2 Easy Solutions to Unlock Android Device With Dead Screen

Electronic devices are typically fragile unless if it’s designed for heavy purposes. The fragility can also be said with Android devices such as Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Tablets. 2 easy solutions to unlock Android device with dead screen sounds interesting, right? Lets discuss more on it…

It is an undeniable fact that the most fragile component of a smartphone and tablet is its display screen. Manufacturers address this issue by either enhancing the tensile strength of the touch screen glass, now known as “Gorilla Glass,” or by providing a better body frame design.

Consumers, on the other hand, spend on cases for added protection. However, even if you bought the most expensive case, the screen of your device is still susceptible to crack, break, and sometimes simply dies if not handled with care.

The biggest problem for this kind of cases is accessing your phone to retrieve or transfer important files and data. Ultimately asking yourself, “How can you unlock a phone that has a dead touchscreen?” Fortunately, you can. Given that the phone still works.

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Sponsored Using iMobie’s Droidkit-Unlock Android Device With Dead Screen

Unlick Screen Feature of DroidKit
Unlick Screen Feature of DroidKit-unlock Android device with dead screen

If you activated your phone’s screen lock, you’d find it more difficult to access your data, especially with a dead screen.

But if there are any signs that your phone is still working, then you can try iMobie’s Droidkit. You can use this tool to unlock your phone no matter what screen lock you’re using. Also, it doesn’t require rooting your device.

Be warned, though. If you don’t mind your data being wiped out after unlocking the screen. This is somehow perfect in case you want your phone screen to get fixed but you have sensitive data that you don’t want other people to see on your phone.

Unlock a Phone with a Broken Screen

You’re probably here because you’re looking for a way to unlock Android device with dead screen. If you ever find yourself Googling the following questions…

  • How to unlock Android device with dead screen?
  • Unlock phone with black screen?
  • How to unlock phone with broken screen?

Then this article is for you. If you need to transfer files and other data from your phone with a broken screen, here are a couple of things you can do. However, the success of these methods depends on your settings.

Note: Most of these solutions require certain apps that should have been installed and/or debugging turned on prior to the screen not working. If you do not meet the requirements, chances are, your phone is good as a paperweight.

Following are the two easy workable ways to unlock Android device with dead screen.

  1. Connecting to a secondary display
  2. Unlocking via ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

Connecting to a Secondary Display-Unlock Android Device With Dead Screen

If your Android phone is suffering from a broken screen that resulted in an unresponsive touchscreen, there is a way for you to still access your files and data stored on that phone. However, this workaround will only work with an Android phone that supports and features USB OTG (On-The-Go) and Screen Mirroring via MHL/HDMI Cable.

USB OTG lets other USB devices interact with your phone. This means that you will be able to use other USB devices such as a USB mouse with your phone. Other than that, here are a few things you will need to unlock Android device with dead screen:

  • A Type-C or Micro Type-B USB Multiport Adapter (Whichever your phone supports)
  • An MHL/HDMI cable
  • A Secondary Display with HDMI Input Port (TV, PC Monitor)
  • A USB Mouse

If you don’t have any of these items, you’re looking at spending more or less $50, but all of the supplies will be a good investment. You can also purchase on Amazon.

1. USB 3.1 Type-C HDMI Multiport Adapter – $39.99 

If your Android phone uses a Type-C USB port, then we highly recommend using a Type-C HDMI Multiport Adapter to get the workaround done.

USB 3.1 Type-C HDMI Multiport Adapter
USB 3.1 Type-C HDMI Multiport Adapter

This adapter features a Type-C USB port, an HDMI MHL port, and a USB Type-A port. With this adapter, all you have to do is connect it to your phone then connect your secondary display and your USB mouse to the other end of this adapter.

USB Multiport Usage Diagram – unlock Android device with dead screen

Once connected, your secondary display, whether if its a TV or a PC Monitor will start displaying the home screen of your phone. You will then use the connected USB mouse to unlock your phone.

Amazon buy button

Bonus TIP – Unlock Android Device With Dead Screen

Once everything is connected and are working properly, you can use the extra Type-C port on the Adapter to connect a Type-C Flash Drive. By doing so, you can easily transfer the files you need from your phone to the flash drive without a computer involved.

If you don’t have a Type-C Flash Drive, we highly recommend checking out the Samsung Duo Plus 128GB Type-C USB 3.1 Flash Drive.

Samsung Duo Plus 128GB Type-C USB 3.1 Flash Drive – $44.99

Type-C USB Flash Drive
Samsung Duo Plus – unlock Android device with dead screen

The Samsung Duo Plus is a cable-free, 2-in-1 Type-C USB on-the-go flash drive. You can plug this flash drive on the Type-C port of the Multiport adapter and easily transfer files from your phone to this flash drive.

Amazon buy button

2. Android USB to HDMI Adapter + USB Hub – ($13.99 + $9.49)

If your phone doesn’t use a Type-C USB, here’s another workaround for it. Using an Android USB to HDMI MHL Adapter would definitely get the job done. However, this adapter lacks the necessary number of USB ports. Thus, adding a USB hub would make it easier.

USB to HDMI Adapter
USB to HDMI Adapter – unlock Android device with dead screen
Amazon buy button
USB Hub – unlock Android device with dead screen
Amazon buy button

With a USB Hub, you can plug in more than 1 USB device such as your phone, a USB Mouse, and a USB Flash drive. For this setup to work, all you have to do is…

  • plug the HDMI Male Port to your secondary display, regardless if it’s a TV or a PC Monitor,
  • then plug the USB Hub to the Female USB Port of the adapter.
  • Once done, plug the USB Male Port of the adapter to a USB Charger.
  • Finally, plug your phone, the USB mouse, and a flash drive into the USB Hub.

Unlock Android device with dead screen via ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

The second workaround to access a phone with a broken touchscreen is by means of the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) console. This method is a little complicated for those who are not familiar with ADB. So, we highly recommend to familiarize yourself with ADB first. It’s an imperative step to know how this process works because if you have no idea about this, you could potentially cause more damage to your phone.

Don’t worry, you won’t be typing-in some complex codes or anything like that. You will only need to type a couple of commands that should be easy to do. We will also outline this method step by step. So make sure to follow carefully so that nothing will go wrong.

But first things first, for this method to work, here are a few things you need to know and do:

  • Prior to your phones accident, the USB Debugging of your phone should have been enabled.
  • Download Android Debug Bridge (a.k.a. Android Studio) from Android’s official website.
  • Download and install the official driver of your phone for PC. (Check your phone’s manufacturer website)

If either one of the requirements above is missing or have not been done, this method will not work.

Step 1: Download Android Debug Bridge (ADB) aka Android Studio

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or Android Studio, look for a folder named “Platform Tools.” This folder contains a lot of import files for ADB and is where you want to open up your command prompt.

If you’re having trouble finding or reaching this folder, you can use the following command with command prompt to easily locate it:

cd C:/android/platform-tools

Once you found the Platform Tools folder, open the folder and perform the following:

Windows Shift Command to unlock Android device with dead screen
Opening CMD – unlock Android device with dead screen
  • Press Shift + Right-click the extended menu
  • Select Open Command window here (it’s PowerShell for Windows 10 PC)

This will do just what it says, and leave you ready to input commands.

Step 2: Connect Phone to PC

Connect your phone to your ADB enabled PC. Ensure that your device is powered on before connecting and that the PC recognizes your phone.

NoteIf your Android device isn’t recognized, it’s possible that you don’t have the proper drivers installed. If this is the case, please ensure that you downloaded and installed the correct driver. Double check with your manufacturer’s website.

Step 3: Input Command in Command Prompt (CMD)

In your command prompt, enter the command:

  • adb devices
Windows PC CMD – unlock Android device with dead screen

Once you have the command ready, hit enter and this will return numbers related to your Android device. If no device is detected, you won’t see any numbers. This step is to verify if you have configured ADB correctly.

Step 4: Unlock Phone

Next, if your Android device is locked with a PIN, input the following commands into the command prompt:

  • adb shell input text xxxx (Replace xxxx with your actual PIN Lock Code)
  • shell input keyevent 66

This will unlock your Android device if it was using a PIN lock, but for a pattern lock, the commands are a little more complicated:

  • adb shell
  • cd /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases
  • sqlite3 settings.db
  • update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
  • update system set value=0 where name='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';
  • .quit
  • Exit
  • adb reboot

In most cases, this will reset the pattern lock, but if it doesn’t, enter this last command:

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

In both cases now, your Android device should be unlocked and ready to transfer files and data.

Step 5: Bonus TIP – Fix for Buggy Touchscreen or Sudden Black Screen

If by chance that your phone is only suffering from a sudden black screen or a buggy touchscreen, a factory reset should do the trick. This won’t work if your touchscreen is completely dead and this is NOT a fix for broken phone display and unresponsive touchscreen due to accidental drops.

To do this via ADB, simply follow our instructions below:

These commands can differ depending on the recovery used, and even your current version of Android. There are at least two that I know of that will work on most devices, but use these commands at your own risk, as they could brick your phone instead of wiping it. 

In your command window, enter the commands:

  • adb reboot bootloader
  • fastboot devices
  • fastboot -w

If these commands do not clear your phone of all data, close the current command window and then open a new one. Now try these commands instead:

  • adb shell
  • #wipe data

This will definitely unlock your device, but will also get rid of any data you have stored as a last resort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock my Android without touchscreen?

Step 1: Plug in the USB mouse to the adapter after connecting the Micro USB side of the OTG adapter to your device. Step 2: When the devices are connected, a pointer will appear on your screen. The pointer can then be used to enter the device’s password or unlock the pattern lock.

Why does Android die so fast?

The most frequent cause of sudden smartphone battery death is undoubtedly temperature. Chemical reactions enable your battery, as was previously discussed. The reactions may slow down if your phone gets too cold, and your battery may suddenly switch off even if it still has 30 or 40% charge.

Final Thoughts – Unlock Android Device With Dead Screen

Overall, we recommend unlocking an Android device with a broken touchscreen by means of OTG. In our experience, it is the easiest way and it can be used for a multitude of different tasks and subjects. One of our favorite being expandable storage. If OTG isn’t your thing, there are still other ways to unlock your device again for free, either with a working touchscreen or a broken touchscreen.

Unfortunately, ADB access methods requires USB Debugging enabled, and with a dead screen, that’s a tough order if you had it turned off.

If none of these work and you’re still having trouble recovering your files, let us know in the comment section below!

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      1. My question is if my screen is dead and not working, I have the usb connected to my pc and that works and all well when I get to my phone files it says there are no files and I remember way back when, my broken phone is programmed to charge or be like a camera when its connected to my pc and not import files. Are my pictures and videos a lost cause?

      2. I have a galaxy note 3 screen is black and cracked. I tried plugging USB into pc but it does now prompt me to open anything just makes a sound that something is plugged in. I need to get some very important work related photos and pdfs. From it is it still possible even tho I can’t authorize my phone to connect w out the digitizer working ????

      3. My s5 Galaxy’s screen is broken and I need to get all my pictures etc off of it and it comes up with nothing on the computer when I plug it in because it’s a new phone and has never been plugged into the computer to click as a mobile device not a media, someone please help ??

      4. hello i am having trouble connecting my galaxy s5 active via otg the screen is dead and has a password on it i tried doing it blind with just the mouse. I connected the HDMI and it is not connecting to my samsung tv am i doing something wrong
        Method 1

        1. Hi Adam,
          Are you using a generic brand? Sometimes it is best to go with brands such as Samsung. Have you tried a different cable? =-)

      5. I cannot get the command prompt to work. It keeps saying that it cannot find the specified path. I’m trying to access a Note 3 with a dead screen.

          1. Hi judy

            its not able to find platform-tools folder , where can i find platform tools..
            is there any other folder i should look into.

          2. Hi There,
            Try running the Android SDK as Administrator (right-click on it and choose Run as Admin) it should solve this issue. I think SDK trying to re-arrange folders as per new folder structure and it has no rights to do so inside programs folder. You can also try uninstalling and installing again. If you are using a proxy to connect add proxy settings to SDK Manager. Hope this helps. =-)

  1. How can we scroll from one page to another using the mouse when the screen is black to look at other apps ??? Thank you

    1. Bushra, Personally I haven’t used a mouse with my android device so I’m not sure exactly. You can try holding the left button on the mouse and slide from right to left.​

  2. How do you use the shell code on a Samsung Galaxy S4 if the swipe code is a Z? I seem unable to find the screen coordinates for it.

