12 Awesome Tech Gifts You Can Buy

12 Tech Gifts You Can Buy Under $20

Having a tech-loving friend will always be a good thing.

You’ll always have someone to rely on whenever you have any questions regarding your phones, tablets, computers, and any gadgets in between and you’ll have someone to talk to about the latest technological updates and releases.

So what better way to give thanks than to give him a good tech gift in return?

See, picking a gift for that friend is a difficult or even a terrifying act. You wouldn’t have any idea if they’ll like it or not if you don’t pay close attention. And not only that, you’ll oftentimes have to deal with the high prices, too. Yikes!

Now the question is, “Can you really buy a gift worth giving your tech-living friend without breaking the bank?”

You bet you can! Because we’ve prepared them for you. Here are 12 awesome Tech Gifts you can give away under $20 that they’ll absolutely love.

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The Best Tech Gifts You Can Buy Under $20

Best Gifts for Music LoversKikkerland Headphone Splitter
 Otium Bluetooth Headphones
 elago Keyring Headphone Splitter
 Insiq Speaker
 Spigen RA100 for AirPods Strap
 Bluelounge Posto Universal Headphone Stand
Best Gifts for Organized PeopleCocoon GRID-IT! Accessory Organizer
Best Gifts for Gadget UsersAUKEY Powerbank
 RAVPower Wireless Charger
 Anker Wireless Charger
Best Gift for StudentsSamsung BAR Plus 32GB
Best Gift for the Retro GamerMicro Arcade Pacman

Best Tech Gifts Under $20

1. Kikkerland Headphone Splitter

Tech Gifts Under $20: Kikkerland Headphone Splitter
Share your music using this headphone splitter

Ever had that time you wish to share the music you’re listening to with someone without having to give up one of your earbuds? Well, here’s your answer. This will enable any person to share his soundtrack together with two other buds without having to give up an earbud (pun not intended).

This Kikkerland Headphone Splitter will allow you to share your music with two individual earphone jacks which make listening to music more fun and exciting.

This can also be useful to avoid that annoying sibling move of getting an earbud from out of nowhere just so they could listen to your audio, too. Just find them a nice set of earphones and use this splitter and problem solved.

Buy at Amazon

2. Otium Bluetooth Headphones

Tech Gifts Under $20: Otium Bluetooth Headphones
Listen to any song with Otium Headphones

Ever wanted to go wireless but don’t have enough guts to use the unsecured Airpods?

Why don’t you get this? Otium Wireless Bluetooth ear with a sling for added security. This will solve two problems – one, you could go for the rest of the day without having to worry about losing an earbud; and two, you wouldn’t have to deal with having to untangle three feet of wire the moment you pull it out of your pocket.

And once you’re done with your music, no need to keep ‘em. Just let it hang over your neck just like a cool surfer dude does with their face towels.

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3. Cocoon GRID-IT! Accessory Organizer

Tech Gifts Under $20: Cocoon
Organize your stuff with Cocoon

Of course, a techie wouldn’t be complete without his accessories. He needs to have his earphones, power bank, chargers, dongles, flash drives, and his phone to last him the entire day. And sometimes, having that much stuff makes it difficult to keep things organized. Why don’t you give him one of these to keep his things organized all throughout the day?

Oh, and it comes with several colors, too.

Buy at Amazon

4. Elago Keyring Headphone Splitter

Tech Gifts Under $20: Elago Headphone Splitter Keyring
Elago Headphone Splitter with Keyring

Another headphone splitter. But this one is different since this one has a loop that you can use to attach to other things such as a key, among other things. Because sharing is the key to happiness. Get it? Above anything else, this is absolutely the tech gift that keeps on giving.

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5. AUKEY Powerbank

Tech Gifts Under $20: Aukey 10000 mAh Powerbank
Power Up w/ Aukey 10000 mAh Powerbank

A techy only needs two things to remain functional: one, his gadgets, and two, power… LOTS and LOTS of power? Why don’t you just hand him just that by giving him an AUKEY 10, 000 mAh Powerbank?

It’s small and handy, too. It can fit right in your pockets and doesn’t take much space inside your backpack.

For the price of under $20, this is the absolute tech gifts deal.

