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10 Top Android Widgets to Make the Best of Your Phone

Your Android smartphone’s or tablet’s home screen doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Not when there are so many android widgets that can not only improve the look on your screen but also help you make the best use out of your android device.

By adding some of the best top android widgets on your phone or tablet, you can instantly access information and easily perform certain actions directly from the home screen. Here is our list of best android widgets that will help you make the most use out of your phone, chosen on the merits of looks and usefulness:

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Top Android Widgets for Android

These are the best top android widgets available on the Google play store right now. Check them out.

  1. MagicWidgets – Photo widgets, iOS widgets, Custom
  2. Evernote Widget  [Free]
  3. Quotes Widget
  4. IMDB Movies & TV for Android Widget [Free]
  5. Widgetopia iOS 14: Widgets
  6. Beautiful Widgets [Free and Paid $1.99]
  7. Battery HD [Free and Paid $2.56]
  8. 1Weather: Weather Forecast, Widget, Alerts & Radar
  9. DIGI Clock Widget [Free and Paid $1.29]
  10. Stuff – To-do List Widget (Task and Notes)

Let’s look at their features in detail.

1. MagicWidgets – Photo Widgets, iOS Widgets, Custom

Top android widgets

Described by the Android community as ‘amazingly awesome and beautiful’ and by Computerworld as ‘elegant and eye-catching’, this can be considered as a new classic widget app for Android devices. Magic Widgets are some of the most configurable info widgets in the Google Play Store. They come in different sizes, and can even fill up the size of new Android phones pretty easily. You can fully customize your home screen by changing up the wallpapers, font styles, and colors. Choose from different widgets to fit in your customized screen too.

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Download HD Widgets on Google Play

2. Evernote Widget  [Free]

Evernote widget – Top android widgets

Ranked among the top 10 must-have apps by New York Times, Evernote is free and a user-friendly app. Also one of the most downloaded widget apps on Android, Evernote helps you remember anything across all of the devices you own. This widget for Android will help you stay organized, save your ideas and more importantly improve your productivity.  If you are looking for a widget that will make it amazingly easy for you to take notes, capture photos, record voice reminders, create to-do lists, and make everything (notes) completely searchable from wherever you are, Evernote it is. Very conveniently, Evernote is available on any computer, phone or tablet PC.

Download Evernote on Google Play

3. Quotes Widget

top android widget
Quotes widget – Top android widgets

This great app offers one of the finest collections of all android widgets. Extended controls enable you to easily adjust various controls and settings. The widget app has a friendly user interface, an easy configuration manager and a Here are some of the features that you enjoy when using this widget app:

If you’re someone who needs constant reminders that you’re doing great in life, then you might want to download this Quotes widget by Ashwin Dinesh. This simple yet timeless widget lets you add quotes to your home screen without changing the composition of your favored wallpaper at all. All you need to do is to input your favorite quote, choose the font it should appear in, and decide where you want to see it.

Because of its minimalist aesthetic, it also has a phenomenal battery saver functionality. You can never go wrong with this quote widget.

It is definitely one of the top android widgets you must try.

Download Extended Controls Widgets on Google Play

4. IMDB Movies & TV for Android Widget [Free]

IMDB Android Widget
Top android widgets

Android-toting movie aficionados can stay up to date on all the latest occurrences and events in Hollywood and at any local box office via this IMBD app and widget. This widget for android app features a rotating selection of news and reviews about movies and shows images and text related to all the popular films. With just a single click, you can access all the details and application features on any of your favorite new movies, including popular trailers and local theater show times.

Download IMDB Widget on Google Play

5. Widgetopia iOS 14

Top android widgets

With a powerful and extremely useful home screen, Android Pro Widgets is something you might want to have on your smartphone, phablet or tablet PC. Designed to work optimally in most Android devices, this widget app features useful widgets for agenda and calendar, bookmarks, people, contacts, messaging, Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader.

This widget app is another win for users who love to customize their phones. Widgetopia iOS is something you want to have on your smartphone or tablet. It allows you to customize your home screen to manage it better without compromising its aesthetic value. You get to use a ton of different widgets, displayed on a single screen, without looking too crowded or messy.

With the Widgetopia app, you get to choose from over 3,500 pre-built widgets. There are digital clock widgets, along with step counters, and countdown timers. All the widgets that will make your life easier are available in Widgetopia.

