Wi-Fi Smart Doorbells

6 Best Wi-Fi Smart Doorbells That Work With Android Devices

Knock, knock.

You aren’t expecting anybody. Could it be someone you know? An intruder? A sales agent? No more guessing who is at your doorstep when you have a Wi-Fi smart doorbells.

Smart doorbells are internet-capable devices that let you see (and screen) your visitors anywhere you are using your smartphone. The idea is simple. Someone comes over and you see them even before they approach your house. You can talk to them without opening your door and track the visitors that comes even if you are away.

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These smart devices run through a Wi-Fi connection and conveniently work with your Android phones and tablets. Although these little helpers are not that common, the market already has flawless gadgets for you to choose from.

6 Best Wi-Fi Smart Doorbells for Android Devices

1. Ring

When it comes to android doorbells, Ring is an efficient and reliable choice. It alerts you of movements audibly and sends notifications on your phone/tablet. It comes with night vision and works well with preferred Alexa devices.

Your recordings can be stored via the cloud which costs about $3 per month for the basic plan. Ring currently sells 4 different versions of smart doorbells.

A.      Ring Video Doorbell

Good for households in a budget. It comes with rechargeable batteries so it’s easy to install. This device has the basic features of a smart home doorbell and works fine with monitoring your house.

Camera resolution: 720p

View: 180 degrees, horizontal

Bandwidth: 1 MBPS

B.      Ring Video Doorbell 2

Also comes with rechargeable batteries or it could connect to your normal doorbell wires. It comes with Satin Nickel and Venetian faceplates.

View: 160 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees, vertical

Bandwidth: 2 MBPS

C.     Ring Video Doorbell PRO

This connects to your existing doorbell wires. But it also comes with a rechargeable battery that will last about 16-18 months. It has a sophisticated design with 4 faceplates; Satin Nickel, Satin Black, Dark Bronze, Satin White. Ring Video Doorbell PRO’s advanced features will provide you with utmost security.

Camera resolution: 1080p

View: 160 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees, vertical

Bandwidth: 2 MBPS

Ring devices are more expensive compared to other smart doorbells there is on the market. Some Ring Video Doorbell models tend to be bulky which can be difficult to position.

Although the video quality of this smart doorbell is sharp, the night vision videos are shown in black and white and it doesn’t go with a free storage to let you see the recorded video.

2. SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

SkyBell is also one of the top picks when it comes to smart home doorbells. It features a 2-way communication system that works with Nest and gives notifications when the sensor is triggered.

It has a high definition 1080 camera which zooms 5x. Its night vision is great because it captures in full-color. Plus, you can take snapshots of your visitors during live-stream.

It comes with a free recording, a feature that is not free with other Android doorbells. Recordings are saved on the device and they can be viewed or downloaded at a later time. Installation is done through hardwiring on the existing connection (but not with intercom style ones).

Cons: Since SkyBell doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries, installation can be challenging. It doesn’t have any web app and distortions can happen especially during at night.

3. Nest Hello Video Doorbell

If there would be a device for paranoid moms, Nest Hello Video Doorbell could be that device.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell is an advanced smart home doorbell that has pre-recorded messages/responses, so you can address your visitors automatically.

It also has a very good video quality at 1600×1200 resolution and a diagonal view of 160 degrees. It has facial recognition and its night vision camera shows in color. It works fairly well with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Nest Hello Video is, no doubt, remarkable when it comes to home security.

Cons: A subscription is needed to enjoy Nest’s utmost features, like non-stop video recording and video archiving. Also, this smart doorbell doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries, so you have to install it manually. You need to have an existing chime box as well.

4. Zmodo Greet PRO

When it comes to good video quality, Zmodo Greet isn’t running far behind. This smart doorbell is affordable and has a high definition 1080p video quality that gives clear images even during the night. Once the sensors are triggered, it gives an alert and records footages. Like Nest, you can record personalized messages for incoming guests.

This smart doorbell works with smartphones or tablets with Android 4.0 or higher and it doesn’t need a professional to have it set-up. You can hardwire it in your existing doorbell and connect directly to your Wi-Fi. You can even use cloud storage for free!

Cons: Zmodo is not compatible with other smart home devices and could have minor image distortions at times. Its brackets are plastic so it tends to be flimsy and it doesn’t connect properly to walls or door frames.

5. WisenetSmartCam D1

Another smart home doorbell with good video quality is WisenetSmartcam D1. Like Nest, it also has a 1600×1200 video resolution. It does a good job at disregarding trees and moving cars, so it doesn’t alert you with unnecessary movements.

Another feature of WisenetSmartCam D1 is the control over your device’s view. Users can manually adjust the camera range, brightness, night vision, and lens distortion. The 4x zoom of this smart doorbell doesn’t affect the resolution too much so images don’t necessarily get distorted.

Cons: Like Zmodo, this doesn’t work well with other smart home devices and could have minor distortions. You also need to pay a monthly subscription to review your recorded videos.

6. August Doorbell Cam PRO

Nearly surpassing Ring Video Doorbell Pro is this device which alerts it users right on the lock screen when somebody presses the doorbell. It works seamlessly with Alexa and provides free basic storage which could be replayed and downloaded within 24 hours. For a more premium August experience, this feature is upgradable for a price.

It conveniently pairs with August Smart Lock that can let your visitors in even if you are not there. It has a full-colored night vision and installs easily with existing doorbell wirings.

Cons: To view your recorded videos in August Doorbell Cam PRO, you need to pay a subscription fee. Also, their software needs a better update because it can get buggy.

With regards to the appearance, squared devices will not be that good to fit on door frames (if that is where you want your doorbell to be).

Wrapping up

We are all keen on keeping our family, property, and house secured. Smart home doorbells can calm the paranoia in you. Monitor your home even if you are at work or on a holiday or answer your door without opening it, that can save you a lot of time talking to a stranger.

When it comes to buying a smart doorbell, it is not always the price that matters. Be specific with the camera’s resolution, the storage, and its compatibility with other devices. These specific points are essential in keeping your home and its inhabitants extra secure.

Have you tried these android doorbells, or do you have similar devices in your home? What are the pros and cons of the device you are using? What do you think manufacturers can add to their existing features? Do you recommend a smart doorbell that is not on the list? Share your thoughts on the comments below.

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