  3. You state in method 2: Android Debug Bridge, in step five to enter the commands as follows:
    Type in the following two commands. Make sure that you type in the second command immediately after the first one. Replace 1234 in the first command with your actual password.

    adb shell input text 1234

    shell input keyevent 66

    I don’t have a password for my Galaxy S4, but use a pattern to unlock the phone. Will this method still work for me. Thanks.

      1. Are there any ways to unlock the phone with a pattern with the Android Debug Bridge method? (different commands). Or any other ways at all without having to buy special equipment. Thank you.

      1. So I Plugged everything in like it was said but on TV screen there’s no arrow pointer that appears?? I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 that the screen is cracked and is black but it still turns on and I can see it on the tv. Just not the pointer. Help please! Thanks

  4. Bought the Smays 5-in-1 adaptor and the only thing that seems to work is the red light on the product. Tried different combinations of plugging in devices and order of plugging in. Am I missing something?

      1. Method 1 doesn’t work because the OTG device mentioned only supports HDMI or USB but not both at the same time (at least on Samsung Galaxy S4; it would only work on a phone that has separate microUSB and microHDMI)

        1. Hi There,
          Thanks for your feedback and good thing that the author mentioned that it should work on most phone, but not all. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Wondering if you could please help?
    My Samsung Galaxy 5 has had a screen problem meaning it is completely black and I cannot view anything! It is being sent away next week…

    I desperately need to view my calendar for business and have been backing up with G Cloud. How do I view my calendar on my PC? I keep trying to download and open the calendar back ups from the G Cloud website but I can’t seem to open it or find a program to run it on.

    Is there any way of plugging the phone into the laptop and viewing the calendar that way?

    Many thanks

    1. Em
      You can try airdroid, but you’ll still need to set it up on your phone. You can also connect your phone to a tv.

  6. This guide is absolute shit! Both of the suggested methods do not work properly.
    Because the Micro-USB port can only transfer one type of data at a time, it is impossible to use both a USB mouse and the HDMI port at the same time. I can either hook up an HDMI screen and have image without being able to use a USB mouse, or i can hook up the mouse and have no screen. I already tried kind of guess writing my pattern with the mouse, but either it takes too long to change to HDMI or it plainly doesnt work this way. Please, if anyone knows of a way that makes it able to have mouse input + hdmi screen output help me! I am getting pretty desperate, i really need some data off my old phone.

    1. Bertus
      Which phone are you using? Maybe the adapter you got was faulty? The adapter supports multiple connections at the same time so both things should work simultaneously.

    2. Hi – could you tell me what phone you were using? I’m looking into buying a OTG plus HDMI adapter for my Samsung S4 and not sure if it’s worth it because I’ve seen multiple people say it doesn’t work with their devices. Would like to be sure before I spend the money

  7. I have a micro USB HDI port on my phone so I can connect the micro HDMI cable to my phone and the other end of the cable to my TV. My only confusion is where do I then connect the mouse? Or do I not need a mouse?

  8. I have the same problem like Bertus.
    i cant use hdmi and usb at the same time…
    i have a samsung galaxy s3 and the 5 in 1 adapter and the special 11 pin to 5 pin adapter specially for samsung s3, but anyway i cant use both functions at the same time…
    do i need an other adapter?

  9. Gunny and Bertus, the key to getting the adapter to take the input from the mouse and the output to HDMI at the same time is to plug in the power first, then the mouse. Wait for the light on your mouse to come on so you know it’s getting power, then click the mouse a few times to see if you phone registers it (the menu and back buttons should light up on your Galaxy). LASTLY, connect the HDMI cable. If you connect the mouse last, it won’t register. It took me 30 minutes to figure this all out.

      1. This adapter is absolute bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter what order I plug everything in, the mouse, and hdmi will not function at the same time. BULLSHIT. BULLSHIT. BULLSHIT. Complete waste of money and excitement thinking that I might actually be able to retrieve and back up my files!

    1. I get power to both hdmi and mouse. But when my monitor shows my phone i still get no cursor. The mouse is on, any suggestions?

    2. Help! When you’re referring to “power”, what exactly do you mean? I realize this probably sounds completely ridiculous, but if I have the 5 in 1 adapter plugged into my phone with the USB mouse the mouse lights up but nothing displays on the tv…if I attempt to add an additional power source to the adapter, the adapter quits functioning…..mouse light turns off….adapter power button turns red! Please, please please help!!!!

      1. Plug in the power to your phones/tablets, before plugging in other plugs for those of you having problems with otg, mhl, usb mouses.

  10. Author, I appreciate this article, but have not been able to get it to work according to what you have outlined even though it seems simple enough. Bought the Juiced systems adapter and can only use hdmi with the additional adapter and an external power source. Cannot use mouse and hdmi at the same time because the mouse isn’t recognized with the adapter attached. Does the adapter you used as an example allow simultaneous recognition of both HDMI and USB on Samsung phones?

      1. Clinton,
        Look at the comment of one of successful unlocked person Kyle.
        He has advised as “the key to getting the adapter to take the input from the mouse and the output to HDMI at the same time is to plug in the power first, then the mouse. Wait for the light on your mouse to come on so you know it’s getting power, then click the mouse a few times to see if you phone registers it (the menu and back buttons should light up on your Galaxy). LASTLY, connect the HDMI cable. If you connect the mouse last, it won’t register. It took me 30 minutes to figure this all out.”

        1. I tried exactly this with my note II, i got power for both mouse and hdmi. Got the phone screen on the portable screen, but i got no cursor on the phone. The mouse has power but no cursor. Any suggestions?

          1. Read Kyle’s reply in comments section. It should help. I have also updated the article with his comments.

  11. I agree with Bertus… this post is shit. I bought the MLH to HDMI connection kit and mouse is never recognized. My Samsung Galaxy S3 with a broken screen can not be unblocked as mouse is never recognized. I tryed to plug the power adaptor first, then the usb mouse and hdmi at the end, but I never arrived to this point as mouse is never recognized.

    1. Exactly this one:

      Galaxyworld 5 in 1 MHL Micro USB a HDMI Adaptador OTG Sync Cable para amsung Sony LG HTC / Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII i9300 SIV i9500 / S5 i9600 / Note 2

      And it dosen’t recognize the USB mouse, perhaps the power adaptor has not power enough??

  12. My computer is not finding that my phone is connected through “adb devices” although i can still see it on the connected devices screen of windows. how do i make my computer recognize it’s connected in cmd?

  13. Hi I have a XT912 Andriod phone. The screen ins’t permissible for viewing. I hooked up my phone through a HDMI so I can see it on TV, I also purchased a female USB to micro adapter, to connect my mouse. I can’t get the mouse to work, it isn’t being recognized, no red light at all. Do I need a really old USB mouse or PS/2 mouse so I can unlock the pattern on my phone? Thanks

    1. TBrown
      Try using the mouse without connecting the hdmi cable. If it still doesn’t work, then you’ll need another mouse.

  14. I must be doing this wrong. when inserting in command promt “cd C:/android/platform-tools” It tells me “it’s not recognized internal or external command, operable program or batch file”

    I’ve bit off more than i can chew i feel but I kinda want to keep my neice’s pictures.

      1. Mika,
        Go to the platform-tools folder. Hold shift and right click and click on open command window here. Then type the rest of the commands from step 4.

        1. I’ve gotten to this point (had to start command here due to diff file path). It then says “List of devices attached” but there are no numbers. Ive tried reinstalling the drivers, no luck. It shows up in Smart Switch but states it needs to be unlocked so I know the phone’s being recongnised. What else can I do?

        2. In Method :2 – Step 4… It doesn’t show anything under “list of devices attached” it’s just blank. Please Help Me!

  15. Ugh. I have tried the method Kyle suggests but it still does not recognize the mouse. I have a s4 and I know the mouses I try work so I am at a loss as to how to get the mouse to show on the tv screen. I plugged the power in first as suggested by Kyle. Then the mouse. Waited. But nothing. No lights show on the mouse. Tried a different mouse. Still nothing. Plugged the mouse into my laptop. Works. So I know the mouse works.

    If I plug everything in without the mouse I can see my phone display on the tv. But with no mouse I am not able to unlock the pattern on my phone. Any other suggestions?

  16. Ok so i bought the adapter.

    It comes with a 4 to 11 pin adapter to use with hdmi with a Note 2, unfortunately which i have.

    The problem is, hdmi requires you to power the mhl adapter. When i do so, mouse lights off. This is when i don’t use the adapter. Hdmi doesn’t show anything without adapter.

    When i connect the adapter, and power mhl hdmi works but mouse doesn’t turn on.

    What can I do now?

  17. OK so I have a Note2 and the MHL came with a 4 pin to 11 pin adapter.

    Scenario 1:
    I don’t use the 11 pin adapter, connect the MHL and mouse light turns on.
    I power the MHL and mouse turns off (MHL light turns red from blue).
    I do not get HDMI output either.

    Scenario 2:
    I use the 11 pin adapter, power the MHL (light turns red), I connect mouse (no light on mouse), I connect HDMI, phone display shows on TV.

    I just can’t get the mouse to work when:
    a) using 4 pin with power to MHL.
    b) using 11 pin (with or without power).

    I tried the same thing on my Note 3 (which is not broken) and same results as above. The mouse is confirmed to be working because when I connect it to Note 3 with 4 pin, MHL light turns blue, mouse light works and it registers on the Note 3. So everything is working individually, but I can’t make it work together.

    Is there any restriction on the MHL using (or not using) the 4-11 pin adapter that USB stops when MHL is powered on?


  18. Question, will the 5 in 1 adaptor work for an htc rezound? I know my phone is on, as i can see the lights turn on and I can turn on the phone, but it does not vibrate and the digitzer and lcd (touchscreen) is broken. When i try to connect via cable it will not let me in, probably due to the usb setting which i cannot change. Your 5 in 1 adaptor seems like maybe my only solution. Would it work for an htc rezound? and if not do you have any suggestionns?

    1. Colin
      It should work on all android phones ideally. I cannot comment on a specific phone as I do not own it. Better to contact the manufacturer is it not?

  19. cd C:/android/platform-tools
    This command returns the error that “System cannot return the path specified
    If i change the command according to my folder and do this
    cd C:/Android/tools
    Then the command is set but when i type “adb devices” it displays an error that ‘adb’ is not a recognized internal or external command :/
    Please help me

    1. Saad,
      Go to the platform-tools folder, hold and shift and right click and select open command window here. Then type in the rest of the commands.

  20. I have a Samsung galaxy 3 and the phone was dropped so many times that it has finally quote working all together. I got a new replacement Samsung galaxy 3 thru submitting a claim…I am very upset because Verizon says there is no way to retrieve my old pictures since the old phone will power on (can hear it transferring /downloading messages) but cannot see anything on the screen. I have many pictures of my children and family that I don’t want to lose….will the steps that you outlined above help me?

  21. I was desperate to try to get my files off my broken galaxy note 3 so I purchased an otg with hdmi adapter, tried everything possible to get my screen to display on my TV and it was a bust. Definitely does not work.

    1. Liz,
      If you can’t find platform tools, then look for another folder that has the adb .exe file and perform the next steps from there.

  22. I can’t seem to get my mouse to register with the device. i cant even get the light to come on. i have tried to plug it in after the power and before the hdmi cord but it still wont work. i know mouse is fully operational.

  23. Hello..
    I think the info. is very useful but when i connect my phone (xperia miro st23i) to my pc (windows 7 64 bit), it shows my phone as a portable media player and also gives the option to browse file but when i open the window, it shows nothing but a blank screen..
    plz help.. i have very important data on my phone

  24. HTC One M 8. Broken screen – cannot enter any commands. Debugging is probably set to off.

    ADB.exe has been moved to C drive. Seems to function BUT

    ADB devices triggers an empty list
    Specific command like “get_serialno” device not found.

    But the Windows Explorer does show HTC One 8 (no folders/files within are shown)

    So what now?

  25. There is no such pathway for the android sdk fix after I downloaded the packages you indicated.

  26. I tried all the steps on my Boost Mobile N9520. It has a 4 number password to unlock. The screen is broken and touch screen not working. The phone itself is working as I can hear ringtones for notifications. All you see on the screen is scrambled color. When I type in ADB Devices nothing shows. My wife has a similar phone (same brand and type just smaller). I connect that before using the password to unlock it. ADB still doesn’t see or list the devices. If I punch in the password then it can see the device. So the command does not see the phone before being unlocked.

