

With the double cup experience, LDE displays the grinding and extracting processes which in the animation display gives you the  information you need to make your coffee exactly the way you want. For a rich, full flavor, perfectly balanced taste, irresistible body, silky, velvety and mouthful of coffee, the Breville Barista Pro Machine is an excellent choice. 

Special FeatureIntuitive Interface, Faster Heat Up And Grinder
QualityHands On Like Barista
Temperature ControlFaster Heat Up Time
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3. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976 Trio

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976 Trio
Hamilton Beach Flexbrew-Best Smart Coffee Machines

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976 has the most important feature of brewing two portions at the same time both for single serve and 12 cup pot simultaneously. Other stunning features like using Keurig and other brand’s cup pods, other brand pods, and ground coffee for the single serve so you can put it in a thermal mug and feel ready to go for the day.

The customizable brew strength can also give you a flavor that is either light or bold depending on your preferences. With the most unique feature setting,   night wake up ready coffee, you can set up a cup of coffee to brew and pour it when you wake up in the morning.

BrandHamilton Beach
Special Feature2-Way Brewer, Programmable Coffee And Black Coffee Maker
Capacity12 cups
StyleGlass Carafe
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4. Jura 15070 Automatic Coffee Center

Jura 15070 Automatic Coffee Center
Jura 15070-Best Smart Coffee Machines

With the help of Jura 15070 Auto Smart Coffee Machine, you can make your favorite espresso drinks such as cappuccino, latte, two coffees, espresso shots, both single and double, Americanos, and milk foam coffees.

The eight coffee strength allows you to adjust the caffeine level, so you can have decaf when it’s time to relax, or espresso when you’re getting ready at the start of the day. Coffee lovers can customize the drink just the way they want, by the easy touch display makes it simple to use. Highly automotive and user friendly, With the most important tool of an easy to clean process. 

Capacity1892.71 Milliliters
Special FeaturesProgrammable
Filter TypeRe-usable 
Grinder3G With 60 Percent Less Leftover Coffee Ground
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5. Gevi 4 In 1 Smart Coffee Machine

Gevi 4 In 1 Smart Coffee Machine
Gevi-Best Smart Coffee Machines

The Gevi Four In One Pour Over Coffee Machine comes with a brewer, grinder, scales, and a kettle with a user-friendly beginner and master mode display instruction screen that allows kids and older people to use it without an issue.

Different brewing methods need different grounds which is why the Gevi gives 51 distinct ground settings for a wide variety of coffees. With the automatic 360 degree rotating sprouts, it gives you the best cup of pour over coffee.

You can make your coffee experiences fun with the new setting, Barista mode, and save, modify and share your recipe with your loved ones. The Gevi four in one smart coffee machine is perfect for the best drip coffee you will taste in your life.

FeatureFour In One With 51 Grind Setting
CapacityHalf Litter
CompactableYes, Easy To Use
FacilityProgrammable Touch
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BrandCoffee TypeQuantitySpecial FeatureMobile Control
Gevi 4 In 1Brew0.64 Liters51 step Grind settingNo
Jura 15070Espresso1892.71 MillilitersProgrammableNo
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976Brew12 Cups2-way brewer, programmable coffee and coffee makerYes
Breville Barista proEspressoWater tank two litter and for milk is Steaming pitcher’s SizeManual, Intuitive Interface, and moreNo
Philips 4300BrewMilk and water container are refillableWater filterYes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a smart coffee plug with my coffee maker?

Yes, most coffee makers available have the feature of a smart coffee plug that you can attach with your coffee machine. The smart plug feature allows the user to uplift their coffee machine to service AI helpers like Alexa from Amazon.

Which Coffee maker is the best for beginners?

There are two answers. If you like your coffee with milk or black espresso, then the Jura 15070 Automatic Coffee Center is the best coffee machine for you, with its built-in coffee grinder experience that leads to a bean to cup coffee experience allows you to have the best coffee ever. If you are a person who loves black and brewed coffee, then the Gevi 4 in 1 Smart Coffee Machine brews the best pour over coffee with the automatic 360 degree Rotating sprouts.

What is the difference between an espresso machine and Coffee maker?

Espresso machines work with both a capsule or bean espresso, to make a coffee with milk or black which can happen quickly. Coffee makers brew or slow brew the coffee which allows it to brew slowly and gives the full cup. Fast brewing coffee that can taste exactly as the slow brewed in some brewing machines like cold brew and cold pour over.

Is getting a coffee machine worth it?

In the fast and growing world spending 5 to 10 dollars every day for coffee but not investing in a coffee machine? This should be the question. Yes, Buying yourself an Espresso machine saves time, money, Freshness and a good investment to kick start your everyday with a punch of coffee, especially if your alternative is to spend time and money at a coffee shop every day as part of your daily commute.

Brewing your own coffee and experimenting different stuff with your own is both mental and physical therapy. Looking at it while it brews from the machine and getting mixed with Milk is an Art.

Is there a wifi coffee machine?

Yes, there are wifi coffee machines, these are wireless and help you connect with Bluetooth, Google assistance, Alexa Amazon, and built-in individual applications.These allow you to make coffee at your leisure and offer more flexibility as to when you may enjoy your coffee. You can prepare your coffee while you are on the way to your home and enjoy right after reaching.

Final Thoughts on Best Smart Coffee Machines

Different people enjoy a different cup of coffee, one may like it cold, one may like it hot, one may like it brew, or one may like their Espresso coffee, some may like it with milk some may not, and in the end your coffee your way of brewing. you choose your day with the best coffee available in town is your home or at a cafe shop spending time and money but not investing. Choose from the listed variety of coffee machines and have one for yourself.

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