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UC Browser Turbo: Honest Review – Weighing the Pros and Cons

Are you looking for a reliable and fast browser for Android phones? We bet! You won’t be here if UC Browser Turbo is not within your interests.

Well, it is a popularly used browser for Android smartphones, especially in India or places with slow data connections. In fact, they boast to have about 6 million users.

Now, that’s a lot of people!

But, have you ever wondered why it’s that popular?

By reading its main features, it claims to be a great data saver! Moreover, it loads and downloads videos pretty fast. How is it possible? Fast downloads with smaller data budget. Hmm, interesting.

Let’s dig a little deeper about the main features of UC Browser Turbo to find out more!

Honest Review for UC Browser Turbo

UC Browser Turbo App Logo
App Logo

UC Browser Turbo is a browser app for Android phones developed by UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd. It is a mobile-based Internet company owned by Alibaba Group.

Now, their developers have enhanced their technical process to provide a faster web page loading. They are using two techniques to successfully function their browser app– data compression and cloud acceleration.

To know more about this browser, let’s get down to discussing its main features and weighing the pros and cons of UC Browser Turbo 2020!

1. Main Features of UC Browser Turbo

The main features of an app browser will help you determine whether it is for you. UC Browser Turbo is a newly developed product from UCWeb Team. It has several main features that will give you better browsing experience.

Aesthetic Design

The aesthetic and minimalistic design of UC Browser Turbo gives a clean, convenient, and smart browsing experience to its users. It makes the navigation process easier without the disturbing push messages and news flow. Moreover, the aesthetic design improves brand value. Also, developers only spend less time on app maintenance.

Personalized Wallpaper (HD)

Aside from the minimalist design, you have the freedom to change and personalize the browser wallpaper in HD. Set your favorite photos and share them to your social media account in just a click.

Homepage Customizable

You have the power to customize your homepage browser. You can Bookmark and add your favorite websites, or delete the default websites to have a blank and clean homepage. Make it unique.

Night Mode

Do you browse at night before you sleep? Well, UC Browser Turbo has an eye-friendly feature. You can set the browser to night mode to browse comfortably at night.

Fast Video Download

UC Browser servers are high-speed and stable allowing a fast video download. You can enhance the download of your favorite movies by setting the download thread to high.

Watch Videos Offline

After you have fastly downloaded your favorite videos, you can watch them offline. You can watch it anytime, anywhere without any network or Internet connection.

Play Video in Background

You can play your favorite video in the background while you are on another tab even when you are in incognito mode.

You can play video in the background while your screen off or using another app. Just turn on the background play switch while playing video, You can ‘listen’ the video just like listening to your music.

Secure Browsing

You will have a private space. UC Browser Turbo offers secure browsing with its incognito mode. When you enable this feature, your browsing history will not be saved.

Free Cloud Acceleration

You can freely visit websites and watch videos uploaded around the world without any restrictions. You can do it anytime, anywhere!

Saves Data

UC Browser Turbo does not use excessive mobile data. You are free to control your data budget.

Supports Multi-Language

You can customize the language you prefer. Choose a language that is comfortable for you. The app is free from language barriers to enhance your browsing experience.

Blocks Ad

The UC Browser Turbo has an Ad Block feature that prohibits different forms of ads that may affect your browsing experience. You can even manually mark the ads to automatically block them in the future.

2. Pros of Using UC Browser Turbo

There are some who widely prefer UC Browser Turbo because of its main features. Although we cannot deny that after knowing its features, we become slightly convinced with the efficiency of is technical processes. Now, let us talk about the pros of UC Browser Turbo.

Is it really efficient?

Data Saver

The UC Browser Turbo claims to save up to 50% data. More so, if you compare it with Firefox and Chrome mobile browsers, it can save up to 79% when loading 1GB of web pages.

How is it possible? Their server acts as a proxy, making it quite useful in compressing and rendering the web page data. Also, it supports VP9 Codec, the recent video coding format. This means, UC Browser Turbo does not only save your data but also offers the high video quality.

Fast and Smooth Browsing Experience

UC Browser Turbo compresses the requested webpage and downloads it to your phone. The compression technique will drastically reduce the webpage size. Moreover, it now runs with U4 Kernel, an upgraded core that fastly loads page without affecting the RAM of the smartphone. Thus, it helps provide a smooth and fast browsing experience even for budget phones that have RAM with 1 to 2 GB.

Provides Lite-View

It is a browser app that offers a lite-view option to allow phones to render fully-functional yet revamped pages. This advantage is quite useful and suitable for those with slow networks. Take note, not all have the chance to afford a higher network connection.

Video Downloads

Some countries have a poor network connection and people cannot afford to have access to Wi-Fi and data. UC Browser Turbo has a download feature which is a great help. Moreover, it supports the latest versions of the video format and the new MSE. The downloaded videos are optimized before loading.

Allows Multi-Tasking

Definitely, you can save time with UC Browser Turbo! You can watch your favorite video while browsing. You can work on a certain task in your device while entertaining yourself with your favorite video.

So much with the pros, let us dig into some of the cons of using UC Browser Turbo.

3. The cons of the browser app include:


The browser app transmits information and searches without encryption. The data includes:

  • Geolocation
  • Search queries from Google or Yahoo!
  • Android ID
  • Wi-Fi address

UC Browser Turbo presents a privacy risk. It is purely up to you if you do not care about your browsing information.

Retained Data

When we delete or clear data cache, we expect our devices to be cleaned. However, when you look up to the application cache, the DNS is not removed.  The retained data may allow access from third-party apps and identify the visited websites.


UC Browser Turbo underwent several updates for security. We could not confirm the security of the application.

4. Verdict

Whew! That was a long read. From the main features offered by UC Browser Turbo to the discussion of its pros and cons, there are a lot of considerations to ponder. With everything that you have read, have you made up your mind?

What is your verdict?

You can download the app now, or make some considerations with the given recommendations below.

Google Play

People May Ask About

Who made the UC Turbo Browser?

UC Turbo Browser is a known web browser in India that was developed by UC Web, a mobile-based Internet company. The company was spearheaded by owners from Singapore and China. Now, the company is owned by the Alibaba Group.

Is UC Turbo Browser better than Chrome?

It would be best to read and weigh honest reviews for both browsers. Unlike UC Turbo Browser, Chrome does not have any available options for customization. But, Chrome loads fast and secure. UC Turbo Browser may be a great choice for you, but some security experts criticize the browser. There are a lot of differences you can consider in other reviews.

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  1. UC browser turbo version is good, but the UC Browser version is like they block all the ads and they inject their own ads all over the browser!

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