Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

11 Secret Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Samsung Galaxy J3

If you’re just getting to grips with the new J3, this list will probably be useful for you. This entry-level device packs a decent punch, but it’s always good to get the most from your device.

The following list has 11 tips and tricks you can use to improve your Samsung Galaxy J3. You may think that it doesn’t need much improving in the first place, but we’ll try our best.

Let’s get the list started with one of the quickest tips we’ve found;

1. Quick Launch the Camera


If you can’t wait to get snapping, this is a quick shortcut that will open your camera fast. Once you’re used to it, it should prove to be useful.

1. Double tap the Home button quickly.

2. Your device should now quickly open the camera application.

2. Enable Power Saving Mode

This is a handy feature that will help you to keep the battery ticking for extended periods. It’s not like the J3 battery is particularly poor, but it’s always nice to know you can keep going for longer.

1. Tap Apps on the home screen.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Scroll to System and tap Battery.

4. Tap Power saving mode.

5. Toggle the switch to ON, and you’ll be good to go.

Have a look at the different settings in the battery menu to see which one is right for you. If you’re having continued problems with the battery, try closing background apps, or lower the brightness on your device.

3. Deleting Your Internet History

Internet Browsing History

If your keen to keep your browsing history private, it’s simple enough to delete it from within the browser.

This is how to clear your history from the default internet browser.

1. Open your Internet browser.

2. Tap the Menu icon and tap Settings.

3. Tap Privacy, and tap Delete Personal Data.

4. Choose Browsing History to delete all data.

5. You can also delete your website data from here.

You might not have anything to hide, but it’s nice to know exactly how to get rid of your browsing history. It’s not like the NSA couldn’t get a copy if they wanted anyway, so this is more for personal use. (Like friends and family who can’t help but snoop.)

4. Clearing the App Cache

Why would you want to clear the app cache? Well, it can help to speed up misbehaving apps, while it’ll also free up some extra memory on your device. It’s worth checking out if your device starts to misbehave.

1. Tap My Account from the home screen. Swipe left to open up the Device Diagnostics.

2. Tap Power Usage, and tap Battery Usage.

3. Tap on an individual application.

4. Tap App Info, and tap Clear Cache.

If it can help to speed up your device, why not give it a try? Nothing important will be deleted along the way.

5. Enabling Developer Options

Enabling Developer Options

Developer options is a (somewhat) hidden menu that you’ll first have to unlock through your settings.

1. Open the Settings menu.

2. Select About Device.

3. Tap the Build Number several times to become a developer.

You should receive an onscreen message telling you that you’re now a dev. You can find the developer options menu in the main settings menu. Have a look through to see your new options.

6. Change the Sync Settings to Improve Battery

If you set your sync settings to be less frequent, it could potentially save you a tonne of battery power.

1. Open the apps drawer and tap Settings.

2. Tap Accounts.

3. Select the account you want to change.

4. Clear the check boxes next to the sync options you want to disable.

5. Tap Menu, and tap Sync now.

It might not be the biggest boost for the battery, but everyone can think of a time when they needed a little more juice.

7. Google Voice Typing

Google Voice

It feels like the technology shouldn’t work, but Google’s voice typing software should be able to understand you as long as you speak clearly.

1. When the keyboard is onscreen, open the Notification Panel.

2. Tap Select Keyboard, and tap Google Voice Typing to start.

3. Alternatively, you can tap the microphone icon on the Samsung keyboard to quickly open Google Voice typing.

Once you get used to how it works, it’s amazing to think that this technology is available for smartphones. Just how long will it be before I’m dictating reports to my device?

8. Customizing the Home Screen

Samsung J3 Home Screen

There are lot of things you can do to personalize your home screen. You can add widgets or icons, but one of the best ways to sort your apps and files is to make folders on your home screen.

1. Tap and hold a shortcut that you want to sort.

2. Drag and drop it onto another shortcut to make a folder containing both.

3. You can add a number of files to a folder.

4. To rename a folder, hold it down and you should be rename it.

It’s up to you to decide on which background you desire.

It’s also worth remembering that widgets will drain your battery, so be careful if you decide to go all out.