Download Android Pro Widget on Google Play

6. Beautiful Widgets [Free and Paid $1.99]

Beautiful Widgets for Android
Top android widgets

Beautiful Widgets is the perfect choice among these top android widgets for enhancing the look on your device. This widgets application features tons of themes that are aimed to make your android device look awesome. As the name implies, this widget will help you make your device unique, expressive and more so personal.

Beautiful Widgets was the first paid app on the Google play store to hit the 1 million downloads mark, and it has been increasingly popular among Android users for the last 3 years running. The other widgets that this android widgets app comes with will easily and conveniently display the weather, clock, battery and toggle themes on your device.

Beautiful Widgets will not work on the SD card, so you should make sure that you have enough space on your device to install it.

Download Beautiful Widgets Pro on Google Play

7. Battery HD [Free and Paid $2.56]

Battery HD Pro Android Widget
Top android widgets

You do not want to run out of battery on your android device just when you are about to receive an important call. The Battery HD android widgets app is a cool battery monitor for the Android smartphone or tablet PC. This is a simple, beautiful and easily calibrated widget app that enables you to know how many hours you have left for:

  • Video watching
  • Time to use the LED flashlight
  • GPS navigation
  • Video recording
  • Video chatting
  • Photos capturing
  • Standby
  • Internet browsing
  • Talking on the phone
  • Play 2D or 3D games
  • Reading books

This widgets app allows you to closely monitor your device battery.

Download Battery HD Pro on Google Play

8. 1Weather: Weather Forecast, Widget, Alerts & Radar

Top android widgets

Everyday weather is more unpredictable than ever. With the effects of global warming, a single day can be extremely humid in the morning and pouring at night. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for it. What you need is an accurate weather widget app that will determine how you need to dress for the following days. The app prepares a 10-day weather forecast that comes especially handy when you have upcoming travel plans. The widget presents a detailed breakdown of the temperature and rain forecast. On top of that, it provides trending weather news in your area.

Get up to date with your area’s weather situation just by looking at your home screen! This widget app is absolutely free and made by OneLouder Apps.

Download Days Left Widget on Google Play

9. DIGI Clock Widget [Free and Paid $1.29]

DIGI Clock Widget
Top android widgets

An excellent android widget application, DIGI Clock Widget is a classic collection of five highly customizable digital time and date widgets. The different size widgets are optimal for different sizes of Android devices, from the smallest smartphone display to the large tablet-size display. This widget makes possible a lot of customization. You will be able to:

  • Select widget click actions
  • Select preferred colors for time and date separately
  • Put outlines and local preferences
  • Put a widget background with color and opacity selection

This useful wizard will make it fun for you to check the time and date. However, like other top android widgets, do not install this widget app on your SD card as it will not work.

Download DIGI Clock Widget Free on Google Play

10. Stuff – To Do List Widget (Tasks & Notes)

Top android widgets

With how fast-paced and demanding life can become, forgetting details is no longer shocking. When you get too caught up with work, it’s likely that you’ll forget to pick up some things from the grocery when you don’t list them down. But, when you do list them down on paper, it’s easy to lose. Want an easy solution? Download this to-do widget from the Google Play Store.

This widget is your average to-do list with the added benefit of being plastered on your home screen. You can forego the extra steps of navigating your Notes app, and jump on directly on the to-do list. Create, accomplish, and delete lists in a matter of seconds.

Download Fancy Widget on Google Play

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Frequently Asked Questions – Top android widgets

How do I find Android widgets?

Tap and hold an empty space on your android home screen, the option for adding widgets will appear. You can choose and drag your widget to the desired location on the home screen.

What is the point of widgets?

Widgets make the UI and UX of the apps more simple and appealing without having to change or access the original app itself.

Final Words on Top Android Widges

While many of these top android widgets come for free, some of the more advanced features will come for a price. And while the Android platform is known for its abundance of free apps and other goodies, you may sometimes want to invest a few dollars in a widgets app that will change a lot of things in how you make use of your android gadget. According to our reviews, these are some outstanding android widgets apps. Still, opinions may vary. If you have any other top android widgets app that you have used and feel they are excellent, feel free to contribute to our list via a comment below.

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