How To Update CyanogenMod For Any Android Phone

Updating my Android device is something that I find really exciting and when I see that update notification on the screen, I usually update my phone right away.

While stock firmwares don’t receive updates often, you’ll find frequent updates on CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod is one of the best firmwares available for Android, however, you might still find some bugs which is why you should keep your firmware up to date.

In this post, I’ll show you how to update CyanogenMod for any Android phone. Updating the firmware is extremely easy and you’ll be able to install the latest updates in just several minutes.

Why Update Your CyanogenMod Firmware?

You might be wondering whether updating CyanogenMod is worth the hassle as it is already one of the most popular firmware available for Android. Here are the reasons why you should keep your CyanogenMod firmware up to date.

  • Fix bugs and glitches. If you’re currently facing any bugs or issues on your phone, then you should definitely update your CyanogenMod firmware as most updates try to fix software bugs and glitches.
  • Improve the performance of your phone. The latest CyanogenMod update might also bring performance and battery improvements on your phone.
  • Get new features. CyanogenMod updates might also come with new and improved apps or features and you’ll be able to enjoy them on your phone.

Method 1: CM Updater

CM Updater is one of the most useful features that is built into the CyanogenMod firmware and this is the easiest way to update your CyanogenMod ROM. It is similar to installing Over The Air updates on stock firmwares.

You don’t need to manually go into recovery or flash anything and everything is automatically done. The installation process only takes a couple of minutes, but downloading the update might take a while depending on your internet connection.

Step 1

Go to Settings, tap on About phone and select CyanogenMod updates.


Step 2

Tap on Update types and select your desired update type, such as stable only or all versions.

updater types

Step 3

Tap on the Refresh icon on the top in order to check for updates.

updater refresh

Step 4

Below AVAILABLE UPDATES, tap on the Download icon next to the update that you want to install.

updater download

Step 5

Once the update is downloaded, tap on the Install icon and select Update if you get an Apply update popup. Your phone will now update your CyanogenMod firmware and this might take a couple of minutes. Once the process is completed, your phone will reboot. That’s it! You have successfully updated your CyanogenMod firmware.

cyanogenmod update

Method 2: Manually Installing Updates

This is another reliable method for updating your CyanogenMod firmware and it is slightly more complicated than Method 1. This method is ideal for installing major updates, specially when you want to wipe data and cache on your phone.

Step 1

Download the CyanogenMod update manually on your PC. You can find CyanogenMod firmwares on the official downloads page.

Step 2

Transfer the firmware zip file to your phone without extracting it.

Step 3

Boot your phone into recovery. You can do this by using your phone’s advanced power menu or by using a button combination after switching off your phone. The button combination will depend on the phone you’re using.

Step 4

If you’re installing a major update, wiping data is recommended. In order to do so, go to Wipe data/factory reset using the Volume buttons and select it using the Power button. Select Yes if you get a confirmation option. Wiping data will delete everything from your phone so make sure that you have a backup available.

recovery wipe

Step 5

Go to Install zip from sdcard, navigate to the CyanogenMod firmware that you transferred to your phone earlier and select it. Select Yes if you get a confirmation option.

recovery install

Step 6

Wait for the update process to complete and this might take a couple of minutes. Once the firmware is installed, select Reboot system now. That’s it! You have successfully updated your CyanogenMod firmware and your phone will now reboot.

recovery reboot

Method 3: CyanDelta Updater

This last method uses a third party app from the Google Play Store in order to update your CyanogenMod firmware. CyanDelta Updater is a popular app that lets you update various ROMs on your phone.

The best thing about this app is that it downloads only a small delta file that is needed to update the firmware instead of downloading the full firmware. Unlike Method 1, you won’t have to download huge ROMs in order to update your firmware.

CyanDelta Updater is an excellent replacement for CM Updater and it also lets you view the changelog before flashing the update.

Step 1

Download and install the CyanDelta Updater app on your Android device. You can download the app through the Google Play button below.

Download on Google Play

Step 2

Download the latest zip file of the CyanogenMod firmware for your phone. You can find the firmwares on the official downloads page.

Step 3

Transfer the downloaded zip file to your Android device.

Step 4

Open the CyanDelta app, tap on No zip selected and select the zip file that you transferred to your phone earlier. Wait for the app to verify and import the zip file.


Step 5

Your downloaded zip file should now be saved in CyanDelta. When there is an update available, you’ll see the update name and size below Available update. Tap on the button below Available update in order to download the delta file.

cyandelta update

Step 6

Once the file is downloaded, tap on the Install zip button. Your phone will now install the update and this might take a couple of minutes. Once the process is complete, your phone will automatically reboot. That’s it! You can now enjoy the latest features from the CyanogenMod update.

cyandelta install


If you have been using Android for a while, then I’m sure you like software updates as they bring new features and fix various software bugs and glitches. CyanogenMod updates work in the same way and you can easily install the latest updates using any of the methods mentioned above.

Method 1 is the easiest and most reliable way of updating your CyanogenMod firmware as it comes preloaded. Method 2 is ideal if you want to install major updates and the last method is perfect if you don’t want to download huge files in order to update your phone.

Make sure that you follow all the instructions properly on how to update CyanogenMod for any Android phone and feel free to drop any questions in the comments section below. What’s next? Learn about the best CyanogenMod themes and even the top features.

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  1. hi …. i did the third method and now i am stucking in cyanogenmod logo with a rotation movement >>>>>>> this is happen when the phone done the process in recovery mode and reboot

    1. Hi EngMoha, I didn’t understand your question properly. Try booting into recovery and performing a hard reset.

  2. Do we have to do all updates, or just the latest one?

    Check once a week, and often 3 updates available!

    Thank’s a lot!

    Eric (French Canadian!)

    1. Hi James,
      Yes, you will lose data. Before you update, remember to backup everything.Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  3. 1
    down vote

    My Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT I9300) does not restart. It does not go into download mode as well. Please Help. new memory card insert our mobile off remove memory card start mobile but not started. mobile Samsung galaxy S3 home screen. Then suddenly the screen got horizontal white, black and pink stripes. I tried back button, home screen button but it kept flashing. Then I even started power off button. Nothing happened for 10-12 seconds. Then suddenly it turned off and at the same time I removed the battery. When I tried to restart it does not boot. I can see the blue LED indicator flashing when I switch on but the screen remains black. It even shows red LED when I tried to charge it. I tried removing battery and replacing, removing sim and even holding start button, home and volume down button to get into download mode. But nothing happens. I can connect to laptop but the folder shows no content. Please help. Thanks!

    1. Hi Hussain,
      Can you please tell me exactly what you did right before this started happening? What commands you may have entered.Thanks. =-)

  4. Hi..why is it that I cant update the CyanogenMod? In the Available Updates it has a paragraph that says THE LAST CHECK DID NOT FIND ANY AVAILABLE UPDATES. TO MANUALLY CHECK FOR NEW UPDATES, USE THE REFRESH BUTTON. And when I click the refresh button, it says THE UPDATE CHECK FAILED. PLEASE CHECK YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION AND TRY AGAIN LATTER. But internet connection was not disconnected at all.

    1. Hey, Alex. Unfortunately, CyangogenMod has been discontinued. You can check out its successor, LineageOS.

  5. I have an android running v.6 booted from a Nook HD+ which I am getting used to being an Apple user.
    I have two elementary questions please. The first is that if I click on Root on login will that revert to Nook for reading books?
    My second question is that I would like to be able to upgrade the software from Marshmallow to Nougat but am a little cautious as most of the instructions seem to be for an android phone and there may be some differences where a Nook HD+ to Android is concerned
    Many thanks.

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