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Top 10 Cases for LG Google Nexus 5: Drop Test Verified

LG Google Nexus 5 is a flagship Android smartphone manufactured by Google and LG collectively as a flagship device. We cannot deny that flagship devices need flagship accessories. We decided to piece together  best 10 bumper cases for this popular Android device also known as Nexus 5, LG Nexus 5 and Google Nexus 5. We came up with the top 10 list of Nexus 5 cases based on what buyers of Nexus 5 are shopping around while  purchasing this smart Android device.  We also  performed various drop tests to ensure the durability of all the Nexus cases covered in this post.  Google Nexus 5 has best display among many other Nexus series smartphones,  best processor, a respectable storage space, and it comes in black and white colors.

We took into consideration its slightly larger dimensions and overall comfort when comparing this Android device to its predecessor Nexus phones. Price was also an obvious consideration for us while going through this review. A fairly-priced Android device like Nexus 5 deserves fairly-priced accessories, and thankfully, this list delivers exactly what is desired out of it. We  have reviewed some of the most cost-effective and durable bumper cases for Nexus 5, which are easily available at Amazon.

Here is the top 10 list of LG Google Nexus 5 cases available for sale at Amazon.

1. Neo Hybrid Case for Google Nexus 5 ($19.99)

neo hybrid

A stylish metal case with useful control buttons

Neo Hybrid cases offer considerable protection with minimal material. This case comes in black color but also allows you to change the color band. For example, the coloring actually enters all the way inside the ports. Overall, you receive a quality bumper case from Spigen that protects your LG Nexus 5 for only $19.99.

Notable feature: Air-cushioned technology that offers extra protection.


2. Cruzerlite Experience Case for LG Nexus 5 ($12.90)


A flexible, transparent case with shock absorbent materials

The Cruzerlite Experience bumper case is an affordable $12.90 case for your LG Nexus 5 phone. Reviewer case tests show the case being dropped on the ground from various different angles and heights. Each test protected this smartphone quite well. Over 83 percent  ratings on Amazon about this bumper case are five stars. The excellent buyer feedback of Cruzerlite Experience makes it one of the highest recommended Nexus 5 bumper cases amongst Nexus enthusiasts.

Notable feature: Made of a shock-absorbent, shatter-proof, and anti-scratch material.


3. Slim Armor Google LG Nexus 5 Case ($17.99)

Slim Armor Case

A non-slip case for those who like to drop their phone

Spigen provides this replaceable polycarbonate TPU case for $17.99. This LG Nexus 5 bumper case has rubber edges and the ports contain large holes for using oversized cables. The combination of rubber and polycarbonate provides maximum protection for your Google Nexus 5 phone. The case includes a polycarbonate exterior with a rubberized interior. Tests show that this case protects your Nexus 5 smartphone even if you toss it on the ground. Slim Armor offers high-quality protection without the application of bulky materials or putting any excessive weight on this smartphone. You also receive the signature Spigen design to keep your Nexus 5 phone looking stylish.

Notable features: Advanced shock absorption technology.


4. Cruzerlite Spi-Force Case for Nexus 5 ($12.90)


A rugged case with a retractable kickstand for comfort

Nexus 5 Spi-Force bumper case not only looks futuristic but it comes with a variety of features which makes it one of our all-time favorites. It comes with a shock absorbent TPU polycarbonate design and a retractable kickstand. The back outer layer is separate from the edge covering and can easily be added or removed if it feels uncomfortable to the touch. However, we know you will love the touch and feel of the rugged case and the level of protection it is bound to offer to your Android smartphone.

Notable features: Shock absorbent, shatter-proof and abrasion resistant.


