Top 10 Cases for the HTC Evo 4G LTE: Protection That Turns Heads

The Evo 4G LTE is one of HTC’s most popular smartphones and is still considered a signature device from the Taiwanese manufacturer. It may not be the latest offering on Android, but it certainly made headlines when it was launched. Even today, the Evo 4G LTE is considered a successful Android device, which can do most of what the latest Android OS can do. While the phone definitely has a striking design, you might be interested in some HTC Evo 4G LTE cases. Not only are cases a great way to protect your phone’s built and design, they also add style to the device.

Whether you need a case to make your device look a bit more funky or you just want to make sure that your phone’s condition is safe from drops and falls, we have got the best HTC Evo 4G LTE phone cases that you can buy today. We have done thorough research, from various sources, before selecting the final 10 cases and we’ve also kept in mind the product that you get for the price you pay, rather than just considering quality for whatever price. Here are the top 10 cases for HTC Evo 4G LTE.

10. Amzer AMZ94140 Shellster Shell Case Holster Combo – $14.95

amzer case

Cover the front and the back along with a kickstand

At number 10, we have the Shellster shell case from Amzer. Starting at $14.95, the shellster case provides dual protection as the case features a belt clip holster as well as an impact resistant back shell cover. While the device is not in use, the case protects both the front and back of the phone, and you simply need to slide the front cover downwards in order to remove it and use the screen.

The case has ports for charging cables and the headphone jack, which you can use without having to remove the front cover. Overall, the case looks great on the device and protects it from regular scratches and smudges. While the back of the case is all hard shell, the front holster is lined with light fabric, keeping the screen safe. The case also comes with a kickstand, which is great for viewing media on your device.


9. MyBat Premium TUFF Case – $7.13

mybat case

Hybrid of a soft and hard case.

At 9, we have the premium tuff case from MyBat. At $7.13, this case is basically a hybrid between a soft case and a hard case as the back is made from hard rubberised shell, while the front is made from silicone. There is no need to take the cover off in order to use it as the front is not fully covered. However, the front has enough silicone covering to make sure that the screen isn’t damaged if the device falls.

While the back provides solid protection from drops, it also provides a great grip in the hands with a lesser chance of the device sliding away. The case has all the relevant cut-outs for ports that connect to the charger and the headphone jack. You can get this case in eight colors including red, black, beer food-fight, solid white, green, pink leopard, titanium red, hot pink and zebra skin.


8. Ballistic SG Maxx Case – $19.99

ballistic case

Four layers with a rigid screen protector

The SG Maxx case from Ballistic is at number 8 as another fantastic case for the HTC Evo 4G LTE. At $19.99, this particular case does an incredible job at protecting your device from dents and scratches as it features four different protection layers. Aside from covering the back completely, the case also does a good job of protecting the screen as the layers extend above the screen, meaning that if the device is put on a table, the surface won’t touch the screen.

Cut-outs for charging ports and for the headphone jack are also available. The no-slip surface on the back is great and provides good grip in the hands. A unique feature of this case is that it comes with a special rigid screen protector as well, which is quite good at keeping the screen safe. You can get the case in three colors including black, hot pink and white.


7. Ar Black and Purple Heavy Duty Hybrid Case with KickStand – $5.99

black purple case

Black and purple with the ultimate protection

Next, we have the Ar black and purple heavy duty hybrid case. Made from durable polycarbonate, the case features a double protection layer of silicone and hard shell. The hard shell inside makes sure that the device is safe from any dents and scratches, while the softer outer layers provide maximum grip.

You can also find all the relevant port cut-outs on the case, and it also features a built-in kickstand, which is great for watching videos. At $3.24, this case feels like a solid bargain.


6. Ventev Edge Holster / Case Combo – $8.75


Use it the way you like

The edge holster/case combo from Ventev comes in at number 6 on our list. At $8.75, the case does a great job at protecting the device. The inner part of the case is soft and felt-lined, providing support to the screen.  On the back, you will find a belt clip, which makes it easier to attach the phone onto belts and bags.

The case is extremely customizable, as it gives  you the option to remove the belt clip and use the case separately from the holster to make it a bit slimmer. The rubberised coating and the matte finish on the back are great on the eyes, and also provide a solid grip in the hands. The case protects the device without adding any bulk.


5. GreatShield Guardian S Series Slim Fit S-Line Design TPU Case – $6.99

greatshield case

Attractive yet rugged

At number 5, we have the Guardian S series slim fit s-line case from GreatShield. Available for $6.99, this case looks extremely appealing and does a great job at protecting both the back and front of the device.

The lightweight, slim case won’t even make you feel like you have something on your device. It makes the phone more attractive and keeps it safe from scratches and marks. Made from TPU, the case has all the relevant port cut-outs and is resistant to dirt and stains. The case is available in three colors including red, purple and black.


4. Diztronic TPU Case – $9.90

diztronic case

Matte surface cuts down on fingerprints

The TPU case from Diztronic comes in at number 4. Made from durable and flexible TPU, the case has a matte back finish, which does a great job at minimizing fingerprints. The front glossy TPU surface makes sure that the screen of the device is protected even if the device falls on its face.

You’ll also find all the relevant cut-outs in the case. It includes a kickstand, which is great for viewing media on the device. At $9.90, the case doesn’t add any bulk to the device and is extremely lightweight and slim. The case is available in three colors including black, matte black and pink glitter.


3. OtterBox Commuter Series Case – $25.88


Heavy duty protection

At number 3 comes the OtterBox commuter series case, which is another great offering from OtterBox. Made from high impact polycarbonate, the case is available for $25.88. The second layer on the case is made from impact absorbing silicone, and you will also find all the cut-outs for ports on the device.

OtterBox cases are not new, and most users know that they do a fantastic job at protecting the device from bumps and scratches. With the smooth back finish, you’ll easily be able to slide the phone out of your pocket or a bag. This case also comes with a free screen protector.


2. Seidio DILEX Case – $27.97

dilex case

Slim, great grip and the ultimate protection

The DILEX case from Seidio is at number 2. It is another brilliant case for the HTC Evo 4G LTE. At $27.97, the case is extremely thin and lightweight, meaning that it won’t add bulk to your device. To counter shock, the inner layer is made from durable polymer, while the exoskeleton back has an arachnid design, protecting the device from extreme drops.

A kickstand is also available to make the device stand on a flat surface. It includes all the appropriate cut-outs for different ports. The rubberised back coating feels solid and provides a great grip in the hands. The case is available in black, blue and purple.


1. Androidified Cruzerlite TPU Case – $12.90

cruzerlite case

Stylish, slim and shatterproof

Finally, we have the  TPU Androidified case from Cruzerlite. The case provides solid protection for your device and looks gorgeous on the Evo 4G LTE. It is available for only $12.90. Made from TPU, the case is stiffer than silicone, but maintains the flexibility that you get with the silicone material. The case is resistant to scratches, can absorb shock and is shatterproof.

All the right cut-outs can be found on the case, and it is raised above the screen so that when lying on a flat surface, the screen doesn’t rub against anything. The case is slim and doesn’t add much additional weight to the device. You can get it in 11 colours including black, white, clear, smoke, pink, green, blue, teal, orange, red and purple.



The HTC Evo 4G LTE is a fantastic phone from HTC. However, cases are something that most users want right after getting their phones. Obviously, the type of case that you should get depends on your preferences such as greater protection or a slim fit. Whether you want to protect your phone from scratches or you want to make your phone stand out in a crowd, these cases provide great value for the money you spend.

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