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5 Best YouTube to Mp3 Converters (2023)

When you feel like listening to songs offline, you can download the audio using YouTube to Mp3 converters and listen to them offline from your device. Although downloading or converting from YouTube to Mp3 violates their terms and conditions since most of the content on YouTube has been copyrighted and owned by someone. But if the content owner does not have such restrictions, and as long as you don’t monetize the content or use it publicly, you can download them to listen offline without any issues.

Moving forward, if you want to convert videos from YouTube to Mp3 to listen offline, these are the YouTube to Mp3 Converter apps and sites you can use.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that using Mp3 converters to download YouTube content violates their Terms and Conditions. We do not endorse or condone the usage of any of these methods.

Here’s the list of YouTube to Mp3 Converter:

  1. Any Video Converter
  2. 4K YouTube to MP3 converter
  3. ClipGrab – YouTube to Mp3 Converter
  4. YTMP3 – YouTube to Mp3 Converter
  5. By Click Downloader – YouTube to Mp3 Converter

1. Any Video Converter

YouTube to Mp3 Converter

With Any Video Converter, you can convert videos from the Internet or your own device to Mp3 and various other formats. You will get clear, 100% quality audio without any loss. Any Video Converter can support 100+ input and 160+ output formats.

You can also use Any Video Converter to download and convert files from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, and more. You can also download and convert videos in batches. You only need to click a couple of times if it is not a complicated conversion.


  • You can download and convert videos to any format of your preference, including mp3.
  • It lets you convert mp3 from famous apps and sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc.
  • Videos and music downloaded in batches from 100+ sites, including YouTube, can be supported.
  • You can extract or rip audio from videos and CDs.
  • It has features for editing videos.


  • It’s simple to use.
  • The format support is good.
  • Additionally, it has special effects and filters for video files.
  • Any Video Converter gives you customer support for a lifetime with free updates from time to time.


  • It has a bunch more software bundled.
  • You don’t need to use a security program.
Price Free to use on Windows and Mac PlatformsAny Video Converter Ultimate is priced at $49.95.
Compatible WithWindows, Android, and iOS

2. 4K YouTube to MP3

YouTube to Mp3 Converter

4k YouTube to Mp3 Converter is wholly committed to separating audio from video files, and you can use it to convert the file to not only Mp3 but also formats like OGG and M4A. It has very clear and simple steps; you just need to copy the link address from the web browser and click the button ‘Paste URL’ to start converting.


  • It has a feature that lets you download an entire playlist and channels.
  • You can use the feature “Smart Mode” to apply your preferred settings to all future downloads.
  • It has no software bundle.


  • You need a license if you want to download playlists.
  • It is only available for Windows.
Price       Free
Compatible With                          Windows

3. ClipGrab

YouTube to Mp3 Converter

ClipGrab is an easy and simple program that you can use to convert from YouTube to Mp3. You can skip and avoid the Opera browser bundling if you want to. ClipGrap has a simple interface that makes everything straightforward and clear. You can just follow the simple steps: copy and paste the URL from the web browser to ClipGrab, and you’re done. ClipGrab will start to convert your selected file into the Mp3 format.


  • It has a built-in feature for search.
  • It also has options for video editing.
  • You can also convert files from Vimeo and Dailymotion.


  • It only shows 12 results for whatever you are searching for.
Price                     Free
Compatible With  Windows, Linux, and Mac

4. YTMP3

YouTube to Mp3 Converter

There is not much to say about YTMP3. It is another converter that you can use to download or convert videos from YouTube and other sites to your preferred format. It is also a very simple and easy-to-use YouTube to Mp3 converting program.


  • It’s easy and straightforward to use for new users.
  • You can download or convert files in a few minutes.
  • You don’t have to sign-up or register to get access to YTMP3.
  • You can choose your preferred file format.


  • You cannot control and choose the quality of the file converted.
  • You must be careful of the potential threats when using YTMP3, as it is not a legal site.
  • Sometimes, it automatically downloads apk files when downloading Mp3 files.
  • The performance has been lagging recently, according to some user reviews.
Price  Free
Compatible WithComputers, Tablets, and Mobile Devices

5. By Click Downloader

YouTube to Mp3 Converter

You can use this to convert files to Mp3 format from YouTube. You can also download channels and playlists as a whole. Multiple videos can be downloaded and converted at a stretch. And also, you can download and convert as much as you want.


  • You can control the quality of the download.
  • It offers you recommendations based on the downloads you made.
  • Before conversions, you can also choose your preferred formats like mp3, mp4, 3Gp, etc.
  • Private content from Facebook and YouTube can also be converted.
  • Backups for your conversions are also available.
  • Your downloads have the feature to be tracked.


  • According to some user reviews, the site sometimes crashes.
  • Sometimes, the downloading or converting takes a longer time than expected.
Price Premium version – $4.99.Upgraded version for 2 PCs @50% offer – $2.99.
Compatible WithAndroid and Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

Are YouTube to MP3 converters allowed?

Converting from YouTube to Mp3 is not legal as it violates the terms and conditions of YouTube. YouTube clearly states that the copyrighted contents are for only watching and listening on the platform and not for downloading and keeping a copy with you. You can only do so if the ownership of the content is yours. 

Can I convert a YouTube video to Mp3?

Converting from YouTube to Mp3 is not legal as it violates the terms and conditions of YouTube. YouTube clearly states that the copyrighted contents are for only watching and listening on the platform and not for downloading and keeping a copy with you. You can only do so if the ownership of the content is yours. 

How can I save music from YouTube to my iPhone?

You should definitely try Snappea Online if you are an iPhone user to download or convert videos from YouTube to Mp3 files. Just to be safe, it is better to have the permission of the owner. Now follow these four simple steps to convert:

Step 1: Launch the Snappea Online website.
Step 2: Open your web browser on your iPhone.
Step 3: Copy the YouTube video’s URL and paste it into the search bar of the website.
Step 4: You can just click on ‘download as Mp3’ now, and that’s all.

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Wrapping Up

There are many music apps in which you can create a playlist to listen offline, like Spotify, Wynk, and Apple Music but none of the platforms can offer such a huge selection of songs as YouTube does. 

We all have to admit that every one of us has a converted Mp3 playlist downloaded on our mobile to listen to offline when traveling, doing chores, and even when working to relieve stress and put us in a good mood. But listening directly from YouTube has many downsides, like high battery consumption, internet speed, or a Premium account to listen to songs without ads. 

With a preferred Mp3 player and your own constructed playlist of your favorite songs offline, you can listen to songs whenever you want without breaking the continuity. So, these are all the above-mentioned sites and programs that can be used as YouTube to Mp3 converters.

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