Customize your Text Message Background

Customize Your Text Message Background: 7 Best Apps & More

The default messenger on Android leaves a lot to be desired. The most you can do with it is assign custom pictures to every contact. How about adding some glamour to the message background? Text message background apps to your rescue.


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To make sure your text messenger looks and handles its best, we’ve gathered a few apps (and different skins) to add some amazing themes and text message background to your messenger.

New Text Message Background Apps

New Text Messenger Apps
Test Messaging Apps-Change Text Message Background

Almost all the apps mentioned here have extra text backgrounds and themes to download. We’ll get into those in later sections. For now, let’s focus on the looks of the apps themselves, and the features they offer over your standard messenger.

  1. GO SMS Pro – Free (In-App Purchases)
  2. Textra SMS – Free (In-App Purchases)
  3. Mood Messenger – SMS & MMS – Free
  4. Plus Messenger – Free (In-App Purchases)
  5. GO SMS Additional Apps and Downloads
  6. Textra Additional Apps and Downloads

Now let us look at these text message background apps in detail.

1. GO SMS Pro – Free (In-App Purchases)

GO SMS has been around for a long time, but there are quite a few reasons why people still use it.

GO SMS is crammed with features like proper encryption, pop up messages with pictures, the ability to pin texts and group messages. It also features an extensive list of emoji and text emoticons. It really is not hard to love.

GO SMS Pro App
GO SMS Pro App-Text Message Background

Compared to the standard Android messenger, it’s leagues ahead. But while downloading GO SMS Pro is free, you’ll have ads as a part of your messenger experience unless you decide to pay a small fee to remove them. Purchases don’t just stop at ads either. There are multiple themes and backgrounds up for sale.

Once you purchase the Pro version of GO SMS, you’ll get access to all paid themes and message backgrounds. GO SMS works wonderfully with GO Keyboard. Details of which will be covered on the later part of this article.


  • Plenty of theme and background options
  • Lets you stick messages to the top of your messenger
  • Has an option to make your own themes
  • Buying the premium app gives you all the paid themes for free
  • Has Dual SIM support
  • Features encryption on messages sent


  • Ads are ever present unless you pay to remove them
  • Not all themes and text message backgrounds are free
  • Group messages are on the slow side
Google Play

2. Textra SMS – Free (In-App Purchases)

Textra is a text messenger that looks simple but houses a robust amount of customization features.

At a base level, Textra lets you change the color of your theme, the style, the shape of text bubbles, and even your emoji style while you text. The app has some extra downloads that we’ll get into later, but for now even the base package is worth messing around with. If you’re not satisfied with the 100+ themes available on the app, you can opt make your own.

Textra UI
Textra User Interface-Text Message Background

Much like with GO SMS, Textra’s isn’t completely free. There are extra in-app purchases. The store in Textra isn’t as extensive, or maybe even as intimidating as GO SMS Pro, but it’s something you’ll have to get used to seeing.


  • Lets you create custom themes
  • Has a number of free themes and backgrounds for text to choose from
  • Has Dual SIM capabilities
  • Extra downloads are available for even more customization
  • Highly customizable even without downloading anything extra


  • Has in-app purchases
  • Looks pretty simple if you don’t change anything around
Google Play

3. Mood Messenger – SMS & MMS – Free

Mood Messenger is about convenience and letting you express yourself through different emoticons and emoji almost automatically depending on your settings in the app.

Mood Messenger User Interface
Mood Messenger User Interface-Text Message Background

The app itself comes with hundreds of themes and backgrounds to help reflect your mood and the mood of the people you’re talking with. What is good about this app is, that you don’t need an additional plug-in. Another one of our favorite features is the notification system. It shows you who’s texting with a small bubble that’s easy to check on or put aside for later.

Mood Messenger isn’t just for SMS, it also works with MMS. If you’re short on data for either SMS or MMS, you can also text for free with a contact who is using Mood Messenger over Wi-Fi.

There isn’t much downside to Mood Messenger besides minor glitches and bugs. Overall, this is an app that we would easily recommend.


  • A healthy amount of customization options
  • Free texting over Wi-Fi to other Mood Messenger users
  • Snappy SMS & MMS
  • A great head notification system
  • Completely free with no in-app purchases


  • Auto-convert to emoji is turned on by default and can get in the way if not disabled
Google Play

4. Plus Messenger – Free (In-App Purchases)

Plus Messanger uses Telegram’s API and has a plenty of customization to keep anyone happy.