Buy at Amazon

6. Samsung BAR Plus 32GB

Tech Gifts Under $20: Samsung 32GB Flashdrive
Store your files on the Samsung BAR Plus

Anyone deserves to have a device that can instantly and constantly move files around even in the absence of a stable internet connection. And what is a better device than a tested and proven old-school flash drive?

Buy at Amazon

7. Insiq Speaker

Tech Gifts Under $20: Insiq Micro Speaker
Listen to loud music on Insiq Micro Speaker

Who doesn’t like pulling out a portable BlueTooth speaker to spice up a nice night on the beach? And who doesn’t like it when that Bluetooth speaker is almost the same size as a quarter? Why not just get one to see if it’s really true?

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8. RAVPower Wireless Charger

Tech Gifts Under $20: RAVPower Wireless Charger
Charge fast w/ RAVPower Wireless Charger

The love for innovation is what defines a techy. A techy person loves innovation and technology. And what’s more innovative than charging a phone without the tethers of wired charging?

A lot of smartphones these days come with wireless charging capability. However, almost none of them comes with a wireless charger out of the box. For this reason, many users tend to oversee this function or even totally forget about it.

We all know that your friend will like this so why don’t you just give him one? Hell, for it’s $10.99, you can even get two and try one for yourself.

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9. Anker Wireless Charger

Tech Gifts Under $20: Anker Wireless Charger
Stay classy using Anker Black Wireless Charger

Basically, within the same category as the preceding entry, this Anker Wireless Charger offers the same function as all wireless chargers minus the high price.

It is capable of 10-W fast-charging for Samsung Galaxy phones while iPhones get 5-W charge which is 10% faster than other wireless charging docks.

Buy at Amazon

10. Micro Arcade Pacman

Tech Gifts Under$20: Micro Arcade
Have fun with Pacman Micro Arcade

A real techy would now only want to get the best of the latest technologies but he also needs to have a taste of those that were already years behind to really appreciate it.

And what’s better than having a taste of it through gaming?

Make your friend taste the essence of the ’80s with this Micro Arcade featuring the King of Arcades? Pacman himself! This might even be the king of all Tech Gifts!

Buy at Amazon

11. Spigen RA100 for AirPods Strap

Tech Gifts Under $20: Airpod Strap
Love your music using White Airpod Strap

Three words: Keeps. Airpods. Safe.

And for the record, no, this isn’t a wire. This is only a strap that would clamp each Airpod then remain unnoticed as it rests on your nape. This is one of the tech gifts that are absolutely useable and you’d be happy to receive yourself.

This would help from completely falling to the ground when your Airpods do slip out of your earlobe. So you’ll have nothing to fear while you’re working, running, or just simply banging your head to the music.

Buy at Amazon

12. Bluelounge Posto Universal Headphone Stand

Tech Gifts Under $20: Bluelounge Headphone Stand
Bluelounge White Headphone Stand

Have you ever visited your friend’s place and see his priceless earphone just lying there on his desk along with all other kinds of clutter, with its wire tangled like a confused python?

Then this might just be the solution.

This Bluelounge Posto Headphone Stand will make sure that your headphones will be tidy and well kept. Its silicone rest bends according to your headphones’ curves as not to cause even just a single scratch.

Buy at Amazon

People Also Ask

Where to buy Tech Gifts Under $20?

These gifts can be purchased through Amazon. The links are provided at the bottom of each entry.

Who can you give these Tech Gifts to?

You can give these to family members and friends who love technology. And even to those who don’t!

Are these the only items available?

No! If you are diligent enough, there are plenty of items available under $20. But we did enjoy using these though!

Tech Gifts Under $20 – keep things fun and cheap

If you need a gift for your tech lovin’ and gadget hoardin’ friends, you can always get one of these gifts we suggest on Amazon.

While most people believe that they need to break the bank to buy any technology-related items, that isn’t always the case as we listed some items above that are under $20, and some even as cheap as under $10! How awesome is that?!

Just remember that if they are really your friends, they wouldn’t mind the price or the item that you would get for them. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? So go crazy and just send them anything that would satisfy their spirits!

If you have other items inside your mind, share it on the comments below.

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