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Best 5 Smart Pet Doors in 2022 (Must-Have)

Before we get to know about smart pet doors, Every fur parent knows that it’s important for our pets to stay active outdoors. It’s beneficial for our pets’ well-being because they will get that much-needed daily exercise that will help them with their weight loss. May it be with a simple fetch game, hide and seek, or just being able to run in your background. It’s important that our pets stay active.

However, sometimes, we get so busy with our lives that we forget to take them out of our house even just for a few minutes. Or sometimes, going to a dog park means dragging yourself out of bed on a lazy Sunday.

With that, many fur parents result in building pet doors so their beloved pets can come and go as they wish. Pets will have easy access from and to the house. Unfortunately, pet doors can pose risks that sometimes fur parents forget. 

Although most of these pet doors have locks, this can sometimes be overlooked. Other animals can come into these doors and mess up your whole house––pulling the upholstery up your sofa or messing up the trash.

Here’s where smart pet doors come into play. It has features that will keep not your pets but your home safe. 

In this article, we will give you the five smart pet doors that every fur parent must have. Let’s get started!

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What is a Smart Pet Door?

Smart pet doors rely on reading an RFID (radio-frequency identification) microchip embedded in the pet or a special electronic collar that gives your pet a unique form of digital identification. 

In simple terms, smart pet doors use technology to allow your pet in or out of the house. The special RFID feature detects every time your pet passes through, unlocking/locking the door behind. 

Choose Smart Pet Doors For Your Smart Pets

Installing smart pet doors can benefit you by limiting pet ownership chores. There is this constant need for you to take your pets outside for bathroom breaks and then bring them back. 

Sometimes you may be busy working and there is a chance of any stray dogs or cats entering your home, worse if there are raccoons leaving a stink in your house. 

To prevent all this, you can grab one of these smart pet doors which will eliminate such conditions.

1. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor
PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

PetSafe Electronic Smart Door is an effective and easy-to-use pet door designed to give your pet a free range of great outdoor activities. This smart door is versatile as its main target audiences are dog and cat owners. Although, this smart door is also great for different kinds of pets. 

This smart door has basic useful features such as programmable selective entry, exit, and auto-locking options. Moreso, this smart door will read the SmartKey worn on your pet’s collar to unlock the flap.


Brand PetSafe
Product Dimension8.6 x 3.25 x 27.1 inches
Special featureWall installation, four-way lock

2. PlexiDor Performance Electronic Door
PlexiDor Performance Electronic Door

Your pets will be very happy to play or go to the bathroom outside whenever they wish. The PlexiDor Performance Electronic Door will be the best welcome addition to your home. This is one of the ultimate convenience and security smart doors. 

This smart door supports RFID technology that will read the pre-programmed code to automatically close or open the door whenever your pet crosses over. This feature will help in keeping other animals outside.

What’s good about this smart door is that you can also set timings for how long the door can be open. It is designed with a durable ABS panel so you can be assured of its quality. One of its highlighted features is that scratch-free and water-resistant––definitely can survive daily wear and tear. 

The tunnel is designed with a professional fit and has no sharp edges so there’s nothing sharp poking your pets. Furthermore, it is easy to install, budget-friendly, and easy to clean.


Brand PlexiDor
Product Dimension17.13 x 12 x 54.63 inches
Special featureWaterproof, Scratch resistant

3. Endura Flap Pet Door
Endura Flap Pet Door

For fur parents with sliding front doors, it’s so hard to find a pet door that actually has a sliding mechanism. Thankfully, the Endura Flap Pet Door is specifically designed for sliding glass doors.

It has incredible energy efficiency that reduces your energy bills. Also, you won’t have a hard time adjusting the size of the door to the different animals in the house since it comes in many various sizes, starting from small animals to really big ones.

The Endura Flap panel is ideal for renters and vacation homes as you can install or remove them anytime. 

One of its key features is that the door comes with a collar key and it is specially designed for dogs. This uses the weatherproof Thermo Panel Pet Door that blocks harsh UV rays. This amazing feature keeps your home’s interior temperature regulated. 

The frames are also available in different colors such as dark bronze, white, or brushed aluminum. You can choose the color that fits your home’s interior design.


Brand Endura Flap
ColorDark Bronze
Product Dimension1 x 15.25 x 77.75 inches
Special featuresAvailable in different sizes, energy-efficient glass with Low-E coating, and waterproof

4. SureFlap Smart Pet Door
SureFlap Smart Pet Door

Another versatile smart pet door from this list is the SureFlap Smart Pet Door. This allows your pet to pass through them while they read the implanted ID microchip using RFID. What’s more, this smart pet door can differentiate up to 32 identities that prevent letting stray animals in. 

The door flap is designed in such a way that can be installed on doors, walls, or windows. The simple one-button programming makes it easy to use it. It runs on four AA batteries and also indicates when the battery is low with a red flashlight so you will know when to replace the batteries.


Brand SureFlap
Product Dimension8.94 x 8.74 x 4.92 inches
Special featuresIndicate when the battery is low

5. Ideal Pet Products Electric Pet Door
Ideal Pet Products Electric Pet Door

This amazing electric pet door is specially designed with your pet’s safety and excitement to explore in mind. The magnetic collar allows only your pet to activate the door and unlock it when they want to pass through. This feature prevents unwanted animals from entering your home. 

It’s made of high-quality materials and uses a LEXAN flap which is transparent and unbreakable, no matter how hard your pet comes rushing through the door. The waterproof design for exterior and interior use makes it perfect for your pets. This is suitable for all-size cats and small dogs too.


Product Dimension4.44 x 9.38 x 15.13 inches
Special featuresWaterproof, unbreakable flap

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are smart pet doors worth it?

Yes. Smart pet doors come in various features that ensure your pets’ safety and the security of your home.

2. Which is better: regular pet doors or smart pet doors? 

Smart pet doors are better. Regular pet doors allow other animals to easily get into your home. Whereas the smart pet doors have RFID support that only unlocks when it detects the smart key or special collar of your pet keeping unwanted animals out of your house.

3. What are the features of smart pet doors?

Microchip access: The door works with the pet’s microchip. 
Insulated flaps: Most pet doors have insulated flaps. 
Curfew timer or lock modes: If you want to keep your pet outside for a certain time then a smart door with a curfew timer or lock mode is the best option. 
Apps: Smart doors can be operated using the app on your smartphone.

Give Your Pets the Freedom They Deserve

Let your pets play or go take a piss outside anytime they wish. You can keep your pets happy and free with these smart pet doors. These smart pet doors are equipped with RFID support which ensures two things: first, only your pets with the smart key can cross over, and it safely locks the door when they pass through. 

What’s good about these pet doors is that they come in different sizes, so you can adjust them depending on your pet’s size. Plus, they’re so easy to use and very durable. 

Now, you don’t have to feel guilty for not being able to play with them at the door park or make a mess in your house during bathroom breaks––they can do that anytime they wish outside your home.

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