YouTube TV on Android Devices

How will YouTube TV Work on Android

YouTube TV on Android Devices

We already knew that Google was working on their own subscription based service but details were a bit scarce. A few days back Google launched YouTube TV and there are some polarizing reactions to it.

I was unable to get the app myself because it is only available in the US right now, but those who did were not exactly impressed with it. So, this article is going to explain what YouTube TV is and what it can offer to you. Let’s start with the basics first, shall we?

What Is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is Google’s answer to Amazon Prime and Netflix, well sort off. It is a direct competitor of subscription-based streaming services, sure, but it offers traditional TV networks for a set amount of fees you have to pay monthly.

It is definitely not a physical TV like the doomed Facebook smartphone, so you won’t be purchasing anything else. You will, however, need an Android device or an Android TV (NVidia Shield TV comes to mind).

YouTube TV

YouTube TV Channels?

Google is playing smart and has already gotten a lot of TV networks on board. From ABC to FOX and from CBS to NBC a lot of channels are available for streaming. There are around 44 channels available to stream right now and it seems there will be more coming soon as well.

Personally, I think this is a healthy collection of channels to start off with, we have a lot of sports channels as well as some quality network programming here. There is also one channel for kids here, I would have preferred Cartoon Network but Disney Junior is fine as well. Check out the picture below to see the whole collection:

YouTube TV Channels

What is Cloud DVR?

Google is trying to make TV watching more like browsing YouTube. To a certain extent, I can see this happening as well, thanks to some new features, especially Cloud DVR. Cloud DVR is a system that allows you to save recordings of programs online for easy access.

The good thing is, there are no limits to how many shows you save. There is no restriction on simultaneous recordings as well, so you can save the game and the soap opera in one go. However, the recordings will be deleted after 9 months.

Cloud DVR

What’s the Whole Package?

You will get access to a lot of TV networks, the Google Cloud DVR and YouTube Reds. That’s all there is to the whole YouTube TV package. Each membership comes with 6 different accounts that also have their unique recommendations.

So, you won’t see any Disney sugary shows in your recommendations and your kids won’t see the golf tournaments. That’s not all, you’ll be able to watch up to 3 concurrent streams any time you want. So, no worries about handing the virtual remote to someone else on this TV.

Youtuve TV Whole Package

What’s the Charge?

This service will cost you $35 per month flat out. While it may be a great for a lot of people, for me personally this is a steep asking price, especially for a new service. If you want Showtime and Fox Soccer as well, you’ll be charged extra.

Youtube TV Service Charge

How Will YouTube TV Work On Android?

You will be able to watch YouTube TV on virtually any screen, this not only includes Android but iOS as well. You will be able to stream on your Android tablet or smartphone, same goes for iOS devices. YouTube TV will be launching soon with a dedicated app, so you can easily stream on any Android device by simply accessing the app.

YouTube TV will also be able to stream via Chromecast to any TV. If you already have a Chromecast enabled TV, you won’t even have to purchase additional hardware.

YouTube TV on Android Devices

Where Do I Sign?

You can visit and sign up to find out when the service is launching in your market.

This is it for now, we will try out the service and report back on how well it delivers on the promise. I’m a bit skeptical right now but who knows, this actually might be the way in recent future.


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