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Top 7 Smart Ceiling Fan With Light in 2023

If you are looking for the best smart ceiling fan with light for giving your home a more suitable climate and a great ambience, then smart gans might be what you need. Smart fans give you more control over the humidity and brightness of the lights and make your life easier with all the technological improvements. 

There are thousands of brands and models for choosing your smart ceiling fan. You should consider filtering out and choosing what option best for you is. Every ceiling fan with light has its features and specifications, which you can take a careful look at before considering buying them.

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Here’s a list of the best Smart Ceiling Fan with Light:

  1. Orient Electric Aeroslim
  2. LG FC48GSSA1
  3. Ottomate Prime Lumen
  4. Hunter Channing LED Indoor Noble Bronze Ceiling Fan
  5. SMAAIR 52” Smart Ceiling Fan
  6. Minka Aire LUXAIRE 9018
  7. WYND 5-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

Let’s take a detailed look at each product, 

1. Orient Electric Aeroslim Smart Ceiling Fan with Light

Smart Ceiling Fan With Light
Image Source: Orient Electric

You can control this IoT-based smart fan – Orient Electric Aerolism via smartphone or via your Alexa or Google Assistant if you have them enabled in your smart home. It has a unique feature of scheduling your fan through which you can determine automatically when your fan should switch on and off. 

After a hard day of work, imagine returning to a chilled living room without manually switching the fan on. Moreover, you can also customize the speed and efficiency of the fan, such as choosing the mode for turbo or breeze based on the weather. 

The fan blades are durable, and the main feature you are looking for in a smart fan is an LED light the fan has in the center. The LED provides eye comfort, and you can choose the brightness level to create a nice ambiance. This smart fan claims to save 40% of energy that lowers your electricity bill. 


  • Fan scheduling with 5-step regulations, including on and off.
  • Comes with a built-in timer.
  • Reverse rotation for better air circulation.
  • Light customization for better ambience.
  • Turbo mode and breeze mode for more wind customization.

2. LG FC48GSSA1 Smart Ceiling Fan with Light

Smart Ceiling Fan With Light
Image Souce:

This smart ceiling fan with light also offers a solution for mosquito problems. This fan comes with a unique technology of mosquito-repellant feature that emits waves of ultrasound which annoys the mosquitos and prevents them from interrupting your sleep. 

The LG FC48GSSA1 supports Alexa operation, so you can efficiently control this fan through your voice commands. You can also check the current settings in the LED display on the center of the fan without looking at your phone. You can easily control and modify the settings through the app, and it comes with three biometric blades for minimizing the whirring noise.


  • Inverter-type motor.
  • Three blades for minimal noise.
  • The remote control is available.

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3. OTTOMATE Prime Lumen Smart Ceiling Fan with Light

Smart Ceiling Fan With Light
Image Source: Ottomate

The Ottomate Prime Lumen is a smart ceiling fan with light enabled with IoT. You can control some features, like the color of the LED, temperature, efficiency, speed of the fan, etc, with the Ottomate app. The lighting and airflow can suit your needs to give you a perfect ambiance.

This fan has a unique and fantastic smart algorithm that offers 100-speed choices and rates of air delivery. You can also customize the mode with the three given options Turbo a mode for high-intense air flow. Otto mode which can sense and change its own settings based on the humidity, and Breeze mode for gentle and smooth breeze-like sea air. 


  • A remote control is provided.
  • 100 plus speed options.
  • 3 modes of airflow options.
  • Alexa supported.

4. Hunter Channing LED Indoor Smart Ceiling Fan with Light

Smart Ceiling Fan With Light
Image Source:

A sophisticated minimal, yet elegant, smart ceiling fan with light is a dimmable LED fan that you can control with voice assistants. It is a five-blade fan 54 inches in length.

Other than controlling the fan speed and light settings, you can also control the direction of the airflow based on the humidity. The fan is simple to install and maintain. You also need not worry about the noise it will produce at high speeds. The only drawback is that the app dedicated to this fan is difficult to use. However, if you have any of the voice assistants, then connecting the fan with those is the simplest option. 


  • The blades are reversible.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Noise reduction technology.
  • Flexible mounting but the blades won’t wobble.

5. SMAAIR 52” Smart Ceiling Fan with Light

Smart Ceiling Fan With Light
Image Source:

The Smaair smart ceiling fan with light is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. You can control the brightness of the light and speed of the fan with the remote and also using voice commands. 

You can control a group of fans at the same time and make them perform integrated functions if you have more than one fan for huge halls. You can change the airflow to your needs via the remote control. The speed is good and steady even in low settings, but still, the Smaair fan doesn’t make any noise. It great for those who like minimalist designs.

The main feature every user likes is that the fan is very quiet and silent. The remote is difficult to pair, so you can expect some difficulty when you first get it


  • Great minimalistic and simple design.
  • Remote is provided along.
  • Can control one or more fans at a time. 
  • Airflow is great even at low speed. 
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6. Minka Aire LUXAIRE 9018 Smart Ceiling Fan with Light

Smart Ceiling Fan With Light
Image Source:

If you like contemporary design, this Minka Aire F845-DK fan will get your attention with the curved and slightly bent blades that give this fan a unique design. The light fits perfectly in line with the body of the fan, and you can choose from several finishes. The lights are customizable and dimmable, which is very much advisable because the brightness at its fullest is harsh to the eyes. 

You can operate it with the remote that comes with it, but to make it support Alexa or Google Assistant, you need to buy a hub which is an additional expense. You can control the airflow with three options. This fan saves so much energy by using just 65 watts of electricity. 


  • Wall regulator for controlling speed. 
  • You can upgrade to a remote control model as well.
  • The gentle breeze keeps the whirring noise at bay. 
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7. WYND 5-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan with Light

Smart Ceiling Fan With Light
Image Source:

This Wynd is a grand 60-inch fan with 5 blades and a massive LED light of 3500K, which is suitable for large rooms that need heavy airflow and lights that are bright. It supports the smart voice assistant platforms like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Ecobee, etc. It is versatile and a great addition to a smart home. 

You can choose from the two different modes of airflow separately for winter and summer. If you wish to just circulate the air without having to freeze because of the weather, then pressing a button is all you must do. This specific Wynd smart ceiling fan with light is more expensive than its other counterparts. It can serve both as an indoor or outdoor fan according to your needs. 


  • The installation can be a bit difficult and challenging. 
  • Bit expensive.
  • Two modes of air circulation.
  • Big fan and brighter light.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a smart ceiling fan worth it?

If you would like to control the climate and humidity of your house more to your comfort, then it is worth buying a smart ceiling fan with a light.

Is there a smart switch that controls the fan and light?

There is a smart light switch that can control both the fan speed and brightness of the light. 

Are 3 or 4-blade ceiling fans better?

If you are using a fan for a room with an air conditioner and you want it to be quiet, you should go for a 4-blade fan. Otherwise, a 3-blade fan works fine.

For a great ambience,

Go for the smart ceiling fan with light. If you are a person who loves comfort and wants to make new additions to your smart home, smart ceiling fans with light are the smart choice. If you can enjoy both the benefits of lighting and airflow which can greatly save energy and electricity bills in the long run, what more do you need? 

With all the smart features, benefits, and comfort of your home, a smart ceiling fan with light can make you feel welcome after a long day and offers a great ambience for you to relax without manually doing anything. So, if you are planning to buy a smart fan, you don’t have to hesitate to give it a try, and you can choose from the best ones on this list. 

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