10 of the Latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Apps


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is still fresh in my mind, and thankfully, all the latest, and fresh apps still work with it. When you think about the word latest, what comes to mind first? For me, the first word I think of is style. When I’m looking for something new, like an app, I want it to look appealing at just a glance.

That’s a superficial way of looking at it, but it’s an important factor, even next to the second word that comes to mind for me: practicality. You download an app when you want something done, right? That’s what everyone does, and that’s what all of these apps are here to accomplish.

When style and practicality come together, you’ve got something magical on your hands. On the Galaxy S6 Edge, I know a few of the latest apps that manage to scratch both itches at the same time.

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1. Rookie Cam by JellyBus


Rookie Cam is one of the latest camera apps on the Play Store, and even though it’s green around the edges, it has a good amount of seasoned features. From live filters, while you take pictures, to its editing software built in, and instant social media sharing, this app does so much more than your default camera.

The Galaxy S6 Edge has an amazing camera strapped to the back of it, so you should treat it right with one of the best, new camera apps out there. Rookie Cam’s interface is easy to learn and use, so don’t worry about having to mess with 5000 different options when you just want to take a nice looking picture.rookie-cam-iconRookie Cam has some in-app purchases, but you can get by without them unless you’re trying to buy the whole package. For free, you still get a great camera app that’s one of the latest and greatest on the market.

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2. HelloFresh – More Than Food


Say hello to HelloFresh, and then hopefully goodbye to bad eating habits. From just a glance, HelloFresh just looks like another recipe book app, but once you dive into it; it’s much more. How great would it be if your recipe book ordered, and then shipped pre-measured ingredients right to your door?

For someone as lazy as I am, that sounds great, and HelloFresh is just that recipe book. The interface in the app has a bit of a learning curve, but once you get used to it, and don’t mind paying a subscription for the ingredient ordering service, it’s an amazing new app to add to your library.


If you don’t want to pay any extra money, and just want a free recipe book app with some extra features; HelloFresh still manages to do a great job. HelloFresh makes for an alright meal planner, even if that isn’t its only job. If you only want a meal planner, this next new app is right up your alley.

3. Eat This Much – Meal Planner


I’ve seen a lot of self-explanatory titles in my life, but Eat This Much is pretty clear and to the point. ETM is perfect for planning your daily meals, tracking and counting calories, and even saving your grocery list for different days or weeks in the month. It doesn’t have a gigantic recipe book to choose from, but it does have an easy to learn, and use, interface.

Don’t worry about planning out your week’s meals, and then having to remember ingredients to put on your grocery list. After you set your meal plan, all of the ingredients are automatically put on your grocery list. When you start to think about it, ETM almost does double as a recipe book, just one that makes you think about calories and nutrition.eat-this-icon

If you’re on a diet, need more nutritional meals, or just like organizing your food for the week, ETM does a great job with all three. The only downside is that some of the features I mentioned, like automatically generating grocery lists, is an in-app purchase. Unlike some of the other apps here, I think ETM is worth cracking open your wallet.

ETM is still a competent, new meal tracker app, but if you spend a few extra dollars, it’s one of the best available. I recommend you at least give it a shot if you’ve thought about using apps like this before.

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4. Microsoft Flow (Unreleased)


I’d like to say this app is so new that it’s unreleased, and while that’s almost true, the real reason why it says that is because it’s in beta. So why is a beta of an app on this list, and what is it?

Microsoft Flow is an app similar to IFTTT that tries to set conditions on your phone to do certain tasks when you complete other ones. There are a few IFTTT competitors out there, and I’m always happy to see another one. Competition breeds innovation, and usually a better deal for all of the users out there.microsoft-flow-icon

MS Flow is still in its early stages, but if you’ve used IFTTT or Tasker before, and want to try the latest competitor, it’s finally here in beta form. How it is right now, I can only recommend it to people looking for an IFTTT killer (which it isn’t yet, but it might get there someday). If you don’t know the basics for IFTTT, MS Flow isn’t the best starting point yet.

If you’re confident in your task crafting abilities, give MS Flow a shot, and follow it closely to see where it goes in the future.

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5. Gogobot – City & Travel Guide


Need a great travel guide in the palm of your hand? Unless your guide weighs less than a marshmallow, a fantastic new app is your best bet. Gogobot is an Editor’s Choice Award winning travel app that has an extensive travel catalog for famous cities and locations nearby and far away.