  27. I figured out another way that is really simple. USE THE STYLUS IF YOU PHONE HAS ONE AS A MOUSE!

    It just came to me. I broke my wife’s phone screen completely. It is a Samsung note 2. I hooked her phone up to an MHL cable (It’s a cable that converts into an HDMI cable). Then I hooked the HDMI cable up to my TV. The phone screen then popped up but I could not navigate on the phone. Then I got the bright idea of using my stylus on the note 2 as a mouse! It worked perfectly! With the stylus I was able to turn on the usb tethering, bla bla bla. I had to just remember where to click with the stylus, because I had to disconnect from the screen and connect my phone to a regular usb cord and then to my computer. Then I clicked ond the spot I remembered and it connected to my computer! I was then able to download everything off the internal storage. I was looking around all over the internet and no one has said to do this. But it totally works if your phone has a stylus! 🙂 I had to share this somewhere. I feel like I should make a youtube video.

      1. Hi There,
        I am glad to hear that it worked for you. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Thanks for saying use the Stylus as a mouse. I did just that. I could see the screen on my tv but the USB option was never available. I used the stylus as a mouse to do the following.

      1.) I opened the Smart Switch app which was installed on the Note 4 (the old device) from
      2.) went into settings (the 3 dots on the top right corner) within the Smart Switch on the Note 4,
      retrieved the pin code (4-digits),
      3.) then went to Smart Switch app on the S8+ (new device), selected transfer via wireless.
      4.) Then selected “enter Pin” and then the old phone registered and it asked which items to transfer. I used the stylus to “select all.”

      1. Hi, Feleshia. I’m glad you were able to get help from the Joy of Android community. Thanks for sharing what you did!

  28. Hi,
    I had to tried my Motorola XT389 mobile to flash.
    may be my mobile’s rom are totally loss.
    I can’t open Fastboot, recovery mode and boot mode by any key combination.

    Please help me.

    Thank You,

  29. I have a Galaxy S4. No lock on it, but it is smashed and screen won’t turn on. Older tv, but it has hdmi hook up. Also have a laptop I can use to download software onto. Not sure which to try.

  30. After I put in “adb shell input text ‘my password'” I got the message “error: device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.” You have any suggestions for this?

  31. Hi, I tried the OTG one and it worked fine. But unfortunately I had to charge my phone so, I disconnected the OTC. Now, the mouse pointer isn’t appearing even if the mouse is already connected (it has a light on it.). I changed OTG cables and still the same 🙁 N

    Need your help pls..

  32. I doped my phone and the screen is broken to the point that it will not show me anything on the screen. I need to get my stuff off the phone but can’t. I have a pattern password.
    can you pls advise how I can get my file and photo’s off the phone. Can you pls pls help me. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5.
    thank you for your help.

  33. i downloaded the android sdk package and have open the command prompt (terminal) on the macbook air and it does not work after that

    1. Hi Emily,
      Ensure you have checked USB debugging and that you have used the command:
      cd /Users/yourusername/android-sdk-mac/tools

  34. Hello I have a Samsung s2, with a dead screen. I used to have an app to store my passwords which I didn’t back up, do you think I could somehow emulate my phone on my PC and back it up and transfer it to my new phone? Thanks!

    1. Hi Bella,
      Of course, it is possible to see the files on your phone onto your PC. All you have to do is connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable, once you have done this, your PC should show you a notice giving you the chance to see the contents of your phone. Click on that notice and you should be able to see the files you have on your phone.
      Once you have copied what you need onto your PC, just connect your new phone and transfer whatever it is you saved the first time. Hope this helps.

  35. I need help, i did setup a pin on my samsung active s4 but i forgot it and now the phone is not unlocking. What can I do? how can I unlock it without losing any data from the phone. Please urgent help required.

  36. my phone is not supporting OTG
    i want to use method 2
    i dont have password any so what goes to me “? please reply me urgent

  37. Hi guys!

    I dropped my Galaxy S5 and cant unlock the device with the fingerprint scanner so I’ve installed the SDK and typed in cd C:/android/platform-tools in the command promt but it says:

    The system cannot find the path specified.

    Any ideas?

  38. I have followed the instructions above however on my PC the actual path to platform tools is C:/users/warrenh/AppData/Local/Android/sdk/platform-tools.

    then I try adb devices it does not find device. I have a S3 mini and I believe I have the correct SUB drivers for phone as it recognises my phone in windows (GT-I8190) and when using Kies, it sees my phone but cant access data as it says it is unlocked.

    how can I use adb to now unlock screen as I had a pattern lock but cant seem to see device from command prompt?

  39. Oh yes it reads in CMD:
    *daemon started successfully
    List of devices attached

    so it is not finding phone device?

  40. i dont understand where the command prompt is that i am typing this in seems i cant get pass my password i have a samsung galaxy s5 and the lcd screen is cracked so i can not get in it at all and the android studio is nothing but confusing maybe if you could put some photos of of where to type in the command at im not sure if my phone is on usb debugging or not i cant use the screen is there any other way to remotely use my phone and get inside it with out spending money …

  41. Hi team,

    i dont have usb otg, can i use Android sdk recovery (Method 2: Android Debug Bridge
    ). and i have a pattern lock in ma phone ll it help me..

  42. Hi, I have a black screen on my note 3. It has a lock code and I can’t get to my files from the usb. I used method 1 and I know for a fact my otb and hdmi adapter works because it works with the new note 3 sent as a replacement but will not work on my broken one. Ideas? Is something else broken? I have no problem opening up the old phone and trying something that might work that won’t cost $200 to get a new lcd.

  43. I used method 1 on a galaxy note 3 but can’t see the phone screen on the tv. I know my adapter works as I have no problem getting the mouse and hdmi hookup to work witb my replacement note 3. Any ideas on an additional problem I may have? I need to get the unlock code entered so I can retrieve file before I send it back.

  44. Hi sorry I have a message on my terminal that I don’t really know how to bypass this:
    error: device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.

    Help please and thank you for your help

  45. Okay so I have a ADDAO 5 in 1 MHL HDMI Adaprter. I can plug the USB into my S5 and I can hear it working trying unlock my screen. But for some reason HDMI Will not work at all ???!

  46. Hi,

    I have a similar problem but slightly different. I can’t see the screen but I do hear the alerts and notifications and can turn it on with a battery, so I know it’s working. I bought a new phone because the screen is dead and I’d like to transfer everything over. The one catch is that the phone will not charge, and I cannot connect it to a laptop via USB. I tried, and unfortunately, can’t open it on the computer as the charging port isn’t working. But the phone is ON and working under the screen. Any ideas for getting my internal data off the phone? I was thinking maybe of using a wireless charger? Would that technically plug into the computer as if it was connected by USB or would it not support file transfer (only battery)?

    Thanks so much in advance

  47. I have enabled the ADB and also have the droid screen app. The ADB is running and I can access it via DOS commands, but I cannot input my broken phone’s passcode because the ADB is telling me the device is unauthorized. How can I authorize the device, when to do that I need to input my phone passcode via the ADB? Thanks in advance.

  48. Hi Joa! When I enter the command “adb shell input text 1234” where 1234 is replaced with my actual password I get “device is unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device” error. How can I fix it?

  49. Hi Your method2 is what I am following (and thanks a lot for a clear explanation), and I was able and good until the step 5.. where I entered;
    adb shell input text (mypwd) shell input keyevent 66
    and after press enter.. what I got the mesg is like this;
    “error: device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device”
    But my Galazy S4 screen is all blank, and can not do anything, and for me it is very much important to get my personal datas from it before to pass to hardware service.

  50. I have a moto x 2nd generation and have black screen….with the OTG method work for my phone? Appreciate any guidance here as this has been very frustrating and no one has been able to help, everyone just says Hard Reset….and I dont want to do that because I cant lose my files.

  51. Everything within Method One worked fine until but the mouse refused to interact with the phone? The adapter works perfectly, and I’m able to see the screen of my phone on the tv, but when it comes for the mouse to interact with the phone screen, nothing happens. I’ve gotten 2 different mice to see if it was the mouse not working, but nothing changed. HELP!

  52. Dear Forum
    I was on a histeric attack and hit my Sansung S3 three times against the table.
    my histeric attack is gone and my s3 also.
    Blacked screen, small cracks in screen, not reacting to touch.
    No colours in the screen at all. Only black.
    Between glass and LCD screen I can see bubles of about 7 cm long and 1 cm wide.
    It is locked, I know the PIN, but I do not see anything in the screen.
    When turning on, hearing only vybration (buzz) and highligting the settings and back buttons.
    When connecting to a socket charger, hearing a beep.
    When connecting to an usb, heering a beep and Windows being able to import pictures (already saved my pictures) and open files.
    When calling to the phone (there is a SIM card on it) answering that is off or out of the network.
    There is no SD-card.
    All the data is saved in phone, included the contacts.

    My concern is my contacts.

    No USB-debuugging setted.
    Tried already 3 recovery software but as there is no USB-debugging all of them answer “there is no device connected” even when it is physcally connected to the USB.
    Tried to pull out the battery. Push the start button for 60 seconds. Leave the phone. Wait 5 min. Put it on Battery. No success.

    I am not sure about the model. It is a Samsung. I do not know if it is ‘I9300-GT’, probably yes. It is not Sprint, Verizon or something like that special and is not a mini-s3.
    It is a regular s3.
    reading all the pòsts of this thread I understand that the digitizer is damaged and everything should be replaced.

    My question is:
    To anybody who understand how does an MHL adapter work.
    An MHL adapter mirrors what you see in the screen. if I see a black screen in my s3 after connecting my s3 to a HDMI screen will I see a black screen or not?
    If the digitizer is broken is there a posibility that a MHL adapter will show my working screen?
    I understood that you can enter the unlock password using the remote control of your tv is correct?

    1. Hi Viktoa,
      Sounds like there could be some serious damage to your phone. If the phone somehow is working enough to work properly, No, you shouldn´ t see a black screen if the screen mirroring is working properly. Although the problem is you would need to activate the screen mirroring for you to see anything on the screen on the other side of the cable.

  53. Dear all,
    so it was not a Siii, but a mini Siii or a Siii with a mini Siii software. It is recognise as GT-I8190N.
    The “N” is very important, probably stands for “N”ot MHL supported device.
    you can update your list. GT-i8190N has no mhl support and the method1 will not work.
    Method 2 is no possible because usb debugging was not activated.
    Is there any other way apart from changing the glass and the digitizer?

    1. Hi Viktoa,
      Thanks for your feed back and have you tried the following steps.

      1. Power off the phone and make sure it’s completely powered down.

      2. Remove the back cover and remove the battery.

      3. Hold down the power button for about 1-2 minutes.

      4. Leave the phone for 10 minutes or so replace battery and then power on. Hope this helps.

      If that doesn’t work it’s likely the screen or screen connections are kaput

  54. Everything works for me except the mouse doesn’t respond. I can see my phone on the TV, but the mouse I plugged in to OTG is not working (I have tried several different ones). Anybody have any ideas or tips?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Let me contact the author for you to get an answer for your question. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    2. Hi Chris,
      It could be a few things from your phone not supporting OTG, maybe the proper drivers are not installed and the OTG support will depend on the software you have (Are you running on the latest Android version?). Please check these 3 things off and please let me know what happens. =-)

      1. Well I can’t see the android version, but I always downloaded the latest one when available without question. Not sure about OTG drivers either. I didn’t go out of my way to install anything new. Whatever comes out of the box with Verizon phones (including new android operating system pushes).

        1. Hi Chris,
          Welcome back! I checked and you’re phone does support OTG. Have you tried using a different mouse and checking that all the ports are working properly? That way we can rule out any faulty ports that could be causing this issue. Hope this helps. =-)

          1. I have the same problem with my Galaxy S5. I have the hub (same exact one you recommended) and I’ve tried 5 different types of USB mouse. I have a USB wired mouse and several wireless mouse with adapters. None of them work. I can see my lock screen on the TV, I’m just not getting the mouse pointer to appear.

          2. Hi Jamie,
            Do you have Side Sync installed? If you do you can unlock it from a PC. One problem at least with the S5 is that the USB port won´t talk to you until the screen is unlocked. Hope this helps. =-)

    3. Hi Judy, thanks for your response. No, I don’t have a Side Sync installed. Are there any other options? I downloaded adb, but my device isn’t recognized due to the lock screen (and I don’t think debugging was enabled anyway).

        1. Unfortunately I already received the replacement phone (cheaper than replacing the screen). I have to return the old phone but I was trying to salvage my data first.

