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Video Baby Monitor Reviews: Nanit Plus

Various video baby monitors have been reviewed by different websites, parent Youtubers, and even us. However, there is one that impressed almost every single one that used it, and that’s the Nanit Plus.

Although, there are still some critical critics out there that say it’s just “okay,” and not really amazing at all. Are they right? Let’s find out.

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Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor Review

To provide you with in-depth video baby monitor reviews, we criticized the Nanit Plus based on five essential factors. These are video quality, audio quality, privacy and security, camera features, and overall features. Let’s begin.

1. Video Quality

two smartphones with the Nanit app interface on the screen
The video quality of the Nanit Plus on your smartphone

In judging the video quality of the Nanit Plus, we decided to consider first how the video appears on your smartphone. After all, that’s where you will be watching your baby when you use this device, right?

That being said, the video quality through the Nanit app showed impressive high-definition footage — which is a rare find for most phone-based video baby monitors with live streaming.

However, expect continuous live streaming to hurt your phone’s battery. So if you want constant monitoring, it would be best if you have your phone plugged in. Additionally, you have the option of watching in full screen during the live stream and snap photos of your baby through the app.

Moreover, you can watch a time-lapse recap video in the morning of how your baby slept through the night. Again, don’t be surprised by the high-quality video footage of the time-lapse reel, as the Nanit Plus also features unparalleled night vision quality.

2. Audio Quality

a crying baby in a crib
Audio quality factor includes how sensitive the Nanit Plus is when it comes to listening to your baby

Next, of course, is the sound quality, which is essential especially when you’re not watching your baby through live streaming.

For starters, the Nanit Plus has a background audio mode that allows your phone to act just like an audio baby monitor, letting you listen to your baby when your screen is off.

With that, the camera itself is built with a highly calibrated, super sensitive microphone that captures sounds both in and out your baby’s room. The sensitivity of the mic, however, can be adjusted through the app, so that you can control the sound-triggered notifications that you receive.

As a bonus, this video baby monitor also has a two-way audio feature, allowing you to soothe your baby with your own voice as if you’re there. Moreover, this feature will be particularly useful when your kid grows up into a toddler and they can talk back.

Overall, the Nanit Plus provides a ton of impressive audio features, paired with crisp sound quality. The downside, however, is its mic’s oversensitivity, giving it a 9/10 when it comes to audio quality.

3. Privacy and Security

a keyboard key with the word privacy on it
The Nanit Plus offers an “unhackable” video storage

An issue arose about a couple years ago about the privacy and security issues of Wifi-enabled video baby monitors, as they were found to be extremely hackable.

Fortunately, the Nanit Plus is built with an AES 256-bit encryption which will protect your data from potential hackers. Additionally, you can also choose who gains access to all the footages of your baby.

Through the app, you can add “members” by adjusting the permission settings per user. That way, you can control what each member has access to, and thereby ensuring the privacy and security of your data.

By default, you can add up to three members who can view the footage from anywhere in the world through the app. Meanwhile, with a $9 monthly subscription to Nanit Insights, up to ten members can be given access.

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4. Camera Features

The Nanit Plus on its stand
The Nanit Plus on its stand (sold separately)

Aside from the night vision, true HD live-streaming, and time-lapse features, the Nanit Plus still boasts more camera features that you should take advantage of.

One of its less surprising camera features is its digital zoom capability so that you can get a closer view of your baby or toddler. This feature is toggled using the app.

Furthermore, two of the best camera features include motion tracking and offline streaming.

The motion tracking feature lets you track the areas of the crib where your baby often sleeps in. This feature also notifies you when unusual movements happen in the room or crib.

Moreover, the motion feature is enhanced by Nanit’s sleep tracking feature that helps you monitor the amount of time that your baby has slept, and how many times the sleep was interrupted. On top of that, based on the information gathered by the camera, you will be given a specially-made guide to help improve your baby’s sleep.

Meanwhile, the offline streaming feature allows Nanit to continue streaming over Wifi, even when the internet connection is down. This feature guarantees that you will still have HD footages of your baby in times of unreliable connection.

