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Best Surge Protectors in 2023 For Better Protection

Surge Protectors are not familiar to many people, but if you are worried about the safety of electronic devices and home appliances you own and protecting them from electrical power surges, which can potentially wreck them, then you must know about surge protectors and how they work.

Using your expensive electronic home appliances directly without a surge protector is dangerous, even though the chances of a power surge happening are low. However, being cautious and careful with the things you buy with your hard-earned money is always the best practice. 

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This article covers the following topics:

  1. What are surge protectors, and how do they work?
  2. Types of Surge Protectors
  3. Why do you need Surge Protectors?
  4. Top 5 Best Surge Protectors
  5. Anker Power Strip 12
  6. Belkin PivotPlug 6-Outlet Surge Protector
  7. Witeem surge protector power strip
  8. Tripp Lite SWIVEL6
  9. CyberPower Desktop Power Charger

What are surge protectors, and how do they work?

surge protectors

You may have experienced power surges or current spikes at least once in your lifetime. That is when your electronic devices have the chance of receiving damage. To protect them from the said power spikes or surges, you can use this device, the surge protector.

The main function of surge protectors is to stop the excessive current from passing through if the voltage crosses 120. The device automatically detects the voltage in the connection, switches it to ground voltage, and prevents excess current from passing through.

Types of Surge Protection Devices

Standard surge protective devices can be classified into three types:

  1. High voltage SPD
  2. Medium voltage SPD
  3. Low voltage SPD

Types of Surge Protectors

Here are the type of surge protectors you need to know about.

  • Whole-House surge protectors,
  • Surge protectors that come in strips and,
  • Wall-mounted surge protectors.

1. Whole-House surge protectors

It is a gray box installed in your home’s electric power panel by an electrician. It protects all the electronic devices and home appliances in your home altogether. Initially, it costs more and needs professional labor for installation, but as time goes on, it is the most cost-effective method and provides more protection.

2. Strip surge protectors

You can select strip protectors if you need them for just a few electronic appliances. You can easily install it without the help of professional labor or an electrician. It is also affordable unless you want to buy them in bulk for more space and electronic devices.

3. Wall-mounted surge protectors

They are basically the same as surge protectors with cords but neatly mounted on the wall so as to reduce clutter and provide easy access. It also saves space and installation time since it is easy to install.

Why do you need Surge Protectors?

surge protectors

Your electronics are at risk of getting affected by a power surge most of the time. You might not even notice it happening. Even if you find one of your electronic appliances faulty, you may not know why. So it is better to be always prepared and cautious if you want to protect your precious electronics. Surge protectors not only stop the excessive voltage of current from passing through but supply the normal amount of current without breakage.

Surge protectors are not a necessity, but if you have one or more expensive home appliances or electronic devices, the best thing you can do is buy a surge protector, which is not very expensive and can save you from an expensive heartbreak.

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Top 5 Best Surge Protectors

There are hundreds of thousands of surge protectors available if you are planning to buy one. Therefore, it’s best to know some of the best surge protectors and their utility.

Specifications/ ProductsAnker Power Strip 12Belkin PivotPlug 6-OutletWiteem surge protector power stripTripp Lite SWIVEL6CyberPower Desktop Power Charger
Power Outlets 12 61222
USB ports3N/A4N/A2
Warranty 18 monthsLifetimeN/ALifetime1 year
Joules 4,0001,0804,3601,2001,500
Equipment protection$300,000$250,000N/A$20,000$100,000

1. Anker Power Strip 12

surge protectors
Image Source: Amazon

You get 12 AC outlets with the Anker power strip 12 and 3 USB ports with this surge protector., Each has its own name for being aesthetically pleasing and best at quality and values. It has all the qualities you look for in a surge protector, like safety, quality, and versatility.

Best for – USB port.


  • Minimal and modern design.
  • USB ports have fast charging features.
  • The energy rating is high.


  • Very short period of warranty.
  • Bulky due to many outlets.
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2. Belkin PivotPlug 6-Outlet Surge Protector

surge protectors
Image Source: Amazon

It is one of the best product of surge protectors in the market due to its safety and protection. It also comes with six power outlets and no USB ports. It is compact and comes with a bottom clip to manage cables easily. 

Best for: Cable Management.


  • Plug can be rotated for better access.
  • Very affordable


  • The plug-in wall design may not be preferable for everyone.
  • The surge rating is quite low.
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3. Witeem surge protector power strip

surge protectors
Image Source: Amazon

The Witeem is one of the highly powerful surge protectors that comes with 12 power outlets and 4 USB ports. The USB ports have fast charging technology which makes it a tough competitor for surge protectors in the market. You can go for Witeem if you have something large like a gaming setup or home theater, for the 4.360 joules of power. It also protects your electronic devices from overheating and short-circuiting.

Best for: Fast Charging option.


  • USB ports have fast charging features.
  • Has additional safety features against overheating and short-circuiting.
  • Surge rating is impressive.


  • Definitely a bit bulkier.
  • Outlets are congested.
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4. Tripp Lite SWIVEL6

surge protectors
Image Source: Amazon

This is one of the wall plugins, and it also only has six power outlets, so you can choose Tripp if you do not have many electronic appliances. Out of six outlets, you get three rotating outlets for easy access. It is easy to carry in your bag and use in hotel rooms. It also can fit anywhere, such as behind your TV, due to its small frame. 

It indicates the status of protection through an LED light and can automatically shut down during power surges. It meets the UL 1449 standards with certification, so you know you are getting a safe product.

Best for: Being Compact


  • You get a lifetime warranty.
  • It is designed to be compact.


  • Lesser joules compared to other surge protectors.
  • Not many outlets are provided.
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5. CyberPower Desktop Power Charger

surge protectors
Image Source: Amazon

The CyberPower is not a standard surge protector as it is meant to be used as a desktop charger for phones and accessories. A 10W Qi wireless charger comes along with the surge protector. It does not easily slide down as it is built like a brick which will be a plus point. 

Best for: Phones


  • A Qi wireless charging is additionally provided.
  • Does not slide due to its weight.
  • Small and compact.


  • Surge energy ratings are low.
  • The 10W charging is very slow.
  • Ports are less.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is better than a surge protector?

UPS is better than a surge protector because it not only protects from low and high-voltage changes but also works as a temporary power backup during a power cut.

Does it matter what surge protector you get?

Yes, you can buy surge protectors based on joules depending upon electronic appliances. 

Is it better to leave the surge protector on all the time?

Switching off your surge protectors might save a little energy and is safer in case of storms than leaving it on. 

What should you not plug into a surge protector?

You should not plug electronic devices or equipment like microwaves, toasters, ovens etc. which use high-power, into a surge protector that is used for low-power devices like phones and computers.

To Protect Your Electronic Appliances,

Surge protectors are something you should have as a precautionary device for safety purposes for which you may thank yourself one day for buying and using because power surges can happen at any time and the chances of your cherished electronic devices or home appliances being damaged by it is high. 

There are many brands and models of surge protectors under those brands. If you are planning to buy one, you can filter it out with your priorities and what you are looking for in a surge protector and choose the best one for you. 

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