9 Android Apps for kids that gives new direction to their life

Top 9 Android Apps for kids that gives new direction to their life

Most of the kids have their own Android devices or perhaps we let them to borrow ours. Instead of allowing them to engage into social networking at an early stage, or tolerate them to play just any game, why don’t we give top Android apps for kids that can give direction to their life.

You can provide your child with android apps that will help develop kids knowledge, creativity, logic, and entertainment at the same time. Let’s count down the top 9 Android apps that they will enjoy and enrich their lives as they continue to their journey to life.

1. Superbook Bible, Video & Games [Free]

Superbook Bible, Video & Games

Travel back in time and learn the teachings of the Bible

Superbook Bible, Video & Games is a bible app for kids with videos and images. For some kids, reading bible is not that interesting, for its pages consist of plain text. Superbook comes up with an animated series as well as engaging interactive games. It also includes detailed profiles of people, places, and artifacts that were mentioned in the Bible. This android app for kids has multiple Bible versions, including audio and video clips from the Superbook animated cartoon series.

Notable feature: In the game feature, the app tests your kids’ patience in finding all of the hidden words in the word search. Bible experience is never this fun. Sharing Gospel and word of God is very kid-friendly. Your children will surely enjoy this one-of-a-kind app.

Downloads: 10,000-50,000

Size: 43 M

Required Android Version: 2.2 and up

Download on Google Play

2. iStory Books [Free]


Modern day books for modern children

iStory Books is a free story book android app for kids with pictures, text, and audio clips.It has a parent section that is protected from kid’s access, so only parents can add or remove books from the child’s iStory library. You can choose from the catalog to add books into your child’s library. You can let the book read itself for your kid, or make your child read it themselves. Swipe the screen to turn pages. Story books that are on iStory can be saved externally in an SD Card so you can read it offline. There are also games and coloring books your little tots will enjoy.

Using this top android app for kids, some books can be downloaded for free, some books need to be purchased.

Notable feature: iStory Books offers different types of books like children’s books, fairytales, story books, classic stories, bedtime stories, folk stories, toddler books, nursery books, preschool books, kindergarten books, and picture books with audio of the text in every page. They publish new books every two weeks.

Downloads: 1,000,000-5,000,000

Size: Varies with device

Required Android Version: Varies with device

Download on Google Play

3. Wow! Best Kids Stories [Free]

Wow! Best Kids Stories

Musical Stories for fun story telling

Wow! Best Kids Stories is a story book android app for kids with colorful illustrations, easy to read text, and cheerful music. The characters are dubbed with friendly voices. You will see familiar characters because this kids app features your all time favorite stories. It also has a storybook feature for classic tales that your kid will surely love.

In your first days, you can download books which are free but high quality. If you’ve exhausted all free books, this kids app also has a variety of books that can be purchased.

Notable feature: Every story book has a music presentation before the story begins, which helps get the attention of your children.

Downloads: 100,000-500,000

Size: 12M

Required Android Version: 2.2 and up

Download on Google Play

4. colAR Mix [Free]

 colAR Mix

Making creations come to life

colAR Mix is an innovative app that uses augmented reality to make drawings come to life. This android app for kids is highly recommended for your child, as they will enjoy using this marvelous app. To make this work well, you need to print pictures that your child need to color. Once they’re done, open the app and focus the camera to the drawing then you will see the object come to life in 3D.

Your child can develop and enhance their coloring skills, with the printable app that you can get in their site colARApp.com. Animation comes with background music, making it more fun to watch, you can play and pause the animation and zoom it in and out. Be proud of the work of your little one by sharing the 3D animation with your friends in Facebook.

Notable feature: The kids app in android has the latest technology in augmented reality. All the animation that you can see in the screen of your mobile devices can be viewed in all angles.

Downloads: 10,000-50,000

Size: 35 M

Required Android Version: 2.2 and up

Download on Google Play

5. My Baby Gets Organized [Free]

My baby gets organized(kids)

Learning common items while knowing how to get tidy

My Baby Gets Organized is an android app for kids wherein your baby will ask to clean the room. To clean the room users will need to organized the things and put them back in order. Objects need to be classified with common objects of the same type.