          1. Hi Jamie,
            I understand. If the info is worth replacing the screen, I would do it, but if not……. I once did a factory reset without backing up my data, and I had to start from scratch. =-)

    1. Hi Nidha fath,
      I also have a Lenovo tablet and when I want to see the files I have on their I just use the USB cable. These methods should work fine, but let me know if you encounter any problems. Thanks for reading! =-)

  55. I have a Galaxy 5 with a broken screen. I have downloaded all of the required software.
    the problem that i have is when i do the command “adb devices”, it does not show that my phone is recognized even though i can access it through my computer through the file system.
    What should i do to correct this?

    1. Hi Patrick,
      When you say Galaxy 5, I´m guessing you mean Galaxy S5, right? Just checking. Let me do some research on a solution for your problem. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Ahhh that must be it, USB debugging is on for the phone. (also my apologies but the phone is a Galaxy s4) I would like to be able to use it until I can get it fixed as I have a USB mouse for it and the touch recognition still works.

        1. Hi Patrick,
          Now when you say “dead screen” do you mean all dead (as in completely off … no image etc?) or mostly dead (as in not responding to touches.) With the latter you might be able to get debugging disabled/re-enabled by connecting an OGT mouse if the phone supports it.

          1. The screen is entirely black but I still get tactile feedback whenever I touch the screen and I can still say turn off an alarm that goes off (that was on before the phone broke)

    2. Hi Patrick,
      Hmm. I see. Have you ever seen this device via the adb devices command? Tried a different USB cord?

  56. I am trying to use method 2 but I keep getting “The system cannot find the file specified” on the command prompt, can anyone help with this issue please. Thank you!

  57. I have a galaxy note 3 and my screen went dark when I dropped it. I am trying to get my photos but it won’t show me any files. I downloaded the sdk tool kit and when I get to step 3 on the command prompt window I get a message that says “The system cannot find the file specified” can someone please help me with this. Thank you!

    1. Hi Hiram,
      It looks like you could have hardware issues because of the drop your phone suffered. I would recommend taking into service and making sure that was not the cause of the problems. Please let me know what happens. =-)

  58. Hello, unfortunately i don’t have USB debugging activated on my NEXUS 5.
    On the compability list for the OTG adapter, i can’t find NEXUS 5.
    Can you tell me if it supports OTG? :S

    1. Hi Julian,
      Yes, Nexus 5 can support OTG and you just need to install a free app from Google play Store named “ES File Explorer File Manager” this app can support OTG file transfer via Nexus 5 free of cost. Hope this helps. =-)

  59. 811558 5569Hello there! I could have sworn Ive been to this weblog before but right after checking by means of some with the post I realized it is new to me. Anyhow, Im undoubtedly glad I located it and Ill be bookmarking and checking back often! 332252

    1. Hi There,
      I am glad that you were able to find us and don´t forget to tell everyone about us on your social media accounts so they too can benefit from out great tips. Thanks for commenting!

  60. I have a ZTE Lever , the screen is messing up and cant see it, would like to recover files, my screen requires a long press to unlock, which i can tell it does it still when i press, but when i hook it to a usb on my pc, nothing happens, any suggestions??

    1. Hi Timothy,
      Please make sure the USB cable is properly inserted on both ends. Unplug and replug it. If that doesn’t help, try another USB port. Or maybe another computer. Please let me know how this works out for you. =-)

  61. What if i can’t accept the RSS Key for ADB and it says the device is unauthorised?
    >adb devices
    List of devices attached
    10**** unauthorized
    >adb shell
    error: device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.


    1. Hi Ankit,
      Go to Settings>Developer options> and turn off USB Debugging and then turn it back on again. With this you will be able to re-authorize your device when you try to connect again. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need help with anything else. =-)

  62. Using Method-2 Android Debug Bridge
    All commands executed successfully but still my phone is not yet unlocked i have samsung galaxy S-3 please help me in this regard.

      1. There is no error message i have received. i can see icon in my computer window but when i click that phone icon there is nothing i can see only blank window will popup.

          1. I have used these command as you instructed above
            adb devices
            “List of devices attached
            emulator -5554 device”
            adb shell input text 1234
            adb shell input keyevent 66

            All command executed successfully but i can’t see anything in my PC

        1. Hi khateeb,
          Just to make sure that this isn´t the problem..are you sure the right pin code is being used? Please check and let me know. Thanks. =-)

          1. what pin code are you talking about??
            yesterday it was connected using same method but now i can’t be able to connect again please help me i have some more data in it.

        2. Hi khateeb,
          When I said pin code I meant password, apologies for the confusion. It is odd that you don´t get any error message since that is usually what readers get when something goes wrong. Please make sure that the second time you did it you followed the steps that said:

          Type in the following two commands. Make sure that you type in the second command immediately after the first one. Replace 1234 in the first command with your actual password.

          adb shell input text 1234

          shell input keyevent 66

          Also please make sure that the drivers also still there, since I don´t know if someone else uses your computer, they may have accidentally erased them. Hope this helps. =-)

  63. I have a broken Samsung Infuse, the phone’s screen doesn’t work whatsoever other than the buttons on the bottom. I’m able to plug it into my TV via HDMI, but when I use my mouse, my TV says I’m unable to use pointer features on external devices. Any suggestions?

  64. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, or should say daughters. This systems seems to function, turns on off, menu and return light come on and off, sounds work, no screen, no user interface the screen only “glows” dark gray. I don’t think she would ever set it in debugging mode. I have tried button combinations and unplugging battery. I would love to get her pictures off. I can access it with adb. For example, adb devices returns serial number? unauthorized. I cannot figure out what unauthorized means. I really don’t know the adb command set. I try adb shell input text pw, adb shell input keyevent 66 and it returns error: device unauthorized. This adbd’s $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set;…I tried deleting the key file in my user directory. Any advice on the $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS and after that any commands to copy files on an unknown file structure on the tablet to my pc. Kind Regards.

  65. The screen on my fairly new Samsung Galaxy S5 screen is black and unresponsive. I bought a similar cord as described in this post.


    I have everything connected, but I don’t see a mouse pointer on my TV. It is displayed there, but I can’t find away to draw the unlock pattern. I don’t see the Galaxy S5 on the OTG compatibility list. What do I need to do to draw the unlock pattern on my TV screen. Thanks so much!

    1. It seems the S5 has issues allowing usb to control it. Anyone else finding this to be true? Any work arounds?

      1. Hi Nathan,
        Do you have Side Sync installed? If you do you can unlock it from a PC. One problem at least with the S5 is that the USB port won´t talk to you until the screen is unlocked. Hope this helps. =-)

  66. Judy,

    I do not have side sync installed. Is there anyother way to unlock the phone or bypass the unlock or am I stuck having to replace the screen?

    1. Hi Nathan,
      Looks like your best bet would be a new screen. With a new display, you can rest assure that your screen shouldn´t cause you any more issues for quite some time. Thanks for reading. =-)

  67. I can use a mouse on my phone to operate all functions, but none of the icons on the screen will function by touch ( lollypop mstar m1 pro)

    1. Hi Dee,
      I see that you have an unresponsive touchscreen. Have you tried the following methods?:

      1. Restart your Android device
      2. Turn off your phone and take out the Memory card and then remove the battery for a few seconds. The put everything back together and turn your phone on.
      3. Remove any smart cases since they may cause your phone yo malfunction.
      4. Hard Reset Your phone. Be careful to backup all your data since this will wipe your phone clean.

      I hope this helps and thanks for commenting. =-)

  68. this IS definitely a scam. i purchased the Smays 5n1 from link pointing to amazon.com but the device does not work as described here or in the literature that came with the Smays device. i tried a tablet to see if i could get something to work {basic trouble shooting} but nothing worked. the device is supposed to change mode somehow holding down the button to change the light from red to blue… useless. also reading thru here its obvious the advise givers have never actually worked with this product or any scenario people are asking about. “…it should work…” is what i read here. if it looks like a duck… yada yada… so you got my $30 bucks including shipping… nice job. (the black version was a lot cheaper BUT out of stock… so i had to get the way more expensive white one) i will be contacting amazon maybe they can help at least get my cash back and at the very least get them on their radar for scams. next… Amazon reviews…. TAKE PRECAUTION FOLKS…..

    1. Hi There,
      I think you just received a faulty one if it doesn´t work. I am sure that Amazon would be happy to give you one that works. =-)

  69. Hi, any fix for a Samsung galaxy s6? Hdmi not supported and the screen is totally smashed and not visible, usb debugging not enabled. Thanks.

  70. I used this method on my HTC One M7. The screen is broken to where I can barely see anything, but the touch functioning still works. So typing is guesswork without the mouse, but it’s not impossible. So the cheap 5 dollar one without the mouse works just fine, you just have to be patient. I removed the lock screen and am now listening to music and canoodling. The method works if you aren’t incompetent and impatient.

  71. I’ve got a LG Optimus E975

    My screen is cracked, so only the left side of the numbers reacts, which means I can’t complete my pin code (numbers).

    I haven’t tried the OTG option yet, but when I try the ADB option, it keeps saying “No device found”. My phone charges, so it is connected to my PC.

    I’ve a lot of the comments in this thread, but none of them have helped. I just want to extract my photos. What do you suggest?

    1. Hi Nicklas,
      Are you using a Cyanogen bootloader? If so flashing to TWRP has been known to help, try using USB 2.0 instead of 3.0 or uninstall and reinstall the drivers. This could be why your device is not being found. Hope this helps. =-)

    1. Hi Tony,
      All you need is a standard USB mouse for this to work. Have you tried using another mouse, just to make sure that the mouse it not the issue. =-)

  72. I am still unable to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 with broken screen because the mouse is not recognized by the otg adapter, nor the television (Emerson). I have a USB mouse and it works fine when I plug it into my laptop, just not the adapter and television, and that’s the only way I will be able to unlock the phone to retrieve data.

  73. My Samsung Galaxy S 5, the screen is completely broken and 100% dark, although when you touch it you can feel the vibration that it is working. Trouble is it is locked with a swipe passcode, and I am unable to unlock it to sync it to my computer to get important photos off. I have a MacBook Pro and the charging cable, I am not looking to buy any cables, and am not very tech-savy. Is there any possible way to unlock it so I can sync the photos onto my Mac?

    1. Hi There,
      If you are not very tech-savvy, I would consider getting the screen replaced. Have you asked around to see how much that would cost? Maybe it´s not as much as you think. =-)

  74. I am having moto g 1st generation and I want to backup my pics but my screen is blown away and the touch is also not working I have kept pattern lock is there any way that u guys can help me out pls it’s urgent.
    I will be waiting for your reply.

  75. Hi there, I have a Samsung S3 with a black, unresponsive screen. I read that S3 requires a special hdmi adaptor from Samsung. Would a normal OTG plus HDMI adapter work? Thanks!

  76. Using Galaxy S3 – The screen display doesn’t work, and doesn’t accept touch. My 5-in-1 adaptor came with a separate adaptor specifically for the S3. I can get the HDMI to work, or the mouse, but never both at the same time.

    I’ve tried different orders, first the mouse, then as soon as the power is connected, the mouse stops working. If I use the S3 adaptor, the HDMI will work, but if I take it off, then the mouse works. I can’t get both to work at the same time.

    Does USB debugging have to be enabled for the mouse to work? I’m trying to rescue my old data, but I need to unlock the screen first. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Dean,
      USB Debugging is important when you are using ADB, but the reason you are having issues could be the with the adapter you are using. Is it a Samsung model or an unknown brand? Sometimes it doesn´t work when cheaper models are used instead of the better known brands. Hope this helps. =-)

  77. I tried method 2 and got all the way until the last input successfully. When I enter “shell input keyevent 66” I get the response that “shell” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Any ideas how to get passed that?

    1. I got it to work, just so you guys know, after you input “adb shell input text (1234)”, the next input you do is wrong. It should be “adb shell input keyevent 66” or else it won’t work.

  78. My screen still lights up and displays, but is not responsive to touch. The usb to mini usb adaptor I bought isn’t working when I pug in my mouse (tried self powered and usb powered mouses). I do have developer options, but I’m not sure if I turned on USB debugging. Is it just a lost cause?

  79. I downloaded android studio as suggested but it does not have a PLATFORM TOOLS folder and hence Changing Directory command does not happen. What to do.?

