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How To Take Screenshot On ZTE Warp: Warp Speed Snaps

When you get a high score on your favorite Android game, it’s a big deal. The only problem is that if you just tell your friends they may not believe you. Thankfully, you can snap a quick image of your screen to prove that you are a gaming whiz. The ZTE Warp has some cool features and downloadable apps to help you get these screenshots and remember cool things on your phone.

The ZTE Warp is no different than other Android devices, and as most Android devices come with a key combination method for taking screenshots, you’ll be able to use it easily after following the steps below. We’ll also show you some apps that you can use to take screenshots with some customization features. Afterwards you can also check out some great screenshot apps to help you out a little more when you take screenshot on ZTE Warp.

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Method 1: Key Combination

Using the default key combination is probably the easiest and quickest method for taking screenshots on your ZTE Warp, as you don’t need to install any third-party apps from the Google Play Store. As this feature comes pre-loaded on almost all Android devices, it should work with most ZTE devices.

The way this works is that a trigger is activated once you hold a special key combination and this automatically takes a screenshot of your screen. You also don’t need root access in order to use this particular method.

Step 1

Navigate to the screen that you want to capture on your ZTE Warp. For example, launch the Angry Birds game if you want to snap a screenshot of your high score.

Step 2

Click and hold the Power and Volume Down button at the same time until a warning comes up of the screenshot being captured or you hear a camera shutter sound. If you leave the keys before this, the screenshot won’t be taken. If nothing happens by holding these keys, use the Power and Home buttons instead.

ZTE Warp

Step 3

Once the screenshot has been taken, you can access it through your Notifications bar or from the Gallery app.

Method 2: Screenshot Easy

While Method 1 is possibly the best way for taking screenshots on almost all Android devices, it is a standard method and doesn’t include any customization options or advanced screenshot taking features. If you’re looking for something more interesting with some additional features, then one of the options is the Screenshot Easy app.

Used by millions of users, the app is one of the most popular screenshot taking apps available on the Google Play store, and it should work on most Android devices, including the ZTE Warp. The method lets you use key combinations for taking screenshots as well as other triggers including shaking your device, using the camera button, using a notification icon, pressing the overlay icon, using a widget or a shortcut and plugging in or removing the charger.

Step 1

Download and install the Screenshot Easy app on your ZTE Warp smartphone. You can get the app through the Google Play button below.

Download on Google Play

Step 2

Open the app and select your desired trigger methods, such as the overlay icon or the shake trigger. You can choose more than one trigger.

Screenshot Easy Triggers

Step 3

Tap on the Settings icon, and select additional options such as theme, rotation, starting on boot or saving silently.

Screenshot Easy Settings

Step 4

Tap on the Start capture button in order to enable your selected triggers.

Screenshot Easy Start

Step 5

Go to the screen that you want to capture and use your desired trigger. Wait for the app to take the screenshot.

Step 6

View the screenshot from  your Notifications bar or from your Gallery app.

Method 3: Easy Screenshot (aScreenshot)

This is another app  available on the Google Play Store that lets you take screenshot on ZTE Warp. If you’re looking for an app to take screenshots with some advanced features and Method 2 didn’t work with your device, then this is probably the next best option.

Like most advanced screenshot taking apps, this particular app also lets you use a variety of screenshot capturing triggers including shaking, setting a delay time, pressing a homescreen icon, using the camera button and tapping the notification icon. One of  the best things about the app is that it lets you control shake sensitivity for the shake trigger. Aside from that, the app also lets you adjust other settings including image quality, image format and the directory for saving the screenshots.

Step 1

Download and install Easy Screenshot (aScreenshot) on your ZTE Warp smartphone. You can get the app through the Google Play button below.

Download on Google Play

Step 2

Open the app and select your desired trigger method. You can also edit the delay time and the shake sensitivity by adjusting the bars.

aScreenshot Triggers

Step 3

Tap below SAVE DIRECTORY and choose the directory where you want the screenshot files to be saved.

aScreenshot Directory

Step 4

Adjust the image quality, and select your preferred image format.

Step 5

Go to the screen that you want to capture.

Step 6

Use your selected trigger method to take the screenshot. You’ll get a notification once the screenshot is taken.

Step 7

View your screenshot through the Notifications bar or from your Gallery app.


Taking screenshots is one of the most important features that every Android user wants in his/her smartphone. Fortunately, most Android smartphones come with a pre-loaded method for taking screenshots, and even though there aren’t many advanced features included, the method does a pretty good job at taking standard screenshots. Warp is one of the most popular smartphones from ZTE and you can easily capture the screen on your device by using Method 1 if you’re looking to take some standard screenshots.

Some users might want something more than just taking standard screenshots. If you’re looking for an app with some additional customization features, then you can use either Method 2 or Method 3. Both of these methods should work with most ZTE Warp devices and software versions. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you follow all the instructions properly on how to take screenshot on ZTE Warp, and feel free to shoot any questions below!

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