This app will help you teach your child how to maintain cleanliness and orderliness. Your children will not only learn educational matters but as well values. This android app for kids is nice to use, but if you have device with small screen, you will have a hard time, picking the objects because it will come too small. It is best played using a tablet.

Notable feature:This clever app will teach your kids the value of cleanliness and responsibility as well as cognitive skills.

Downloads: 100,000-500,000

Size: 36 M

Required Android Version: 1.6 and up

Download on Google Play

6. My Baby wants to be… [Free]

My Baby Wants To Be..

Teach your child to dream who they want to be

This android app for kids focuses on what profession or career your child might want to pursue when he or she grows up. If you let them play this, they will be aware of the duties of the professionals like doctors, policeman, soldier, navy, pilot, teacher, chef, and many more.

Using this kids app in android, they will know what days want to be someday, and encourage them to reach their dreams. The android app has good graphics with pastel colors. It is very pleasant to the eyes with appropriate background music.

Notable feature:Every kid has their own dream.This app gives the child an idea of what profession best suits him or her at an early age.

Downloads: 100,000-500,000

Size: 28 M

Required Android Version: 1.6 and up

Download on Google Play

7. AniWorld kids animals fun game [Paid $2.12]

AniWorld kids animals fun game

Petting zoo in your Android device

AniWorld is an enjoyable interactive app for kids that lets your child meet different types of animals. Animals are grouped into 3: jungle animals, farm animals, and pets. Animals pictures are take in reality and not illustrated, so it’s like your child is having a face-to-face encounter with the animals like in the real world.

This android app for kids allows the users to browse and select from the animals in a group, feed them and love them.

The paid version of  this AniWorld kids animals fun game app will give additional feature like while playing the game, we can able to hear the chewing sound of the animal when it eats. Also it enables scrolling of pages using the plus and minus button.

Note: To us, paid version is not worth to buy as most of the features are present in the free version.

Notable feature: AniWorld has a birth to adult feature, so your child can see the animals grow from baby until it reaches its adulthood.

Downloads: 100,000 – 500,000

Size: 20 M

Required Android Version: 2.1 and up

Download on Google Play


8. Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle [Free]

Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle

 Enjoyable learning experience

Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle app and one of the top android apps for kids that has animals as a subject. Your child will be acquainted with 40 different animals. There is a friendly voice that will accompany your child through the game, to guide him / her in the solving the puzzle And provide encouraging feedback and helpful hints that they will need along the way. Animals’ names are spoken aloud in different languages, so your child will learn new words. Puzzle pieces can be customized in 2, 4, 6, 9, or 16-piece so it will fit in the player’s age.

This app comes with:

  • 7 different wildlife scenes with storybook style illustrations
  • 40 unique puzzles
  • 5 difficulty levels
  • Gentle voice over
  • Toggle hint on & off
  • Light & cheerful music

Notable feature: Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzle 123 HD, has a easy to use interface that suits for children. This app is available in 8 languages

Downloads: 500-1,000

Size: 112 M

Required Android Version: 2.3.3 and up

Download on Google Play

9. I Spy with Lola [Free]

 I Spy with Lola

Fun educational challenges for your kid

I spy with Lola is an object-finding app for kids. Your child will need to help Lola, the game’s main character, in her journey and find hidden objects. Lola also helps her friends along the way. In this app, users need to complete educational challenges and tasks in every level. It has an easy to use interface and narration that goes well with toddlers and young kids.

Like any other game, it will start with an easy level. So your child will be familiarized with the game and practice object identification and word identification. Levels will be more challenging as users go on the game.

Notable feature: I Spy With Lola boasts of a beautifully vivid graphics and superb audio that suits every location that she visits.

Downloads: 100,000 – 500,000

Size: 42 M

Required Android Version: 2.2 and up

Download on Google Play


The Android marketplace is loaded with many kids apps. Many of which are useful and some may be not appropriate for our little ones. We need to be careful in lending our Android devices to our kids. They might deal with apps that will teach them things inappropriate for their age. Good thing that many developers saw the potential for educational and wholesome apps and created a wide spectrum of apps that will teach good values and sharpens their mental skills.

As parents and guardians, you should be smart enough to select apps that you will give your kids. Children learn very quickly and absorb new things like a sponge, so we need to be extra careful so they won’t perceive bad ideas. Things that they learned will be the building blocks that build and shape them up to who they are as they grow old.

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