    1. Hi Shell,
      Have you tried launching the SDK and AVD Manager (execute the android tool) and install “Android SDK Platform-tools. Hope this helps. =-)

  80. Hi, I’ve got the same issue as Shell (Jan 15); I installed Android Studio but there’s no ‘platform-tools’ folder. Help? Thanks…

    1. Hi Peter,
      Is your SDK located at that path? Have you tried looking in


      I hope this helps. Please let me know how this works out for you. =-)

      1. Thank you so much for your article and posts.

        I have a Note 3 that I would like to retrieve some pictures and also wipe it clean before I send it back for a replacement. It currently is functioning…I can hear it boot, my alarm went off this morning; however the screen is completely black and green and I don’t think the touch screen is working at all. I have tried to hook to the computer and press my passcode into the screen blindly, but it didn’t seem to do much. Have taken out battery and tried to reboot to no success.

        I am not sure if I have the USB debugging enabled on my phone or not, but thought I would try option 2.

        1). I downloaded the SDK and the Samsung drivers then tried the following:

        2). I did a search on my C drive and found the following adb.exe under the following:


        When I click or try to run the EXE file nothing happens? Why?

        3). I tried to go to straight to the command prompt and get the following messages:

        C:\Users\me\>cd C:/android/platform-tools
        The system cannot find the path specified

        4). Connected the computer to phone and on command prompt typed:
        C:\Users\me>adb devices
        “adb” is not recognized as an internal or external comman, operable program or batch file.

        What will the prompt say if your phone does not allow USB debugging? Just to know if I am wasting my time with option 2. If so I might go ahead and order the 5 in 1 cord.

        Thank you for your help.

          1. Hi Drake,
            Did you type in the second command immediately after the first one and replace 1234 in the first command with your actual password? =-)

    2. Hi Peter,
      Some users have reported that when they don’t see this directory in the SDK,, they launch the SDK and AVD Manager (execute the android tool) and install “Android SDK Platform-tools. Hope this helps. =-)

    1. Hi Valerie,
      I don´t see why it shouldn´t work since the Note 4 supports OTG and HDMI output. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  81. Hello, can you link me to the proper USB driver if I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 but I’m trying to do this on a Apple Mac. Also I have everything else downloaded I believe but when I put the command in to the command prompt it says “No such file or directory”.

    Please help!



    1. Hi Brian,
      This was done on a PC and that could explain your error. Have you tried it on a PC to see if you get that same error? =-)

  82. My Moto X is not on the list of OTG supported devices, and I don’t have USB debugging enabled. is there any other way to unlock the phone?

  83. Hi i have s5 with dead screen , i buy hdmi connection kit and with that i can see my phonescreen on tv and my mouse red light is on but the mouse not working and there in no pointer on the screen I dont know what is the problem ,please help me

  84. I got error: device unauthorized.
    Is it possible to overcome this by some command from sdk? (the screen of ACER tablet is dead)
    Already tried to delete the key in /Users//.android (I used Mac computer) and it doesn’t work.


    1. Hi Kylee,
      I would give it a try since Fire OS is and Android-based OS. Let me know how it works out for you. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  85. whenever i put in “cd C:/android/platform-tools” in command prompt it says “the system can not find the path specified”. how do i fix this/ what did i do wrong?

    1. Hi Drake,
      Check the save as location on the info tab to make sure that drive letters haven’t changed around. Hope this helps. =-)

  86. my phone is S4 LTE-A SHV330S and i want to connect it with wireless microsoft sculpt mobile mouse and my notebook which is samsung ativ. this pc has micro HDMI port. can i use the PC screen as the screen display for my phone instead of a tv? if not, then i should just buy the 5-in-1 adapter and an HDMI cable that can connect to a tv, right?

  87. my phone is S4 LTE-A SHV330S and i want to connect it with my wireless microsoft scupt mobile mouse and samsung ativ notebook using the 5-in-1 adapter but is that even possible? can i use the PC screen to show my phone screen instead of an HDMI-ready tv? this PC has a micro HDMI port so it makes me wonder. seeing all these cables and ports makes me forget my name.

  88. Hi, my Samsung Galaxy S5 has a dead screen and I’d like to try and transfer some of the important files and photos from it to another device, however every time I plug in the HDMI adaptor to the broken screened phone, nothing happens. I know its not the cable because it can connect just fine to another s5 in the household. I’d love to get some assistance with this, its been trying my patience this past week.

  89. Hi there I am trying to get a transfer of images and other things from a Galaxy S5 with a cracked and dead screen, however whenever I follow he steps with the HDMI adaptor and I hook it up to my TV and everything, but there isnt any screen mirroring. I’ve tried this out with another S5 in the house, and it works perfectly fine, so it cant be the adaptor itself. Any clue as to what might be going on?

  90. the second option works if your phone is lock with a pass code but what if your blacked out screen phone that still works is locked with a pattern?
    please help

  91. I plugged in the hdmi to my tv and the phone screen comes up however I am not seeing the mouse I have plugged in? Any ideas?

  92. I have gotten to c:\android\platform tools in my command promt on windows 10. What commands or what do I do after that?, i am confused

    1. Hi Sondre,
      Make sure you have cd C:/android/platform-tools on the command prompt and then just continue with steps 4-6. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  93. None of them helped me. My cell phone ( xperia Z1) does not support OTG, neither debugging USB is activated. Nevertheless, it’s a well written easy understanding text.

    1. Hi Lucas,
      Thank you for your kinds words, but it´s sad to know that none of the methods were able to help. Will you be getting the screen replaced? =-)

  94. I’ve got a Galaxy S5 with a broken screen (all black) and need to access my internal contacts and photo’s if possible. The screen is also locked 🙁 otherwise it would be easy. I have a USB OTG HDMI adapter plugged in and I am able to see my phone screen on the TV but it is locked. When I plug in the mouse it lights up but no mouse cursor. Does the phone need USB Debugging enabled for the mouse to work or does my phone not support OTG?
    I have tried Kies, SmartSwitch, SDK with JAVA (however when in command prompt while changing directory it’s not seen), and as I’ve stated can not get the USB/OTG to work. Is there another screen emulator perhaps or can the Verizon store access my phone through a digitizer (without buying a screen)?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Ian,
      Your phone does support OTG and you need USB debugging on if you are going to use ADB. Sometimes if you use cheap cables from unknown brands, you can have these issues. Maybe if you research and to see what brand name cable will work for your phone since it also depends on how much you are willing to spend. I will still look into more options of what could be causing you these problems. Thanks for commenting and please let me know what happens. =-)

  95. Hello
    I got an OTG cable for my samsung galaxy s5 active and i get no hdmi output 🙁
    It works on my old cracked s4, but not my s5 active. Help?

  96. my scenario
    -Cracked screen
    -device is not acting as a drive or MHL when connected to computer.
    -device MNF does not have usb driver downloads
    -is running on android.

    is there a CMD line of commands to turn on androids “use as a hard drive” feature.

  97. After much confusion (the directory is actually C:Androidsdkplatform-tools), I finally got to run the ‘adb devices’ command, to no avail. Blank. No results. Updated drivers, updated the SDK, updated drivers again, reinstalled SDK, reinstalled drivers, rebooted several times along the way, still nothing. Tried following several other tutorials on what to do if ‘adb devices’ returns nothing, none of them worked. I do not have an “Android Devices” listed in Device Manager. I only have “Mobile Devices,” under which the phone is listed.

    I’m at a complete loss here, nevermind already being immensely irritated that nothing was backing up the way I thought it was. I would really like to get back the last two years worth of contacts I’ve apparently lost… Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  98. Hello, i recently broke my screen of my Nexus 6 and i want to be able to retrieve all my important pictures and videos. The phone is still responding as it still vibrates its just the screen is dead. I do not have UBS debugging enabled. Will i be able to use Method 1: HDMI Connection And On The Go USB Mouse on my nexus 6? As im not sure if it is compatible. If it is can you please list products i need to buy for this to work. Thanks

          1. Hi Jason,
            Apologies for the late reply. In the product description it says that it is only compatible with:
            -Galaxy S2 i9100 i9220 i9250 and all MHL/OTG tablet cell phone -Galaxy S3 i9300 -Galaxy S4 i9500 -Galaxy Note2 N7100 -Galaxy Note3 N900 N9000 -Galaxy Note8.0 N5100 -Galaxy Tab3 T310 T311 T210 T211. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    1. Hi Jason,
      I have looked but have not been able to find one that would ship to the UK. I will continue to look, but If I find one I will let you know. =-)

  99. will it work with desire 612 htc my screen broke had pass word number screen on it …. ??? if i dl the app and cmd it ? please email me a response back thanks!!

    1. Hi John,
      I don´t see why not. Please let me know how it works out for you. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  100. Hi so i have huge problem
    I’m using Samsung Galaxy A3 (SM-A300FU) and few day ago my screen died (long story) so it’s stock android and usb debuging is off so till i wait new screen is there some way to unlock it with pc cause i have important stuff inside that i need and screen is coming in like 2-3 weeks i can’t wait so long i need that files… please say that there is way to get that filet they are on internal memory of phone…

    1. Hi Zlatko,
      Have you tried unlocking your phone with Samsung Kies o I have read that many users get another working A3 from a friend, take off the backs of both phones, take off some screws, take the motherboard out, put your motherboard in the phone, turn it on, back up, done).
      Your data is saved on the motherboard, so you can just put it in another phone and back up from there.

      Just go to youtube and type “Galaxy A3 board swap”. It’s easy and works. Hope this helps. =-)

  101. I read of many people having problems connecting MHL and USB devices. I would point out that, as far as I know, to support bot USB OTG and MHL it’s needed the 11 pin connection. Connecting order of the devices may also matter, as stated by other comments.

    1. Hi Lorenzo,
      You are absolutely right. Some users have also recommended using cables from brand names such as Samsung for better quality. =-)

  102. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! The screen on my Note 3 went black after being dropped. I could still get notifications, calls, etc but no way to respond to my phone with a dead screen. The worst part? I couldn’t unlock it due to the dead screen which meant I couldn’t back up all my pictures and data before replacing my phone.

    I used followed your guide, purchased the inexpensive adapter, used my tv as the phones screen, unlocked my phone (which literally took all of 1 minute) and as I type this, all of my data is being backed up to my computer via Smart Switch. The process couldn’t have been easier to understand or execute and I couldn’t be happier that I am now able to save all of my photos from the Philippines! THANK YOU!!!!!

    1. Hi Gary,
      I am so happy to know that our guide was able to help you and that you were able to save all your pictures. You are most welcome for the information and thanks for commenting. =-)

  103. Any one of you, who suggested this method, have tried this before? I want to try this method but makers of this thing which connects mouse and TV with phone can work for one thing at a time. I mean we can use either mouse connected with phone or HDMI TV connected with phone not both. Can you please tell me if I am wrong or not?

  104. Can I connect my phone to my laptop instead of a tv? If so, will the mouse pad/ touch screen on my laptop replace the need for a mouse?

    1. Hi Tiffany,
      A laptop should also work, I don´t see why not. The touchpad should also work if you don´t want to use a mouse. Let me know how it works out for you. =-)

  105. How do I do step 4 is the first method with the standard OTG adapter? It says to connect both the UBS mouse and HDMI cable to it? The standard OTG adapter only has 1 input.