5. Overall Features

two smartphones with the Nanit app interface on the screens
The Two-way Audio and Nature Sound features of the Nanit Plus

On top of all the features that we have already mentioned in the previous sections, the Nanit Plus still manages to bring more into the table.

Our personal favorite is its ceiling-directed nightlight that can be toggled on and off through the app. Now, because the light is angled upward, you prevent your baby from waking up from the light while you pay a visit in the middle of the night.

Another great feature is its background nature sound effects that can help maintain a good quality of sleep for your baby. Additionally, Nanit Plus also features smart sensors, including motion, temperature, and humidity sensors.

Ways to Setup the Nanit Plus Smart Camera

Unlike other video baby monitors, the Nanit Plus can be set up in three different ways so that you can adjust the view as you desire. This, however, will define the price of your Nanit camera system.

Note that the prices mentioned below are as of 04/04/2019, and prices may change over time.

Floor Stand System – $379.00

The floor stand allows for a bird’s eye view of your baby’s crib. This comes with a cable management system that will prevent your baby or toddler from playing with the cord of the camera.

a video baby monitor on a floor stand
Nanit Plus Floor Stand Option

It’s a bit more expensive than the wall mount. However, in our opinion, this is particularly useful if you don’t want to drill holes onto your walls, or if you don’t have the equipment to do so.

Wall Mount System – $291.00

The Nanit Plus wall mount system also allows for a bird’s eye view of your baby’s crib. It also comes with a cable management system to prevent chaotic chords from catching the attention of your child.

a wall mounted video baby monitor
Nanit Plus Wall Mount Option

Now, one downside to this “cheaper” option is that you have to be sure where you want the camera to stay. Otherwise, you’ll have to drill more holes once your baby outgrows the crib.

Multi-Stand – $49.00

Surprised by the price? Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but the Nanit multi-stand is an accessory, and it’s sold separately.

a stand for the nanit plus video baby monitor
Nanit Multi-Stand

On the flipside, the multi-stand will come in handy if you want a more flexible way of switching angles or perspectives. At the same time, this also lets the baby monitor be portable, which is a great transition as your baby grows into a toddler.

Now, if you’re still looking, we understand that the Nanit Plus may hurt the budget quite a bit. For now, we looked for three budget-friendly alternatives for the Nanit Plus.

Alternative Budget-friendly Video Baby Monitors

These video baby monitors aren’t as remarkable as the Nanit Plus. However, they provide the main feature that you need, and that’s video monitoring.

Again, prices on this section are as of 04/04/2019, so if you want them for these prices, don’t hesitate to check them out right now!

1. Babysense Video Baby Monitor – $75.99

a video baby monitor camera with a parent unit
BabySense Video Baby Monitor with Parent Unit

This video baby monitor has some useful features including two-way talk, night vision, lullabies, and room temperature. Additionally, Babysense lets you integrate more than one camera into the system, making it great if you want more views of your baby’s room.


2. HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor – $79.99

a video baby monitor and a parent unit
HelloBaby Video and Audio Baby Monitor

HelloBaby also boasts night vision, talk back, lullabies, and a room temperature sensor. It also features an ultra-long range of up to 960 feet. Additionally, you will be notified when you get too far from the camera.


3. UU Infant Video Baby Monitor

a video baby monitor and a parent unit
UU Infant Video Baby Monitor

The UU Infant video baby monitor pretty much has the same features as the first two on the list. The best thing, however, is that this is the cheapest one on this list, so be sure to check it out!


FAQ About the Nanit Plus

Does Nanit work with Alexa?

Yes, Nanit Plus integrates well with Amazon Alexa.

How do I pair Nanit?

Sign in to your Nanit account > add a camera > pair Bluetooth > connect to wifi
You can check out Nanit’s camera pairing page for a more detailed guide.

Does Nanit track breathing?

No. However, Nanit released a device last March 2019 called Breathing Wear for this purpose.

Nanit Plus: Still the Best Video Baby Monitor in 2019

Back in 2018, the Nanit Plus was regarded as the best video baby monitor of all time. This year? It maintains its stand as it continues to impress families all over the world.

Did our review help you decide if you want the Nanit Plus? Let us know in the comments below!

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