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10 Useful Tasker Profiles to Automate Your Android

Tasker is one of the most useful Android apps that allows you a very deep control of your device. Even if your device is not rooted, you’ll be able to reap benefits of most of the Tasker profiles easily. However, if you need full control over your Android smartphone or tablet, you’ll need to have a rooted device.

I’ve been using Tasker on midrange smartphones because it allows me to replicate the features of much more expensive devices easily. The best part is, all the profiles are completely free, and you can make them yourself within a few taps.

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This is a simple app that allows you to trigger certain actions when some conditions are met; there is no difficulty in understanding how it works simply because it is based on logic. This article is about 10 useful Tasker profiles to automate your Android device and take most of the load off your shoulders.

1. Screen Orientation Change

screen orientation change

Certain apps are well-suited for landscape viewing, sure you can enable the auto rotation feature from the device itself, you may want to customize it a bit further. For example, when you’re typing in a long email, you would want the landscape view to kick in automatically, or you’re watching YouTube and need to fill the whole screen with the video. This profile automatically rotates the screen for certain apps so that you don’t have to do it manually.

  • Firstly, create a new profile then head over to select application and choose the app you want to trigger this action for.
  • Tap on create New Task > click on the + icon > select Display and > flick Display Autorotate to ON.

2. Battery Saving Mode

battery saving mode

This is a very useful mode because it can trigger at any battery percentage you want. Unlike the built-in battery saving features that only trigger at low battery, you can activate it at 50% if you feel the need. I usually activate this mode when traveling so that my devices automatically switch to power saving modes.

  • Head over to Profile > Select State > Select Power > Choose desired Battery Level > Select range.
  • Create New Task > Click + > Select Net > Turn Bluetooth Off, Data off, auto sync off and Wi-Fi off.

3. Stop Music

stop music

Some people love to listen to music while going to sleep; problem is, they don’t want the music to keep playing even after they have gone to dreamland. Some music players for Android do come with a timer but most of them don’t even have this feature. This is where a Tasker profile will come in handy.

  • Create New Task > Click + icon > Navigate to Media > Media Controls > Stop > CMD > Now select the app by tapping on the bottom right button that resembles a square grid.
  • Go to Home Screen > Select the Tasker Timer Widget > Place it on Home Screen.
  • The widget will ask you to link a task to it > Select the Timer task you created in the first step > that’s it.

4. Phone Locking

phone locking

Ok, I admit, I’m only including this Tasker profile due to its awesomeness. By using this profile you will be able to lock your smartphone just by shaking it. That’s all there is to it really but in practicality, it looks really cool.

  • Create a New Profile > Go to Events > Sensor > Shake.
  • Now you can adjust the sensitivity and duration as well as the axis preference.
  • Create New Task > Click on the + icon > Display > System Lock.

5. Send Message on Low Battery

send message on low battery

There are times when you are expecting a call or message but your battery is about to die. Usually, when you forget to plug in your smartphone during office hours and by the time you are heading back, the battery is near death. This Tasker profile will automatically send a text message to your loved ones or one in case this happens, so they know that you are not ignoring them on purpose.

  • Create New Profile > State > Power > Battery Level > select range.
  • Create a New Task > Click the + icons > Phone > Send SMS > Enter the number and then the message.

6. Keeping Screen On

keeping screen on

Some people like to read a lot and Android usually shuts the screen off after a set amount of time which is kind of annoying. One solution is to flick on the Always On button to keep the lights on for reading but, you have to do that over and over again. With this easy to cook Tasker profile, you will be able to achieve the same effect automatically.

Create New Task > Name it something nice > Click the + Button > Display > Display Timeout.

Now increase the limit to what you like and save it.

Go to Profile > Applications > Select the apps you want to keep the screen on.

7. Silent Mode

silent mode

Sometimes you want to turn your phone silent without actually turning on the screen. One scenario would be if you are sleeping in the same room as your dad and there is a chance he might kill you if he sees you using your phone during finals (Didn’t happen to me, just a story). Or realistically in a meeting and don’t want to seem disinterested.

Head over to Profile > State > Sensor > Orientation > Face Down.

Create a New Task > Click + > Audio > Silent mode > Select between On or Vibrate.

8. No Lockscreen at Certain Places

no lockscreen at certain places

The lock screen keeps your smartphone safe from unauthorized usage. However, in some instances, the facility it provides can be a bit of hurdle. Sure, with eye scanners and fingerprint readers the new smartphones are becoming easier to unlock but it is still an extra step, especially when you are at home.

This Tasker profile will remove the lock screen when you reach any trusted location automatically. For this profile to work, you will need to get the Secure Settings Plugin from the Google Play Store. This also only works for rooted devices.

When You Arrive

Create an Entry Task > Name it something nice > Click the + button > Plugin > Secure Setting > Root Actions > Pattern Lock Off.

When You Leave

Create an Entry Task > Name it something nice > Click the + button > Plugin > Secure Setting > Root Actions > Pattern Lock On.


Create New Profile > State > Net > Wi-Fi Connected > Enter SSID of your network > Link the first task > Long press and add exit task > Select the second task.

9. Silent Timing

silent timing

Everyone likes to sleep in peace. Android can help you do that but sometimes it might actually become an annoyance. I hate it when someone calls me after midnight so I either turn the smartphone silent or even turn on the airplane mode. This Tasker profile will automate the whole process and turn your phone quite at a set time.

  • Create New Profile > Select Time > Select the range you want.
  • Create New Task > Click the + button > Go to Audio > Silent mode On or Vibrate.
  • Go to Net > Turn auto sync Off > Turn Wi-Fi off.

10. Launch Apps in Succession

launch apps in succession

You check your email, then check social media and then read news each and every day. Everyone has their own morning routine, I also have a complex one. This Tasker profile makes it easier to launch one app after another.

  • Create New Profile > Applications > Select the first app.
  • Create New Task > Click the + Button > Select App > Launch App > Select second app.
  • Long Press second app name > tap the Move to Exit


These were a few useful and easy Tasker profiles to automate your day to day tasks. Hope these will help you shave off a few minutes of your already tight schedule. I wish there was a Tasker profile to fully replicate me and do my work, oh well until then I’ll have to do with these.

If you have any more profiles that should be on this list, feel free to drop them in the comments and I’ll be sure to add them.

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  1. Great info particularly texting when battery is getting low. Have you seen or can it be done, to automatically invoke a text message to someone calling or texting that you are driving at the moment. It seems to me this would also be useful.

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