Gogobot has over 60,000 different locations to guide you through, and more are added all the time. The app is community driven, where you can discuss locations, swap stories, add and read location, restaurant, and hotel reviews, and even more. It’s an almost perfect travel guide right on your Galaxy S6 Edge, and one of the latest on the Play Store.


With Gogobot, you’ll never have to pick up a travel brochure again to see the best local venues and sights.

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6. Opera Free VPN

Opera Free VPN is an app that solves a problem you might not know you had. Opera Free VPN is all about providing more internet security right where you need it most. Unsecured Wi-Fi is a great opportunity for information theft, so you need to take all the steps you can to make sure your sensitive data is safe.

Opera Free VPN lets you access internet connections without those same connections accessing all the parts of your Galaxy S6 Edge you want to keep private. If you’ve ever been concerned about your data while online, just flip the switch on Opera Free VPN to set your mind at ease.

The app is easy to use and even has a tutorial on startup to explain what it does, and how to use it effectively. All of this is bundled in an attractive package with now downsides that I can name. Well, unless you’re still sensitive about the horned Viking helmet misconception, then you might want to look for a different app.

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7. Hermit Lite Apps Browser

Tired of battery heavy, social media apps chewing through your battery like its made out of paper? Hermit Lite covers all of your favorite sites in a battery friendly wrapper that makes browsing easy on both you and your battery life. If you have problems with Facebook’s official app, this app is definitely for you.hermit-icon

What Hermite Lite does is it takes the mobile version of all of your favorite social media sites, and wraps them in a new and shiny shell. This takes up much less battery, data, and space, but usually at the cost of personal input. If you’re worried about battery life, mobile site wrappers are a great alternative, and this is one of the latest ones available.

There’s no point in wasting more of the S6 Edge’s battery on clunky social apps. Ditch them for something much lighter, and free.

8. Challenge Calendar


When I look at Challenge Calendar, new isn’t the first word I think of; in fact, old, or dated is probably the first word that comes to mind. It’s a dated looking app, but it has exactly what the latest and greatest apps are missing, simplicity. This is the only app like this on the list, but Challenge Calendar is an older app with ideals that I miss in the latest and greatest apps.challenge-calendar-icon

The way it works is pretty simple. Each day, you set four different challenges. When you complete one, you fill in a piece of that day’s shape. When you fill in all the pieces, you’ve completed your challenge for that day. It’s extremely simple, but oddly satisfying even with older graphics.

Does it seem a little silly using something like this on the S6 Edge? Yes, yes it does, but it’s a very simple app that gets the job done quickly, and efficiently. If you want a low energy impact, dated, but effective app, Challenge Calendar isn’t the latest, but to me, it’s somehow one of the greatest.

9. Circle SideBar


Circle SideBar lets you access your most used, and needed apps with just a swipe on any screen. On its own, that doesn’t sound unique, but where Circle SideBar shines is customization. You change how you access your app wheel, what appears on it, change app icons, add haptic feedback, and has more features on the way as the app updates.circle-sidebar-icon

Feedback for the app is taken into account, and the developer has been active during Circle SideBar’s life so far. My only real problem with the app is how it looks by default, and the time it takes to get it looking and running just the way you want.

If you want a new app wheel you can select from anywhere, Circle SideBar is one of the latest available, and is in no way a bad choice.

10. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks


Habitica is a little like Challenge Calendar, but with a few more layers on top of the experience. The tagline for the app is the perfect short description. Habitica turns all of your daily tasks, assignments, and routines into a game where you level up a character and improve them.

I always have a To-Do list for the day, even if I sometimes get distracted by games, so a To-Do list that is a game makes it much more engaging. With immediate feedback for each completed task, crossing off the final item on your To-Do list is extremely satisfying, and it encourages you to do more each day.


Habitica is still in its beta stages, so feedback is still greatly appreciated, and taken into account during its development. If a gamified To-Do list sounds like just the thing to get you to stop procrastinating, give Habitica a try. It even has community features, so you can take down task monsters together with friends, and remind them to keep up the good work.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has its pick of the latest and greatest apps on the Play Store, no matter the genre, or utility. It’s all up to the user which apps you go for, but these are some of my picks that I think are new and useful for almost every S6 Edge user. New apps release every day, and a good chunk of them are worth giving a chance.

What’s your favorite new app out there? There are plenty that serves all kinds of different purposes, but why not tell us your favorite down below?

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