Best Apps for OnePlus 2

10 of the Best Apps for OnePlus 2 to Really Get Your Money’s Worth

Even though OnePlus 2 has been superseded by the next model, it is still one of the best smartphones available in the market. However, as it has been almost a year and a half since its release, you may need the aid of 10 best apps for OnePlus 2 to keep it going a little bit further.

The smartphone comes with a big 5.5-inch screen and the proper hardware to back it up. OnePlus is one of those companies that loads minimum bloatware on their device so you won’t find an extensive array of apps on the smartphone when you first boot it up. This is exactly where these 10 best apps for OnePlus 2 come into play.

I’ve selected a wide spectrum of apps for the smartphone so that you may use it to its full extent. Sure, not every app will be for everyone but these are general apps that will make your day-to-day usage easier and providing a solid functionality. With its 4 GB of RAM and Snapdragon processor, the OnePlus 2 won’t have any trouble running any of these apps to their full potential. Due to their diverse nature, the apps are not in any particular order so I highly recommend checking the whole list out first and then making your moves.

1. Uber

Uber App Icon

Uber has been a worldwide phenomenon and rightfully so, it has innovated the transportation industry and made everything easier for everyone. I have personally used this app for around a month because my motorcycle was involved in an accident. And apart from one mix-up, the experience was pretty flawless. As far as the app goes, it is highly polished and well designed.

Services are amazing and the app actually helps you save time. If you want to go from one place to another and don’t have a ride, install this app, call a driver and you are ready to roll. That’s all there is to it, all the prices are fixed and you won’t even have to worry about any extra charges.

Free Version

2. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger Icon

If you want a fairly lightweight messenger app for your OnePlus 2, this one is the one you should have. The app is not only well-designed but also extremely fast when it comes to sending text messages.

As the app uses an Internet connection for sending and receiving messages, there are no extra charges. One of the good thing about this app is that it is very well optimized for Android devices. Even when running in the background it won’t take more than half a percent of your total battery life during a single workday.

You will also be able to make okay quality voice calls over this app for completely free. It’s no wonder that it was included in the best chatting apps for Android list as well.

Free Version

3. VLC Player

VLC for Android Icon

The OnePlus 2 comes with a 5.5 inch full HD screen and it would be a shame if it’s not put to good use. I understand that at first you may be against the idea of watching full-length movies on your smartphone but believe me, after a while, it would become your favorite place.

Tap into your favorite blanket and you’ll be easily able to watch movies and TV shows on this player. The VLC player is a completely free media player for your Android device and is capable of running a large variety of formats without any additional plug-ins. As it is completely free, there almost no ads on here. The controls are not as polished as other players around but it is quite serviceable.

Free Version

4. Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini App Icon

Opera has been making some of the best browsers for a very long time. I remember using their browser back in my 20’s as a kid and have been a fan since then, they have been a permanent part of my phone Internet usage. So naturally, I gravitated towards the Android version of the Opera mobile browser once I got my Android phone.

To my surprise, the Android version of the browser is even more robust and reliable than other versions. While it may not hold a candle to well-funded browsers like Firefox or Chrome it beats them in terms of data saving. If you have a very stingy mobile data plan and don’t want to cross over the limit, this is a browser you should use. Their amazing engine helps you save up to 80% of data while viewing websites.

If you have a very stingy mobile data plan and don’t want to cross over the limit, this is a browser you should use. Their amazing engine helps you save up to 80% of data while viewing websites.

Free Version

5. C Launcher

C Launcher Free Themes Fast App Icon

The OnePlus 2 already comes with a very clean looking launcher by default but after a little while it may get a bit boring. Using the same launcher for more than a year can become monotonous, thankfully there are many great custom launchers for Android available.

C Launcher may not be the oldest one around but it is certainly one of the best ones I have used in recent times. To say it is one of the fastest and cleanest launchers of 2016 won’t be wrong. This launcher is minimalistic but offers a larger variety of customization to the users. This makes it highly flexible and fast, especially on the OnePlus 2.

Free Version

6. Google Photos

Google Photos App Icon

There is a fairly capable 13-megapixel camera on the back of the OnePlus 2 and it takes good quality photos. While it may not match up to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7, it is certainly very capable. With limited internal storage options, it can be a bit of a challenge to manage all the photos you take with the camera.

Thankfully with this photo app from Google, you’ll not only be able to save your photos to the cloud but also manage them accordingly. If you have used Google Photos in the past, I highly recommend that you check it out again because there are a ton of new features introduced in the app. One of the most useful ones is the auto management system that automatically detects the faces and the location and helps you categorize your pictures.

Free Version

7. Go Keyboard

GO Keyboard App Icon

There is an okay keyboard installed on OnePlus 2 already but, if you want more options in customization, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Go Keyboard is one of the best keyboards available for Android simply because it is very accessible as well as offers a good amount of customization.

There are more than 10,000 colorful themes available with this keyboard and more are delivered each week. You will also be able to set a custom background for the keyboard yourself. The word correction is smart enough to recognize any kind of typo and rectify it accordingly. So no more “ducking” around, if you catch my drift.

Free Version

8. Google Translate

Google Translate App Icon

There are two reasons I’m including Google Translate on this list. Number one is quite obvious, you can use this app to translate other languages into something you can easily understand. So naturally, this is a highly recommended app for anyone looking to travel to a foreign country.

But that’s not why it is here, it’s because of talk aloud feature. Simply paste your written essay into Google translate and let it read it for you. This is the best way to beat out mistakes in your sentences and make them sound natural. I regularly use it when the intern is off duty and I have to reread my work.

Free Version

9. Netflix

Netflix best-anime-streaming-apps-for-android

With a screen as beautiful as the 5.5 inch are found on the OnePlus 2, it would be such a shame that you won’t use it for some quality viewing. Netflix is one of the best apps to watch quality programming on the go. The app is fairly simple to use and offers a wide variety of content to enjoy at your own leisure.

The streaming is ultrafast even on mobile data and the program quality is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The only downside is that for this kind of quality, you will have to shell out a monthly subscription fee. However, you’re free to use Netflix on any of your other devices as well as smart TVs so it’s a win-win.

Free Version

10. Go Multiple

GO Multiple-Parallel Account App Icon

This one of my latest finds and I have been thoroughly enjoying it for about 4 weeks now. The app basically allows you to log into multiple accounts on one app. For example, if you have a separate Facebook account for let’s say work and personal life, then this app is made for you.

You no longer have to log in and log out again in a game just to access the other account. With this app on your side, you’ll be able to use a 2nd account at the same time without having to log out of your main one. This way you cannot only have 2 accounts for any kind of messaging app, social app but also Google play games as well. Now, instead of pestering your friends and family for that candy crush life, you can simply send yourself one.

This way you cannot only have 2 accounts for any kind of messaging app, social app but also Google play games as well. Now, instead of pestering your friends and family for that candy crush life, you can simply send yourself one.

Free Version


The OnePlus 2 is certainly one of the best and affordable smartphones available these days and these 10 best apps for OnePlus 2 are simply here to augment your experience. Most of the apps on this list are a permanent resident on any of my Android device and I highly recommend each and every one of them.

If you have any kind of questions or suggestions for this list, feel free to drop a comment below.

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