    1. Hi Jean,
      If you follow the amazon link in the post, and once there, see the frequently bought together items, you will find the accessories you need. =-)

      1. Method one works for me on my new Note 3, but will not bring up the screen on the broken Note 3. It has power to it, and it senses the different devices, but will not show up on the TV please help

        1. Hi JJ,
          There could be incompatibility issues with your TV. Is the method with the PC too difficult for you? =-)

  106. The adapter works for my phone that works, but it will not bring up the screen on the broken phone any ideas?

    1. Well i can safely say “Method 2” does NOT work. save your time! I installed everything i was supposed to install, then went through it step-by-step hoping it would work, and when i opened a window in the command line (as an admin) – and put in the following command as prompted:

      cd c:/anmdroid/platform-tools

      it said the path did not exist! sure enough – there was no ‘android’ folder at all on my PC – and the LG software IS installed on the PC as it installed itself when i first plugged it in (and i could find that).

      but on the off-chance this was a fluke – i tried the following commands (also listed in ‘method 2’):

      adb devices
      adb shell input text 1234
      shell input keyevent 66

      none of them were recognized at all. i am starting to think the pictures on the internal memory of this phone are lost forever and the person who was in many of them will just have to live on in our memories.

      if anyone knows how to hook up a LD-D415 using the USB cable to a PC, and then reset the internal password on the phone without doing a factory reset (which would destroy the pictures) so i can get to the pictures stored on it (and remember, the screen is useless), by all means – let me know, it would be much appreciated…

      commonsenseplease a T. g male d0t com

      1. Hi Matt,
        Did you type in adb shell input text 1234? If so, try replacing 1234 with your password. Please re-read step 5. =-)

  107. My Samsung S4 got damaged and now shows a black screen. Touch sense doesn’t work either but phone is still working I still receive notifications. I’m trying to retrieve files and save to my pc but because my s4 has a password. I chose method 2 but stuck at step 2 & 3. The command at step 3 doesn’t work as it says it doesn’t exist. What might I be doing wrong? Also what are the USB drivers that are talked about at step 2? How do I know if I need it and how do I know where and what to download if USB driver is needed. Please help as soon as possible

  108. Will Method 2 work if I had a pattern unlock? If so, how do I use Method 2. “I cannot change 1234 to my password because it’s a Pattern”…

  109. Hello.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, SM G900M and accidentally broke its screen. It’s completely blank and its touchscreen and home button won’t work. Power button and volume buttons still works. I can turn it on and plug it to computer and it works fine.
    My device is rooted and have USB debugging enabled.
    I never enabled a password to unlock, I just need to swipe but since my touchscreen doesn’t work, I can’t do it.
    I am trying ADB method but when I type ADB devices, I can see my device but its status is UNAUTHORIZED.
    Could you please help me. I want to send my phone to repair but it will have factory reset, and I need to see the messages and phone calls I’ve received.
    I’m using a tool, [email protected] to see my phone’s screen in my computer, plus another tool which, in theory, its supposed to allow me to control my phone.
    Thank you very much for taking your time to read this and to reply. Thank you for your support

  110. I want to use method 1, with the TV. One problem, though: I don’t have a TV, nor does anyone in my community. I don’t have a way of accessing a TV, but I do have an HDMI port on my laptop. Would that work just as well for my phone?
    (My phone is an LG G2; the screen is black, but the actual phone still works fine.)
    Thank you.

  111. Hey! The CMDPrompt for method 2 doesn’t seem to work for me… any help would be greatly appreciated…

    1. To my knowledge, you will just be using the “TV” as a display. It should work with anything accepting HDMI video as an input.

  112. Hi,
    I have a broken screen without touch/haptic feedback and I’m trying to enable WIFI so I can remote control the device.

    I have a OTG adapter which has HDMI out, 2 USB connections and other connections. The power is 5V and looking at most all of these are 5V.

    My phone just sits on the adapter using Micro USB.

    However the problem I’ve got is when I connect a wired mouse it detects it and it displays on the TV – Mouse connected (as I’m using HDMI out), but doesn’t show cursor and basically doesn’t work. The mouse is powered (Red LED at bottom). The mouse rating is also 5V.

    So could this be an issue?

    I have another OTG cable with just a micro USB to Female USB. I can connect a mouse to another phone and it works fine.


  113. Hi there
    I have a galaxy S5 NEO with a totally trashed screen. Both Windows and Linux recognise it’s presence with the usual blips and the touch pads at the screen bottom both light.
    I have Android Studio working with platform tools.
    using command prompt to enter ‘adb devices’ returns no list.
    Device drivers for S5 NEO have been uninstalled and reinstalled using Kies.
    I am certain that developer tools is NOT active on the phone – but can not see it anyway without a working screen.
    I use ‘strokes’ to enter the phone – but of course can not do that with no screen.
    So … I am stuck!!!
    Any clues on why the computer (Win7) sees the phone but command prompt returns no list?
    Any help appreciated.

    1. Hi There,
      A simple restart of the Windows computer can sometimes solve this problem. Unplug your USB, restart your computer and plug in and see if it works now. If it does not, shut down your computer, wait for a few minutes and then start your computer again. To avoid a possible conflict between two connected USB Devices, disconnect your other USB’s, connect this one and see if it helps. =-)

  114. Hello, I am trying to use the vysor method as it seems that it will be the only option i may have considering my circumstances. However, it is not finding my device.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, broken digitizer, black screen, locked with a pattern lock.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to access various files from the phone’s storage and transfer them to my pc.


    1. Hi Humberto,
      Step two says that your device needs to be on, is it on? If not that could explain why you can´t find your device. Hope this helps. =-)

  115. I have a completely dead/broken screen. I purchased the HDTV adapter and OTG card reader in hopes to connect to tv with a mouse to unlock the phone(pun number) and transfer files. I can get the phone on the tv but the mouse will not work at all. After further research I see the fine print on amazon product description states USB and HDMI cannot work simultaneously. How can I work around this since I can’t use the screen at all?

  116. Hi,

    I tried to use Vysor, it says no device found, make sure android usb debugging is enabled. But if it is not enabled on the phone there is no way to enable it because my phone is blank and locked… So this method works only if you enabled debugging mode in the past, before your phone screen cracked?

    1. Hi Ivan,
      The steps mention that when using a data cable, connect your Android device (while powered on) to your PC was you device on? You do not need ADB functionality for Vysor to detect your device, but without it you need to manually sync your connection. Have you tried doing this? =-) The steps for Vysor don´t mention you need USB Debugging on, you do need that for ADB.

  117. i broke my screen and i dont see anything. i cant activate usb debugging and i cant unlock my device, so i cant backup my data from my phone. my phone is a sony xperia sp
    help me please
    i tried vysor and adb but both wont work without usb debug

      1. i have only a normal otg cable without hdmi and if buy a cable for using only 1 time is not worth for me
        i dont see in android device manager and i said i cant enable usb debug so i cant use adb

  118. hey Dani, thanks for the tutorial.
    my oneplus one is totally cracked (ran over by cars actually) and i think im gonna try out the adb way first.
    my oneplus actually have the usb debug enabled, and i have to manually swipe it down and select to file transfer mode whenever i would like to access the internal memory.
    my question is, would the adb command bypass the usb debug (or whatever it’s called, sorry im not that techie) and allow me to acces the files? thanks in advance..

    1. Hi Rino,
      You need USB debugging to use ADB, can´t use ADB if USB debugging is not on. Hope this answers your questions and thanks for commenting. =-)

  119. My phone screen was black and I still had the ability to hit keys but I was blind to where they were. This article, specifically Method 1 worked perfectly. The guy at Best Buy said it wouldn’t work, he knew nothing. Thanks you saved all my work appointments in my google calendar from being lost and probably my job. #grateful

    1. Hi Vickie,
      That is great news! So good to hear that you were able to get all your files back and you are most welcome. Don´t forget to share you positive experience in your social media accounts so others can benefit as well. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  120. Hi, my phone screen is completely black but still functional as it vibrates as I type on the screen. Since I don’t have usb debugging, my only option is to use the android device manager. The question is, how can I unlock my phone using ADM since there is only the option to lock? You said by using the lock option i can unlock the phone……….how???

    1. Hi There,
      At the end of the ADM option, it says that the button in the center, Lock, is what you want, even if that seems like the exact opposite of what you want to press. This function also resets your password, which will help you unlock your screen long enough to transfer over any files you need. Have you tried doing that? =-)

      1. Merely repeating the same instructions that confused the user in the first place only with the addendum, “Have you tried doing that? =-)” will go down in history as the most useless technical assistance I have ever seen.

        When you click “lock”, this is all you get:

        “New lock screen
        Your current lock screen will be replaced with a password lock. Don’t use your Google account password.
        New PasswordConfirm passwordRecovery message (optional)
        Phone number (optional)”

        It is very telling how you gauge the intellect of the users you are “assisting”. Have you tried following your own directions? =-)

        1. Hi There,
          My intention is to never confuse users and I ask if they have tried a certain method just to make sure since sometimes we can forget or overlook it. My intention is to never gauge the intellect of anyone. When one is typing some word can be taken be misunderstood, as in this case. Thanks for commenting.

          1. I’m going to chime in with the last person to comment. What do I do after resetting the password? [BTW, when ADM returns to the main page, it gives me this message: “Since Google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password you entered won’t be needed.”] Help! And thanks.

          2. some of these need some creativity on your part. If you have swipe as your unlock option, for example, you can set a password with ADM, then unlock your phone. Sometimes you need a mouse or external keyboard. Each instance is different based on what happened to the screen and which security options you have enabled. This post is a point to get you started or give you ideas.

  121. Seriously dude…!!! YOU SAVED MY LIFE!

    Awww im a treat freak, I got almost every thing related to mobile like otg cables pendrives etc.
    but when my Mi 3 screen broke donno what to do. I was like hope less as im having important data in it. When i try to connect pc cause of screen lock didnt get detected.

    Finally the mouse idea through OTG rocks 😀 thank you sooooooooooooooooo much <3

    1. Hi Randy,
      I am glad that the methods in the article were able to help and that you were able to get your information. Don`t forget to share your positive experience in your social media accounts. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  122. When i connect my Nexus 4 to my mac i get error as “Cant access device store”

    If your device screen is locked please unlock it.

    Now as my device is locked and screen is not working How can i unlock my device?

  123. I need help! My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a completely dead/black screen. It also had a pattern lock on it at the time it was broken. I did log in to Google and was able to find my device and change the password to a 4 digit password, but I can’t get it to connect to Vysor or anything else on my PC since USB debugging is not enabled. Also, I’ve read that this phone doesn’t support HDMI nor MHL as it’s previous versions did. To me, it sounds like I’m completely out of luck. I had a lot of pictures and videos on that phone that I really wanted to retrieve. Any suggestions? Anything I’m missing? Has anyone with this phone successfully been able to unlock it?

  124. Hello I’m using method one on my note 3. It worked the other day but now nothing. When plugged in through the adapter on the TV no picture pops up what so ever but when plugged in my laptop everything comes up just fine. Why is this not working?

  125. Hello!

    I am currently using a Nexus 6 and my screen is completely black, however the phone still is operating behind the screen as I can feel vibrations and hear some notifications. My phone currently is locked with a pattern lock code and has USB Debugging disabled. An OTG cable works for me as a mouse is compatible but I am just unaware of where my inputs are. What are my options? Would method number 2 work with pattern locks as in the article is claims it will reset the pattern. Please help! Thank you!

    1. Hi Harman,
      Since you have USB debugging on then the ADB method should work , Have you considered trying it? =-)

      1. Sorry, you must’ve read my comment wrong, unfortunately USB Debugging is disabled which I believe leaves me out of luck for method 2. Please help!

          1. I don’t think method 1 will work due to the fact that the Nexus 6 doesn’t support MHL. Please help me!

  126. Hi, I am trying to unlock my dead screen Android galaxy s6 using the android device manager but after logging in with my google account the options are to ring or lock & erase. The lock & erase button are a single button. I am trying to retrieve my data from the phone so i don’t want to erase it. Does it give me the option to choose between the two after clicking the lock & erase button?

  127. My phone is locked by a pattern and screen not functional(and maybe usb debbuging is off) what’s the best way to recover my files? Thanks.

    1. Hi John,
      I recommend you start with method three and then move onto other methods that you think you might want to try. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  128. Hi! My Galaxy S5 has a dead screen and i tried 2/??? methods and it didn’t work since i need access to my phone that its screen doesn’t work (it is all black when i turn it on) . I burned out the screen a while ago and i tried importing my pictures and files and it said that there were no files on this phone. I heard there was a way to access my files and open my phone but i haven’t found way to access it without having to open my phone first since i cant see anything. Please help me.

  129. Hi,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a smashed screen. My PC recognises the phone, but wont allow me to interact with it as it is locked.

    I downloaded Vysor, but it cannot find my phone. I have connected and reconnected the phone to the PC multiple times. HELP!

  130. Why doesn’t the article make clear that USB Debugging is required for ADB? It’s not mentioned a single time in the article. You are presenting methods 2 and 5 as if you can do them on any phone. The vast majority of people reading this article will not have USB Debugging enabled before they break their phone’s screen. If there is any one thing to mention with the ADB methods, it’s that you shouldn’t even attempt them if USB debugging hasn’t already been manually enabled.

    It’s such a glaring omission, and USB Debugging has been mentioned in the comments several times. Why on earth isn’t this stated in the article? Do you want to mislead people?

    1. Hi There,
      In the article, there is a link that explains about what you need for ADB, but I see how it wouldn’t hurt to add to the Dead Screen article as well. Thanks for sharing your opinion and we obviously have no intention of ever misleading any of our readers. =-)

  131. Going to second TC’s comment.

    Currently trying to unlock a dead screen S4.

    option 1: not available
    option 2: VERY misleading as after setting up ADB etc and getting in… lo and behold failure due to USB debugging not on said handset due to it being a work phone.
    option 3: While possibly an oversight… doesn’t work if you have a pattern lock rather than a pin. Again misleading.
    option 4: Again VERY misleading. Also requires USB debugging.
    option 5: Misleading sue to the issue with option 2. Also not an option for this handset as it has proprietary files on it that it currently has the only copy of, somehow I need to get the lock off to rip the files off before sending it for repair.