5. Cruzerlite Androidified to Protect Google Nexus 5 against Shocks ($12.90)


A highly flexible case that is shock resistant and offers a high degree of transparency

At $19.95, the Androidified case for Google Nexus 5 by Cruzerlite offers decent protection and feels nice to the hand while giving your fingers that extra grip for further protection against accidental drops.  This is a TPU case that is more resistant to cuts and tears than rubber. This protective Nexus 5 bumper case is also highly transparent and allows you to keep the Nexus logo on your mobile phone clearly visible. Its shock absorbent and anti-scratch material is stylish and makes it appealing to those who like their Nexus 5 as it is, but with additional protection.

Notable feature: Cut and tear resistant rubber that is also abrasion and scratch resistant.


6. Tudia Bumper Case Protects Nexus 5 from Scratches ($9.90)


A comfortable case with easy access to buttons, controls, and ports

This bumper protective case is made up of a rubber TPU material which is bendable and flexible. Size-wise, this is a pretty light and small case with a more mat-like feel and look which means you do not get any fingerprint remnants on your Nexus 5 phone. The case is fairly priced at $9.99 and comes in red, black, grey, and white colors. If you are looking for a flexible build and a light feel, this is the Nexus 5 case you should be looking to buy at the earliest.

Notable feature: Raised edges for screen protection made of high quality thermoplastic polyurethane TPU.


7. Caseology Matte PU for Nexus 5($7.99)

Caseology Matte PU

A flexible case in hybrid design for improved protection against everyday damage

This matte version Caseology for Nexus 5 has a soft and thin surface that looks great. It is made up of leather and TPU hybrid materials. It has a textured back which protects it against a lot of minor scratches and peels spoiling the look of your Nexus 5 smartphone. The bumper case offers a good value at $8.99 and comes with large cut outs making it convenient when connecting large cables and extensions to your LG Nexus 5 android phone.

Notable feature: Premium matte leather for improved grip and protection.


8. Google Nexus 5 Maxboost Shell Holster Combo ($9.95)

Shell Holster Combo

A highly practical case engineered for hands-free use

This is a two-layer casing that comes with a retractable holster belt. It also has a super-soft feel on the inside.  A clip on the back, which rotates at 180 degrees, enables you to grip your Google Nexus 5 to almost anything while acting as a screen protector. It includes excellent cut offs even for the small contact points on the device with parallel ridges for an amazing amount of grip.

Notable feature: A rubberized soft touch with a kickstand for extra protection and ease of use.


9. Nexus 5 Ringke Slim Variation Protective Case ($7.99)

slim variation

A soft textured case that offers a natural grip design engineered for longevity

This eco-friendly bumper protective casing for LG Nexus 5 is a slim covering that holds up your Nexus 5 quite well. It has a soft, comfortable feel and fits tightly to the Nexus 5. The cut outs are squared off and slightly raised on the edges for screen protection. The camera sticks out slightly, but the edges offer protection against drops.

Notable feature: Premium SF covering, enhanced with dual coating technology for durability.


10. Ringke Fusion Case to Protect Nexus 5 ($8.99)


A highly personalized transparent casing that is also thin, clear, and hard

At $8.99, Ringke offers a transparent protective case for LG Nexus 5 that enables you to customize the back with any image you want or simply leave the Nexus trademark clearly visible. The back case is plastic with soft, smooth rubber on the sides which enhances the grip on your Google Nexus 5. The buttons are covered and stick out a little bit making them easy to press. The casing however adds some width, height, and depth to your phone. Overall, the style and feel is great at this price tag.

Notable features: Thin, clear, and personalized casing with Active Touch Technology.



The above listed Google Nexus 5 bumper cases have received great reviews from many Nexus 5 buyers. The drop tests are one of the best ways to weed out options that break or reveal parts of the phone. Each one of these bumper cases stood their ground during numerous drop tests, and they are not too bulky or overbearing. Another factor that helped these cases stand out of the crowd was their functionality. If you can access all your ports or tilt the case to the side on a kickstand it makes the case a much better investment. All of these cases provided some sort of extra value to the Nexus 5 smartphone users, in addition to protecting your Nexus 5 phone at all times.

Now it is your turn. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions for other readers. Did we miss any other great Nexus 5 cases?

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