Use Two Step Verification to Protect Your Accounts

Why You Should Use Two Step Verification to Protect Your Accounts

If you’ve never heard of two step verification before, it’s time you learned about the easiest way to make your sensitive data almost hackerproof. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Steam, and many more use two step verification to make sure only you can access your account.

The process uses your phone basically like a key that unlocks your account in conjunction with your password, or sometimes without it. This way, anyone who knows your password, still needs the key on your phone. Effectively, this makes sure that the only way to get into these apps, whether on a phone or a PC, is your phone.

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The Two Types of Two Factor Verification

Two factor verification comes in two different flavors, SMS Verification, and App Verification. Most apps and services use SMS Verification which is much safer than just having a standard password, but is still vulnerable.


App Verification, with an app like Authy or Google Authenticator, takes more time to set up but is far more secure than just SMS Verification. If you have a choice between the two, always go with App Verification. Otherwise, SMS Verification is still much better than nothing and usually takes less than a minute to set up.

Should You Use an Authenticator App?

The short answer here is a big yes, and the longer answer is just an even bigger yes. You have nothing to lose using an authenticator app and only increased security to gain. Setting up an app like Authy takes a few minutes, but once you’ve installed it, and set the apps you want to use with it, you’re protected.

Using Authy is easy even if you’ve never heard of two step verification before, and it makes all your accounts virtually hackerproof. Download the app, let it install, and take a tour around the interface before you decide to use it. Once you start using an authenticator app, you’ll never regret it.

How Do You Setup Two Step Verification?

Every app has a slightly different way to enable two step verification, but none of them will take longer than a few minutes to set up. In most cases, all you need to do is tick a box, put in a code, and then your account is twice as safe as it was before.


For a quick example, let me show you how to setup two step verification on Twitter. This makes use of SMS Verification by just using the Twitter app or the desktop site.

1. Open the Twitter App

This is also possible from a PC, but it’s easier through the app. Open the app and let’s get started.

2. Swipe from the Left

If you swipe from the left on any screen, you pull up your settings shade. It’s also possible to get here by tapping your small profile picture icon on your Twitter feed.


3. Open Settings

Since we can’t do much from here just yet, open your Settings at the bottom of the menu.


4. Account Settings

At the top of the new menu, underneath your Twitter handle, is the Account option. Tap it and go to the next menu.


5. Security Settings

From here, tap Security.


6. Login Verification

For now, there’s only one option here. There’s a checkbox named Login verification. Tap the box and then accept the terms on the popup.


7. A Quick Rundown

The Twitter app then thankfully gives you a rundown on what two step verification does, and what it requires. If these terms are alright with you, tap Start.


8. Remember Your Password

Hopefully, you remember your password, because you need to enter it here. Once you have it in, and you’ve double-checked that it’s right, hit Verify.


9. Phone Number Check

If you don’t already have your phone number linked with Twitter, this is where you’re asked to fix that. If your phone number is already set, you’re shown the linked number and asked if it’s correct.


Yours won’t be a black bar, but if the number on the screen for you is correct, tap Send code.

10. Your Login Code

In a few seconds, you’ll get a text with your login code.


Type the code in the box below, and then hit Submit. Congratulations, two step verification is now all set and ready to protect you.


Now if you have your phone, you’ll be the only one who can access your Twitter, even if someone else has the password.

Is Two Step Verification Worth Enabling?

I hate having to remember passwords or using passwords in general, and two step verification is still worth using. Your information is important, even if you don’t think it is, and all two-step verification asks you to do is input a second code from your phone. It’s just that easy, and even though it seems annoying now, it’ll save you multiple future headaches.

Two step verification is much easier to use than you think, so please give it a try. It might sound like a hassle, but you’ll never have to be worried about password leaks that put data at risk ever again. Download Authy, tick a box on Twitter, and just do anything you can to make your data safer, and out of the hands of hackers.

Let me put it this way, if all your savings are kept in one safe in the corner of the room, do you want it to have two locks, or one? With just one lock, it’s a few seconds quicker to access your savings, but you’ll feel much safer with two. If a few extra seconds is all it takes to make sure your money only stays in your hands, that sounds like it’s worth anyone’s time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does two-step verification protect your account?

Two-factor authentication, commonly referred to as two-step verification, adds an additional layer of security to your account in the event that your password is compromised. After enabling 2-Step Verification, sign in to your account twice using the following methods: a fact you are aware of, like your password. something that you own, such as your phone.

Is two-step verification more secure?

It is useful to use two-factor authentication. It’s a crucial component of a larger strategy known as multifactor authentication, which makes logging in more difficult but significantly increases security.


Two-step verification is the easiest thing you enable to make your data virtually untouchable. It’s easy to set up your favorite services with SMS verification, and authenticator apps like Authy make the process simple and easy. Two-step verification isn’t a hassle, it’s nearly essential for true account security.

If you’re confused about two-step verification, we’re here to help. Leave a comment below and we’ll assist you as best as we can.

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