The Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and Covers

The Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and Covers | Joy of Android
The Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and Covers

It’s not every day that Samsung comes out with a gadget that will leave you speechless. This holds true with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Its smooth screen runs infinitely making it a feast to the eyes. If you own one of these breakthrough smartphones, make sure you keep it scratch-free with one of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases and covers.

This Samsung Galaxy S8 case review will help you decide on the available options to dress up your Android smartphone. Yes, it looks its best when bare but since we are only humans who live in a world with gravity and force, accidental drops, as well as wear and tear, are inevitable. Maintain your cell phone’s elegant look with one of the best Samsung Galaxy Case and covers. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Clayco Samsung Galaxy S8 Case with Built in Screen Protector

Your Galaxy S8 comes with a smooth design and a screen that you surely want to keep scratch-free. Keep it that way with a Samsung Galaxy S8 case with built in screen protector. Like most phone cases, it will keep your phone’s screen intact in case you accidentally drop it.

These cases with built-in screen protectors are made from high-grade TPU materials that will keep your gadget shock-proof. In case you don’t know, TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane which is a kind of plastic that is elastic, transparent, resistant to oil, grease, and scratches. In layman’s terms, they’re tough and durable!

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Otterbox

Otterbox has been known to produce quality mobile phone cases since 1998. Their products are water resistant, shock resistant, and drop resistant which make them one of the household names when it comes to mobile phone cases.

If you are looking for a quality phone case that will last until your next phone, you can never go wrong with an Otterbox. It will make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S8 is safe and sound wherever you take it.

The Otterbox Symmetry Series and Defender Series cases come in a variety of colors that will complement your Galaxy S8 as well as your fashion style. They are cool and bright but not loud.

One such example is their Vinyasa Defender Series Screenless Edition Case for Galaxy S8. If you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy S8 case purple color, you will fall in love with this one. It has a screenless design that fits the Galaxy S8 like a glove. Price-wise, they might cost a little bit more than the rest of its kind, but it’s worth it for top of the line protection.

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Procase Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Wallet

Nowadays, people can’t do without their cell phones. It is as important as the car keys and wallet. If you are like most people, you would want to keep things a little less complicated. This is where a mobile phone case wallet comes in. Majority of case wallets can fit a few cards and cash making them practical and convenient.

If you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Wallet made of genuine leather, you will love the ProCase wallet because one, it is beautifully crafted from vintage leather and two, it will not leave a dent in your pocket.

This affordable folio wallet case has three card slots and a bills compartment. It also has a magnetic lock to hold everything in place. You can even use the front cover as a kickstand for a hands-free operation. Did I already mention it has a delicious smell of high-quality leather?


Samsung Galaxy S8 Case LED View

What do you call a high-tech case made for a high-tech smartphone? A Samsung Galaxy S8 Case with LED View.

This wallet case has a built-in sensor that lets you control your phone without having to open the cover. It lets you turn off alarms, answer or reject calls, and even recognize your phone’s theme and match it. It also has a music control feature that lets you navigate audio easily.

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Abacus24-7 Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Wallet

Another Samsung Galaxy S8 case wallet that you might want to consider is the Abacus24-7. This folio-style wallet features a durable polycarbonate case to hold your Samsung S8. Its front and back cover are made of synthetic leather that can be folded over and used as a kickstand.

The inner front panel has two card slots that offer RFID protection plus a clear window panel for your ID. You can also stash some cash in its hidden pocket. This budget-friendly wallet comes in different colors to choose from.

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Spigen Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Card Holder

If James Bond was to look for a Samsung Galaxy S8 case card holder, he will surely choose the Spigen Slim Armor Wallet Case. It looks like a standard mobile case for an average person, but it has a secret compartment that slides out to store two cards!

And just like Mr. Bond, it has rugged good looks that you will love. This case card holder features a shock-absorbing TPU inner sleeve and a polycarbonate outer shell that will protect your smartphone from accidental drops.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Case with Kickstand

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has one of the largest screens when it comes to smartphones. It measures 5.8 inches diagonally and is great for viewing media. Enjoy this feature to the fullest with the help of a Samsung Galaxy S8 Case with Kickstand. Getting a kickstand case for your Galaxy S8 will provide you with the same protection from bumps, drops, and scratches while letting you watch content hands-free.

If you are the type who go for original Samsung accessories, the S-View Flip Cover with Kickstand is for you. Also known as the Clear View Standing Cover, it has a transparent front cover which lets you see the time and notifications even with the cover closed.

You can also answer calls and snooze alarms through it. Its kickstand mode can be adjusted to the right angle for your viewing pleasure. This high-tech kickstand cover comes in blue, black, gold, silver, pink, and orchid gray.

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Vena vCommute Samsung Galaxy S8 Case with Kickstand

What happens when a smart case meets a smartphone? It keeps the user happy. The Vena vCommute features a leather-like rear cover that can store credit cards and IDs. Its magnetic kickstand can also be adjusted for a better viewing angle. This smart case is also compatible with car mounts and can even protect your phone from 4-feet drops. However, I would rather avoid using this function at all cost.

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Zizo Samsung Galaxy S8 Case with Kickstand

The Zizo Bolt Cover looks like a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone case in beast mode. This bulky and rugged case can supposedly withstand 12-feet drops, unintentional I hope. It has a tough one-angle kickstand and comes with a holster clip, a belt clip, and a lanyard. This phone case comes in various colors that will suit your manly taste.

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Vooway Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Rose Gold

Imagine a bed of full-bloom roses greeting you every single day. Soothing, right?

This beautiful Rose Gold Ultra Slim Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 from Vooway can do just that.

It is made of a high-quality plastic material that is not slippery when held. Aside from its classic beauty, it also protects your smartphone from dust and scratches. It is easy to insert and remove plus gives you easy access to all controls of your mobile phone.

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Spigen Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Glitter

There is no doubt about it, whether you are a little girl or a grown-up woman, anything that shines is a winner. This is why phone accessories manufacturers came up with glitter cases.

Spigen’s Galaxy S8 Case Liquid Crystal Glitter is one such product. This shiny and lightweight glitter case is made from a flexible TPU material that will keep your phone scratch-free. It is the perfect epitome of glamour and glitz.

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Caka Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Glitter

Another budget-friendly Samsung Galaxy S8 Case Glitter design is the Caka Galaxy S8 Glitter Case. This soft and lightweight TPU phone case contains liquid mineral oil where the glitters swim and float freely. The SGS-passed phone case is perfect for the girls and ladies who want pizzazz with their phone cases.

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The Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases and Covers

Enjoy the functions of your Samsung Galaxy S8 while protecting it from damage with the help of a phone case that will suit your needs.

Do you love one of the cases we recommended? Do you have a favorite case that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below, then share this post with all of your Samsung Galaxy S8 owning friends!

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  1. I have the purple OtterBox Defender case for my S8 and I absolutely love it and couldn’t do without it. I have dropped it several times and it has not failed me yet. Also it’s pretty. I originally bought the black one and so I can interchange the black and purple together. I used to only use cases that I could put cards in but after having this one I can’t imagine going to anything else

  2. I always go with the colorful pretty case and always get disappointed because of its low quality I hope this time I get the perfect, will check your store for more covers.

  3. I really love colourfull phone cases. Presently, I have a golden color phone case and I love it. Thanks.

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