    All in all a very poorly written/proofed/fact checked article, either that or you just blindly assumed that everyone either wants or has the option to run the machine in DEV/USB-D modes.

    The article could do with a heavy edit, also your rating submission boxes are gubbed in Chrome.

    1. Hi Aldo,
      In regards to:
      Option 1: Do you mean that you are not able to access the accessories?
      Option 2: A work will probably not have it on, but the method is for those non-work phones that will have it on for some reasons.
      Option 3: If you have a pattern lock the method will not work for a pattern, but will help those users that opted for a non-pattern password.
      Option 4: You are right, warning that USB debugging is needed at the beginning is helpful and we will work to fix that.
      Option 5: Is for users who might have files that are that important or have created a backup of their files elsewhere and are willing to go for a reset. Ever user is prepared differently and the above methods are created to always try and help users and never mislead, but we will review it since we always strive to help users and not confuse them or make them waste their time. Thank you for sharing your opinion. =-)

  132. To cut a long story short if your screen is smashed and you never got a chance to turn on USB Debugging none of these options will work for you.

    Really should be mentioned at the top of the article. Galaxy S6 doesn’t work with the OTG reader so that is also out the window.

    So to sum up Anything newer than an S5 with a smashed screen and USB debugging not on/turned off then you are FUBAR

    1. Hi John,
      Thank you for sharing your opinion with us and we are going to make some necessary changes to the article so the reader is aware of the important warnings from the very beginning. Thanks again for commenting. =-)

  133. This does not work for HTC One devices apparently. the adb shell command comes back with this:

    error:; device unauthorized
    This adb server’s $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set
    Try ‘adb kill-server’ if that seems wrong.
    Otherwise, check for a confirmation dialog on your device.

    Can’t check for a confirmation when my screen is inoperable. My phone was set to have developer options and USB debugging enabled.

  134. Hi, I’ve tried using the adb method, but it tells me the phone isn’t authorised. Is there anything I can do to workaround this?

  135. I have a Samsung S6 with a screen that is black and phone is locked. I have tried to enter the cmd adb devices and it does not show my phone. I have used two cables and no luck. I just want to unlock it so I can transfer files to my new phone.

    1. Hi Adam,
      Have you tried login to Find My Mobile using your Samsung account? On your computer, download and install Kies. Once you have logged in to Find My Mobile, you will have the option to unlock your phone. After you’ve unlocked your phone, you can then connect it to your computer and use Kies to extract whatever data you want. Hope this helps. =-)

  136. Quick question! Just to be sure I understood…
    Without DEBUGGING USB enabled none of the methods, described here, work?!


      1. Hi there!
        I’m asking this just to be sure, before I go ahead and buy the OTG and HDMI cables and then it ends up not working…

        And would this method work with my laptop screen!?

        1. Hi Andreia,
          These instructions were meant to be used on a TV. By using a laptop, you will need a software that will allow you to see the screen, there are more things involved. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  137. Hi

    I have a encryption/boot password on my Samsung Note 3. This was setup due to the google authenticator app I believe as it encrypts your data. Everytime I restart my phone or turn it on I get ask for the password.

    My problem is: My screen is now not working as I dropped it, it is just black. My phone still switches on, but I get stuck as I am unable to enter my password so that my phone can boot into the Andriod OS.

    My question is: Will the methods described above still work if not is there a way to bypass/deactivate the encryption/boot password so that I can backup my data using Kies or any other software

    1. Hi There,
      Since you dropped it, you could be facing hardware issues. Before you try any of the methods, I would recommend you take it in for service since if something did break none of the methods are going to work. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  138. Hello, I’m attempting Method 1 on my HTC One M9 with an inoperable touchscreen. I purchased a 5-in-1 OTG adapter. The HDMI appears to work correectly but I cannot get a USB mouse to work. I’ve tried several USB mice I have lying around and none of them seem to be getting power. I’ve tried unplugging the HDMI cable and just trying to guess based off of memory but the mouse appears to have no power from the OTG adapter. Any suggestions?

    1. I tried ordering this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HNIV6NQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

      Reviews stated mouse would not simultaneously work with mouse and HDMI, but another user stated it just needed to be plugged in in the proper order. I think the latter review of the correct order may have been deleted as I cannot find it.

      Perhaps try plugging them in in a different order?

      Anyways I couldn’t even get this 5 in 1 device to display anything on any device on either of my TV’s, I feel like I must be doing something wrong. When the article states I must be on the right “channel” it means it should be on HDMI input right?

    2. I don´t know what features you may have left on your phone before the screen dies, but you could try Bluetooth connection or other wireless connections.

  139. What on earth is Method 3 supposed to do? I had my phone screen set to no security, therefore, no swipe, pin, or anything else. I tried Smart Switch and it said usb transfer is not allowed. I assume that means usb debugging is not enabled. So then I try Kies. It just says my phone is locked. So since my screen is busted, I go with Method 3 up there thinking that may get me in Kies. All it did was replace my no security with a password. Now it really is locked. Why the heck does method 3 say “how to unlock”? Now I can’t even try the s voice to get debugging enabled.

    1. Hi Scott,
      ADM doesn´t get you into Kies, Kies is accessed through your computer´s software. Since your phone is now locked method 1 looks good. Were you trying to unlock your phone when it was already unlocked? =-)

  140. For Galaxy Note 4: Samsung has an MHL to HDMI adapter. Plug that into the TV. The S-Pen will still work. Problem solved.

  141. Hello and thanks for all the good info. I’ve been struggling with the sdk set up. I’ve followed installation instructions and can’t start abd.exe. I’ve set the path and even navigated to the directory…still won’t start. However, before I invest anymore effort, I realized that debugging may not be enabled. Would you happen to know if a Note 3 International has debugging enabled by default?

    1. Hi Dave,
      Do you get some kind of error or just nothing happens? USB debugging does not come on by default since it is something you have to turn on in developer options. =-)

  142. my sony xperia z1 screen is cracked and totaaly blank and i have a pattern lock. i havent enabled usb debugging. what can i do to retrieve my data or to unlock my phone??

  143. Hi JoA team
    first of all thank you for this post.
    I dropped accidentally my Samsung Galaxy X4 and the LCD screen is now black. I can see and hear notifications so it is still working but I cannot use it.
    Vysor would be exactly what I need but it does not detect my phone in any way!
    And the phone is detected by Android Device Manager and by an app called Android File Transfer (that unfortunately does not do everything I need to do).
    Any idea?

  144. My device is Samsung GS6.
    The hdtv OTG adapter from amazon did not fit, I dont think the device supports this method. I never enabled usb debugging before the screen went bad, so using vysor or android device bridge wouldnt work , they couldnt see the device. I already activated the number temporarily on a different device (with a different sized sim) so I couldnt get connect to the internet on the broken device anymore for the android device manager unlock to work (but this option should have worked fine had I not done a sim swap already).

    What i ultimately did was use one of the plastic screen protectors that come with a new phone , i placed that on top of my own phone ( a working galaxy s6) and with a permanent marker i wrote all of the numbers on the plastic protector for the unlock screen (i was using simple pin code on the device) . Then i transferred the plastic protector to the broken phone so that i would know where to press the numbers to unlock the phone (even though i couldnt see anything). After unlocking it , I used samsung smart switch to make a backup of the old phone data. then used it again to transfer that data to the new phone.

  145. Thank you for all the help you give, I have just come from the cracked screen help page and was given a link to this page regarding my Nexus 7 (1 Gen).

    I have tried:

    Method 1: Using your TV as a Second Screen with OTG and HDMI
    Bought HDTV adaptor, nothing works through it and even connecting directly to TV using HDMI cable nothing shows on screen, I even tried the newly obtained tablet which did not even show up on screen either so I still have to tinker with that option.

    Method 2: Unlocking with ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
    All installed OK and followed instructions only to get stuck when it cannot find any adb devices.

    Method 3: Using Google Remote Unlock (Android Device Manager)
    Forgotten about this originally, and was curious what would happen. Unfortunately it could not locate the tablet.

    Method 4: Vysor
    Once again like the many programs like this I have tried it cannot detect/connect with tablet.

    Method 5: A Factory Reset
    Cannot find any adb devices.

    All was not completely lost as when I got another tablet all of the apps and settings were restored as soon as I logged into Google and even the home page photo was still there but other photos and videos are gone.
    The main issue was all the info I had saved in a diary which failed to backup. I have now installed a different one on the new tablet which seems to be backing up OK.

    I tried the battery from the newly obtained tablet in the broken one and still no joy, so I am guessing it is hardware issue and I will need to try and find which part needs replacing. Not sure where info is stored in the tablet and I think it will take a new main board to get it working again but will probably mean the info is gone.

    Once again thank you for your help.

  146. Here is, I suppose, the answer to why the mouse cursor doesn’t appear or the mouse doesn’t work on your TV and why you are basically screwed if your screen is broken and phone is locked and hadn’t turned on ADB, Debugging and the following thing: “If you have Android 4.0 and Up, go to Settings > Developer Options (you have to enable this, it’s not on by default) > Pointer Location and toggle that on.”
    I wasted quite some money (5in1 otg combination adapter and new mouse) for nothing because how am I able to get access to my settings and toggle on whatever thing needs to be toggled on if my screen is broken and phone is locked. The title and the language in this article is so misleading. Why couldn’t you guys be honest and detailed about how ‘easy’ these methods really are.

    1. Hi Andreas,
      Sorry about that. I will keep searching to see why the cursor won’t appear but a friend of mine tested it on his Nexus 6 and it worked just fine.

  147. Method 3: Using Google Remote Unlock (Android Device Manager)

    This was a disaster! I had a broke screen where i can only see glimts of the top right and left side of screen. Now you made me lock the phone and i have no way to access it!

    Why did you even have that as an option!?

    What do I do now??

    1. same thing happened to me!!! It locked my phone worse than it was already!!!!!!!
      I hate that I read this article. I have useless programs now on my computer and my phone is completely locked!!

  148. Hi,
    If the OTG method does not work, do I have more chances with the method “using your TV as a Second Screen with OTG and HDMI”?

  149. Once I change the lock code using the 3rd method then what? It tells me my new password isn’t necessary and that’s it. Nothing else happens

  150. I’ve had the exact same thing as Kathy. (I have a Samsung A3) The Google remote thing just said it’s already locked and didn’t do anything.

    I don’t understand a word of method 1 or 2 unfortunately so don’t know if I am able to do those!

    And I tried Vysor but it just says “Vysor is requesting access to one or more of your devices” and doesn’t have any other option other than ‘Cancel’ available to click on.

    Any advice please? I’m desperate!

    1. Some of the processes in this article require you to have debugging on or the apps installed prior to the screen malfunctioning. The age of the Samsung may also play a part with Vysor. What are you trying to save?

  151. I used the android device manager (
    Method 2) but it just locked my phone with a more complicated password. There’s still no way to imput a password because the touch screen isn’t working. Please help.

    1. I am not sure there is much you can do. If you have a phone that can utilize a mouse or keyboard, that might help you input a password or input things on screen is you can see them.

  152. Hello,
    Sadly I am beyond computer illiterate. I of course read the advice given but it went above my head. I have a LG train simple phone. Screen is completely gone, I just really need some photos I had a year ago. What is the simplest way to get those photos. Thought they were saved on the sd card but apparently not!

    1. This is a difficult one. Some apps sync online, like Google Photos. While others stay on your phone. Without a screen to change any settings, I am not really sure what options you have. Odds are pretty slim that you tinkered around and turned any of the needed features on. There are places you can get the screen fixed for a fee in most larger cities. You could also take your phone to a cell phone store. Many times they have a cellebrite machine and can remove the images or other information.

    1. The methods vary depending on which settings you already have turned on. Did you try any of the options listed?

  153. Thanks for taking the time to build this guide. in the Google method above, I selected Lock and it opens a window where you change you password. But your instructions indicate This function also resets your password, which will help you unlock your screen long enough to transfer over any files you need.” At what point and/or how does it unlock my screen long enough to transfer the files I need?

    I have a Galaxy s6. Dropped it and the screen is completely non-functional – no illumination, nothing. But everything else seems to work — I get texts, the phone rings — just can’t get any acccess to it. Would REALLY like to get the pics off primarily, but also the texts if possible. Not sure if it has USB debugging enabled on it. Also, the passcode on it is an authentication step that is added when I synched this up with my work email (this phone is provided by my employer). Will you please provide more specific detail on this method? thanks very much.