9. Editing Images

Samsung J3 Front and Back View

The camera app is really useful if you’re constantly taking photos, and there’s a few editing features you can use without downloading anything from the Play Store.

You can rotate and crop your images to get them just right, while you should still have a copy of the original image if anything goes wrong.

Of course, you could always try out an alternative on the store if the stock option isn’t robust enough for you. Check our guide for a great free photo editing application.

10. CallWatch

CallWatch App

If you’re tired of getting spammed by suspicious calls and text messages, there’s a pre-installed app called CallWatch that might be found on your J3. Once you’ve updated the app, you have a week’s trial to decide whether it’ll be useful to you. It costs $3/mo afterwards.

Here’s a list with some of the features on offer;

  • ScamBlock: automatic detection and blocking of scam calls
  • Unlimited call blocking
  • Unlimited real-time caller ID
  • Unlimited reporting of abusive numbers
  • Unlimited reverse number lookup to identify previous callers
CallWatch App

If your number has been posted online, or you’re just used to getting a lot of spam, it could be worth trying CallWatch out to see if It can solve your problems.

11. Easy Mode

If you want a simpler experience when you’re using your Galaxy J3, Easy Mode could be the one for you. It offers an easy layout, and it should be easier to navigate and use if you’re not used to a smart device.

1. Tap Apps, and open the Settings menu.

2. Tap and choose Easy Mode from the list.

Samsung J3 Easy Mode

3. Choose which apps you want in the easy app list from the next menu.

4. Tap Done, and your settings will now be applied.

If you don’t like the new look, swipe the screen left and tap Settings. Tap Easy Mode, and choose Standard Mode.

Samsung J3 Standard Mode

You should now know how to go to and from easy mode, and it could be worth a try if you’re giving the phone to an elderly relative. Once they’re used to easy mode, it shouldn’t be to hard to make the jump to the full-fat experience.


Now you should have a better idea of just what the Galaxy J3 can do. It’s a capable device, and as long as you look after it, it’ll take care of you. For an entry-level phone it has so much to offer, and it’s unlikely to let you down along the way.

If we’ve missed a great tip for the J3, or you have questions about the device, let us know in the comments below, or you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I a looking for a cell phone that is simple and easy for my elderly mother to use. She still has an iPhone 5c and although she has had it for a few years, more confusing for her.She thinks there is something wrong with her phone, but I think it is the user, not the phone. Is the J3 a good option? She won’t want a Jitterbug or that type of phone.

  2. I am trying to figure out how to hide files…such as images or documents. This was really easy to do on my LG G3, but I cannot find the option to do so on my Galaxy J3. Is there a way to do this?

  3. Does anyone know if its possible to change the build number (not sure if its the same thing as the android version build number) on a J320A? ex; in settings> phone info> build number I need to change the last 2 letters so the build number reads MMB29K.J320AUEU1APE9.

  4. Can photos be pulled/saved/captured from videos on the J3 by tapping the screen.
    This is huge from me and will make the difference of buying it or not

    1. Touch Pause to select the frame you want, then wait a moment for the Play icon to disappear (or touch the screen to make it disappear right away.) Make a screen shot by simultaneously squeezing the right side button and the home button (both are physical buttons). There will be a shutter sound, and the copied picture will shrink rapidly then disappear. It will show up in Gallery, where you can edit or share it. If you don’t see Pause (short double vertical bars), touch the screen. If you’re unfamiliar with making screen shots that way, practice 20 or 30 times with any screen image. It doesn’t always work. Note: The orignal image is never affected. Note: Regarding the video, you don’t have to pause for a screenshot to work. Pausing only helps you to be sure you get the frame you want.

  5. I would like to know how you stop apps secretly running in the background. I used to have a Microsoft lumia 550 there was a setting where our could disable ALL aps doing this. I don’t just mean press the back button and swipe them of screen. Others still run in background after you have done this.

    1. if you go into the app manager you can force close the app. it shouldn’t restart. Otherwise, depending on the version OS you are running, you can restrict permissions if there is something that seems fishy.

