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4 Best World Clock Apps for Android-Should Make Use Of It

We never thought we would want to know what time was in America, UK, and India at the same time. However, the Joy of Android has people from different continents working together.

Because of the location differences, world clock apps for Android come in really handy. By using one of these great apps, we know when it’s OK to contact the editor. While there are no set rules for chats, it’s still appropriate to call at a human hour.

We have already covered clock apps and clock widgets in previous lists. Some weather apps and weather widgets for Android also come with a clock built into them. But this list will solely tackle the world clock apps for Android.


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There is not much to the apps themselves but to provide a valuable and quality service. If you travel a lot and need a good companion clock for that, these will be great.

Best World Clock Apps for Android in the Market

These are our top picks for the best world clock apps for android available on Google Play store.

  1. World Clock & Widget – Free
  2. Simple World Clock Widget – Free
  3. Clock – By Google – Free
  4. World Clock by – Free with In-app Purchases

1. World Clock & Widget – Free

World clock apps for android
World Clock and Widget Logo-World Clock Apps for Android

This is a simple and easy to use world clock app for Android. There is nothing much to the app apart from a great interface and simple usability. Tap on the menu button to add clocks to the table. This widget is a streamlined process that hardly takes more than a few seconds.

World Clock Apps for Android

The black background gives the app a straightforward and down to business look. There is no customization available for the app, though. You will only get to see the world clocks and that is about it. You can change the 12H or 24H time display, though, which is a great feature for those used to the 24-hour format.

Google Play

2. Simple World Clock Widget – Free

Simple World Clock Widget-World Clock Apps for Android

Right from the name, Simple World Clock Widget for Android makes everything simplified. This is not an app, though; it is a home screen widget that can help you keep track of times across the globe.

At first, we were skeptical but the time wall, as we like to call it, looked really interesting to us. The widget takes very little space on your home screen and consumes minimal resources. This means you can add as many world clock widgets on your screen as well want.

The best thing is, the tiles are somewhat customizable, so you don’t have to worry about uneven color schemes on your main screen.

Google Play

3. Clock – By Google – Free

Clock Logo-World Clock Apps for Android

This one is from Google, and it shows. Usually, this is preinstalled on most Android smartphones. But, in case your manufacturer didn’t bundle it in, this app is one of the best clock apps around. Because it’s made by the same company that makes the mobile OS you love so much, the app performs remarkably well.

Not that the clock by nature is very demanding, Google’s clock works like clockwork. Using Google Clock, you can use your Android for an alarm clock, as well as a handy timer. Press on the globe button to add new locations to your list. This app is an overall package, and we highly recommend it as your daily driver as well.

Google Play

4. World Clock by – Free with In-app Purchases World Clock-World Clock Apps for Android

This app is the most productive in the whole list. Why is that?

It’s because it tells you a lot of information about the time zones by tapping on it. The app is stable and works great on almost any Android device. We really love the way the app handles the tablet interface too. We would go as far as to say that if you have a tablet, download this app on it.

You can also set alarms on the app as well. One great thing about the app is the Open Map feature. It allows you to see where the country is located right from the app itself.

Google Play

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Android have world clock?

The built-in default Android clock has world clock function built right into it. Using it one can view the current time across various time zones.

How do I setup World clock on Android?

In the Android clock app, go to the bottom and tap the world clock option. Now search for the city you want and add it to the world clock. You can even rearrange the order of these clocks later in the same app menu.

Best World Clocks – Make Friends Worldwide!

These were some of the best world clock apps for Android. All of them provide the same service with minor changes here and there. Personally, we would install the Google Clock app and call it a day. But you may also love the dedicated world clock widget app that is a perfect blend of fast access and usability.

Why do you need world clock apps for Android?

Do tell us your stories in the comments below! With 5 of these apps installed on our Android phones, we do have a lot of time on our hands!

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