Will Google's DeepMind substitute Humans?

Will Google’s DeepMind substitute Humans?

Google’s DeepMind claims to have achieved close to human-level AI

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Google DeepMind is close to achieving the human level of Artificial intelligence, claims the lead researcher at Google’s DeepMind Al division, Dr. Nando de Freitas. He also added that “the game is over!” in a Twitter post. DeepMind claims to accomplish any task that humans can.

Google’s DeepMind is an AI company dedicated to the advancement of artificial intelligence. Sources at Google’s DeepMind confirm that they are very close to seeing AI to the level of AGI.  While Artificial Intelligence is a comprehensive term for machine learning. AGI artificial general intelligence streamlines the machine’s ability to perform a task with the same and efficient standard as a human performs and is expected to bolt more than that of humans.

Google’s DeepMind is working on its aspirational Gato a general agent. Gato is professed to work as a multi-modal, multi-task, multi-embodied generalized policy. Particularly Gato can be on the whole a supermodel which can work on multiple tasks on the same network . Gato is expected to  scale AI to a wider arena making it close to and equal to an AGI

AI might be the ultimate future technology

 AI is presumed to be the ultimate future technology with its handles encompassing handling massive amounts of data, with its hold from intelligent optimal medical operations,  Have discoveries in fractions that might take humans months of Sundays and more. From medical discoveries to handling climate change and the Mars mission AL is making quantum leaps.

AGI researchers warn of the potential dangers that can erupt if an AGI is induced with human-like potential.  Safety should be predominantly emphasized, as the possibility of a super-intelligent system out shadow the human isn’t far. Along with it, the ethical institution of implementing the same needs to be checked for.

There are also views that an AGI might sketch an undercurrent fashion of threat to human potential from a peripheral level but is not superior to human knowledge and the limitation of an AGI needs to be only seen once the test run happens. Speculations persist but we can expect Gato to be an exponential version of the existent AI s.

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Will DeepMind Gato have ‘common sense’

Jacob Andreas, an assistant professor at MIT who specializes in artificial intelligence and natural-language opinioned, Gato still needs to learn “common-sense knowledge” on how the world works from texts. AI might help people with jobs that can come in handy, but the excitement and potential need to be scaled in the near future with time.

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