  6. My phone gives me memory error messages and I have a 30g sd card in it. I have to move my apps to the SD card every time I reboot the device. Even when I do this, it shows very little memory being used in the card and my internal storage is always over 7. I am very frustrated. I do not have games and use the device for calls, text, Amazon, Facebook, Netfix and Google. My daughter has zero problems with very many pics and apps on her IPhone with the same amount of internal storage.

    1. well, for starters, you’re comparing two different companies and different operating systems. it’s not the same.

      As for the memory issue, if you have the 8gb model, Facebook can eat up a lot of the memory and storage space. Every so often, you can clear the data (this will reset the app completely like you just installed it) and that should give you a good chunk of space back. The internal memory of the phone is what’s giving you the error. The micro-SD card will not add to the internal storage of the phone and give you more operating space, it is storage for images, files, and other stuff.

      Do you get any errors when you try to move the apps to the card?

  7. Almost embarrassing, but I cannot figure out how to make it so my number does not show on outgoing calls from my J3 6. I just cant figure it out

    1. dialing *67 before the number you want to call usually displays a restricted or blocked number on the receiver’s phone. Is that what you are trying to do?

  8. Can i change that double tap home button shortcut to something else besides camera? For example the memo app or else

  9. how i can open 2 app in 1 time.. pliss very needed… like galaxy tab. but our is j3. can we?

    1. Hey Scott! You can’t just retrieve your old home page, but there’s still a simple solution. Just go to the page edit menu, add a new page, set it as the home page, and drag it so it’s in the same place relative to the other pages as your old home page. From there you can place any apps and widgets to recreate your old home page. Widgets can be added from the page edit menu. To add apps, just go to the apps menu and drag the icon to where you want it on the home page. Let me know if you need any more help.

    1. Hi! Turning off developer mode is very easy. Simply go to Settings -> Developer Mode and toggle the on/off switch.

    1. Hi, Carol. To set up the shortcut, go to your apps page, find WhatsApp, and press and hold the WhatsApp icon. You should then be able to drag the icon to your home screen, creating a shortcut. Just release the icon wherever you’d like the shortcut to be.

    1. Hi, Antrone. Have you tried switching both the chords and the bricks, and confirmed that other devices will charge using that combination? While plugged in, is your device maintaining a charge while plugged in but not gaining more, is it continuing to lose power but at a decreased rate, or is it continuing to lose power as if it were not plugged in at all?

    1. Hi, Aaron. First insert the SD card into your device and wait for the device to detect it. Then, go to Settings -> Storage and select the name of your SD card. Tap the menu button (three dots) on the top right corner of the screen and select Storage Settings -> Format as Internal. Now is your last chance to change your mind about using that card as internal storage. To continue, select Erase & Format. Android may tell you that it finds your SD card slow, but you can select OK to continue. Android will ask if you want to start data migration now or do it later. Either option is fine. Finally, hit Done and your SD card will be adopted internal storage for your device. Remember, once adopted, your SD card will no longer but hot swappable like non-adopted SD cards, so never remove it without using the Eject option.

      If you just want to be able to store more files and photos, a cloud syncing option, like Google Drive and Google Photos, may be a more straightforward option.

  10. J3 eclipse has no LED notification light…first phone ever I’ve had that doesn’t……any good apps you can recommend?

    1. Hi Steve! You have a couple options here, but none are perfect. You can turn on Always on Display so that notifications appear on your screen. You can also turn on Smart Alerts under your accessibility features or, for more customization, download the app Flash Notification 2 to use your camera flash in a similar way to an LED notification light.

  11. I have a Sprint unlimited data plan. What should roaming settings be? On or off? Having trouble getting internet connection. Trying to see why. If not roaming settings, what else could be set wrong?

  12. I had a android Obama phone that would get me have themes and color changes for messaging but this j3 I just got doesn’t seem to have any things like that. Can you change the look of messaging?


  14. The J3 2016 comes loaded with lots of apps that you probably don’t and will never use. Go to ‘applications manager” and uninstall updates for that app then disable it. You can get 15% space back doing this. Then turn off automatic updates…if an app stops working eventurally , then update it manually.

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