Want a Spelling Bee Flashback? Play These Word Games for Android

There are many ways to learn new words, but none is as fun as word games for Android. We have already listed some of the best free word games for Android. This list is about paid versions of very entertaining word games on Android.

Free gamers need not to worry, there are free versions of these apps readily available as well. The paid versions will unlock some additional features that will enhance your experience. So dive into the world of words without paying and stay if you love them with the paid versions.

Note: The best word games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine, and there were no problems faced during testing. An active internet connection was required for an optimal experience in the games. I highly recommend playing with friends to have twice the fun.

1. Word Streak With Friends

Word Streak with Friends is an exciting game that rewards intimate knowledge of English vocabulary. The game shows you a grid of alphabets, and you have to trace your fingers to find words.

The thing is; any word can only connect with its adjacent one. This makes the game a little challenging as we are not used to finding the upside down words.

The longer the word you make; the better score you will achieve. The game is made by the same people who brought you Farmville, so finding an opponent is never a few moments away. While there are other games that follow the same gameplay mechanics, this one is the most popular one around.

Free Version

2. Wordfeud

One of the best things about Wordfeud is that you can start multiple games against different opponents. The thing with turn-based online games is that the other players may take a while to play their turn. This makes playing one game a chore in the real world.

For example, my friend moved to a different time zone while a game was going on. Now we rarely get time to play any game and have subsequently forgotten about it after a while.

Wordfeud allows you to play up to 30 games at a time with different people. This makes a huge difference because someone is bound to be active at any given time.

The game itself is a little hard for young players. You need to create and place words on a 15 by 15 tile board and earn points according to your vocabulary and creativity.

Free Version

3. Draw Something

The premise of this word game for Android is simple, draw a depiction of a word for other people to guess. We have played the game in real life in one form or another.

Games like this are quite popular at parties, and even older people play it while double dating. In real-world you imitate a word with gestures and not talking while other people have to guess it.

Here you have to draw something that represents the word, and your partner has to guess what it is. It is a fun and easy concept that makes playing the game a lot of fun. The game is a lot more enjoyable if you play with your friends. One of my friends likes to place a banana in every drawing he makes.

Free Version

4. Ruzzle

Ruzzle is a word puzzle that can be played in multiple languages. The game ships in 13 languages that make it easier to play with local friends.

The concept is simple, there is a grid of alphabets and you have to drag your fingers around the grid to find words. Ruzzle is almost the same as the first game on the best word games for Android list.

Playing smart pays off well in the game. Create longer words and the game will reward you more. There is also a timer if you are playing competitively.

Make successful words and soon you will be stacking on more seconds on the timer.

Free Version

5. Word Crack

This is yet another game that follows the same addictive formula for making words. I like the big interface it brings to the table as well as a neat scoring system.

Forming as many words as you can from a pool of alphabets can be a challenging experience. I felt constantly tested to find new words among the babble of similar ones. One trick I used was matching an “s” with a word and gaining better score with small words.

The game is also available in 12 languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch. There is a chance your native language is also supported by the game.

Free Version


These were a few, but great word games for Android. If you are looking for some great racing games or shooting games, we have them listed as well.

Playing word games exclusively can take a toll on your quick word thinking abilities. If playing multiplayer games is your jam, we do have a great list about multiplayer games for Android too.

What word games you like to play with your friends? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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