Plus Messaging User Interface
Plus Messaging User Interface-Text Message Background

Plus Messenger is fast, secure and has many built in themes, colors, message backgrounds, and easily supports different media files types like gifs. And because it runs on Telegram’s API, it has a lot of its benefits.

This app will sync to all your devices and will let you send unlimited messages, videos, photos, and files. You don’t even have to use your personal number to use this app. All you need to have is a username. It is elegant enough to stand on its own, even if you don’t play around with the theme and background system.


  • Themes are stylish
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Plenty of themes in-app to choose from


  • Minor bugs
  • Too many ads
Google Play

Additional Text Message Background and themes

With some of the apps mentioned above, there are other apps that let you augment your new messenger with additional themes, text backgrounds, and even make changes to your keyboard. These aren’t by any means necessary, but each additional download here will help you customize your new messenger to your heart’s content.

5. GO SMS Additional Apps and Downloads

GO SMS has almost has too many additional downloads, but we’ll try our best to pick out the ones that are worth your time.

Go Keyboard
Go Keyboard-Text Message Background

A. GO Keyboard

There are two different version of Go Keyboard. One came out in 2017. But we still recommend the older one to most users. The newer version of the app features a different typing recognition system for swipe typing, but some users are still having problems with it.

With the old model of the keyboard, you’ll get something fast and responsive with multimedia support, a slew of new emojis, and diverse themes. You can read our review of the Go Keyboard here.

Google Play

Next up are some themes for GO SMS that you can get straight from the Play Store without going through the GO SMS system itself. Below are the best 4 themes:

  • Black and White Theme: This theme is pretty basic, but sometimes basic is all you need to enjoy your text messenger a little more.
  • Glass Theme EX: The glass theme has a style that almost looks cartoonish but is simple and pleasing at the same time. It’s great for someone who wants a minimalist theme.
  • Clear Water Theme: Lastly, the water themed background. It’s a simple, colorful and makes your messenger look like it’s under water.

B. GO SMS Pro Theme Maker Plug-in

There are plenty of other themes available for download on GO SMS Pro. If you somehow don’t like any of these, there’s an available feature for you to make your own.

GO SMS Pro Theme Maker Plug-in
GO SMS Pro Theme Maker Plug-in

Put your creativity to the test with the theme maker. Show off what you can do using GO SMS tools and make something you’ll really be proud of. When you’re done making your theme, you can use it anytime you want. You can also upload it for other users to rate and use themselves.

6. Textra Additional Apps and Downloads

Textra features a theme and text background maker right inside the app so it doesn’t have any additional downloads for themes. However, it does have a few different plugins to change your emoji style.

Textra Emoji Styles
Choose your Textra Emoji Styles

It has five different styles that you can choose from. Downloading each plugin gives you access to different emoji sets. We especially love the Textra Emoji iOS Style because why not? Who wouldn’t want to incorporate the iOS emoji with an Android?

7. Plus Messenger – Additional Apps and Downloads

Plus Messenger has plenty of themes right on the Play Store. By downloading Themes for Plus Messenger, you can apply available themes from other users and also share your own creations. .

Plus Messaging Theme Download User Interface
Plus Messaging Theme Download User Interface

You might see a number negative comments on how this particular text background isn’t working. But remember, these themes only work when you have Plus Messenger installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of plus messenger?

Plus Messenger is an unofficial messaging app that uses Telegram’s API. Plus Messenger adds some extra features to the official Telegram app, for texting we have separated tabs for users, groups, channels, bots, favorites, unread, admin/creator. Many options to customize tabs.

Is GO SMS safe?

Yes, the GO SMS Pro application is considered as one of the best popular messenger apps with over 100 million downloads and was discovered to publicly expose media transferred between users of the app.

Final Thoughts on Text Message Background

Out of all the text message background, there is, these are the best four apps that you can use to get a different feeling from your text app. They all come with extra apps and themes to help make your experience unique.

Don’t see your favorite text message background app up on the list? Share it with us on the comments section below.

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  1. After reading this article on the best text messaging apps I’m at a lot of why HandScent Next SMS wasn’t included? I’ve used this app for years and years and it has customizations that I’m still finding and they add more and more every week with all of the updates. There’s a basic option for free (with ads) or you can choose a package from Silver to Super Gold VIP. You can also use this app with Android Wear. I think it’s highly worth mentioning.

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