    1. many of the options rely on you having options turned on ahead of time or having downloaded and run an app prior to your screen breaking. If you have no functions on the screen, it is really hard to tell what’s going on. You need to be able to see, one way or another, to navigate the menus/folders. I think your best bet is to repair the screen.

    2. I did the same to my S6, actually I ran it over with a monster truck by accident. 🙂 I then tried many other methods mentioned in this article among other things, but none seemed to work for me. I eventually bought a new Samsung phone and went to the Play store and downloaded “Smart Switch” to both the new and old phone. If you have a Google account it should have your old phone listed as an option for downloading apps to it. I then connected the phone via USB to my Windows 10 PC and then began the time consuming effort of taking screen shots on the old phone ( hold the home button and the power button at the same time) . This at least allowed me to see what was going on. My touch screen still works so I was able to navigate the screen by using the screen shots. I hope this helps.

  154. You left out one key part in your guide. That MHL adapater has an 11 pin connector, which is NOT the standard micro usb adapter (5 pin) most Android devices use. I just wasted money because I didn’t do my due diligence and instead took some one else’s word.

    1. thanks for the input. each phone has it’s quirks and special items needed. it’s difficult to tell the specifics that will cover every situation in an article like this.

  155. Hi, Thanks for the great article. I’ve a Samsung Galaxy S5, SM-G900A model. The screen is cracked and black. No display. The phone is locked with swipe password. I need to transfer information from my phone. I tried the vysor app method. Vysor is recognizing my phone but it is asking to accept “Allow USB Debugging” prompt. I’m lost. How do i proceed further. Thanks!

    1. If you have an unlock method that requires an action that needs to be performed by the screen such as a swipe or pattern, there are not many options. You might be best to take it to a service center to see if they can remove any of the information you need.

  156. Afternoon

    I bought everything I need for step 1 I can get my phone on my TV screen but when I plug the mouse into the otg device the mouse won’t work. I have tried a wireless mouse and a wired mouse. The otg is the exact one you have shown.

    Any ideas


    1. it is hard to say. Some phones and pointing devices are not compatible. Different devices work differently. does the screen work at all where you can use it versus the mouse while its plugged into the tv?

  157. I have a Note 5 with a non-functional screen. Debugging was not activated. Vysor was my only shot accessing pictures that were not backed up. This article says thatdebugging is not needed, but it won’t see my ,. the software doesn’t see my pholne, even when addrwas is ,entered manually.

    1. ADB is Android Debugging Bridge, which is the software that runs on your computer to allow it to communicate with your device more fully. Unfortunately, you still need “USB Debugging” to be turned on in your device settings for Vysor to work. Every solution I can think of is going to require debugging to be turned on, unfortunately.

  158. I have all the components necessary for Step 1. The screen on the Galaxy Note 3 is shattered and permanently black; however, the phone works. My phone screen is not displaying on either of my T.V.s when using the HDMI cable and the adapter. My TV just says, “no signal found.” Do you know why it’s not displaying my phone screen? Did I need to have something enabled on my phone prior to breaking the screen?

    Thank you for any assistance or advice.

    1. It’s likely that the incident that caused your screen to break also damaged other components in your phone so it’s not able to provide an output. You don’t need an output for the other methods listed above, so try one of those instead. Let me know if you encounter any more problems!

  159. I was able to access a screen-dead Galaxy S3, USA Verizon version and extract all my important files! Here’s what i used, and here’s how i did it:

    What I used:

    – my screen-dead phone

    – a OTG USB Cable ($5!)

    – a PC (mine has Windows 10)

    – an external USB physical keyboard (basically a regular PC keyboard, so long as it connects via USB).

    First, my phone’s situation, so you can compare:

    (1) Phone was dunked in water for extended period of time. Phone would power on, but, the screen was dead. The screen was totally black, nothing visible on it, AND, the touchscreen aspect was totally dead as well, ZERO responsiveness on the touchscreen. When I powered on the phone, the blue power light in upper left hand corner would come on, nothing else would. But, once the phone powered up, if it hit the physical menu bar at the center-bottom of phone, the lights to the right and left of it (don’t know their names, but the one to the right is a curved arrow, a ‘return’ button) would light up too for a moment.

    (2) My phone was locked with a 4-digit password, no swipe. Also, I did not have USB debugged, and I had never registered my phone with Samsung, so Kies was useless. Bluetooth was not enabled, and I had not backed up my files using Google or anything else. So only Method 1 above had any chance of success.

    What did I do:

    (1) I tried Method 1 above, I bought the linked MHL to HDMI Adapter, but it did NOT work, because it was impossible to get the HDMI and USB ports to work at the same time. As many others have also said, I could get the USB port (mouse) to work, OR i could get my phone screen to appear on my TV monitor via the HDMI, but NOT both, and you need both to implement Method 1.

    (2) What I did do: I had received a replacement S3 from Asurion, and I noticed that when the screen was “asleep”, when I pressed the physical button (bar shaped) at the bottom of the screen, that caused the screen to light up, displaying my virtual keyboard and the message to type in the password. Pressing the Power button on the right side of the phone does the same thing.

    SO, i then put a battery in my “dead screen” water damaged phone and powered it up, and noticed the same thing: Even though the screen was dead, when i powered up the phone (again, i knew it was powering up because the blue/green power light in upper left would come on) and then pressed the bar button at the bottom of the screen, the light to left and right of it (the right light is a curved arrow, the return button) would light up.

    (3) SO, i figure that even though my screen was black, underneath that blackness the same thing was happening on the broken phone as on the good phone: When those right and left lights lit up, the phone was now ready for password input even though i couldn’t see it on my dead screen. So what I did was, I used an USB OTG cable, the same one linked in the article for Method 1, and connected that to my dead phone. Then, i connected my physical keyboard that i use with my PC to the USB OTG cable. Not a mouse, that’s useless because you have zero chance of blindly guessing where to click the mouse on the black screen to enter the password. But with the keyboard there would be no guessing – just type the correct password in and hit enter! So i then typed in my 4-digit password, then pressed “enter”.

    Of course, since I could not see my phone screen, because it was NOT connected via HDMI to my TV (remember, both USB and HDMI cannot work at same time), I took it on faith that i was in fact entering my password into my phone.

    (4) As soon as i “blindly” entered the password, i disconnected the USB OTG cable from my phone, then immediately connected my phone to my PC using a USB cable. You know, like if you want to physically connect your phone to your PC to transfer pictures from your phone gallery to a file on your PC. Note that after I blind-entered the password, as i was disconnecting the USB keyboard and connecting the phone to my PC via a USB cable, AND as i was awaiting the PC to recognize the phone after I had connected it, every 5 seconds or so i kept tapping the green-lit “return” button, the right hand button, at the bottom of the screen-dead phone, to prevent the phone-screen from going “asleep” and thus requiring a new password entry.

    NOW, the key thing here is, previously, when I had tried to connect my phone to my PC via USB, the PC would recognize the phone (i.e. when i clicked Start, then File Explorer, then “This PC”), i would see the phone listed alongside my “C” drive and DVD drive, BUT when i would click on the phone to open it and access its files, the phone file would open but it would say “this file is empty”, and that’s because the phone was password protected, so my PC could not access the files.

    HOWEVER, after following the “blind log in” procedure i described above, guess what – when i went to “This PC” and clicked on the phone, the phone files all appeared! Because i had correctly entered my password using the external USB keyboard!

    I was then able to transfer all the files from the broken screen phone to my PC, got all the videos, pics, documents, etc. that I thought were lost.

    Hope this works for you!

    1. Wow! What a thorough comment! Thanks for letting us know how our suggestions worked for you and giving insight on how to handle problems you encountered. Comments like these are great for helping other readers troubleshoot their problems.

  160. I have a phone in almost exact same condition as esteban959 above, except it is pattern locked:
    galaxy S4, seems to work fine (e.g. alarm goes off every morning at the time i set it for) but screen does not turn on (I dropped it on concrete), pattern locked, windows sees it but will not let me explore file system (presumably because it is locked), smart switch says ‘device is locked, unlock to connect’

    None of the methods worked so far: Method 3: device is listed, but when i push ‘lock’, it says ‘device locked’, and there is no change in lock status of device locally (/ does not seem to beany change)

    method 4: vysor: device not detected , tried some troubleshooting steps from vysor support site but didnt’ change anything

    method 2: platform tools folder found in ‘users\username\appdata\local\android\SDK\platform-tools’ in windows 7. open cmd window in that folder, type ‘adb devices’ , comes up with ‘list of devices attached’, and list is blank. I dled usb drivers from samsung, but it says ‘usb drivers for this device already installed’

    i was most hopeful for method 2, but IDK what to do when method 2 and 4 can not see the device? any help is appreciated!!!

    1. Did you try method 1? That’s the most straightforward, and the Galaxy S4 is OTG compatible, so it should work.

      By the way, we approve all comments before they’re posted, so don’t worry if your comments don’t show up right away.

  161. My phone is SONY Z5 and I do not have USB debugging enabled.

    The screen is cracked but not dead completely.

    I tried the regular OTG cable with mouse but my phone could not detect it.

    Do you think Method 1 will work?

    1. Hi, Will. Method 1 is the most straightforward method, and the one most likely to work with any given device. Give it a try and if you’re still having trouble then reply to this message and I’ll help you figure it out.

  162. I have read this article and the one for a cracked android screen, and I think I still need help because it’s not addressing my specific problem.

    The phone I have is the Kyocera Rise from virgin mobile. Yes, it’s an android from like 2008 or 2009.
    That being said, the android version was too immature to even have a USB debugging option.

    My screen is not at all cracked. It’s just completely black. The charging/notification light still works. The power button still works. I press it and swipe my finger across the screen (I didn’t have a lock code) and I can HEAR the unlock sound, but I can see nothing.
    The bottom buttons (back, home, settings, etc) still light up and are touch-responsive (they vibrate) but I can see nothing.

    I have plugged it into my computer via usb. My computer does not show any change.

    Please is there any way to get photos of this old ass piece of crap phone?

  163. I’m seeing elsewhere online that the OTG cable combo does not allow use of the HDMI and the USB mouse cannot be used at the same time; was this your experience? If it is the case, that means even if I can get my phone screen on a TV/other monitor, I won’t be able to click anything. Apologies if this has already been addressed.

  164. I have a Samsung S8, the touch screen is broken, and it is encrypted for security. I powered my device on and cannot draw my pattern to turn it on completely. I can see it though. Will any of the options above work? I tried the Vysor and the Find My Device through Google, but those wouldn’t work (I think because my phone isn’t actually powered on all the way). Please help, I’m in tears trying to figure out how to get my pictures of my son off of it. 🙁

    1. Hi Kelsey! Could you clarify what you mean when you say that your device isn’t powered on all the way?

  165. my zt1609 is bleeding to death as i speak i need all of everything on this unit i know sounds like a pipe dream im not dreaming about pipes if some one can get into nasa or any other government files then some one that knows these operating systems can suck one of these phones dry and thats what im needing with a quickness how bout it can you help me or steer me to a intity that can and it needs to be right ricky tick thank you

  166. I have a zte axon 7 mini with a dead screen, password, and set to charge mode instead of media transfer mode. I was wondering if there was any way for it to work without buying an OTG cable or an hdmi cable for it, I tried vysor and google find my device, but neither of them worked. If you have a zte you would know, but I have to put my password in the phone before i even fully turn on the phone so i cant use my finger print to unlock it. Please help I have all my photos from the past year on it.

  167. Is there any way to recover data on my phone if the charging port won’t work? I can charge it via wireless charging, a little bit. But the screen won’t come up as well.

  168. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! My Galaxy S9 phone suddenly had a black screen…and it was locked. After an ENTIRE day online with my phone carrier co., They had ZERO suggestions or solutions for me. I was determined to try everything possible to figure this out. Came across your site, wrote down info on what products to buy and headed out to my local Best Buy store where I found exactly what I needed. My phone is now connected to my TV where I was able to unlock it and am currently uploading my pictures off the phone and will continue to get rest of my important info off before I turn the broken phone in tomorrow for my new phone! THANK GOODNESS for folks like you and THANK YOU again for posting this solution!!!

  169. Thanks for a clearly set out article. However, is there is a need for an update in the ADB bridge debugging section. There seems to be no “platform-tools” pathway recognised after down-loading the Bridge Studio software? Perhaps the software has moved on.? I am currently trying to get data off a Samsung A300FU mobile that has a fully broken and dark screen, although the phone is on. Sadly it is password protected and none of the OTG options seem to work.

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