4 Smart TVs That Work With Android TV

4 Smart TVs That Work With Android TV-You Must Be Aware Of

Technology has come a long way. It has developed and revolutionized the way people interact with machines that we now have televisions that are smart. Way back then we have televisions that are bulky yet has small screens. They even came as black and white not to mention blurred and pixelated. Now, after decades of continuous improvement and quest for innovative solutions, we have smart televisions.

The Best Smart TVs That Work With Android TV

Best OverallSony A1E 4K Ultra HD/HDR
CheapestSharp Aquos LC-55N7000U
Best ValueSony A9F | MASTER SERIES | OLED| 4K Ultra HD | HDR
Highly RecommendedHisense H9E Plus 4K UHD TV

What’s the difference between a Smart TV and Android TV?

Smart televisions are flat screens that have a computer-like ability. We are even not that far from having holographic televisions that we can conjure anytime and anywhere, but those are for future discussions.

Smart TVs are digital flat screens that are connected to the internet that can let you browse the internet, play music from different sites, watch videos from the web and view photos. It can also store a large amount of data so you can save your favorite videos, music, and photos.

On the other hand, Android TV is one of the Top Five operating systems of smart TV along with webOS, Tizen, Roku TV, and SmartCast. Currently, we have Sony TV supported by Android TV.

Android TV in a sense is also the result of continuously improving home entertainment experience through the use of technology and the internet. It is a product of Google and Android that combines the power of the web and smart television.

It comes in a box that can be used to plug into any television and turn them into an Android smart television. You can use it through its accompanying remote control, game controller or an app in a smartphone.

With all these fantastic features with modern digital television, there are bound to be few that will surely stand-out and give a top-rated performance. We have formed a list of smart TV with Android TV that you will surely find useful when choosing the best TV to buy for your entertainment needs.

1. Sony A1E 4K Ultra HD/HDR Smart TVs That Work With Android TV

Sony A1E 4K Ultra HD
The Sony A1E 4K Ultra HD is a great choice if you want to splurge on your first smart TV-Smart TVs That Work With Android TV

Hailed as the best overall smart TV, Sony XBR55A1E is top notch when it comes to display, sound, and design. It is a minimalistic smart TV designed that is very thin and can stand on your TV table using its stand on the back.

As with all OLED enabled smart TVs, Sony A1E produces a stunning display that is very vivid and very detailed using the organic light emitting diodes. The sound is produced through its screen making it seem like the sound really comes out of the characters and setting from the screen. This is made possible through Sony’s technology called Acoustic Surface which follows the principle of ‘the picture is the sound.’


  • Slim and very minimalistic
  • Realistic sound set-up
  • A wide range of colors
  • Wide angle viewing
  • Excellent local dimming


  • You cannot position the speakers to make a surround sound effect
  • Difficult to set up as a hanged TV
  • Mid-expensive range

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2. Sony A9F | MASTER SERIES | OLED| 4K Ultra HD | HDRSmart TVs That Work With Android TV

Sony A9F
The Sony A9F is quite an expensive smart TV, but its features justify the price-Smart TVs That Work With Android TV

Its newest series of Smart TV the A9F series. This smart TV is very expensive but rightfully so. It is packed with a unique set of smart features.

Along these features are Google Chromecast, Sony SideView, screen mirror with Miracast, voice control thru built-in Alexa, and Google Assistant. It can be safely said that it is the TV with the smartest features for any Android TV.

Through Google Chromecast, you can stream videos from your smartphone or computer to your own Sony TV, while Sony Sideview gives you the ability to control your Sony TV using your smartphone. These are just some of the features included in the package.

Sony A9F is truly a great example of smart technology and gadgets. Not to mention that it also comes with a 4K OLED screen giving you a high dynamic range (HDR) TV viewing experience.

In conclusion, Sony A9F is jam-packed with everything you will need and more from a smart TV.


  • The newest model of Sony Smart TV in the market
  • Packed with tons of smart features
  • With AI assistants
  • Alexa-powered device


  • Very expensive
  • Brightness limited in white scenes

3. Sharp Aquos LC-55N7000USmart TVs That Work With Android TV

Sharp Aquos LC-55N7000U
The Sharp Aquos LC-55N7000U -Smart TVs That Work With Android TV

Sharp Aquos is what you would call as 4K in a budget. It is very cheap for a high-end type of smart television and it is smart TVs that work with android TV. Of course, you should expect not to get everything with the price it comes with.

Nevertheless, it still gives you what a 4K smart television does, gives you spectacular and detailed display pictures. It supports HDR though not that good when it comes to some colors because it shows a more green color. It does not do well in its backlight dimming capabilities.

Design-wise, minimalist and retro-lovers will love it. Lined with a brushed over metallic silver bezel with a rounded semi-flat back, it is certainly testing the smart television standards nowadays.

Though others might get turned off with the semi-flat rounded back, it is still pretty thin by smart television standards. Sound is not that great but still works if you are not that much of a sound critic but it can certainly fill the entire house with decent audio. It is just that powerful.


  • Very detailed 4K display picture
  • Supports HDR programming
  • Tabletop smart TV


  • Low contrast
  • Limited app support
  • Low brightness levels
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4. Hisense H9E Plus 4K UHD TVSmart TVs That Work With Android TV

Hi Sense H9e smart tv
The Hisense H9E Plus 4K UHD TV-Smart TVs That Work With Android TV

Hisense H9E is considered affordable for high-end type smart TVs that work with Android TV. It has a wide color range for its display that has a quick response time.

Design wise it is sleek and classy. It has a very thin bezel and a unique design. On its side view, the upper part is slim and the lower part is quite bulky. This is because of the ports for more connections that the television allows. Apart from that, it has a newly improved Android interface that fans will surely love.

The only downside to Hisense H9E is its black dimming capability. Its blacks are very subpar, and it has no brightness at all. So you can expect that its HDR renderings are not that spectacular though it is somewhat a better version than its competitor.


  • High contrast ratio
  • Wide color range
  • Very thin bezel
  • Very good motion handling


  • HDR is terrible
  • Black dimmings are also terrible
  • A bulky lower back portion
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Frequently Asked Questions About Smart TVs That Work With Android TV

Can a TV be both smart and Android?

Similar to having a computer integrated into your television. In reality, regardless of the operating system it uses, any TV that can access online information can be regarded as a smart TV. Android TV is a smart television in this respect.

What smart TV brands use Android?

The brands that use smart TV as android are
1. Sony A1E 4K Ultra HD
2. Sony A9F
3. Sharp Aquos
4. Hisense H9E Plus 4K UHD TV-S

How do I know if my smart TV is Android?

Visit the support website for your model, click the link that says “Specifications,” and then scroll down to the “Software” section. It is an Android TV if Android is listed in the Operating System section.

Final Thoughts-Smart TVs That Work With Android TV

There are lots of smart TVs to choose from today — and there are probably better choices coming up in the future. When it comes to picking out the best, you always have to consider the value you are getting at the price indicated.

With Android TV being the most dynamic smart TV operating system and a few television platforms as its host, they certainly made a great partnership by developing and creating a list of smart TVs that work with android TV

Sony, HiSense, and Sharp, to name a few, have created a series of smart televisions with added smart features by Android and this is the best deal you can get. The thing is, they come at a high price so it’s obviously a huge investment.

Do you have a smart TV? Are you excited to use smart TVs that work with Android TV? How did you decide which one to buy? Share your experience in the comments below!

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